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imaw2gesIt’s helpful when we can purchase protection against unforeseeable events; we can rest easier knowing that our investment is secure. Well, in a spiritual journey, we can get the “extended warranty” as well, but it comes from our ability to flow with events and be aligned to what is unfolding energetically. That may seem abstract, but energy, like water, flows, and when we are separate from that flow we are not protected by it. And we know, from those brief moments when we experience the flow, everything feels good and goes well. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it feels like I spend a lot of time buying a car, but we hadn’t bought the extended warranty with it.

As a result of not buying the extended warranty, I felt like I had gone outside somewhere and they were bowling, on the ground. And the problem was, because I didn’t have the extended warranty, when I went to bowl the lane that had been carved out of the top of the ground, it was just kind of almost in dirt, would go down so far, and then it lifted up and it shifted over a little, and it went on down – but if you didn’t have the extended warranty, they didn’t let you go down the lane to deal with how it shifted.

And I couldn’t quite figure out how to bowl, because I wasn’t allowed to walk down any further, and I was trying to figure that out.

John: That’s a kind of dream that shows that there is a way of being… In other words, the dream is trying to portray a way of being. It’s trying to portray how something needs to shift, or unfold. And it’s also trying to acknowledge the pace, as well.

In other words, it’s got a number of variables to it. It’s how it’s to unfold, it’s at the pace that it’s to unfold, and it also portrays that there’s a shift at the same time, which is the theme of the dreaming.

But, the way you did it, you were provided an answer for how to be, in terms of accommodating that, and the symbolic answer was you do this through what is called the extended warranty. Now the extended warranty calls for a letting go, a settling back, and just letting something transpire, or you’re able to let what is to be go ahead and transpire. You don’t have to contend with anything. In terms of the way the symbolism, or the imagery, is, there’s a balance that’s more in keeping with the process.

So, there’s a whole lot to pull out in that dream, and you threw it all together in one dream. And, therefore, how in the dickens can you possibly understand something like that when it’s all crashed together in one dream? Did you dream anything else?

Jeane: Rather than another dream I had this image, and there was like this huge oak tree, I think it was an oak, anyway. It was a really huge tree. And then I was kind of bound about halfway up the tree, just will all these vines that wrapped around me and held me to the tree.

John: Yeah, it’s just an image to show that everything is, so to speak, predesigned, naturally grounded in other words. In other words, we can look at the outer and say that everything is all kaphlooey, but it’s all kaphlooey in relationship to a predesigned quality.

And we predesign it, but underneath all of our nature, erratic aspects of nature, is something that knows the stillness. In other words, it can fix. In other words, you can take a puzzle and mix it all up, and it could look like things are hopeless, in terms of putting it back together, but the fact that it can mix it up means that it can also put it back together. And, in that regard, something is predesigned.

And to approach something that is all askew, you have to approach it from a demeanor in which you don’t out race anything. You go at a proper composed pace. You realize that things can be shifted back, because you come from a place where everything is still, you can shift back to it. And in order to have the knowingness, you have to hold back a bit. That’s what the extended warranty does. It enables you to hold back a bit, otherwise it’s as if things can go to pieces or fall apart – and as a consequence you don’t have a type of composure, a steadiness, that you would have – and therefore, well, things just don’t bowl, or proceed, well.

See, the thing is, is describing your dream is hard because you’ve got too many things going on. You’ve got all of it thrown together, and it’s easier to catch the loudness of this, and the loudness of that, and the loudness of this over here, and the loudness of that, if it’s broken down. But that’s not the feminine nature, and I guess if the feminine nature just is in the midst of what is, and it’s the masculine nature that looks at the components, the idiosyncrasies, that make up the whole. And that when you’re in a condition that is just all thrown together like that, the only concrete thing that you seem to be getting told, other than the observation of it all, is that you’re rooted, you’re properly rooted, you’re properly grounded. In the midst of all of that, you’re properly grounded.

You may not know that and, if you start from that, as a positive recognition, you can then take and look at each of the aspects that is going on in the world that you are suddenly plopped into. You’ll find the means to be able to understand them, as opposed to it being just a general bewilderment, you know just a general overwhelm or something.

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