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BS-Inner-GlimpseWe don’t often realize how much of our spiritual journey is a training, or a retraining, of ourselves and our systems. Everything we have done in our lives, with consistency and focus, has raised the level of our instincts, our intuitions, and our knowings about that subject. Whether we are artists, musicians, surgeons, parents, or street sweepers, there are intelligences that will come to us when we do that work – that is not there for those who have never done those jobs. The beautiful aspect of our spiritual training is that it is universal, so it can begin to give us insights into everything we put our focus on, not just on singular pursuits. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream I was noticing that I was okay in a quiet, still way that I had been okay, meaning that I was sitting in my quiet, still way, when suddenly in my quiet, still way, there was a commotion in the ethers of things. Because I noticed a shift, I didn’t know what the shift was, but it was like something in the outer conditions – even though it hadn’t registered to the senses yet – that something in the outer conditions was causing an effect and it had to do with what was emerging in the outer.

Usually when I sit and go into a meditation, and close everything off, I’m in such a deep, inner, still state that this state overrides from deep within. In other words, the stillness takes hold. So, in other words, my attention is in the stillness in which I just wait around for something to come out of the stillness to which I then come back.

And, of course, to get into this stillness everything around has to subside. And as I was waiting for it to subside, as I was in the throes of it all subsiding, all of it suddenly got really, like I say, it got really intense. And right about the time that you came in I was floundering in this in-between zone, going through the sense that what was going on in the outer was ten times greater than the inner. Or, in other words, at a magnitude of importance, or a magnitude of loudness, or however you’d say that, that had this number to it, that was ten times more than the inner – which was really strange.

I almost popped awake; I didn’t get a chance to pop awake because all of a sudden I’m coming out of my grog with you standing there indicating that we had a problem, a big water leak.

So the significance is, I guess there is an exception, in terms of the inner coming to the outer, when it can be overridden based upon the fact that one’s attention is needed on this side.

And so then, in my dream, I dreamt that there were four things, in other words four qualities, and these four qualities existed on two levels. The two levels are an inner level and an outer level. And, on the outer level, what came across was the need to pull something, a glimpse, out of the background.

In other words, there was something in the foreground on the outer, and something in the background, and because of the depth of the knowingness on the inner, I’m able to use my eyes to not necessarily stare directly at what’s in the foreground, I could see what’s in the background. I can get a glimpse of something, and the glimpse I got was I was making a comment to myself that others don’t see that as complete, and I was seeing that to be complete. And I realized I don’t note that others note that to be complete.

That was kind of what I was noticing, but I was only noticing the one of the four like that, one of the four meaning the four senses. I was only noticing the part that involved a seeing because the other traits hadn’t emerged out of the knowingness yet, although they were kind of held and imputed as being right there with the seeingness, to be recognized, or taken. In other words, the sense of them taken into a way of experientially in manifestation.

Now the two levels were kind of interesting in that, on the inner level, it was just a knowingness. There was no breaking it up. It was just an overriding knowingness. In the outer it was like four senses of which the sight sense was something that had a quality to it, in which there could be something brought through in a way that was in the here and now, as opposed to on the other side, or in the higher self. And that the density is the density in a separate capacity, outer way.

So what’s going on is the dream is indicating that my challenge is in being able to denote the inner in the outer. I am able to perceive the inner with a natural overall knowingness, but in the outer I have to denote it by going beyond the literalness of the senses and, in so doing, glimpse it in the outer – and know it is imbued in the outer from the inner.

Well, in the dream, the only thing I can report with any certainty is that the seeing sense could be, in a glimpse, visualized. The other three were there, too, but you could tell they were with the seeing sense in the background as well, but I didn’t have a way of bringing them out.

So the meaning is it would seem that I need to have an inner sense experience of smell, hearing, and taste, in other words, as if that’s all an inner sense merged into one, broken up into the outer so that this goes into the myriad of things as a kind of inflective background, you know basically a shaping in the background of the outer. Meaning I am attuned to the knowingness, experientially, in the day-to-day outer, as having a quality of, at least in terms of sight, a glimpsing beyond appearances.

