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Jessica Dunegan

It’s easy to wonder what a human could possibly do that could be helpful for the universe. How could one person be of use to the enormity of things? Well, in exactly the way that is described in this dream: by making a connection between things. Humans are unique in their ability to make connections between disparate things, and that’s an inspired act that can’t be programmed into the robotic unfolding of organic life. Of course, the key idea is that such connections support universal purpose, rather than just make a good sandwich. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remembered one dream. It felt like my dreams were jumbled up last night. But in the dream I had, I went over to the house. It was a really nice house, almost like a little mansion, and there was a woman in bed like she was sick or something that I was visiting.

When I got over there I realized what would help this woman had to do with getting her an iPad, and I’m almost like visiting her going around whoever her normal caretaker is, so I leave there and I leave there with two other young women that, or three of them, that I seem to be traveling with.

And I realize I have to find an iPad store, and two of the women leave and go into a little restaurant. But the third one goes on to where the store is, which seems to be on Miller Street. I have an idea of the street that the store’s on and what needs to be done, and that woman’s going to need me to help her figure out the iPad, so I can’t really take the time to stop at the restaurant for a drink or whatever with the other two.

And I have to find my way to Miller Street because it feels like the woman that wants me to help her with it has already gotten there and I don’t know where it is exactly. So this man gives me a ride up a real steep hill in like a Jeep or something, but the Jeep will only go to the top of the hill and then I have to walk over, then even cross over, at the little railroad tracks, and then I’ll have to go down somewhere steep.

I’m walking now and find the store on Miller Street. And it feels like I have a little tension because I wish the women hadn’t stopped at the restaurant so that we were all at the store together, and the delay that happened when I stopped to tell them that I was going on to the other store, I’m wondering if that delay will cause the woman that was in the store to not wait for me. So all of it feels a little tense at times, but I’m pretty sure I can find the store.

John: So you’re trying to establish a connection. In other words, you’re trying to find an iPad for this one woman. And the others that you’re with only create confusion in terms of doing that.

So it’s kind of an interesting dream from the standpoint that it’s a little bit opposite the way it would work from the masculine side of things. But from the feminine side of things, it involves opening up and finding out how to utilize, or how something is given.

In other words, how there is a linkage or a connection that’s made, that increases the overallness of something, and that you’re part of establishing or making this connection possible so that it happens. All you have to do to do that is to connect up with the whereabouts of things, and as soon as you do that then you can facilitate something that is needed so that it happens, and you can open and enable that to be understood in terms of how it works.

That’s a dream that shows the quality of the feminine being something which gives something into life, that when the feminine is just trying to find something for herself and whatnot there is something missing in life, but when she’s able to give something into life, then she is… that aspect of flow of energy, that’s what’s important. The masculine is having to find and pull together that way, and the feminine is having to give to make something complete by giving. So, it’s an interesting dream that’s showing a cohesion coming into place.

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energy_flow_by_wakko666-d5yzim0We often associate qualities to people, such as compassion or kindness. But it’s not so commonly understood that qualities exist energetically outside of people – a compassionate person, through a lifetime of repetitive acts, connects to the quality of compassion and can radiate that into the world. Very few people are consistent enough for a true connection, but throughout history such people are often called saints. We are all capable of it, though, if we so choose. Here, Jeane is shown the process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my next dream a woman friend and I have gone in to an auditorium – it feels like a town we’re not familiar with – to watch something. We go near the back of the auditorium and we sit down in these little wooden seats, and when I sit down and I cross my legs, my foot hits the rear end of the person sitting in front of me.

Well, I look up and there are two or three Arab men sitting there in their long white robes and one of them starts really causing a fuss because I kicked him in the rear end, and women aren’t supposed to touch men, so he’s turning around and causing a fuss.

Other than apologize I feel like the best way to deal with this is for me to just ignore it because I can’t do anything about it, and to me it was a little thing and it’s just culturally he’s fussing. So I scooch my chair back a little and then I just am not looking at him because I’m not going to deal with his fussing.

And he must have gotten up and I look to the right and there’s some other people that must be the women and children from his family that have come and they’re talking there, so I put my attention on what’s going on on the stage because I wasn’t sure if we were going to watch a movie or what. But instead I see there’s a group of people that have gotten up to sing.

And that’s all I remember about that dream.

John: So even though you have the station, and you have the pills, you don’t quite know how to use them yet. That is, not in the way that you might be inclined to think that that sort of thing is literally done.

