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Jeane: In this first dream, you and I are trying to get access to a large circular area. This circular area looks just like the windows of the great room in the condo we looked at in Las Vegas – with the sweeping view – except my sense is that this is a much larger space. I seem to be urging you to see if we can figure out a way to gain access into this area again.

Finally we have an insight into to how to do it: We have to get through an alarm system, with lights, which may even cause an electric shock.

Before the imagery of the dream shifts, we gain access to the whole space, though we may have gotten a bit of a shock in doing so.

Then the dream shifts, and I’m with my sister in a room where she and I live.

John: What you’re doing is you’re taking the visual of something that’s light – the panoramic window view from the condo – and you’re using that as a representation of peacefulness, that either you can hold, or that the space itself maintains.

When we go down on the Strip in Las Vegas, you may not notice it, but I can recognize that the two of us – our combination as a unit – are able to hold a space that enables something to be sustained, or maintained, or protected, or even to evolve.

In this imagery, you’re working with light and you’re working with sound, because you have this whole sense where you’re trying to break through to something. It’s a lot like a plane going through the sound barrier – after a lot of noise it pops through into silence.

Such an energetic shift affects things. You’re evaluating this energetic in terms of what it is that we’re doing, looking into an image of light (Las Vegas) that we’re touching, in some capacity, with our energetic, just by the way we carry or hold ourselves. And that’s affecting this overall image, this overall view.

The interesting thing about Las Vegas is that there’s something that has to be sustained and maintained, and you’re suggesting that there’s something about our presence here that helps to do that. It’s almost a challenge to our own beings to open up, and to ground, and to break through.

In other words, Las Vegas is not necessarily “Sin City.” Las Vegas is a state that can confuse a person if they don’t have the focus and attention that allows them to actually get what’s going on. If a person is continually spun into disorientation, then they will get the ill effects of the coarser energies here, and everything else will be missed.

But light is light, and if you’re able to create the epiphanies, the breakthroughs, the shocks, the light bulb moments (that could be both good and bad because they’re jolts of awareness), if that could be supported, then that’s doing something in a way that works with the space in an interactive way. And all we’re doing is using our presence to make that happen, at a certain level of perception.

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John: In my dream, I notice that when I introduce something into the scene that I can’t alter, or can’t flow with, I literally start to sweat in my sleep. In fact, there was a whole part of this dream that I can’t remember the details of, but I can feel that I was actually flowing somewhere. When I woke up, however, the part that stood out was the fact that I was sweating from it.

What I conclude from this is that as long as I’m with the flow, or maintain the flow, I’m okay. But as soon as something obstructs it, or if I continue on as if nothing has changed, denying it, that’s when I break out into a sweat. I’m having a physical reaction to the dream.

There were times during the dream that I could see that I had a lot before me – as if I was in a huge space full of things. Yet it seemed that I was able to handle it all in a natural way. I wasn’t necessarily identifying what I was coming in contact with, I was just there with it.

What I noticed then, was that the degree to which I isolated out something from the flow, that would become the problem. It’s not unlike what we saw in your dream, where you were in a huge warehouse and basically were stopped by the first item you focused on – it prevented you from getting any further.

So it’s similar for me here – I’m able to handle everything until I begin to isolate, or separate, pieces out from the whole. As soon as I do, whatever it is becomes fixed in its nature. That fixing causes me to be unable to flow with it, and feeling the stress of that blockage causes me to physically sweat.

So I find myself catapulted from a crowded, flowing space, into a vast emptiness with one particular, immovable, thing. It’s like a contamination, or something that still needs to be worked out. It causes a disturbance in me, and because I’m unable to get it to shift, or move, it causes stress.

In other words, I’m left to cope with the fact that I have no answer in terms of how to deal with this particular problem. At times I try to shift it. Other times I treat it as irrelevant in terms of the overall, expecting it to simply go away on its own. But nothing works.

My inability to resolve this causes a breakdown within; the outer manifestation of that is me sweating, as if I were running a fever.

What does all this mean? In this dream imagery I’m not actually seeing specific items, it’s more about certain energies that I’m dealing with. And what I think this process is showing me is that I’m unaccepting of certain things in me, or in life, and that creates a blockage and a great stress.

It’s interesting, because out of the huge diversity of life, whether outside of me or internally, getting hung up on certain small details that, in the scheme of things are totally irrelevant, can still bring the whole process to a halt. It’s amazing, but we’re all are doing it all the time.

