Getting Fixed

We don’t often acknowledge the aspect of healing needed before something new can happen. Anything that is out of its natural state is a blockage of some kind, or a lack of flow. In the healing, that flow is restored, and, just like blood flow to a sleeping limb, the natural state begins to return. Letting go can be a part of that healing, or just an energetic state of connection and oneness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this is going to take some time to integrate, because in this meditation dream, from within, in other words from inside of myself, this starts out with having to go through an energetic alignment. And it’s a realignment; you go through an energetic realignment.

I was worn out and had to be reconnected. In other words, I was frustrated energetically. So you have to fix that by a type of healing. I had reached the point where I had the whole putting-together sensation. 

Now that’s just the start. In other words, the thing to recognize is where something is out of whack, and something is fixing, something is correcting. I’ve seen this happen before, In other words, I walked into a room once and I was out of whack and just the well of presence feeding back to me just fixed it. So that’s how this is: initially I’m being fixed in my meditation dream. 

And, as a consequence of getting fixed, I notice this to be delicate and slow to begin with; in other words, I’m noticing the motion. At first there was a connecting that had the feeling of a one-to-one correspondence being reestablished; in other words, reestablished in terms of just being able to deal with things. That’s almost like a sense orientation, you don’t have a lot of depth to it. This effect and that effect; in other words, just to be able to handle that rather than something being too much. 

And then a point was reached, where my consciousness just suddenly took off. In other words, once something got more or less situated and aligned it could blast off. And, as this occurred, my auric presence in the surrounding atmosphere, having been repressed and compressed, started to expand; if it took off, that automatically goes with it. 

So I saw myself coming together by way of being like a narrow box. In other words, not a regular square box, but a narrow, very narrow box that goes up in the air. And then, suddenly I’m told that the narrow box is a reflection of an overall essence within the 40% zone – as I found myself trying to relate to an energetic flow within, as if there is a condition in which I reach more towards a level of completeness or something. 

I no more than think that, and I’m getting a handle on that, when the inner letting go releases, it almost explodes like a Big Bang, as if it just takes on such a huge auric overallness that it’s like 40,000 times larger and still picking up speed, or scope. Maybe speed isn’t the right word, maybe it’s just scope. I went from being able to barely see one picture to a sensation that it all was picture upon picture within. 

And then I had to drop those pictures upon pictures within, which is like as I tried to pinpoint an energetic spaciousness and containment whereabouts, I experienced blasting through every receptacle that I, in my ignorance, would have settled for.

The imposed personal imaginative collapse led to a beyond graspability setting-asideness. Traveling within was like a Big Bang expansiveness of stupendous proportions. Any idea of there being a walled-in proportionality was gone as well.

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Expansion of Self

When we are young we go out into the world to make our way. Later in life we may place more importance on inner experiences. Things burst into life in spring, and go more quiet in the fall. We have the Big Bang, and we have stars being vacuumed up by black holes. There is an out-breath and in-breath process going on at all levels. In our journey we try to subjectively understand life and the universe, but, later on, we try to integrate ourselves into the energetics of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Because my sleep dream will probably correspond to yours, before I forget it, the sense that I had in my sleep dream was seeing things that I would have to try to take in, or get close to, in a kind of bringing into oneself kind of way. 

And because this is more of an inner trait it’s harder to remember dreams like this because it’s not like there is a type of affliction, or something, or out-breath conundrum. It’s more of a taking-in expansiveness, on an in-breath level, which is one’s way of permeating; it’s a way of working with kind of a pulling of something into oneself, as opposed to an energy that is constantly projecting out – like in an out-breath way. 

And, when it’s like that, it is a sensation of taking in and going into things. And it’s expansive. And it’s done almost as if it’s a ravenous need, in that, over and over again, like that state was such in which I was continually seeing this sort of thing going on so it was a little awkward or odd, I guess, to think that I would wake up and write it up as a dream because it had this different semblance to it.

And it’s something that, when it’s like that, because it’s kind of absorptive and soothing, even, to do something like that, maybe soothing isn’t the right word, you kind of go along with getting lost in all of that, just like a going into matter, or something, or getting lost in all that as an expansion of oneself. It’s another kind of grogginess, in a way. 

