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James Newell

We so often guide our decisions and actions according to outside, or external, pressures and events. But there is a way for us to remain natural within all of those situations, and it comes from operating in an inside-to-outside manner. It’s not a state we can switch on in a day, but we can begin to listen to the inner signals and, as we do, we will become more at ease in following our natural instincts. It is a type of consciousness, and it can become our ongoing process with some repetitive effort. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dream is harder for me to remember, but it seems to take place in a really kind of elegant older apartment that has that dark wood and everything in a number of rooms. And it feels like I’m entertaining and Joseph and Karen are there as well as some other people that are familiar to me, whether they’re family, or friends.

This dream is harder for me to remember, but I have the impression at some point that Joseph and Karen or some of the people that they’re with are going to move on to another place, because it feels like I don’t want to really entertain at a level they do, or something like that.

Instead I’ve gone into another room and I’m making my sister some tea, so I’m trying to look for the teapot and everything, and I come out and it feels like Karen and Joseph and the others are ready to move on. And I realize I’ll probably stay there and serve tea to my sister. I know there are more nuances to that dream, but I just can’t quite remember them.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with holding a natural balance that is core and innate to who you are, in the face of an ever-changing outer environment.

And so you have a way of being that you know, that feels right to you, that can bring about a melding together and a connection – but you have to stay in what is natural to how it is that you are. In other words, the serving of the tea and all of that is part of a process of familiarity and takes away the seriousness of an environment in which things hold you back, or have you struggling, or trying to find your place.

A tea type setting is a casualness in which you are able to find your own ease in terms of what is. In other words, everything is meant to be connective, and so your situation of working with your sister and serving tea and coming together in that capacity is a bonding. But what is going on with Joseph has to do with an aspect in which there is qualities and characteristics that reach outside of your naturalness.

Now there’s an importance to that, but not necessarily for you, or not necessarily at that point in time. There may come a time when all of that can be swept in, and taken in, and be part of an unfoldment. But when you place yourself into a setting, or even try to entertain, or be fascinatively connective in that regard, before you’re accepted, or before you have found the naturalness in something like that, you tear yourself down. You tear away your focus, you tear away your key energy, and you will even lose the naturalness that you had, that worked with regards to your sister, and that part that worked very fluidly and commodiously. You throw yourself off on an edge as a consequence of that.

So what triggers a dream like that? What triggers a dream like this, of course it was the theme of last night, what one could say triggers this in terms of your process is you’re constantly confronted with having to make a decision in relationship to whether or not you want to do this, that, or the other or not, like just going over and having a buffet or something. You weigh that in terms of how that relates to a perception in which you see yourself.

And what gets you in trouble is the projection that occurs in relationship to an inner sense versus an outer image, and you have to be careful how you do that. In other words, the key is to figure out how to find the natural. Now the feminine finds the natural by knowing how to be a container space, but doesn’t find the natural when it tries to define the container space. In other words, it can feel it, it can uphold it, and it can see it, but if it takes and looks at itself and then tries to say what the container space is, that’s when it’s apt to take the container energy into a projection. And that’s when it can tear itself down.

How do you do that? It’s a very fine line. You’re having to figure this one out. You’re weighing this. You’re looking at this in your dream. In other words, the general schematic of our dreaming has to do with being in a cadence of inner and outer normality, and we’re intended to be able to be in any space that there is. But because we’re not looking at this anymore from the standpoint of psychological, we’re looking at it from the standpoint of the whole, and from the perspective of the whole what creates the dilemma, more than anything else, is deep, deep, deep within you have a relatability, a connectivity, and a belongingness to every space that there is. But the question is, are you there in a complete sense yet?

The inflections are one thing, the actual residing is another, and so what happens is you can have these inflections, and then you can take and have the outer, and in the outer is like a projection. And unless the inflection is clearly developed, in other words, if it’s just a spark and then falls away, you can easily act on the spark, almost out of a state of ignorance, because the spark is not consistent and then demoralize yourself, fall back and get really, really hurt, really, really wounded.