You do introduce an answer in the dream, however, and that is that you put your attention, you redirect the attention, to something that’s alive and quickened, almost as if that is something that’s missing. You have a sense to know where the problem is by being able to address something that draws the attention, that quickens the energetic, as the solution. That’s very interesting.

Let’s see how that would apply. Let’s use your dad as an example. You can see where your dad might be bothered by something in some subtle way. Well, rather than address the manner in which he’s bothered, because that would be like inappropriate behavior, the feminine doesn’t go up and do that sort of thing.

The feminine has to have a better, subtler approach to changing things. So what you do is, in feeling the awkwardness that you know is troubling him, you figure out what is it that you can energetically do that sparks the energy so that that just goes away?

Because it’s almost like the feminine, from her understanding of the mood of things, can see the energetic imbalance and turn that mood from an energetic outer imbalance, she now knows how to take and spin the interest level, the excitement level of what can be done, activity wise, or just changing the way one is going about and that that relieves it – like maybe one takes a walk or maybe one goes for a swim, or whatever.

You’ve developed an understanding of how you can use a tripwire, so to speak, energetically, that kind of takes it into a whole other level of flow, and thus brings out the brilliance, and the quality, and the genius that underscores the depth of what your father is really all about.

And that the other is just some sort of stickiness, we all have our little stickiness areas, and you don’t go touching and dealing with the stickiness areas – that just invites a huge reaction. So that’s how you use your station and your pills.

Jeane: And in this last dream it feels like I’m a little frustrated because I feel like I’m flying around in a circle in a confined space, perhaps in these small planes, there are two of them.

It feels like we’re circling around and I want the planes to land but there’s something that they’re supposed to do or bring in or land that we just seem to be flying in circles and it doesn’t quite come together yet for a landing.

So it has a slight frustrating feeling to it.

John: So this is a warning dream. It’s saying that you can’t let your impatience get the best of you. As you see this stuff continuing to continue, if you get worked up and agitated about it, you can’t hold your station and apply your pills.

Actually, this quality where you change the tone of something rather than address the specific problem, and you have to do this from a point in which you’re not agitated or worked up because otherwise that doesn’t come across because the masculine senses this kind of thing and draws the wrong conclusion, so you have to be as naturally smooth and rhythmic about this as possible so that there’s no sense that you’re challenging anything, or trying to manipulate in some fashion, or have a reactivity in any regard.

It all looks quite natural. If you think about it, that’s how the Naqshbandi tradition is meant to work. In other words, when you meditate it is said that you place your attention upon the principle of love, or the quality of what you feel inside, and you hold that and dump everything else into it.

Because if you don’t do that, then what happens is that your mind races out to whatever it is that’s bothering you, that’s agitating you, that’s a predicament and you just make that to the point where you drive yourself bananas, crazy, insane.

But if you can then take all of that stuff and dump it into this quality, this depth inside, it gets absorbed and goes away. And that is a quality of meditation, that’s the principle upon which everything actually works. And what you dreamt, in terms of your station and your elixir pills, is how to apply that in terms of where you find yourself.

In other words, there’s one way of applying it on the inner, and there’s another way of applying that so that that innerness comes through into the outer, and that is the state and sense of pills that you carry. You know how to do that.

You put your energy upon a flow that enhances, that’s excitable, that’s of interest, that also, by the fact of a certain focus that’s involved in all of that, heals. And who would have guessed: it’s kind of invisible.

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yinyang1Here John describes the process of being able to ground higher energies, thereby allowing them safe outplay into life. This requires a balance of the masculine and feminine principles within an individual. The masculine principle brings the seed thought, or energy, down, but it can only manifest through the grounding and containment of the feminine. One without the other is an incomplete process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s kind of similar, if you think, to the principle of how meditation works. It’s a little bit along those lines. When you first start meditating your meditations are miserable, because just garbage is coming up – and more so than usual because you’re giving things permission to be like that.

So then when you reach a certain freedom, and you start exuding that freedom, on an energetic vibrational level, now you become a force of nature that is doing this to others, right out in the open, no meditation involved. You’re bringing something straightaway right into life.

So what happens is, a lot of people then get to thinking that they have to be a bit transcendent. Instead of bringing it down, they have to be more transcendent, and if you get more transcendent you can take yourself out of life, and you could become something that’s not relatable by others, because you are not finding the intertwined similitude that goes beyond the appearances of the physical.

