A Break-In

i009esWhat makes us vulnerable? One way to think about that is to consider it from an energetic perspective: we have an aura that surrounds us, our energy field, and when we are well rested it provides a strong barrier to illnesses and stresses. But, when we are tired or run down, our aura is not as energetically charged, so we become susceptible to colds and other illnesses, and are more likely to be affected by personal slights or emotional upheaval. This dream describes the issue from an internal perspective, where an imbalance, energetically, between the masculine and feminine aspects of the dreamer have made her vulnerable to a break-in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a bunch of dreams last night, but I only remember two of them. In one of them I’m in my hometown, and it’s dark, it’s night, and I’ve gone down to Main Street with my father to a department store that he used to have.

And the store’s all dark, but I go in the store. It feels like I leave my dad out in the street and I go in the store, and go to the back of the store, and there’s a corridor in the back of the store with a door that opens out onto the alley back there.

When I get back near that section of the store, I can hear like someone’s kind of broken into the backdoor and they’re coming into the store, so I’m not sure what to do. And then, the next thing I know, it feels like there’s these kind of ruffians that have taken over the store – and my dad doesn’t seem to be anywhere around.

But there’s another woman and myself that they’re holding captive in the store. And they’ve even set up almost like a little cabana stand, like you see down in the islands, that has drinks and coconuts and things hanging around, and they’re kind of eating and drinking. But it feels menacing to me, like I feel like they could hurt us, and they’re not going to let us go – but at least my father didn’t come in.

And I’m looking for ways that maybe I can escape, or get away, but right now they’re watching us too closely. And that was the first dream.

John: So the theme of the dreaming has to do with there being a magnetized energetic, whereby what is able to take place can be both whole and complete simultaneously. So, your father represents the wholeness, and you represent, in manifestation, an aspect of completeness.

So the father, which is the masculine, is taking you to show you the wholeness, but, for whatever reason, you don’t stay with him, or he isn’t able to stay with this aspect of feminine energy, and, therefore, something isn’t properly grounded. So that the place that the masculine energy touches doesn’t correspond to a coming together of a rising up energy, of the feminine, which they then are a cycle of creation conjunct, or succinct. And this is only possible if there is the magnetized breath, like the dhikr, which takes into account the wholeness and the fullness, the completeness.

So the image you had is that of leaving that masculine energy behind, not able to hold it, not able to take it in, not able to properly fully accept it, embrace it properly. So you left the masculine outside and went inside, and, when you do it that way, you don’t have the awakening that is needed as a result of the masculine effect. And so when you go inside without the awakening that’s needed with the masculine effect, then there is going to be an imbalance, a disorder, a discombobulation, a misalignment.

Thus, the place is subjected to all kinds of variables, and you, in a type of righteousness, a protectiveness, instead of a stillness, a protectiveness, are acting as if this is okay, in a way, because your father is okay, isn’t in the place.

Now to turn this dream around to where it would be complete, is where you would go into the place with your father and find it to be wondrous, and have something then, that would be more like the light that has come down to touch manifestation, has resulted in a result that rises up. It would be a cycle of time in manifestation, because what is out of joint here is the feminine energy and the masculine energy aren’t coming into cohesion. The light isn’t coming down completely and touching the light, so that the light rises up to touch light, meaning light upon light, isn’t a net result, or effect, that then results in a total letting go emptiness.

The feminine just has its experientiality, and knows when something feels right, and thus you have this dream where something doesn’t feel right, things are breaking in, the place is still being affected. You have that sensation where something isn’t quite right, and the succinctness of the masculine isn’t there.

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In the Blood

MatthewWhen we think about human purpose, we need to include all that has gone on before us in human history because we are part of a continuum, we are part a line of progress and development. So our genetic is carried forward for us to develop and evolve further, each generation adding to the progression. So we can’t abandon that aspect of our past, each of us has a role to play in the furthering of the line we have been born into. Not in the sense of family lines, but in the sense of overall human evolution. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, it’s like I’ve been living further away and I come in state to visit with my father and my sister; and I seem to have a second sister. I have two or three sisters, but two I’m sure of. And I’m going to be going with them to a concert performance.