Thus, in your image, if you catered to Joseph and his wife in a setting and in a scenario in which there are things going on that you aren’t meant yet to catch up with and deal, but you could innately do that because you do have that depth inside of you, but not necessarily fully flushed out yet.

So if you take and you grab a flicker spark that quickly veils, and lurch out there, that can be dangerous. And that can get you in trouble to where you tear yourself down and demoralize yourself because you’re reaching beyond your station.

Yet if you go to tea and you work with your sister and whatnot, everything that unfolds there is very, very extremely expansive and takes into account all kinds of things that are important in the spatiality of that, and even expands you energetically into a point that brings you even closer to relating with Karen and Joseph. However, if you substitute or try to do the Karen and Joseph until you do what is natural inside of yourself, if you get the order wrong, you tear yourself down.

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mandala-09In this dream imagery, Jeane is observing containers on a ship, as a reference to the separate way we tend to view the universe around us. In the process of development, through letting go of the barriers of personal ego, we begin to see and feel our connection to all things. In other words, we are working toward a state where we only see the connections of things, not the separation between them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my first dream, it feels like there have been container ships that have been loaded and then transported something, somewhere, and then when they get to this new place they have to be unloaded. But on the ships there are certain people who almost kind of blend in to the containers, and you feel like certain of those people, one or two of them, get left behind with the containers. 

It’s almost like when the containers leave, or they’re shifted, those people are going to slide off somewhere, or they have to stay with the container, just one or two. And it feels like I’m kind of going back and observing that, and studying something about it, wondering if that can change.

John: You’re talking of a particular kind of use of energy, because the feminine takes on the whole of creation it serves its purpose as a receptacle of the overall, in which that overallness is embodied in a kind of subjective way.

In other words, you come to see this about yourself as this stuff flickers, or as objective or masculine energy touches the equation of things. You come to recognize that your mannerism is not that. Your mannerism is this subjective state that goes, and seems to have to be, from place to place wherever you find yourself, and can be a little different from one ship to the next.

And what you’re seeing, and what you’re looking at is, instead of being a container that takes in the overallness of everything that exists, you’re like a kind of container that takes on the particularities of a stage of the process. 

In other words, you are like, and you see yourself as, a motion in that regard, like a container ship, and that as you see yourself opening up, or unfolding, in a way of taking in what needs to be taken in, that you have to hold onto that.

In other words, it’s as if there’s a type of confusion that exists in which deep down there are many, many things going on yet, but the things that are going on are in a container-quality way, of which you have a way of embodying in this mode, and embodying in that place, and in this motion.

And the problem with that image is that it’s accurate to the point to which you are consciously developed, but inaccurate in terms of the Whole, because you are actually as big as the universe – your container takes in everything that is as big as the universe.

And so the seed thought for last night, there were two seed thoughts for last night, that you could say applied to your situation and to mine, you doing it in a feminine way and me doing it in a masculine way. And the first seed thought, and the shallower of the seed thoughts, is to follow the thread wherever it might lead.

Well, for the masculine that has to do with going through experiences and process that it can’t indulge in and has to keep moving in terms of experiencing, and on and on and on it goes.

But for the feminine, it involves finding the fact that it is a receptacle that has a means of recognizing and realizing, inside of its nature and self, that which is hidden and dormant, that is latent, that is natural, and part of the feminine embodiment in creation, to something beyond the beyond, that is in this microcosmic state as well, but also reflective of everything beyond the beyond.

And to begin with, you realize you have limitations because you’re not able to perceive, in a container-quality way, through all of the levels that there are. In other words, you aren’t opened up to taking into account all of the states that there are. And so you are tending to see this container-quality energy that you carry as factored in some way.

