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universe-dWe may have experienced, in small ways, the settlement of knowing where we fit in and what role we play in the world. Whether that’s as a family member, or on a project, or singing in a choir, we can feel a certain well-being from understanding the relationship we have to everything else involved. Now imagine the settlement we can feel when we take to heart the understanding that we all, individually and as a species, play a specific and important role in the unfolding universe. In this way, we don’t need to fight for more, or for what’s “ours,” because we are already an integral part of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, I see myself as seated in the middle area of a trial room. It’s like  there’s this courtroom, and a whole bunch of people are in this courtroom, the courtroom is packed, there’s the judge upfront, everybody likes the judge, he’s a very fair judge.

And people are there observing. I guess they’re not used to things being fair, and so they’re there to appreciate something that has changed. And I’m sitting back in about the middle area, observing the process, or picture of things.

And then there are always those that are your politicians, or movers and shakers in life, that take it upon themselves to do this, that, or the other, or can be easily be corrupted, or have their notions or whatever. And they’re closer up front. But because of the direction of this judge being as fair as he is, they plug in fine, too, because deep down their intent is to be real; it’s not to be a run amok.

So that means that everything that I look at is participating in the unfoldment. And in kind of a way that’s very enjoyable. Now, in terms of all of this, I’m like a stranger that has come into this town. I seem to know the people in this town, but it’s not like I’m part of it like they are. It’s not like I go through the ups and downs of things to the degree that they do.

And so I guess I didn’t know what to expect, and suddenly realize I’m able to breathe a sigh of relief, because that which is unfolding is taking into consideration the needs of everyone. Everyone that’s there; in other words, there’s nobody acting up. It’s all following along; it’s like they finally got a good judge out there for change. A fair judge, in every regard, who takes everybody into account. And, as a consequence, then, a calmness can permeate the atmosphere, and everyone feels that they are involved. And that there is no need to feel left out, or dubious that some sort of power and control is at play, manipulating things.

So what is unfolding, and the meaning is, is that I’m experiencing in this dream an all-pervasive stillness that permeates the atmosphere of the courtroom, as everyone is okay with what the judge is doing. This is a judge who has an awareness of what the best interests are of everyone, and is able to take all of that into account without creating any conflict or difference of opinion.

So I’m at ease, with how this all is, as I leave. And I’m also able to pick up all of my accoutrements that I brought in there thinking that I needed to try to find a deeper stillness. And what I found, instead, was it was all A-OK. So I pick up all of that which I brought with me, because in the stillness and balance, therein, there already is a peace. In other words, it’s not something that I have to try to fall into, it’s already there, it’s already present.

And so this causes me to note that: what was I doing when I was there? What was going on in my head when I sat down, only to be surprised that everything was fine. A-OK. I guess I had adopted a role of being a kind of counterbalance force, as if all around me there is some sort of misalignment and imbalance from an overindulgence of personal self interest. But that is not a way to look at things.

There is a way of looking at things in which everything, if you can see it, is in a quality of a certain depth stillness, where everything that is unfolding is just as is needed, and intended, for one and all.

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everything-is-connectedIn Jeane’s second dream of the night (see An Insatiable Motion), the image moves from an external view of separate containers on a ship, to a more personal view of wearing layers of clothing. In both images, she is dealing with the subtleties of moving from a separated view of the multiple aspects of life, to finding the connections of everything, or, as shown in the image, an outfit that works for every occasion. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this next dream, it feels like a woman has taken me into a clothing store. It’s a very upscale clothing store. I mean, there are some people that are modeling certain outfits, and the thing about these clothes is they’re very high quality, but they’re also layered clothes, and so we’re trying to find myself one or two outfits that will actually be multiple outfits because you wear one under the other, or over the other, layer them in certain ways. 

And I’m kind of observing a few things on the outfits, most of which are black-and-white, or black or white, and trying to see if I have the right outfit that can be the most versatile for me. And when I look down, I notice that like the under layer that peeks through everything else is a certain shade of kind of that lemon-lime green, and it even has like some leather parts to it. 

