A Force Upon Life

h-fractalIn this dream, Jeane witnesses an average person defeat a more powerful foe. Like in the story of David and Goliath, physically the match was lop-sided. Yet when anything happens in the physical realms, the question to ask is, “What caused this to happen – energetically?” When we begin to understand and experience life from the level of causes rather than results, we bring ourselves closer to the forces of the universe that affect all things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I really remember of the dreaming last night was a scene I was looking at. It felt like it was in Mexico. And this peasant, who wears white, an older man, too, he had defeated and killed this really powerful, kind of evil, or bandit type, general. 

And I’m studying his energy to see if there’s an energetic about him that can be used to defeat that kind of energy, or if it was just a fluke, and if it can just be done energetically.

John: This is like jumping over the top of an appearance in order to realize that what occurs in the outer, or as something that has a description or a definition to it, as if that has to do with something else driving it from some other level of being.

In other words, you see a general and he gets stopped by somebody that should not be able to do anything, right?

Yeah, it’s more like a fluke because this guy is all powerful, and then this peasant is a nobody. And so when you see this, you are basically wondering inside yourself, what is that energetic that enables that to happen? Because that doesn’t occur very often.

And yet what occurred there was important, and it was meaningful, and it’s something that you would like to understand better. And so you’re trying to distill this into the vibrational energetic that can do something like this.

In other words, was it just a fluke, or was it actually an intended flow based upon an energetic that is meant to be? You’re trying to distill that so that you can link to it and connect to it, outside of outer conditions. In other words, you know if you were just looking at it from the standpoint of the outer, and the outer has so many variables in it, and seem so spread out, and seems to cover so many things, and they go this way and they go that way, if you’re looking at it in that sense it’s like a needle in a haystack.

But you somehow know that what occurred there, has to do with something that made that possible, and you somehow know that that’s a vibration or energetic, and you know that if you can find that, if it’s a thing that can be found, then it breaks the delusion of things happening in some sort of random, peculiar way.

In other words, it shows that you have a sense that inside you there is a connection to a consciousness that flows from within, and that deep down you know that the sense of what occurs in the outer is correlated to a consciousness that is meant to flow from within.

And so you’re following this so-called thread of the event back into yourself to try to distill that state, that vibratory state, that is actually part of you. That’s actually a station, if you can get there, because once you make that kind of linkage connection then that sort of thing is part of your being in a regular way.

In other words, it just will flow through you. There’s a lot more to the subject here. I mean, in order for that to work you have to lose yourself, because as long as you have an appearance that looks back at yourself and takes some sort of ego viewpoint, then that interrupts that process from unfolding like that. 

But your dream doesn’t force you to dwell upon that. The dream just points out that some part of you kind of gets it, that all kinds of things are possible that don’t ordinarily make sense because there is this sort of thing, from some depth somewhere else, that is a force upon all of life.

That’s the creative aspect, or the creator, or God or whatever we would like to call it, that we don’t have a connection to as long as we invoke ideas that hold us separate.

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Light as a Feather

Jeane: At first I am in a building trying to collect the paperwork I need to get a visa for a trip we are taking. I am explaining to someone that I have all my paperwork, but I cannot finish it until I go upstairs. I want to go upstairs but it is a complex building with many different rooms and elevators; it is a hard to move through. I run into a couple there that I know and they are going to the same room, but their application is incomplete. The man realizes he has to go find what else is needed.


He gives me something to hold for him, and I have a bag that I can put it in. Somehow he also gives me their cat. So now I have their item in my bag, and their cat. Then it feels like I am outside waiting for them on a sloping sidewalk. I’m walking past some places, including their house. I think I am near our garage, a place where I can get into a car and get some things. This is where I am going to leave my car while on the trip.


I run into the couple again on the sidewalk and I am wondering about how to give them back their item and their cat, as I am getting ready to leave on the trip. Suddenly I realize that they do not live too far away, and I can just give them the cat and whatever else it was. They are right here, right now, so I no longer have to keep figuring out how to leave it at home, or go by their place, etc. I have one of those “aha” moments: why am I being a dummy? I can just hand the cat to them here and now.


Then the scene completely switches and it feels like I am somewhere with you and we are talking. I want to show you a feather that has something to do with our relationship. I go out to find the feather and I find myself in an area with heavy equipment and the ground is very muddy with puddles so large that if you stepped in one you could get stuck. I have to walk around the heavy equipment and then I realize that I can’t look for the feather and find it there; I will just have to go back and tell you about it.


That is followed by an image where I am looking through water at something up in the sky. It’s such a pretty clear blue that it’s just incredible. It’s that particular shade of blue when you look through water reflecting the sky.

John: It’s amazing to me that I can even get an understanding of what this dream means.

Jeane: I feel like I never understand anything!


John: The visa is an image of something that you want to transition into in our relationship. Basically, the visa is needed to get somewhere, and in this case, it carries the vibration of me, or some aspect of me, and where you want us to reach together. Your struggle to get the visa has to do with a particular kind of lower-self energy that keeps you from naturally accessing it.

It’s an issue of a certain kind of distance, like aloofness. I don’t know quite how to describe it, but it’s like cat energy. A cat has a tendency to only be there for you when the situation resonates vibrationally. A cat, when it purrs, is actually measuring the vibration. When you are relating to the cat in the dream, there is a softness to the purr and you just kind of go on an energetic ride with that. You are shown that you have to catch up to that quality inside yourself, and be able to hand that off, or share it, in order to properly go where you want to go. That’s how you get the visa for the journey you want to take.

And the feather in the second image shows that there is an aspect of being light, of not making too much of things. You want to be able to go into the maze of life and keep a light touch that allows everything to keep flowing: you can’t do that with a bulldozer, but you can with a feather.

And then in the third image you are able to look up into the sky and not feel any kind of differentiation; you see sky and water, all blue. Again, you are catching up with a feeling quality, a quality that you want to embody, that is an aspect of nothing in particular, yet it allows a deeper appreciation of the overall.

Now, the dream image, with everything flickering around in the background (the people, the building, the paperwork), is essentially a stirring-up of an energetic that is trying to figure its way through into life. It is an energy that is attempting to come across and resonate with matter – into the material world. The visa required shows the idea that you are trying to go into “the matter of the thing,” vibrationally. What is holding you back is a quality of feeling that you have other responsibilities that you have not quite integrated in terms of who you are. There is a stillness required that you have to be whole with, and that is a cat-like quality.

Said another way, there is a stillness you must carry inside so you can feel the tickling and the touching, like a feather to the heart. This is instead of the clumsiness of heavy equipment and muddy conditions that are difficult to move in and you can get stuck. The dream shows that you can’t go out among the trucks and the mud and somehow come back with a feather. Yet there is a way of being light enough, or nimble enough, in one’s nature to sidestep the things that might weigh you down. Part of it is to shut down the denseness of the mind/ego perspective, and feel only the lightness of a feather. Then you can look up into the sky and feel you are a part of the whole expanse.

It is interesting that the three parts of this dream each point to how it is meant to be. Each part shows how the energetic consciousness of something goes into matter. So you are shown images that portray that process. And it also shows that this process is largely done by a certain quality of the feminine.