I hadn’t realized that awakening consciously involved directing the senses from an inner knowingness to an outer inflectiveness, meaning the knowingness of the inner acted out in an outer was like an inflective to the reflective done so as a sense reorientation.

In the dream I only noticed in the outer the seeingness quality. I could tell the other three senses were there, but I hadn’t brought their subtle beingness into the outer in what I would call a livable, superseding way. But the fact that there was that there, meant that the background, even though I couldn’t quite pull it out, the background was still more intriguing than the foreground.

So, it stands to reason, that the inner knowingness, with regard to the divine, inner, higher self of the senses, has a way to go to commute from the inner into the outer – without being compromised by the outer.

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i555sWhat we see in the world around us can only tell us a fraction of the story, just as a freshly baked cake can only tell us a little about the ingredients that went into making it. But, as humans, we can connect to the energetic underpinnings of things and arrive at a much deeper level of knowing than we can get to when we only use our five senses. And, when we learn to do that, we can become a conduit for bringing new energies into the world, which can then bring about the next changes we see manifest around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my first meditation dream is adamant about the fact that change happens from the inner, continually from the inner, and tells a long story in terms of showing how that is. And that the outer is really consequential in terms of its reflective.

And then my sleep dream proceeds to go on and show that that which is considered an inner in the outer now, or what has been in the outer now, is an inner that has been in the outer to such a degree that, in order for something to occur, it doesn’t occur with that that has been in the outer. It occurs from something completely anew again, again coming from the inner to cause that to shift and change – because it can’t change in relationship to how it has been conducting itself in the outer.

In other words, it’s almost like you could say that if it’s been conducting itself or going along in the outer for a couple thousand years, and now it still acts as if it’s got a right to turn the corner this way or that way, or drive the car this way or that way, no, when that goes, that goes as a consequence of not something emerging from the reflective. The reflective can’t do this. It will emerge from a deeper innerness.

And that is the role the masculine. The role of the feminine is to uphold that which is designed and ordained. The role of the masculine is not to sit and become so pacified that it allows injustice to continue, and continue, and continue to the point where the malaise is such that nothing appropriate or proper can transpire.

So, in the meditation dream, the metaphor for the entire energetic flow and unfoldment is represented as a chart. It shows what life is on a chart, now, and it’s a chart for a company that’s kind of like deemed to be the company of companies. It’s called Attack Resources. So I monitor, or observe, or look at the trade action of the stock, meaning I have at my disposal the key to what is going on.

The significant feature I found myself making note of is, in this imagery, is the fact that my attention was fixated upon inner price movement effects, the inner price movement effects of the stock. In the dream I had a sense of what inner meant, and what outer meant, that dwelled only upon the inner effect. I dwelled so much on the inner effect that it could be said that in this dream I paid no attention to the outer effect. I was also careful to not let any wayward thoughts interfere with the focus.

What I mean by that is thoughts in terms of other energetic action, you know like other stocks, or other possibilities, were never entertained. Consequently, I was firm in my belief that everything going on in the world was visible and knowable in terms of the goings on of this stock. By goings on what I mean is the expansive and contractive, up and down, cycle action of the company. By company I mean the universe, and the action is expansive, or contractive; in this dream that is deemed to be because of an inner into outer motion.

In other words the inner coming in is expansive, and then when it hits into the outer it becomes contractive because when you portray something reflectively it then contracts. So I’m treating the response as being a reflective response to the inner unfoldment, so I do not place my attention upon the reflective.

Significance: Although physical perceptions are outer in that the physical senses are oriented to the physical plane, I am being shown in this meditation dream that it is not the outer action which effectuates change in life or, to put it another way, the reflective outer is not where I look for change. I look just to the inner, which makes itself known by being the insightfulness and beingness unfoldment of the universe.