You’re not submitting yourself to finding that, to touching that; paying the price of whatever that is. So the more you can be in the physical, the more grounded you can be, the more you can carry across this transcendent state, which is like the statement now of, feet on the ground head, in the heavens, or something.

You can actually marry those two states as a Oneness. Now, here’s the problem of marrying these two states as a Oneness. You have to now understand the core of feminine energy, and the core of masculine energy.

The core of masculine energy is to bring a seed thought, or a quality, down into life. And in order for it to come into life, it has to be embraced by the feminine principle of life. It has to be ushered in by the feminine principle of life, and the feminine principle of life knows manifestation in terms of how manifestation is.

And so when something new, as an idea or seed thought, is thrown at it, it used to be that that feminine principle was very receptive, but it’s learned to be a little leery. It’s been abused a lot, so it tends to have kind of a jaundiced eye about all of this, and it finds out that it’s appropriate for it to have a jaundiced eye because most of the time these ideas are cockamamie, three or four different ideas and all disjointed.

But the feminine principle that fully is able to surrender, and be at home in manifestation, can take the cockamamie ideas and make them sensible, because every vibration has a reality that has to live out. And they can bring it into manifestation. And when they bring it closer to manifestation, they’re taking this – what was raw energy – and they’re honing it so that it can see itself and be clear and become more real, more divine.

That’s what the feminine principle does with the masculine principle. What happens is, the masculine principle, in other words the seed thought or whatever, which is really divine in its purest essence, gets completely transformed in this process. It gets absorbed, totally absorbed in that process.

What happens to the feminine principle? To understand the feminine principle in terms of… in other words, what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to take this to the essence; making the essence statement in terms of the masculine. What does the essence statement of the feminine look like?

Well, you gain some clues more so from Chinese religion, or religions, the Tao or whatever, than you do from many other religions. At least I don’t know how to read it or understand it in other religions, but I understand the Yin/Yang principle and I understand this as expressed in the Oxnard pictures.

Now in the Yin/Yang principles you either have something that’s all dark with one white spot, or all white with one dark spot. And the Oxnard picture you see it put into a flow where it starts off with the black ox, and by the time young man becomes old man, the ox of his nature goes from black to white – except for the tip of the tail which is still black.

He never transforms the tip of the tail, because then he would have no manifestation then. So what I was looking at inside of myself was, how do I deal with certain energetics?

The masculine goes along and he learns to accept certain feminine ways of being because there’s a lot of quality to that, but there also is always a little subtle limitation. And a masculine that’s closer to the essence knows how to shatter the feminine, knows where he could say something that would just be devastating.

And he will not go there. He knows better because he knows, okay, she may be like that, she may carry herself like that, but even though she’s like that, along with this are all of these other good qualities. So you take and you shatter this, what are you going to have? You’re going to obliterate manifestation.

You’re going to have something that’s just going to go berserk. It’s going to go and lose its mind so to speak. The masculine never goes beyond a particular point. In other words, the masculine can take and bring everything down and have it rendered into soft as wool or whatever; just meaning something would appear.

The feminine can embrace everything, but because she’s charged with manifestation, there’s a point at which she has to still hold something – so that there’s manifestation. It can’t go completely poof.

That final step is like an extraction then, when it goes away for her. It’s not like she transforms that herself, but she’s liberated from having to continue to carry that responsibility. That’s how I saw that.

What’s interesting is what I’m now doing is, I’m putting this into a process like we were talking about earlier, which has to do with this energy as it speeds up, as you have a certain quality about you. The feminine, when it has this quality about her, can say and can do things that can effectuate a change much, much faster than the masculine.

The masculine will have to do it in 20 words. The feminine can do it with just a gesture almost, or just a couple of words – but much more grounded, much more rooted, and much closer to manifestation. So when this quality gets accentuated and you get really close to this epitome of things, magic is really afoot.

No wonder the Catholic Church is so frightened of the feminine coming in to her mysteries. The masculine raw energy, this is what it means by the prima materia. That gets all transformed. There’s the substance from which something new is made, and that substance coming down shifts and changes life.

So the masculine can catch up with the speed sense, of which I see this happening in the morning. And then I can go down and I can affect all kinds of things that I run into, in terms of people and such; I see this in all kinds of ways.

Those that can be fluid find it interesting and grasp it and roll and open up. But wherever there is a degree of power of control, you see this impingement hitting, and if the power and control is really harsh, they have to walk away, or they have to fight, or they have to plot against you, as if you are a force to be reckoned with, and generate a kind of fear in them, as their defense mechanism.

But each person is different.


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