Able to Give

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Jessica Dunegan

It’s easy to wonder what a human could possibly do that could be helpful for the universe. How could one person be of use to the enormity of things? Well, in exactly the way that is described in this dream: by making a connection between things. Humans are unique in their ability to make connections between disparate things, and that’s an inspired act that can’t be programmed into the robotic unfolding of organic life. Of course, the key idea is that such connections support universal purpose, rather than just make a good sandwich. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remembered one dream. It felt like my dreams were jumbled up last night. But in the dream I had, I went over to the house. It was a really nice house, almost like a little mansion, and there was a woman in bed like she was sick or something that I was visiting.

When I got over there I realized what would help this woman had to do with getting her an iPad, and I’m almost like visiting her going around whoever her normal caretaker is, so I leave there and I leave there with two other young women that, or three of them, that I seem to be traveling with.

And I realize I have to find an iPad store, and two of the women leave and go into a little restaurant. But the third one goes on to where the store is, which seems to be on Miller Street. I have an idea of the street that the store’s on and what needs to be done, and that woman’s going to need me to help her figure out the iPad, so I can’t really take the time to stop at the restaurant for a drink or whatever with the other two.

And I have to find my way to Miller Street because it feels like the woman that wants me to help her with it has already gotten there and I don’t know where it is exactly. So this man gives me a ride up a real steep hill in like a Jeep or something, but the Jeep will only go to the top of the hill and then I have to walk over, then even cross over, at the little railroad tracks, and then I’ll have to go down somewhere steep.

I’m walking now and find the store on Miller Street. And it feels like I have a little tension because I wish the women hadn’t stopped at the restaurant so that we were all at the store together, and the delay that happened when I stopped to tell them that I was going on to the other store, I’m wondering if that delay will cause the woman that was in the store to not wait for me. So all of it feels a little tense at times, but I’m pretty sure I can find the store.

John: So you’re trying to establish a connection. In other words, you’re trying to find an iPad for this one woman. And the others that you’re with only create confusion in terms of doing that.

So it’s kind of an interesting dream from the standpoint that it’s a little bit opposite the way it would work from the masculine side of things. But from the feminine side of things, it involves opening up and finding out how to utilize, or how something is given.

In other words, how there is a linkage or a connection that’s made, that increases the overallness of something, and that you’re part of establishing or making this connection possible so that it happens. All you have to do to do that is to connect up with the whereabouts of things, and as soon as you do that then you can facilitate something that is needed so that it happens, and you can open and enable that to be understood in terms of how it works.

That’s a dream that shows the quality of the feminine being something which gives something into life, that when the feminine is just trying to find something for herself and whatnot there is something missing in life, but when she’s able to give something into life, then she is… that aspect of flow of energy, that’s what’s important. The masculine is having to find and pull together that way, and the feminine is having to give to make something complete by giving. So, it’s an interesting dream that’s showing a cohesion coming into place.

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A Mannerism of Doubt

2079435_deeper-stillIt is part of our life’s baggage that we tend to overreact to, resist, or defend ourselves from, the new and the unknown. Just as it can be true in outer life, it can happen on the inner life as well. When our journey and effort results in new aspects of our inner selves opening up, it can be a shock to the system; we don’t always know how to handle the new found energy. That’s where trusting the inner system comes into play, because otherwise our fear can build new veils for us to contend with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t dream the first part of the night that I remembered. But this last part of the night, in the dream, I seem to be going to this house off and on. In this house, I run group meetings in one of the rooms, like therapy groups. And sometimes a lot of people show up, almost to the point where I’m thinking I need to start a second group.

And other times, hardly anyone shows up. Out of the group that shows up, I can either have a mixed group—by that I mean people that are coming that have had a background from counseling and also alcoholism—or sometimes it might just be the group shows up that’s been having more trouble with drinking and I never know which. And there’s also some Native Americans that show up, like men and women and different ages, and I’m trying to have a dialogue at times with them.

At one time, just as I think I need to start a second group because there are so many coming, I come and no one showed up. So I go to an area of the house where people come and socialize and dance, and I think it’s there that I find out that someone had started a rumor that I was an alcoholic. And I am talking with some people, but we’re all in the dark while we’re talking and someone’s coming over and standing next to me and even joking, so I know they’re there. It’s almost like they’re pretending they’re there, or they’re not there, but they are there.

One part of what we discussed is how hard it is to confront a rumor like that, because even if you hardly drink, which I rarely do, if someone starts that kind of a rumor, people that have that problem believe it; they project it onto you. Then the more you defend against it, the more they believe it.

So I’m used to expressing my frustration about that and one of the guys, I think he’s a Native American, younger guy, I can tell he’s standing next to me in the dark, maybe even joking about it because he may understand it. I don’t know because you never know who starts the rumors. So in some ways, it’s just going around there, or sensing the people that are in the room and some of the qualities about them.