That is very odd. That is the name, yeah. Attack Resources. So what was also significant is that my attention was upon just one thing. By one thing what I mean is that I did not acknowledge the existence of any other energetic unfoldment. Because I used Attack Resources as the metaphor for manifestation, that is, for something that is in manifestation, so in other words that’s the result, like the energy has come through, and the reflective is what’s under attack – in terms of how it handles it. As the metaphor for manifestation, this metaphor is the one thing. Nothing else but this exists as the means, and device, for the unfoldment of inner into outer.

The meaning is, is because Attack Resources is me, the meaning of the dream is I, as a human being, am the means upon which an inner and outer rapport exists. I am the seed thought beingness for the inner into the outer evolution. So, to put it bluntly, the idea that the reflective outer has in some way a say in the process is delusional – based upon the meditation dream image.

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57719As humans we are quick to dismiss our effect on other people and other things. Yet we know how profound the love of one person can be, and what it can make possible for another person. And that loves begins as an energy generated on the inside – by thinking about that person, by holding the best of them inside us, by having good intentions toward them – only then can it manifest in the many expressions of love that we see in the world. This is the mechanism of it, and it is applied by us toward anything, good or bad, that we put into the world, whether by specific actions, or just by the quiet, inner holding of the intentions and processes we have in our daily life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the theme of the dreaming has to do with coming to understand what action is. And we’re inclined to think that action has something to do with an image in which we see ourselves doing this, that, or the other, in other words, a literalness to it. But true action is in being able to hold a spatiality from within – and that can take and awaken and do more as an aliveness than any literal moving about can possibly do, because you’re limited in terms of how it is that you’re able to move about.

In other words, you can only cut a certain defined swath when you move about, literally speaking. But if you move about in terms of the inner aliveness as an action, and that action as something that you feel you contained inside of yourself, it can take everything into account because it’s connected with everything.

I give many, many examples, in my meditation dream, of what that action actually is, as seen from within, but the simple way of saying it is that it is a quality of something that you can touch, as if it’s in your cellular bones or makeup, and that you can hold that, and you can create with how you hold that. And that the striking out with that in a literal sense dissipates that, and takes that which you can know literally in your bones, that being the real action, when you strike out with that in motion in a literal sense, you personify that which you can feel equating on this whole inner level – and thus you veil it, and that striking out causes you to lose the potency, puts you back into kind of an amnesia of paying attention to the action that you’re doing literally, rather than the real action which you carry latently, and creatively, in an intertwined nature within.

It becomes more obvious from my meditation dream, because I think my meditation dream is really loud about that.

In the meditation dream, action is a condition in which I access a presence within my beingness. The access I am talking about is nonverbal, and it is nonphysical, in the outer sense of the word. It is physical, however, from the sense that the action rises up within as a recognizing of an inner vibratory movement imbedded silently in the cellular tissue. Such access is action that does not require outer movement to be complete. The action is handled in the inner stillness.

For example, when a student is sitting before a teacher the student can go deep within, in a letting go way, and get an answer to a non-asked question. This action is from within. To rephrase the issue of action, from the perspective of an inner knowingness, action is when the beingness responds to nothingness without having to lift an outer finger.

Or cite another example: access is like being kicked from under the table in that I get the memo without an outer word having to be said. In other words, it’s like an energetic kick from under the table, and I get the memo without an outer word having to be said and I am able to respond to this, as a kind of stillness, pointing to a need that needs to be.

Or another imagery, and then I saw this one, this almost was quoted to me: action is the effect of taking a toothache, on the inner level, into an inner stillness and, in so doing, alleviating the condition.

In going to bed, as I’m about to fall asleep, the words from “Rhinestone Cowboy” come to mind as yet another way of portraying action in a nonvisible way. I didn’t realize the depth of that. It just came up. There’s a lot of meaning in that song. That’s actually a pretty profound song.

And so, one’s accustomed to looking at access from the standpoint of noticing this inside of one’s self in a sentient way. In other words, it’s like looking at one’s self, or I guess you could say that would be a looking at your personal light. Or I guess you could say it would be looking at your individual soul. But, in reality, in the wholeness of things and the oneness of things, there is no individual light. That light is the light of the whole. And there is no individual soul; the soul is the soul of the world.

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