Holding the Note

John: And so, as we discussed yesterday, you are trying to break through this amnesia state because you know that this is what makes everything come alive again. So you see yourself as this model, or this particular type, and you have to take it to the next step wherein everything that you flow into, and everything that you touch in life, is all part of you being a model – this quality is recognized energetically, rather than outwardly. In other words, you relate to the realms within you no matter what banality is occurring in the outer.

Now, for some peculiar reason there is a bit of an embarrassment in you about this (you don’t want to be recognized). This sense of embarrassment has to do with a leftover understanding of what the environment you are in (the parlor full of ladies) is looking for. In other words, that collective consciousness carries a projected world-view. So you, in being the model, feel that you have to accommodate that since that is what is expected of you.

The question then becomes, what if you actually saw everything happening around you as an aspect of the vibration that you are carrying inside, and that there really isn’t any difference? There is only difference when you buy into what someone, or something, else is trying to say or to project.

Do you quibble with that? No. The group is putting something out there as a new linkage, as part of the vibration you have inside. And, can you pull that out and experience that for yourself?

This scenario doesn’t mean to show that you can necessarily do that for them. It would be nice if you could, but this isn’t an us-or-them situation. It’s an image where everything that is taking place is describing a back-and-forth (inner and outer) of the heartfullness you are feeling. It is this heartfullness that elevates you from having your energy slowly drained away from you by the day-to-day events that just accumulate and come at you from every direction.

When you can actually turn your attention and see yourself as being the model in everything that happens, and no longer have to accommodate and orchestrate your life to keep with the thought patterns and cultural mannerisms that are projected, that’s when you are able to maintain your energy and not be drained by the world around you.

In other words, now your experience has a one-to-one correspondence with things that are happening around you; without that correspondence, you cannot go through. This inner change is what shifts you through the “middle” area that absorbs the light. And so you are being shown in your dream how hard it is to be the model. In other words, you have to be able to be the model in spite of how others see you, and how that causes you to see yourself.

And, of course, the way you (personally) are inclined to see yourself means you have to go into a kind of hiddeness. Now if you are able to hold the inner note of the model, and have such a focus that it becomes how everyone else sees you, you will have sustained it, you will have brought it through as a vibration. That is how an energetic (the light) inside of us gets effused into life; otherwise it gets dissipated, or drained away.

If, little by little, you accommodate every situation and circumstance by moving from where you are to what they are energetically projecting, your light is diminished. The others in the dream are not fully recognizing that they have to carry this vibration as a constant inside of themselves.

That is why there are these lessons. That is why, in Sufi practices, there is the zikir (the repeated prayer), because through constant repetition you become able to maintain this note in you. The goal is to hold the note in you while you are in life and relating to everything else. When it embeds itself in you, everything you do in life is touched by it.

The lesson behind this is how you lift yourself from the dark hole and into the fifth level of the heart. The dark hole feels to you as a sadness that you carry. Where does this sadness come from? It is coming from the dark hole of disconnection. So what you dreamt was almost a relief from that, showing you, and asking you, “Can you be the model? Can you hold the note that is the model?”

As an example, if you imagine that your balance comes from things (people) outside yourself, doing this or saying that, you will never find a balanced point (note). You will find yourself instead getting dryer and dryer, duller and duller, more and more frustrated, emptier and emptier, and even crackable (fragile) as a consequence. You will be drained by the bit that is always missing, as opposed to you sustaining that bit yourself.

This is said to be an easier part of the process for the feminine to actually get because the feminine has this way of knowing that its ticket is to love everything in spite of the way it is. This is the nature of the mother who still cannot disown her little Johnny even when he has completely messed up. The feminine knows that this is how it is to be done.

Hiddenness and Visibility

John: To continue, we have been exploring this idea of a hiddenness being made visible. In making a hiddenness visible, it is a very tricky thing. Conditions have to be just right for it not to be seen as scary, and therefore be obliterated back into hiddenness.

So the dreams take us beyond the images we see to the invisible – to the energetic itself. Out from this connection to the energetic quality, a heartfulness arises. The images from Creation are at the core of all of the swirls of energetic.

In your dream, you were in the swirl of the energetic, but you experienced it as an expanse (a feminine view). The experience shows that you cannot accept any of the riches of the world because connection to the energetic requires that you leave no trace of yourself, no ego whatsoever.

In my dream, I was evaluating the riches of the world in terms of bottom-line cash value, so I was shedding the complexity, but not close enough. Then I glimpse the four Greek pillars that takes me back to a purer state, to the inception of western civilization, so I have let go of even more of the illusions that have ensued in the last 3,000 years. Then that image disappears and I am left only with the invisibility, the energetic.

So I’ve gone beyond the image to something that is everything. To maintain that, I cannot have any semblance of something that creates a visibility of this in the outer world, because the visibility in the outer causes a recognition, and recognition ends in obliteration.

I think it is important, though, for the outer to get it. Yet at the same time that it gets it, is the moment that it begins to cloud it over, to apply veils to it. If one were to put it out in a way that could not be clouded over, it would rock our reality.