John: So the theme of the dreaming has to do with, it seems to be a feminine theme of dreaming, in that this is not a way that I look at things, typically. It’s the way the feminine looks at things.

The feminine, when its trying to awaken, has to contend with something that creates a stimulation, or creates something of a level of excitement or interest. What the feminine has to sort out is whether this excitement or interest is of any value or importance to how it is that she sees herself, or feels herself.

And these qualities or characteristics that take and cause something to churn away or to become open, or for one to have to relate to, is kind of like masculine, outer raw energy. Some raw energy is easily embraced – and yet it doesn’t take much to create a stigma towards it. You can develop a mood, or an attitude, and shut off that which is visible very easily.

And when that happens you can then stare at whatever it is that was generated as a problem and wonder: how is it that I get rid of what I just took on as a mood, or an attitude, or a mannerism that gets in the way? Because it can get in the way to such a degree that that which was quite present before, is no longer there. Or, if it’s there, it’s in some sort of invisible capacity again which means it’s veiled, and yet it had been really, really open. And there had been a way in which you could perceive the ebb and flow of it.

But then, all of a sudden, with this something else that’s been brought in, that’s created a tone or a mannerism of doubt, or of a stigma, then you find yourself unable to access that which was readily accessible and able to follow it ebb and flow. But now all of a sudden, it’s not even an ebb and a flow. It’s somehow veiled because of this part that came into the equation and created a barrier to that kind of relationship or sight.

So this is a problem that the feminine has, in that the feminine is kind of like a sponge and its container energy soaks things up, but can get violated, and/or perceive itself as on the fritz, or not able to cope or something. And then that creates a veil.

So what I’m trying to ponder is if I can see where that veil is being created. Often times it’s created or caused by a kind of identity that has to do with aiming to please or something, in which one goes outside of themselves, and goes over the top and exhausts themselves, instead of allowing it to come through and to them. If you exhaust yourself, so it doesn’t come through and to you, then what happens is you get overly tired. And when you get overly tired, you don’t get rested either. Your tiredness seems to be some sort of imbalance with the energy.

It’s interesting how all of that works and from the standpoint that it’s worth watching one’s self to realize how it is that one is attuned. Just like the masculine is in tune to the feminine side of itself in terms of being able to kind of appreciate a sense of the overall, the feminine is attuned to the masculine side of herself in order to be able to feel an excitement and aliveness in terms of what is going on around in the environment.

And what is meaningful keeps coming back. What is not meaningful falls away. And so, like the feminine side could be excited about something only to find that she’s deluded herself, that there isn’t anything in it, and that she was hearing the information coming through in a wrongful way or something. So, it’s interesting how you dreamt that.

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Behind the Denseness

feminine-natureJeane finds herself, in this dream, restless at waiting for a signal to proceed from the male figures. As John points out, this aspect of the feminine, having a desire to continually do, can often cut the feminine off from the message that is meant to come through. There is a waiting process required to get the signal, which comes from somewhere else, and causes a quickening that the feminine can then bring through.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had about three dreams that run together, and the first two I’m not sure exactly which one comes first but it feels like I live somewhere like India or the Orient.

In the household the women go down into a certain room and they maybe prepare something. It comes in a square and it has to do with the color of blue eye makeup, or a type of eye makeup, and maybe it has some cloth in it, too.

It’s just a square or something they set on the floor, but the way it correlates is it feels like at some point, if the men select this, or indicate that you can put your eye makeup on or whatever, then it’s like you’re selected by the male of the household – like maybe that’s what makes a mating, or when you’re married, or allowed to have children or whatever. 

It’s some sort of selection that occurs at that point, but you have to wait until the men make that selection. And it feels like the men are kind of holding back from that. And so the women feel a certain restlessness, or they decide they’ll go out to the nightclub with each other, or sometimes they want to try to put on the makeup without waiting for the men to indicate they can do that – to see if they can force the energy to happen.

So there’s this kind of frustrated feeling with things. And I know I’m going out to the nightclubs with my friends, and when we go into one nightclub I make friends with a couple of Americans who have come to visit – maybe they’re related to some Asian dancers, a troupe of them that they work with in the States.

And so I talk with them. I’m trying to see what they’re looking for by visiting our country, or that nightclub, trying to give them some tips on something. And then another time I’m starting to go out to the nightclub and there’s a young man that comes looking for me, and I keep turned so that he can’t see it’s me. 

He’ll just keep looking in the building and I will have left. And meanwhile I’m going with my girlfriend to her house. She’s married and she has actually quite a large estate and she’s kind of asking me why I brushed off this nice student? 