And the concert performance is being performed by people that maybe made a movie together, or something like that, that we’ve seen, and now we’re going to see the movie as well as the concert.

But, on the way there, I stop in the mountains at a condo that it seems like I now have. It almost feels like something I inherited, or was given to me, but I haven’t spent much time at it. And because we’re going to the concert we just make a brief stop. And when I stop there I see that I had been there and I had left like a duffel bag, or something, outside, under a little covered porch next to a shed.

And then there’s the condo itself, and there were maybe some things that were kind of precious that I had left exposed so I put those in the duffel bag so that they’re more covered up. I may even take the duffel bag with me.

Then I’m going with my dad and my sisters to this concert. So I get to the concert and it’s really full, and there’s several different levels and tiers of people. And as Dad and I walk in, and we start walking down, I recognize some people that are in some performing areas. It’s almost like they’ve broken it up into different areas, and different people are in front of different areas.

But then, as I look around, I can’t see where my sisters went – and neither can Dad. So I spend a little bit of time searching for them, but it’s so crowded, and there’s so many people, and there might even be somebody from the movie or singing crew that recognized me, but I’ll look back and I can just see all these crowds of people and I can’t see where my sisters are.

So I have Dad sit down somewhere and I go looking, and I go down a tier and look there, and it feels like somebody recognizes me from the movie but they haven’t seen my sisters. I go over to the left and down and look there and, at one point, I even go out of the building. I find myself kind of climbing up, in an area that’s kind of scary for me because I don’t like heights, and I climb up in this old tree that seems to go right through a cloud. There’s a guy there that was a performer and he seems to know me, but, no, my sisters aren’t up there, so I crawl back down.

By now I’m a little worried about leaving Dad for so long, so I go back. I still don’t see my sisters so I just locate Dad, and then I seem to run into one of the other sisters – because I had several of them. And they told me that they had gone back and they had been staying at the cabin, and one of them is complaining that I had neglected it a bit. It had some repair work it needed.

And I realize we’re running out of time and I need to get Dad home, so I’m going to have even less time to spend at the cabin; but I feel like they’ll know where my other sister is so that I can get Dad home. And I’m not even sure how to get back to the cabin, actually, because I’ve gone there so infrequently, and I’m running out of time to stop there now if I want to get Dad back. That was the dream.

John: It’s a very chaotic dream, and it’s a strange way to approach an unusual subject matter. And, if you ponder the subject matter, it’s something that you’re going to be indulging in forever, but you’re not meant to indulge in it forever because you’re always going to be yo-yoing back and forth.

So your sisters represent to you the bloodline of things. In other words, your sisters are like a past and, within the makeup of some sort of body generational chemistry, there is something that’s compelling, that dictates in some sort of yonder and hilt way. It’s like a bloodline. It’s like a bloodline thing.

And your father represents the stillness. And the movie that you’ve gone into represents kind of like the life, or the line, of things, where you take and have the inner and the outer come together and there’s the movie. It’s that line in between the two as they interact.

And the concert represents the flow, and the flow is like a kind of natural water flow. So you have all of that going on, and what you need to try to grasp, or catch up with, or understand out of that is that the one thing that seemed important, that was intended to pull things together, was the concert. That was the flow.

The movie was on the line of things between inner and outer. The concert, however, represented the element of a water flow. The bloodline dynamics of your sisters represented a fire, a fire element. Your father epitomized the stillness, the journey home. The movie is the substance that is inclined to exist between the inner and the outer, that goes back and forth. It’s the line. It’s where you think all of everything is happening. It’s where people come to recognize that the quality of soldier between two worlds concept comes up – and so you have the movie.

So you have all of this laid out, and what is it that you’re supposed to understand out of this? Well, deep down you know that there is a flow that is more interesting than the movie. You’re interested in the concert. However, the flow, the concert, you’re too tight in this concert set. It needs to spread more. In other words, the confusion that exists in this dream is that you can’t get beyond the bloodlines; the indulgence of the fire.