It reminds me of something I experienced in my 20s, in which I could go into a type of a focus that could be influenced by the environment. And if I applied myself, I could see what was going on at that point in time, in its minute variabilities and characteristics, in terms of each person that was in that environment.

And I realized that the surmises that I made at that time were accurate, but only accurate in relationship to that state, and that if you change the state then they could be inaccurate, or that there would have to be something more that would have to be included.

And so my perception was always based upon the way the present was, and not in the way that something could change, or evolve, or be different. In other words, I could be true in that moment, but untrue in another moment. And in that regard, it was like a type of container energy, but with the masculine way of probing and unveiling. And all that I would unveil would be within a particular set schematic, or overallness, of which my access to the overallness was limited based upon the condition and state that I was in, and the environment at that point in time was in.

And so, both what you’re doing and what I’m doing reminds me of this, and the limitation that this has is the deeper seed thought that was also part of what was going on last night, which is that there’s nothing but nothingness.

Which means as long as one perceives themselves as having to be, and open up, and therefore resonate with, and take a responsibility in terms of, and shift and adjust accordingly, as a vessel of containment, as a ship that goes about from port to port, a little disjuncted from one container ship to the next kind of thing, based upon the variabilities of how things change and are.

As long as one is doing that then one has a type of obsession in this regard as well that keeps you from hitting a letting go in which there’s nothing but nothingness. Or, from being able to relax into the fact that the end is present at the beginning.

What you’re doing is you’re just acknowledging what is opening up as a type of presence awareness, container-wise, as if each epiphany of awareness, in your overallness, is distinguishable from the next.

It’s like that, and it feels like that, and it continues like that for a long, long time, because when you’re only experiencing or relating to life in a certain quality way, as if you are accessing it only through certain levels, with each level being a different container ship, but ultimately in the Wholeness of nothing but nothingness, it is all one big container of everything in the universe, and then you sit in this state of emptiness.

But on the path towards that, you seem to have what is like a kind of compelled nature that has to contend with this demeanor. The reason one would have a dream like this is so that you could sense and see that this is what you’re doing. This is what it looks like on an inner level, where you can actually come to grips with what that denotes, in terms of effects, in terms of the way your attention is drawn and your impressions are formulated, so that you can see that this approach gets in the way of the nothing but nothingness.

It doesn’t mean to get in its way, but there is a certain obsessiveness in being able to be a receptive container in a greater and greater way, in terms of this and in terms of that and holding onto it.

And if it were true and always like this, as a state from state to state, meaning container for each state that there could possibly be, then there would never be the great overall station of nothingness, in which you are everything. And in order to reach that, in order to experience that, at some point involves having to let go of all of the differentiated states in which you have a role of container energy, because you can actually take and have a kind of accountability that way on all the various levels that you become familiar with.

But ultimately because we have lived in a life, a universe, in which the levels seem to be distinct from each other, but the levels are coming together, and so ultimately in order for there to be a true nothingness, all of the levels must intertwine, intermesh as one. So that the container quality energy that you’re emanating as a manner of your being, that you have to be and have to embrace completely, does that in such a way so that there is this emptiness and nothingness.

Otherwise, there is always going to be a type of motion. When you have container energy and the container energy fits a scenario here, and a container energy fits something there, and something there, and something there, and something there and you see yourself subjective in that regard in each of these various states. That’s a type of insatiable motion. It still is not the stillness upon which it all blends and flows together.

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eclipse-Dreams of being on another planet, with other species of aliens? What can this mean? Well, it often points to a need to integrate something new into one’s life. The aliens represent the new or different energy, and the struggle is to see how to incorporate this new energy. It is the feminine quality that makes this possible, by creating a containment for what is new to be integrated into the Whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My series of dreams take place on another planet. It actually feels like a pretty well integrated series, because first I’m kind of male on another planet and I’m in a jungle kind of learning how to interact in some competitive games with other guys who are there.