And I say, “Well, because he was just like a summer student. You know, he’s over there, he is a very nice guy, he’s looking for fun, but you know that’s not what I’m looking for.” 

Meanwhile I’m trying to climb up over a roof, and over a gate, to get into her estate to sit on the roof of a building that looks out over this property that she lives on and owns. And we meet other people that will sit on the roof with us. And I’m feeling her sadness because she doesn’t have any children. 

Maybe that’s something I’m trying to console her about, or help her with. And that’s either the first or the second dream.

John: What you’re describing is the recognition of how something… in other words, there’s a big confusion that can tend to exist in which there’s the restlessness of the overallness of the presence of the feminine, in terms of creation.

The dream starts off where you realize, and know, and understand that a doingness by the feminine has to stop, because the unfoldment may come through the feminine, but the direction comes to the feminine from another means.

And if it resorts to its doingness, it ends up reaching an empty condition, or a condition that is childless, that doesn’t actually go anywhere. And so the feminine has to wait. This use of energy in the overall, has to wait, and catch up with the memo of what it is that needs to come through, that it needs to guide, or formulate, or process into life.

The peculiarity is that the feminine has to let go and become totally receptive, totally subjective, thus a kind of empty sheet of paper.  In other words, her nature is her nature, but the doingness of what needs to happen can’t happen without the memo.

She can’t go trying to put on the eye makeup, so to speak, herself. She has to wait until something comes through that causes a quickening. Now, the dilemma the feminine is going to have, and this is reaching out a little bit in terms of my dream, the problem that the feminine is going to have is that in her pristine quality of stepping back and just recognizing the greater quality of the emptiness, in other words the stopping of the doing, she does reach a state of an emptiness.

It’s hard for her to hold that state because the nature is to always be active, always be trying to purport some sort of mannerism or expression. And if you do, you’re putting on the eye makeup according to your own design without the understanding, in terms of how it’s to be, having come through from another place.

Now in my dream, that understanding of what is able and meant to be able to unfold, again has a whole way of perception, transformative perception, that needs to exist. In other words, just like the feminine has to make herself an empty vessel from the standpoint of dropping her predilections, and notions, and mannerisms, and ideas of how to look and be, in order to be able to properly hear.

The expression that comes through the masculine when first seen in its literal context, has a shadow orientation to it because it’s overt, it’s very dense, and it’s very much in the world. So the masculine expression needs, just like the feminine needs to stop her doingness, the masculine expression needs to peel itself all the way back to the essence upon where that projection of memo and mannerism comes from.

And it is that quality speaking to, and working in conjunction with, the overall letting go and emptiness of the feminine, that is what is really going on. And the level of an expression that comes across that is easy to poke at and say, okay, that’s an absurdity, that’s ridiculous, that, lived through, carried through, is functioning with the lowest level of creation.

But it doesn’t mean that that’s who you are. Behind what unfolds out is the container vessel that takes the memo of that, which it doesn’t contrive, it just allows it to be. It takes that and presents that out, and it comes from a masculine use of energy and, viewed in and of itself, is a shadow or a density.

But behind that is the vibration of what is really going on. And so if you see what is really going on, what you end up with is a feminine nature taking upon itself a mannerism that it has to portray, and live through, and it needs to not take on the doingness nature of itself in some preening way, or mannerism, in terms of how it adorns itself.

It needs to hear the memo even if the memo, on a dense outer level, is seen to be peculiar, awkward, out of place. If it has something behind it, in terms of the masculine’s feeling-in-the-bones quality or whatever you want to call it, which drives something like this, then you have the combination of something that goes from inner into outer.

Judged or viewed, however, just from the aspect of what is projected out, or done, in the outer, and not seen in terms of the subtle nuances from the inner linkage and connection that exists, both as the feminine being able to let go and being empty, in order to then have a sense of the Whole, or of the masculine having to yield inside at some deep depth to a power that be, which is coming from the bones, so to speak, even though in the outer, if seen just as an outer expression, is considered fairly trite, or foolish, or out of place.

Only when you’re able to really look behind that and see what’s really going on, meaning that’s behind that, if there is something behind that – and there generally is – it’s just a question of what the veils are.

That’s when you’re coming to grips with the potentiality. And so your dream, first of all, is almost like a corrective dream, in that it is saying that things work out when you adopt or put yourself into an empty space where you’re not directing a doingness on your part, but are able to facilitate the unfoldment that is brought before you.

When you take that, as an otherness, on, and don’t judge it or reject it because your essence of the empty space can feel behind that dense outer expression, a something more, so you then are able to facilitate the denseness of something, able to facilitate it through, yet yielding and able to somehow correlate from your emptiness to the vibration behind the denseness. That is when inner comes into outer.

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