In other words, the only element that is meant to be in balance here, that I can see that you are meant to be able to have some sense of catching up with, in terms of balance, is the flow, a water type flow, which is represented by the concert, the music. You’re not quite able to do that in the dream, but that’s the one that’s the closest.

What you’re kind of describing is something that’s impossible to portray, or understand, from the physical body way of looking at things – because this is outside of generations. When you’re talking about something in blood, you’re talking about something that’s in the body, that’s in the physical, and you’re talking about something that goes back.

In other words, what you have to look at is the chemistry of something that is in a stillness or in a nothingness. You have to start there, of which your father kind of represents some sort of pull towards that wholeness. And that wholeness state is a state in which the in-breath and the out-breath are at that interval of a kind of nothingness.

And that your sisters represent the action that is in the blood, and that action, that you’re looking for, you look for it first in a coming down way and then in a going up way, both in the higher in the in-breath before you could take your dad home, and you look at it in terms of the out-breath in terms of trying to come into the flow.

This is an imbedded quality and characteristic that acts as an inflection and vibration that affects you over generations. It’s an in blood characteristic. In Sufi thinking, transmissions are often carried by bloodlines, or Tariqas, you know where you follow a teacher from this to that, to this to that, which are like bloodlines, too, a way of saying it.

There’s a limitation in that that has to be overcome, in that, although the bloodline makes something more tangible as an aspect of motion and time, to understand this you have to pinpoint this on the breath. The state of nothingness, or emptiness and total stillness, is where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. The point where the bloodlines is at is in the inflective bloodlines, which is the dynamic, which is the latent dynamic. You can even say that this is a dynamic that comes from the archetypes of your nature, of your beingness, because they go back generations in terms of their imprint upon how it is that you’re having to unfold. I mean this is very, very subtle stuff.

In other words, this is not lifetime by lifetime consciousness. This is working with generations of it all, looking at the generational effect upon one’s self. And so you’re looking at an aliveness, a quickened aliveness, in which the inflective aliveness sits at the top of the in-breath, before it goes into the in-breath turns to the out-breath.

You’re also looking at the aliveness that is coming out of the in-breath and the out-breath that is then coming down. That’s where this is at on the breath, and those points of aliveness are your sisters. That’s in-the-blood quality. The movie, and unfortunately you’re blending the concert into being a little like the movie, because it’s so packed and, therefore, you’re not catching up with the flow. That happens away from the line of things, away from the zone.

What zone? The zone where the out-breath turns to the in-breath. So, the soldier of two worlds is this idea of being able to handle where the out-breath turns to the in-breath, but the problem with that is that that is a weakened state. That is a place in which you’re the furthest away from the stillness, and therefore you don’t have a good connection to your bloodlines. You’re kind of in more of a delirium, your heart hurts in that state, some could call it a sweet longing, and you’re not really opened up to much, and you’re subject to stigmatizations because you don’t have any sense in either direction. You haven’t caught up with, we’ll say, because it actually is like a type of step to catch up with the bloodlines of something that inflects.

It’s actually a step to be able to quit trying to deal in the merchant way, the buying and selling way, that is the point where the out-breath turns to the in-breath, because as an aspect of out-breath it still is the ego trying to do something. And as an aspect of in-breath there is the turning to move away from all of that.

So your dream is looking at this thing in this huge, overall way, and the parts that would be nice for it to be clearer would be the understanding of the concert from the movie – because that’s where the water flow is at.

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Natural Closure

a-rippleWe often speak of being in the flow, and of connecting with the flow. And it may seem that there really isn’t a price to pay for our disconnection, but there is. To be in the flow is to be with the natural energetic support of life – wherever that may lead us. But when we put our own emotions and intentions as a priority, we cause ripples in our life, and they can affect the lives of those around us. It may seem subtle, but imagine the worst game of “telephone,” where the message is mistranslated at every stage of the game. What we end up with is completely unintelligible and of no use to us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, it’s like a young woman comes from, it almost feels like, inside an area into a vast area that might be inside or outside, I couldn’t tell, and she’s looking for her father. It feels like you can pass through and then go out the other side, like you can go from left to right.

