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In dreams, generally all the characters that appear are aspects of ourselves, whether masculine or feminine, young or old. In today’s dream, John is with his father and mother and a new baby brother who shows a wisdom beyond his years. What unfolds is an image that describes the dilemma of all human beings, as we separate ourselves out from the Whole, thinking the detail, or even the passing moment, is more important the the Wholeness that gave it rise. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I’ve come home and I’m standing off to one side, and first there’s a kind of a baby that’s laying a little bit on the bed, and then all of a sudden it’s on the edge corner of the bed, which is a bad place to place a baby because it could roll over and fall off.

And sure enough the baby does that, and tumbles off the bed. Mom picks him up, and it’s almost like what looked like a baby suddenly has bright eyes and talks. And he seems to understand a lot, but yet he still looks like a little baby. He’s not very old, so I’m surprised; he even has opinions about things!

He comments about how Dad is acting in a certain way and saying certain things that he finds humorous, because Dad’s inferring that he’s going to have to be put on welfare and he finds that humorous as an absurdity.

After that, because I have come back to this place from somewhere else, he has never seen me before, nor have I seen him. He then asks, “Who are you?” I say, “I am your older brother.” He says, “Are you the oldest brother?” I say, “Yes.”

In this dream I seem to be about 40 years old and there’s no mention of another brother. I try to think of another one but can’t recall one.

The meaning of this dream is: I’m intertwined and connected more magnetically than I know. There is no real presence of time, just the veils and illusions of being distant and separate.

To not know this, is to be in a distant state of poverty. To break the barrier I need to go beyond the appearances and take in the energy of how I can be in a more complete state, which is in everyone I see.

Of course it’s more easily recognized when you put it into a family mode, because you’re more apt to recognize that, just like you put it in with the little girl and yourself (see The Game of Life).

I have to be able to mail myself back (this is from a dream in which there was a mailman who had returned for a package of stamps or something [see Caught Between Two Worlds]). To do that there needs to be a realized union of one being as an energetic.

To not notice this is to sustain an unconsciousness that has veiled appearances. When one holds onto an unconscious mannerism that is when the frustration sets in and this is a frustration in which – it’s actually a feminine frustration, because the feminine can sense that there has to be so much more, and is seeking so much more, and is trying to twine and connect to so much more.

And in that state, the natural knowingness then falls away. And the natural knowingness is the masculine’s side of things. And so you have this gap, that is a kind of amnesia, and as an amnesia, it’s a veiling. As the masculine sight comes back out, like a type of touching, something rises up as if always present – so then you break the separation like that.

So what we’re describing is, we’re just describing energy now, basically, and this is how energy works. In science, they’ve discovered this with airwave frequencies: everything always is in a state of a type of sound, because it’s sound that created everything. And so then you could take and you can streamline that as frequencies, and in those frequencies you can have a general sound and then that general sound can have a multiplicity of uses, but it’s kind of broad.

Then you can streamline that again to where it can be a very specific frequency for a very specific transmission note, very limited in terms of its use again. And therefore when you streamline it like that it transmits at a faster rate; it can become a type of higher frequency instead of in a general frequency.

So you have, in a sense, heightened it, or so it appears, but at the same time you’ve limited it because it cannot function in the outer with the same degree and propensity that it could before.

Then you could take what you’ve accomplished there and say ahh, this is really important stuff, this is data, this is information. So then you could streamline it yet again, almost into a packet of light, and microwave it back into a central terminal to which it can then be distributed more succinctly.

Just the way science is unfolding this is almost the same humor that exists in terms of the human being. The human being is created out of a general sound, spoken into existence. And then the human being takes and, instead of staying in the essence of the overall, the human being starts streamlining, and streamlining, and streamlining.

And you have people that have all of these different idiosyncrasies and traits that they’ve found to be important, and they see themselves as more acute as a consequence of having developed this kind of sight and understanding, and they see someone else who doesn’t have that as being out of it.

And, little do they know, that if you were to go back beyond all of that there is a central vibration, that hasn’t been streamlined, that takes all of it in. But how do you see something like that? How do you proceed from something like that?

It’s easier to take the frequency, break it from analog to digital to microwave to all of that sort of stuff, thinking that you have a handle on something, but the handle that you’ve established has let go of something in terms of the overall. And that’s the consequence.

So in my dream that is what I have done as well. I have taken and lost the recognition. I have used an element where I took something and streamlined it out, and pretended that there was time and age and everything like that, and lost the whole connection of myself, and the baby that was in a state of another kind of essence, laughing about everything.

And when it jokes about the father putting it on welfare, it’s a pun upon how I am. I’m actually on a kind of welfare when I adopt a streamline mannerism upon which I approach life – as opposed to being able to hold onto the general overall essence that is both conscious and unconscious simultaneously. That is everything.