And then the pants that are worn over this, when they puddle down to the floor, they spread out around my foot that almost makes it look like little black scales that go out in kind of an interesting pattern. But I realize that maybe it’s going to be difficult to walk with. It might look okay if we went dancing somewhere.

But then I have outfits that can go over the top, which maybe could be worn on their own as a dress, and it feels like maybe there’s something that’s blue, besides just the black-and-white I might be interested in.

But then I’m discussing with her – it’s like I feel a little short on time – and whether or not this outfit that I’ve put together so far can work, because I’m worried about how it kind of drags on the floor with that kind of strange pattern, whether there’s time to go into another part of the store and start over, whether I just have to kind of pick up one or two things and see if they make a properly layered outfit. 

It feels like I’m just trying to kind of consider and get all of that right in a fairly limited period of time. 

John: The fairly limited period of time is always this compelled nature to try to get the various levels. And it’s interesting, you’re repeating the first dream with this dream, because now what you’ve done is, instead of trying to function as a container ship that works on all the different places and ports and levels of things in life, you now have taken this layering on literally, in terms of how you put on an attire. And you’re working from the top down instead of the bottom up.

In other words, you start at the high end, and then you come all the way down and through and the inner most garment is green, right? Kind of a yellow-green, which means that it’s lower self in life. Well, lower self is kind of… actually yellow is one of the first three chakras, and green is the heart, and green is the deepest of all colors, and it is part of creation. It is enmeshed through the levels and layers of everything in creation.

And so you’re figuring out how to layer everything on, properly layered on means that you then have yourself in a scenario in which you can go any place you want to go, because you can always be properly dressed by taking off a layer if necessary.

And this is like a higher self understanding that’s peeking through, because you start in the high end store with the layering, which means you’re finding the most regal of outer garments, which is a type of innerness and paradox, to put on, that this continues on through all the way to all of the different levels.

And so it’s another way of kind of expressing and denoting a container energy in terms of how we function in terms of the outer, because we see the outer in such a differentiated way, and you have a dream in which you perceive it like this and you keep working at this in an ever subtler way of dealing with it, in other words top-end down.

In other words, it’s almost like the more layers you figure out how to put on, to accommodate all that could possibly be, or change, the better that condition in your overallness will be. And as in the first dream, your sort of compelled nature to function as an opening up vessel that can hold all of the states, that can hold a given condition and all of the levels there too, has just one dilemma, has the same dilemma.

And that’s the dilemma that everything is still currently separated, as if from layer to layer, level to level, vessel to vessel, and that, where this needs to go if it’s going to reach the nothingness and the emptiness is that they all have to be one and the same, the end present at the beginning, or otherwise the beginning will be one layer and the end will be another layer of something.

Actually, all the layers intertwine. They all are reflective of each other in some degree. It’s just a variance in terms of the way the states are. And by state in this particular case, I’m meaning something like on a sensation level would be based upon temperature, but on a speed level, or energy level, it would be based upon different gradients of expansion contraction, or contraction to expansion, which is different degrees of speed.

And something that is the densest and slowest is the most carnal and the most linear, and is conceivably an even lower speed, and there’s even more raw energy tied into that and you have to own that.

And something that is more transcendent in energy is a faster speed, more off the ground, looks at things in a different context and state at this level of expressiveness, but is not as tied and as connected then. It’s closer to where the superiors world would be, of things, within yourself so it’s not as directly connected.

In other words, it works more subtly and it’s a speed that’s harder to sustain in relationship to an awareness of the density. And thus these are the layers from dense to subtle like that, and ultimately all of these layers, in order for there to be a true oneness, and a true Wholeness, and a true container that contains everything in the universe, have to twine together, intermesh, as one.