In other words, one’s inclined to kind of be swept in, pulled in, and so you’re inclined to sleep more. When the dreams were different, that had to do with out-breath stuff, it was like they quickened something that kind of had you at a point that was, well, even though they, too, were difficult, and could be also something hard to see and pull out, there was an animation, a vibratory animation, almost a kind of momentum, to the vibration of that. As opposed to this being something that involves a type of sweeping up and sweeping in.

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Igniting Connectivity

urlSo how do we shift from feeling separate from the whole to feeling at one with it, as an integrated aspect of its unfolding? First we must remember that it is natural to us, and that to do so is part of our design. In some inner way we already know how to connect, and trying harder isn’t the key. It points us to the idea that we let go of what we hold onto that is personal, and fall into the embrace of the universal. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then when I went to bed I had a dream that tries to explain this, it tries to use an example. I came up with an example in my sleep of something in the outer that carries with it the same trait, in other words, in this trait in this sense you’re able to see it in terms of an outward orientation.

I have cable TV and in the cable TV there is a feature called On Demand, and then the dream says that I pay $4.80 per month for this feature – but it just comes as part of the cable package. It’s almost like it’s something that’s there; I don’t think about it. They may charge me $4.80, but I didn’t even realize that, so it kind of gets lost in the package so to speak. You just kind of blank it out, or you don’t think about it, it’s just there.

Well, what this enables me to do is to download hundreds of movies on demand. Without that feature, this access that I rarely see myself using, because I don’t think about it, so I rarely see myself using it. However, it adds something in what may be an intangible way to the overall service or quality of life.

Another example is the amenities in a condo: they’re not within the condo unit itself, but they’re amenities like pool and library and stuff like that, that are shared and a benefit whenever the need is there for this, which leads to possibilities, increases one’s aliveness that otherwise would not be so. So then there’s that, and then comes this.

So I wake up to something where this woman has just answered the second question in like a Jeopardy contest or something, and she has this high glee in her voice so you’re almost convinced that the next question is going to be a cinch, and is going to be game over.

I forget what she had answered as the second question or the first question or something. I just knew that there was the second question is where I picked it up, and my attention didn’t come around until the final question in which the clue was rekindling-like and, of course, it’s not rekindling which is a verb, it’s rekindling-like which is a noun.

So that had me pondering. I wasn’t given the answer, so what do I think the answer is? And I know that the reply or response is going to be a thing that functions as a means which will lead to much more energy, or power, or heat or whatever. If you take paper it doesn’t carry much heat, but it ignites quickly and then it can then take and light real dried out small pieces of wood that fire off really quickly. And those little small pieces of wood are called kindling, and they then light a big log.

But then that log, if that log gets boiled down to the embers where all of the moisture is out, it doesn’t smoke or anything anymore because the dross is off of it, those embers carry a presence and a space in and of themselves that’s rekindling-like. Anything that touches that will catch fire.

So the context of the dream is I had just demonstrated – this is like a second dream but it all leads into the same – I had just demonstrated how to establish a potentiality which can be used to extend over an area so that what is there is able to be realized. After demonstrating the focus, and the manner, and the attention, and what needs to be, the person I am directing acquires leases that affect a land area as he seeks the realization. I comment to him, “That is the way it is done.”

And the meaning is, all of what is happening in this dream has to do with, and I am including it all as if it’s one dream, all of what is happening in this dream has to do with the expansion of consciousness out of sight of one’s limited personal self and into the larger self that ignites a connectivity, that ignites to, connects to, and becomes and is the greater whole.

But it’s interesting if you look at the process by which you came to that. We started off trying to understand that there’s something intangible in the background that you can’t put your finger on, that takes and has its way, or subtle effect, from somewhere else upon another state that is more tangible. But probably because it’s so much more tangible, it’s very, very hard to take and go from that tangibility to something that’s intangible, yet this intangible is what is real.

And then we realize that the condition that man is in, he takes this stuff for granted. He doesn’t really realize that this is the depth of what needs to be. And then the final recognition and realization about this, we find out that it is super, super important because it is the embers, it is the means by which whatever touches it gets ignited. It’s rekindling-like.

And so this whole process is the way that it’s done, and when you do this in this whole process like this you are taking your consciousness outside of yourself and extending it out into whatever it is that you look at,or peer at. Everything in the outer is the whole. You are in the whole. You’re not sitting there noodling around in some sort of deviated mannerism as if that’s what is important.

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