But we think we have to be this, and we think we have to be that, and therefore every step we take takes us away, further and further and further away. That’s why we think we need motion, we have to move about, we have to do this, we have to do that, and stillness is where it’s all at.

That’s why one can actually experience things inside, not necessarily the love principle even, but you just will naturally experience something inside if you can sit totally still to the point where everything lets go and stops. You will experience something that way. It’s because everything is orbiting out trying to find a piece of the piece, an inner thread, instead of sustaining itself and holding itself to the Whole.

The dreams we had last night more or less took and threw, in you, a couple of fairly strange, almost ghoulish-like images that actually had the flip side to them for you to recognize that you created that ghoulish image – because you streamlined something to be like this, through a type of inflection.

And yet at the same time, because you didn’t totally buy into what you streamlined, the darn thing gets up and walks around. That’s magic. When put in that context you almost begin to wonder if magic isn’t a misuse of the overall energy, because in the overall energy you wouldn’t have that going on either. You’d have both conscious and unconscious and you’d sit simultaneous in that, much like the Yogi sitting under a banyan tree and then the other part of itself acting itself out in the outer – and yet the two are intertwined.

What is going on there? Nothing is really going on. The two states make up the whole, the whole of Creation and Creator. Time and space disappear in that. You could just as well say that the Yogi sitting under the banyan tree meditating is like this baby child sitting in the essence of something, not yet sophisticated, in your case to even know how to ride a bike.

And yet you in your sophistication can do all these things in the outer, and you’re working with the components of the outer, a density of the outer that reflects the industrial nature of one’s self, which is copper. And you’ve developed quite a scientific skill, but have you gone anywhere?

That’s why a mockery is almost made, by certain spiritual teachers, of the progress that we’ve made because that tends to take us away from the Wholeness, or the overall, and tends to create very specific things that we latch onto.

This kind of dreaming is an awkward kind of dreaming because it stretches the realm. It walks very close to the realm of sanity and insanity, because try convincing somebody that it exists like this and they will definitely think that you’ve cracked up.
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In John’s dreams, he sees himself caught in transition between the familiar worlds of the outer, physical life, and the deeper inner worlds connected to all that exists. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I kind of have to report on what it’s like to have to be strained with kind of a focus and attention upon an innerness, that one knows is important, and that, until it comes through, it’s almost as if that is at the expense of an outward understanding.

Because it’s as if I’ve gotten the inkling that that is what is real, so as a result, the outer things that one would normally do and think nothing of it, is no longer possible because I have come to know that it goes nowhere. It’s not that I judge it. In fact, I find it kind of interesting as a flow, and find it interesting how the collective seems to be quite fine with all of that, but it doesn’t reach into the beyond of the beyond. And as a result, I’m somewhat estranged from it.

Describing it like this in words like this kind of make it too esoteric. The actual depiction portrays it.

In my dream I have gone back to a gathering of high school friends and these are all guys that I’ve gone back to see, and they’re all grown up and accomplished in whatever it is that they do in the world.

And it’s as if we’re getting together in a place, which has a setting that’s able to be casual enough so that we can all just go about being who we are and portraying our individual interests to each other. And what is amazing is each of these interests, because they’re all outer interests and we each have a slightly different, by we I mean they, not necessarily me, an interest that is slightly different. Yet because they’re all outer interests there is a cohesion or a collective flow that comes together.

And so I’m impressed and pleased to see how easy going these guys are able to be in relationship to each other, because what they have in common is this outer linkage, or a linkage to the reflective, though, but I don’t have that, and so I’m feeling off, or out of place, not able to fit in.

But they don’t see life like that, that there’s something else going on in me that’s different. They see everything in an outer context so they just accept me – so they don’t see my problem. And I like what I see in terms of them and how they seem to flow nicely with each other, but I can tell, at least in terms of looking at myself because I’m looking at something of the innerness instead of just the outerness, I can tell that I stand out because I am identifying with this innerness, or at least am trying to.

And my identification with that has me listening within, and therefore, I’m estranged energetically from them. I have lost a freedom in the outer that they still have. I am stiffer in that regard. I look and carry myself as if I have a responsibility that they do not have to relate to. I cannot help but notice that there are many things they each can casually do individually and collectively that I seem to struggle with. The separation I carry is because I find what they are doing naturally, to be awkward for me, and it’s become awkward for me because of the indulgence of my attention is somewhere else.