And that you’re still depicting it as having its differentiated quality nature. And it’s amazing how you do that. I mean, you differentiate that as a kind of embodiment energy. I mean, putting clothes on is an embodiment energy, or a container, or a vessel of a type of knowingness, which  is subjective inside of one’s self under certain conditions of weather, if you’re talking about it in the outer environment, as if there are these different levels.

And yet, ultimately, in order for there to be a nothingness, it all comes together. It’s a little bit like the Star Trek movie in which things got so speeded up that all there was was flickers of light, and if you could slow it down and slow it down instead of it being a buzz you can actually reduce it to something that could be intelligently heard, and then eventually even seen. But otherwise it was just a flicker of something going so fast that you couldn’t intelligibly pull it out.

Well, it’s like layering again, layering this time in terms of levels of speed. And just like you have light as one speed, and sound as another speed, and you have creation, which is the lower speed in which something is constellated as something that’s visible and touchable, but actually within that is so much empty space that you don’t grasp or you don’t see, given the condition or level or layered nature that you are carrying in a particular lower energy state.

In a higher energy state you would get to a point where you’d realize there really isn’t anything there. It just gets to a point of pure vibration or essence.

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In dreams, generally all the characters that appear are aspects of ourselves, whether masculine or feminine, young or old. In today’s dream, John is with his father and mother and a new baby brother who shows a wisdom beyond his years. What unfolds is an image that describes the dilemma of all human beings, as we separate ourselves out from the Whole, thinking the detail, or even the passing moment, is more important the the Wholeness that gave it rise. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I’ve come home and I’m standing off to one side, and first there’s a kind of a baby that’s laying a little bit on the bed, and then all of a sudden it’s on the edge corner of the bed, which is a bad place to place a baby because it could roll over and fall off.

And sure enough the baby does that, and tumbles off the bed. Mom picks him up, and it’s almost like what looked like a baby suddenly has bright eyes and talks. And he seems to understand a lot, but yet he still looks like a little baby. He’s not very old, so I’m surprised; he even has opinions about things!

He comments about how Dad is acting in a certain way and saying certain things that he finds humorous, because Dad’s inferring that he’s going to have to be put on welfare and he finds that humorous as an absurdity.

After that, because I have come back to this place from somewhere else, he has never seen me before, nor have I seen him. He then asks, “Who are you?” I say, “I am your older brother.” He says, “Are you the oldest brother?” I say, “Yes.”

In this dream I seem to be about 40 years old and there’s no mention of another brother. I try to think of another one but can’t recall one.

The meaning of this dream is: I’m intertwined and connected more magnetically than I know. There is no real presence of time, just the veils and illusions of being distant and separate.

To not know this, is to be in a distant state of poverty. To break the barrier I need to go beyond the appearances and take in the energy of how I can be in a more complete state, which is in everyone I see.

Of course it’s more easily recognized when you put it into a family mode, because you’re more apt to recognize that, just like you put it in with the little girl and yourself (see The Game of Life).

I have to be able to mail myself back (this is from a dream in which there was a mailman who had returned for a package of stamps or something [see Caught Between Two Worlds]). To do that there needs to be a realized union of one being as an energetic.

To not notice this is to sustain an unconsciousness that has veiled appearances. When one holds onto an unconscious mannerism that is when the frustration sets in and this is a frustration in which – it’s actually a feminine frustration, because the feminine can sense that there has to be so much more, and is seeking so much more, and is trying to twine and connect to so much more.

And in that state, the natural knowingness then falls away. And the natural knowingness is the masculine’s side of things. And so you have this gap, that is a kind of amnesia, and as an amnesia, it’s a veiling. As the masculine sight comes back out, like a type of touching, something rises up as if always present – so then you break the separation like that.

So what we’re describing is, we’re just describing energy now, basically, and this is how energy works. In science, they’ve discovered this with airwave frequencies: everything always is in a state of a type of sound, because it’s sound that created everything. And so then you could take and you can streamline that as frequencies, and in those frequencies you can have a general sound and then that general sound can have a multiplicity of uses, but it’s kind of broad.