What I’m being stopped by is shown to be immovable. How does one deal with immovable things? They accept them, as part of the landscape, so to speak. But for these particular aspects of life, or me, I’m not quite able to take that step – yet.

Consequentially, I react as if I have a right to dictate that something should be this way or that, instead of flowing comfortably along with what I cannot change. But the time has come for me to be okay with this trait, or condition in life, and to stop trying to think that it’s “in the way,” or needs fixing. I can’t keep generating this same reaction (sweating, in the case of the dream) over and over again.

What I’m understanding too is that this particular stumbling block has a pattern to it. It keeps coming back as some little thing. This pattern could be nothing more than being bumped into by a stranger and getting irritated. The pattern is the automatic irritation that always follows once you’ve been bumped.

How do you get to a point where someone can bump into you and you’re indifferent, or you don’t get irritated? Until you find that point, it will keep coming back over and over again. And you might even be thinking that getting irritated makes sense when someone bumps you – you might defend it. But that irritation is actually evidence that you are holding onto something, and it’s holding you back.

So this is the type of irritation I’m suffering from in my sleep. I can pretend it’s insignificant, or that it will go away, or that it can be shifted, but that isn’t facing the issue gracefully. I need to be embracing it as part of life.

I keep saying no to it, and as long as I refuse to budge, and I maintain this unshakable attitude, I’m resigned to my suffering (and sweating).

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John: Dreams tend to be very difficult as they start, and then they set something in motion that gets jarred loose. It’s like cleaning the rust off of something. And so a dream early in the night can be a way of unclogging things.

This dream starts off with me being presented with a sequence of energetic events. In other words, it’s like everything is part of a string that has a number of components to it. If you take on any one aspect, one dot of the sequence, then you have bought into the whole string.

The problem that I have, though, is that these strings are thrown at me. I think that if I open up one of them, I’ll find myself affected by that whole sequence and energetic flow, which means that it creates a type of karma that has to reflect, or be lived out, in the outer imagery of the dream.

So I’m finding that I’ve been turning away from all these options, these strings of events. In doing so, I’m preventing something from opening up. There is one exception that I make, however, and that is a string of events connected to a glass of water that is presented to me.

It seems innocuous enough. My initial feeling is that because the glass of water has been sitting around, it has to be stale. But the person who is trying to present it to me assures me it is not.

I take a drink and am surprised that the water is cool and refreshing. I realize that my reluctance to accept any of these strings of events has become a form of withdrawal. So now the image shifts into a portrayal of this withdrawal and I find myself sitting in a room in a tenement house.

The room I’m in is not much. The door is cracked open slightly and I can hear a lot of activity and noise from the hallway and other rooms. Everything seems to be going haywire around me, so I have blocked myself off from it.

Even though the door is open, I have created a barrier so that others know they shouldn’t come in. I have no intention of going out. My sense is that what is around me is kind of poisonous or harmful to my nature, or just something I need to stay away from.

I feel groggy, as if I am in some sort of stupor. I’m waking up late. Everything outside the room is in commotion. And in the toe of my shoe, crammed in there at the very tip, is something I’m refusing to look at. I’m convinced it’s poisonous.

I’m also convinced that it has something to do with the people who live in this building. I don’t want them to have any effect on me whatsoever. All this struggling is contributing to my being unable to come out of my trance. I’m groggy, tired, withdrawn, and out of touch with the rest of the place around me – it irritates me.

But something comes over me at some point and I reach in and take out this compressed object that is in the tip of my shoe. It looks lifeless, black, and dead. I stare at it and imagine that it resembles a decomposed mouse (that’s my active imagination). It’s looks more like a balled up piece of rag.

Just the thought of it makes me cringe a bit and I consider it kind of poisonous. I do not want to smell it; it could kill me or just be really unhealthy. So I flush this smelly and poisonous thing down the toilet.

So what is this dream showing me? Tomorrow we will open up its deeper meaning and follow the trace of subsequent dream images later in the night. In this way we can get a better sense of how our dreams prod us, nudge us, to come to a recognition about aspects of ourselves that we may not normally acknowledge in our waking life. In this way, dreams offer us the possibility of helping us evolve personally, saving us from having to learn things the hard way, i.e., in our waking lives.

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