So it’s almost like we’re trying to see, if you come together in a circle in the jungle, and you’re kind of competing at certain games, how we can compete with each other in a way where you don’t have unfair advantages, where you can actually kind of compete and play these games, and when do you have an advantage or disadvantage, or what?  

So I’m trying to figure that out initially. Then I kind of take that concept one step removed, and on this same planet there are people that visit from another planet, and they’re always isolated from anyone other than their own species, even though they’re all humanoid. 

And so I expand that with the way that you can kind of let two species mix a little bit in some games, or in some interactions, so that one doesn’t overwhelm the other and you can just bring in a few people in a certain setting and see how that works initially because some of these people are built differently physically, or they’re more heavier set. 

They’re a different race, so you want to see how that works. And initially you do it in a very controlled way, and then you see if you can push that and do it in a little less controlled way because that’s people’s nature that they have some of this mixing and they want a little bit more.

And so that seems to be what the whole series of dreams is about, about how to kind of allow these different races to mix and in a way where one doesn’t overwhelm the other, and yet where you can continue to find different combinations that allow for an interaction.

John: This is continuing the same sort of thing energetically, as far as the way something is effectuated or permeated into life, as occurred yesterday in which you had to take into account the contracts of everything. And now to that same schematic correlated, is a dream in which you are looking at how things are integrated in terms of the Whole.

First you start off with the raw energy in which everything is just quite ordinary in the outer and basic, in which there’s nothing at all sophisticated in that image because it’s like a scene that is set back in the jungle days of things, or in the horse and buggy aspect of development, or in just, if you’d like, more of a lower-self nature of it all.

And are you able to take and accommodate that, so that a kind of equanimity is able to exist? This is very much the situation and the big question that’s always raised and that’s why you have various parties going at it, like the Democrats and Republicans or whatever, trying to determine what is best for society so that things aren’t out of hand, because otherwise there’s apt to be unfair competition, or someone is going to have to suffer for the benefit of someone else to step ahead.

On the lower-self level you’re looking at how you’re able to take and accommodate, using a word from yesterday, all the contracts that exist out there in terms of energetic uses of energy that have a different motif, different intents, different mannerisms, a lot of them more personal than others, just at various stages in other words.

How is all of that accommodated in terms of working with the outer conditions of life? In the second half of the dream, it’s like now how is it possible to introduce new energy into the equation? In other words to shift it, to speed it up, but you speed it up in terms of a vibrational Whole. In other words, you usher in something that you can link or connect to inside yourself -like aliens from another planet or whatever vibration.

And how do you bring the inner into the outer?

Jeane: A little bit at first and then more as you see different possibilities.

John: Yeah, which is all again a responsibility and a role of the feminine, being the container energy, and having domain over creation to see something like this through. The feminine use of energy carries the responsibility of permeating the vibration over the Whole.

The teacher’s way of saying it is creating a ring of light around the planet, so that through that can be a light from beyond that can come through. In other words, without that, then only a certain kind of burden and weight and malaise is inclined to exist, and in order to bring inner into outer you have to kind of set the stage for this more to happen. And the stage is set with a quality of the heart.

The heart has to get to a point where it is able to provide an access or a means to the inner that it can experience, to come into the outer, or in other words, to be able to integrate the aliens. Of course you’re looking at all of this outer means upon which that can happen, how they can be introduced into the outer society.

So your dream had two octaves. The first octave was the lower self of it all, and the second was the higher self of it all. And you might say that it all backs up to a central understanding that this is the feminine’s responsibility over the Whole.

The masculine brings forth the spark, the energy that can try to set in motion something so that the sweeping over of the feminine, as an energy holding a space and a place in the outer, this being the feminine’s nature and way, so that that can happen.

The masculine has to bring something through. It’s the protector. It’s the guardian of very specifically used energies. But without the permission, or without the overall quality there, being sustained in some capacity, to be able to accommodate, the change will fall flat. In other words, it has no permission or right to do that without this overall quality being there for it to be okay

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