Then you can streamline that again to where it can be a very specific frequency for a very specific transmission note, very limited in terms of its use again. And therefore when you streamline it like that it transmits at a faster rate; it can become a type of higher frequency instead of in a general frequency.

So you have, in a sense, heightened it, or so it appears, but at the same time you’ve limited it because it cannot function in the outer with the same degree and propensity that it could before.

Then you could take what you’ve accomplished there and say ahh, this is really important stuff, this is data, this is information. So then you could streamline it yet again, almost into a packet of light, and microwave it back into a central terminal to which it can then be distributed more succinctly.

Just the way science is unfolding this is almost the same humor that exists in terms of the human being. The human being is created out of a general sound, spoken into existence. And then the human being takes and, instead of staying in the essence of the overall, the human being starts streamlining, and streamlining, and streamlining.

And you have people that have all of these different idiosyncrasies and traits that they’ve found to be important, and they see themselves as more acute as a consequence of having developed this kind of sight and understanding, and they see someone else who doesn’t have that as being out of it.

And, little do they know, that if you were to go back beyond all of that there is a central vibration, that hasn’t been streamlined, that takes all of it in. But how do you see something like that? How do you proceed from something like that?

It’s easier to take the frequency, break it from analog to digital to microwave to all of that sort of stuff, thinking that you have a handle on something, but the handle that you’ve established has let go of something in terms of the overall. And that’s the consequence.

So in my dream that is what I have done as well. I have taken and lost the recognition. I have used an element where I took something and streamlined it out, and pretended that there was time and age and everything like that, and lost the whole connection of myself, and the baby that was in a state of another kind of essence, laughing about everything.

And when it jokes about the father putting it on welfare, it’s a pun upon how I am. I’m actually on a kind of welfare when I adopt a streamline mannerism upon which I approach life – as opposed to being able to hold onto the general overall essence that is both conscious and unconscious simultaneously. That is everything.

But we think we have to be this, and we think we have to be that, and therefore every step we take takes us away, further and further and further away. That’s why we think we need motion, we have to move about, we have to do this, we have to do that, and stillness is where it’s all at.

That’s why one can actually experience things inside, not necessarily the love principle even, but you just will naturally experience something inside if you can sit totally still to the point where everything lets go and stops. You will experience something that way. It’s because everything is orbiting out trying to find a piece of the piece, an inner thread, instead of sustaining itself and holding itself to the Whole.

The dreams we had last night more or less took and threw, in you, a couple of fairly strange, almost ghoulish-like images that actually had the flip side to them for you to recognize that you created that ghoulish image – because you streamlined something to be like this, through a type of inflection.

And yet at the same time, because you didn’t totally buy into what you streamlined, the darn thing gets up and walks around. That’s magic. When put in that context you almost begin to wonder if magic isn’t a misuse of the overall energy, because in the overall energy you wouldn’t have that going on either. You’d have both conscious and unconscious and you’d sit simultaneous in that, much like the Yogi sitting under a banyan tree and then the other part of itself acting itself out in the outer – and yet the two are intertwined.

What is going on there? Nothing is really going on. The two states make up the whole, the whole of Creation and Creator. Time and space disappear in that. You could just as well say that the Yogi sitting under the banyan tree meditating is like this baby child sitting in the essence of something, not yet sophisticated, in your case to even know how to ride a bike.

And yet you in your sophistication can do all these things in the outer, and you’re working with the components of the outer, a density of the outer that reflects the industrial nature of one’s self, which is copper. And you’ve developed quite a scientific skill, but have you gone anywhere?

That’s why a mockery is almost made, by certain spiritual teachers, of the progress that we’ve made because that tends to take us away from the Wholeness, or the overall, and tends to create very specific things that we latch onto.

This kind of dreaming is an awkward kind of dreaming because it stretches the realm. It walks very close to the realm of sanity and insanity, because try convincing somebody that it exists like this and they will definitely think that you’ve cracked up.
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