It’s similar in a way to the Catholic Church eliminating the feminine mysteries, or selecting only certain books to be part of the canon. Otherwise the visibility of those ideas jeopardize its power and control.

And it’s just like a true teacher cannot tell you everything – you wouldn’t be able to handle it. So a teacher has to provide hints about where the truth lies so you can discover it yourself when you are ready.

What we are describing is the fifth level of the heart, in a nutshell, and at its core. That is the level that shapes the energies of the world.

When something in life recognizes that that level exists, it cannot be allowed to exist. It’s like the story of one of the last Khans, where the merchants and shopkeepers had to rise up and overthrow the Khan because he was a figure held in reverence, like a god, and they were caught up in their personal interests. It was too great a contradiction, so they had to obliterate the “visibility” of the Khan.

That is the idea of the invisible becoming visible (the Khan a god-like incarnation) and being too scary for the place or the time – so it is obliterated back into hiddenness.

But I think that the hiddenness can come out now. As that hiddeness comes out, it is still largely hidden, yet it comes a bit closer. Now for this hiddeness to create a great change in the world, it has to be a hiddeness that stays a hiddeness and yet at the same time creates a visibility. That’s a very tricky thing. It has got to be hidden, under the pillow, so to speak. Under one’s own pillow.

Keeping Rooted

A spiritual journey can require a lifting of the “veils” to see beyond the illusion of daily reality, into the greater truth that is behind it. Yet that journey requires maintaining a certain groundedness, like a mountaineer scaling great heights requires ropes anchored into the rock to insure some measure of safety. These reflections were begun with the dream Not So Itsy-Bitsy and continued withA Vivid Imagination.

John: It’s very awkward to see what is real through the veil of illusion because we all have an ego and will always carry an ego, even though it is tamed to some degree, as long as we are in a physical body. So that keeps some small aspect in-between, even as one’s sense of otherness develops to a greater and greater degree. And this whole sense of otherness, because it includes everything that can be imagined, needs to be connected to a certain quality of the heart. That heart connection is what keeps the sense of otherness from flying off into wild imagination.

So when one feels a certain pressure, whether in a dream or in life, or that one is trapped, it can set off the active imagination in some fashion, and so one has to be careful how literally one takes things or feels things. If one’s tendency is to be swept up in these feelings it can limit what can be gained naturally through the listening center. In a roundabout way, this is a higher octave of what your dream means to me, in that it draws a focus and attention to it while showing that there is a part of you that hears beyond these kinds of things.

So how does one get beyond these kinds of things? Well, the oddity of being really open in an overallness, the awkwardness of something like that, is that if one stays in just this vast connected state, one tends to hear or become aware of things that are going on that are perhaps not as “reality-based” as usual. So one’s attention needs focus to ground it. In other words, one can’t just float in the otherness, one has to have a groundedness within that which can provide a clarity of direction. If one doesn’t have that rootedness, then the huge expanse can carry one to the beyond of the beyond, which is not a proper opening up process.

I can give you an example of how one can get lost: We have the capacity to connect to something on the other side, and we can see images there. If one gets totally enmeshed in that, one can become a bit dysfunctional in the outer. That is a danger, and a propensity, that one can experience when one starts connecting to something that literally is a movement inside oneself, that sits there in the subtlety of things. It takes a certain audacity, almost a certain wildness, to make the ego sort out from all that the inner and the outer worlds. It is important to have that going on.

It may not look like it is important, because that sense of reality may seem to just get in the way. But if one just went into the expanse without that sense of reality, there’s no way to make heads or tails out of it. Everything can seem to be literally real; that’s where the spiders can be humongous, and every little thing can just spiral into something wilder and wilder, created by the wildest inflections that one has. We all carry these inflections inside us somehow. We could have been subjected to all kinds of strange traumas from which these things have been incubated or bred.

So if you see this kind of thing coming on, what is very interesting is that you don’t actually get rid of it by paying attention to it. You almost make it more real as you focus and pay attention to it (and let an active imagination run in it). It reminds me of a man I knew who could not meditate because as soon as he sat down he would lose his groundedness and would start to astral travel. He expressed this as a serious concern in that he needed to stay rooted because he had the ability to drop human existence away. Without the rootedness he would get all out of sorts. It was the strangest thing I’d heard of, but that was his condition.

So this is a dilemma that occurs when a person gets to a particular point of development. It’s a point where one can actually make a distinction between the density of how something is in the physical realm, and also the attractiveness and the quality of something on the other side. It’s really easy to just let go and go to the other side. A person can get to this point naturally, but many have also done this unnaturally, by going into a hallucinogenic state where they have no rapport with their physical rootedness and get to a point where they can’t sort it out anymore. It is the fifth level of the heart that saves a person from something like that.

We each have our own different way of making this experience of opening up inside what it really is. In the example of your dream, your imagination has made it into this huge spider, and that’s your way of being able to reflect it back to yourself with a degree of safety.