The meaning is that at first glance, these others, which represent the collective outer, appear to be… you know, if I look at them as the way to be, or something, that there appears to be something wrong with me. That gets accentuated as possibly so, because I can’t help but note that I come across, at least in my own eyes, I mean they’d accept me because they don’t see this other part, but I come across in my own eyes as being too serious by comparison and not able to free flow or casually relate to the outer aspects in life like they do.

They collectively fit in with the physical world. This is what they know, so there is no confusion for them. Each is putting forth, in a casual way, the appearance in the outer that best portrays who they are and what they do and that then all fits in a collective way.

It’s kind of like how it is when you go back to a class reunion or a reunion of some sort. Each person, they don’t go around complaining about how bad life has been to them, they all try to put their best foot forward, and so they give each other permission to all put their best foot forward. They don’t complain a lot. It’s kind of like an ego thing a little bit.

But in relationship to that, I stand out because I don’t have a best foot to put forward. I do not identify with life in this manner. I see myself as being separate from them in a way they aren’t able to perceive, and so I can’t even explain that to them, although they know that I’m somehow in the outer, so they accept me as I am.

But I’m only trying to relate to something else. They’re each going about doing what they do best and integrating in a collective flow and I am touched. I’m impressed even, by the fact that there is something sweet about that free flow. It just isn’t for me. I can’t help myself not being like that. Even though they look at me and are ready to accept me in an outer way, I’m not able to reciprocate because my attention seems to hearken to something that is another kind of pressure or inner responsibility.

They can’t see that, and where they are at collectively I must leave alone because that is for them. I can’t tell them, I can’t explain the gap, I’m just at a point where my focus is upon an inner attention that has caused me to see myself as estranged in a world that relates only to outer appearances and mannerisms.

I’m no longer able to be temporal. I therefore lack the outer understanding which for them is meaningful. In that regard, I’m a bit helpless. I am distinguished from them in that I carry an inner responsibility which affects me from within, and invokes a responsibility I am still seeking to reach.

I don’t feel like I’ve reached it and so, in that regard, part of the awkwardness is my bewilderment. In other words, for as long as this remains more than I’m able to access, I remain a bit tense and stiff. If I were able to live the inner aliveness, as a Oneness, I would be able to fit in with the collective reflections, as well, of my high school cronies.

I haven’t gotten there yet, in other words because I’m still trying to get there, still trying to attune to it so I’m bewildered between this and that. So I haven’t gotten there yet in terms of being at home with the inner aliveness. So there is an imbalance that causes me to see myself as being out of touch in terms of everyone and everything in the outer.

In the next dream I have been away so long that the mail I get at the post office in this old place is no longer happening. Yet in this dream I have traveled back to this place and it’s a place where I still have relatives that are living there as if nothing has changed.

For me, though, everything is different. The services that I used to have here no longer exist. It is as if I am shut off from that past as if I never had it. On one side of the street there’s the post office where I supposedly used to get the mail, but there is no recollection or memory or anything like that because it’s so long ago.

But when I cross the street, it’s kind of hard to describe what it is. It’s like a kiosk-type building. In other words, it sits out there in the open. Anyone could walk in to it. It’s not like it’s a door or anything. Anyone could walk into it. It’s got a little bit of a cover on it from the rain or elements, but in there is just a whole bunch of papers just flying around by the wind that could still whip through it.

It’s kind of a thing that no one pays any attention to because it doesn’t mean anything to them and these papers that are piled up, are piled up from long ago, blowing around and loose and everything. They do not seem to correspond with anything anymore, as far as they’re concerned, so nobody bothers them. They just leave them there. They’re ancient or something.

But for me, I walk in there and it’s different. This place is a clue to my lost and forgotten past. And somehow I know that I’m meant to find a tractor. I need a tractor or a tractor that I can sell. I need something about a tractor, and so I’m seeking to find it. But it’s a little ridiculous because it’s just a little kiosk kind of thing – there can’t be any tractor in there. There’s just a bunch of scattered papers.

Well, as I have gone inside Dan is outside, totally unable to comprehend why it is that I am so preoccupied inside this abandoned kiosk building that no one pays any attention to. So to begin with there’s no rhyme or reason sense to it, but I know that there has to be more, so I keep looking. I almost have the illusion that a tractor is going to be underneath all of that, but that’s totally impossible.

Suddenly I see papers that refer to the tractor I seek. I yell this out to Dan who is waiting for me to come out. He replies that the tractor that I’m referring to is quite old and there isn’t any marketable value for such a thing like this. Even if I were to find it, it would be almost like a waste of time, that’s assuming I was able to locate it and retrieve it.

My reply is that if that is the way it is, then I will just keep it because it’s still viable and functional. There’s nothing wrong with it operationally and I’ll figure out how to put it to good use in some way that is appreciable at this time, or can be appreciated at this time.

