Duy Huynh

When something unexpected comes at us, our natural reaction is often to flinch. But what if that something is wonderful, and an enhancement, and a deeper energetic connection? We’ll likely still flinch, but part of our surrender to the universe is to trust that everything will be okay. So we may feel unprotected and vulnerable, but, in spiritual terms, that means we are still trying to control our lives, rather that give in to a greater flow. Logically, either the universe is in charge, or we are; it can’t be both. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, I dream that something more is possible, and to accompany the shift I note the following. So the way I tend to see myself in the outer is, it’s like I’m parked along the edge of a road and I’m in kind of an amnesic state.

You know, I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t know quite where I’m at. I’m just along the edge of a road. And I’m sleeping in the back of the car, and the windows are all up, and I’m unaware of anything. I’ve blanked everything out.

As I’m laying down in the backseat I can see there’s an embankment next to where I parked, that’s at the edge of this road. It goes into an embankment. By embankment I mean something goes up a hill, so embankment is the right word, it’s up, it’s elevated. And there’s a person who’s coming along there, the top there, to check me out.

Well, my impression was I’m in the middle of nowhere, so I’m initially alarmed, thinking I’m about to be assaulted, or something, by the way this person is moving – as if I’m suddenly noticing, and pondering, that I’m vulnerable. I’m not protected.

So, in the image, as I see this person coming, and the way that they’re coming; I don’t see the face or anything, but you can kind of see that they got bulging muscles. In other words, it’s coming with a lot of verve. And before I can move from the backseat to reach up to lock the front door of the car, the person is there.

And, to my surprise, it’s Archie, and I get out and greet him. I mean, he’s there, he opens the door, I get out and greet him. And there’s an inference about helping the situation. I mean there is something in the mode about that. In other words, there’s something about how I am that’s too pent up or something. And what I find out, when I get back into the car, is he left the window down a bit, so it is more open and not as stuffy inside. In other words, that’s how he recognized there was something that needed to happen in order for it not to be so contangled and in isolation.

And, in another image, there is a kiss that is different. In this kiss only a flow of connectiveness is quickened. There isn’t the sensation of a touching of the lips. I’m blown away that this is possible. I hadn’t noticed that before, that you can do that.

And so the meaning is, I am realizing, from the way the environment around me is, that I am able to take in changes in a way that catalyzes a deeper, inner realization. This is what the outer is meant to do, but because our lower-self nature sorts this out bizarrely we remain disconnected and take the changes into a tangential reality, reactive and whatever.

Instead, the challenge is to take everything that happens and find the catalytic thread behind it. Everything has a purpose. Nothing is by accident. Fate is not just fate. It all points to a greater intertwining in terms of a greater whole.

So to react is to shut down a potentiality. That’s the first thing, to shut down a potentiality. And second, to hold onto a conceptualization is to let a barrier affect a natural flow. That sentence is like the kiss. The other is the motion outside coming. To react is to shut down a potentiality, and then to hold onto a conceptualization of how something is, is to let a barrier affect a natural flow.

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