The Assignment

fishesYesterday we saw Jeane trying to connect with a man she was attracted to (see Out of Its Skin). In the next dream from the same night, she is still trying to connect with a man, i.e., the masculine aspect in her, but some investigative work is required. As we delve into our inner depths, the balance of masculine and feminine becomes more and more important. The relationship between genders in our dreams can show us where we are in that process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The next two little episodes seem to take place in the same area, which feels a bit like a campus setting, although it’s more outdoors in that setting.

And in one part of it, I’m kind of observing as a woman and her husband meet. And he’s a little miffed because she has wanted them to move and move to the same place, but somehow she’s gotten them both signed up with the FBI, and the FBI is assigning them to different cities.

And she feels like it’ll just be temporary until they can get together, but he’s kind of miffed with the whole arrangement.

John: Again it’s a dream about awakening. And the idea of an FBI is an FBI takes and looks at something that is hidden.

The conflict that you’re waging inside is that the feminine part of yourself wants to take and probe, or go into, something hidden. In other words, you’re signing yourself up for that kind of an assignment.

The masculine part of yourself doesn’t want to get scattered about. In other words, it’s an aspect that wants to work things out in a contained, localized manner. And so, it’s an interesting image that has a lot of different nuances to it.

There’s the part of it that is accepting kind of the assignment, but wants to, in accepting the assignment, recognizes and realizes the limitations that exist in terms of something could open up and cause one to be spread out, or have their attention go into areas that they have no comfortable and familiar control over.

So you want something to open up and you’re taking steps, signing up for that to happen, but then having to contend with the fact that you end up with an awareness that causes your identity to be located in ways that you hadn’t anticipated, or taken into account.

And you’re not sure what you think about that, on one level. And on another level, that seems to be what it’s all about when you take this sort of step. It kind of comes with the territory. In other words, you can’t go and look at something hidden. It needs to be investigated, and unraveled, and untwined, FBI-like. You can’t do that without subjecting yourself to going places, or having a greater dimension of yourself to have to take into account.

I guess another way of looking at this would be to pretend that the dream didn’t happen and that you’re just describing the existing scenario without something like this. In that case, you’d be totally comfortable within the environment that you’re in—staying asleep and not waking anything up—maintaining a copacetic mannerism about the environment that you’re in, and not aware of anything like this as a mannerism, or beckoning, that can be awakened.

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