Suddenly amidst all of these loose papers I see some Priority Mail envelopes. There’s a wonder they are there, in this out of the way, in the open place, that everyone pays no attention to and is abandoned, everyone as far as I know.

Apparently someone knows that this is the last known whereabouts to leave things that are for me. How that is known is a mystery. It’s a good thing because if this weren’t done my mail from somewhere unbeknownst to me, would be lost forever.

In other words, this is an image now of something still coming through on a regular basis, and somewhere else as one lives in the outer. Anyway, these Priority Mail envelopes, they close the gap between here and the outer, and there and the inner.

I open one of these envelopes and I’m suddenly excited to see that there is $150 worth of stamps that I had ordered from long ago. I find it to be amazing that I’m able to have received this, and that no one else had found this because if anyone else had come in, pondered around, seen these envelopes, disturbed it in any way, then this would be gone.

But everyone in this place now thinks that this kiosk building of no consequence has just a bunch of rubbish papers of no meaningfulness whatsoever to them, or to the present even. The even bigger mystery for me to sort out yet in this outer world, is how did this get through from either long, long ago, or from somewhere else? And who knew that this is where to leave the mail that is needed so that I am able to close the gap between inner and outer, between something from wherever it was, to how things are that I’ve gone back to? There’s a gap that has to be closed.

So what is going on is, pulling the two dreams together, in the first dream I learn that I have gotten out of touch with the outer collective and its outer reflective way because I have been focused upon an innerness that is astir in my nature.

This innerness that is trying to come through has consumed my imagination. As a result I no longer have the outer mannerism that everyone else experiences collectively and reflectively.

In the second dream I have gone back into the outer world that I left long, long ago, so I get to reconcile that which is missing, in other words the gap between the two, because light and sound are actually one. That’s another way of saying something between inner and outer.

To my surprise, I’m able to see that when I take in the inner that is there for me to see, that not much has changed. Outward appearances from the passage of time affect things as you would expect, but the inner linkage to all of this remains the same.

What I am to realize is that this inner awareness is all that there is, that time and space are an illusion. To be this is to be everything, because around this essence are just outer reflections that emanate outwardly.

Those reflections may provide a hint to what is real, but they aren’t what is real. As an analogy they are like a smoke to an everlasting fire. They are like a thread which denotes that an essence and fire exists and that it is the essence of fire that is meaningful and real, not the smoke, and that it is always present.

As a deeper meaning the smoke can be seen or dealt with as a kind of a symbolism to the fact that there is nothing but a nothingness. In other words, you take the smoke away and there is nothing even reflectively. But this is a deeper consciousness, that for now I have a long way to go to catch up with.

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Jeane: I had a long interesting dream but all I could remember was this image at the end.

I’m sitting at my computer desk and I have a keyboard underneath the desktop that I pull out. I have other things on it besides the keyboard. I’m working at a certain speed with both hands on the keyboard and then sometimes they’re up on top of the desk.  

I’m realizing that if I take a break, I could actually organize the lower desk a little bit – put the pens and paperclips in a container of some sort – and it would make it more efficient. But it feels as though, with the flow of people coming through, or with the work I’m doing, that there isn’t quite enough time to organize things, even though I know it would improve the situation in the long run.  

John: You’re talking about a particular (in)sight that you have in terms of how something can be, but it isn’t occurring yet. Put another way, it’s a sight that you have that’s like a side channel in you that you’re not accessing or dealing with because you have distractions in the moment. You end up putting this connection off again and again.

As you were describing the dream, I didn’t even need to listen to the story. I only needed to listen to the issue behind the dream. My thought was, “Maybe we ought to just throw that darn chair away and start all over again” (we assembled a computer chair last night, but couldn’t get the height adjustment to operate).

So, what’s happening on an energetic level is that you’re trying to create a sense of what should be, and could be, in terms of a better sense of balance and how something could be done in a more dynamic way.

But that isn’t happening because there’s procrastination. Now, your dream took that little manifestation in the outer (difficulty assembling the chair) and pointed out that that’s just a reflection that occurred because you condoned or created it, in a way, based upon the fact that you have a greater sense of something that needs to be.

In that same motif, and in that way of using energy, you’re passing the buck. So what happened with the chair is a manifestation in the denser (physical), of something that you created as a inner reflection, which points to the same demeanor existing on an energetic level. In other words, you are procrastinating doing something on an inner level; something you’re ready for but aren’t taking the needed step that could open up so much more.

So you have the microcosmic effect and you have the macrocosmic vibration. In portraying the macrocosmic energetic dimension, everything you say about what you could do, should do, and how this would help, etc., is all good information in terms of coping with and addressing the macrocosmic energetic.

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