And her father’s supposed to meet her there, but she just can’t find him. And then she looks again, and finally he comes out of an area, but he’s all preoccupied with trying to fit something in his ears or something. It’s like the little pill box headset or something. You know, she’s upset because he was supposed to have been meeting her, or looking out for her, and she felt like he was lost.

But the thing is, for some reason it’s all I really remember from last night, but for some reason the whole dream was jolting to me, or upsetting to me, in some way, so I just couldn’t quite settle into remembering anything else.

John: The scenario for the dream is the concern that you have that has to do with your dad not getting well, in that there is this sense that something is off about him.

Now the way you did this in your dream is you equate, on a symbolic level, the father aspect to be a greater overallness. And in that greater overallness you have assigned it as having a responsibility in terms of a well being. And so you have a sadness that arises, or a quality of concern that arises, if when you look at this overall well being and you’re not able to find a wellness, or quality of overall looking after. Or in other words a quality that you can say is a kind of general protection as being ever present.

In other words, somehow in that modality in which everything needs to go on, and on, and on in which there is a sense, at a deep, deep level inside of yourself, that there is no such thing as death, there is suddenly a quality of a going away; that you don’t want it to be like that because deep down you know that for somehow this is not meant to make any sense.

So what is happening is a personal ego quality is looking at this one way, and a deep inner honoring, connective, wholeness, which goes beyond the little self, is looking at it in another way. However, where the pain comes in, where the awkwardness comes in, is where the little self is still factored into the equation and, therefore, is not able to see, and fully connect, and appreciate the big picture.

So what is involved so that the little self can appreciate the big picture? Well, the world is designed so that the father of things… the true connection to the father of things, in the greater overall, comes from a deeper meaningful rootedness that brings the overallness, the macrocosm into the microcosm, or the manifestation of things, and does so in a way that doesn’t leave traces, or a shadow. To the degree that traces or a shadow are denoted, that degree is a kind of ego quality in which there is a pain of separation.

So you’re continuing in the theme that has to do with looking at the role of inner and outer, and how there is this importance of something in the great overallness of things. Only the difference is that you’re looking at your hole card, so to speak, that’s in manifestation, when yesterday you didn’t want to take that into as full a consideration as you are now, which means that this dream has a quality, that even though it’s hard to say that you get it, it has a quality of a letting go that’s in place, a releasing that is there.

And your dad, when he talks to me, follows a deep inner principle of never letting them see you sweat; in other words, keep the chin up. But with you, because of a bloodline closeness and such that is an avenue to, a means for, and reflective aspect of, the greater overallness of yourself the usual veils that exist, because the separation stranger quality in life has more fully fallen away, so as a consequence you are confronted with collateral damage reverberations as things unfold.

Now what is the unfolding? From the personal ego standpoint, the unfolding is uncalled for, or is something that you don’t like, but from the higher-self understanding it is a part of an aspect of the wholeness of a process. And so what needs to happen is kind of a quality of pulling the two together so that there is nothing that creates a reflective reverberation which holds back an unfoldment.

Where you see such an unfoldment being held back, or a process from more naturally occurring, is in a place where a person’s in a hospital, and the relatives are there, confusing the soul of that being. They’re trying to be one again with the world soul of it all. Confusing that soul by saying please don’t go and going through the grief and whatnot that creates, for that soul to the degree to which it has its ego involvement that malingers, creates a confusion so that something doesn’t as naturally unfold. So that there is an unmitigated kind of pain that doesn’t need to be there when something is meant to take a big shift into a whole other level of beingness.

The importance of a dream like this, in terms of a future consciousness, In other words, to the degree to which they affect a situation as if they have some sort of choice, in regards to the timing, is the degree to which they establish a barrier in which something doesn’t properly close.

The reason why it is necessary for something to find a more natural closure, or honorability, or respect, or however you want to call it, is because there is no such thing as the kind of death that the little self is concerned about. When the little self acknowledges, and properly recognizes, that then what happens is a connection; everything always remains.

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