An Explosive Situation

Jeane: In the next dream, it feels like I’m in a large house with a lot of people of all different ages. I seem to know many of them from the days when I did seminars in New York City. There are only a few things I really remember from the dream because of all the people coming and going.

One is that I have a son who’s very young. It feels like I have to carry him around part of the time, but sometimes he seems able to walk. One of the peculiarities is that, now and then, he would find some hand grenades and he would pull the pin out of one of them. I would just be waiting for it to blow up, but it didn’t blow up.

Then my son would place the grenade in different places, perhaps tucked in some blankets, where someone else might come and find it. I never knew what was going to happen. I never saw the grenade blow up, but I didn’t know what to do except pick my son up and hold him, or get the other kids out of the room.  

I kept thinking maybe I could pick up the grenade and throw it, but what if it happened to go off at that moment? I never knew what to do about the grenade.  

The other thing I really remember about the dream is that, at one point, I went into a backyard and there was a stream that ran through the area. It was actually almost like a canal of green water.

At first I thought the water was dark green from algae, when there isn’t enough oxygen and it’s sort of scummy. Another time I went back and I thought I saw a dead water bug there except that it was much larger – it looked almost like a huge dead spider – but it actually started swimming underwater, so it was okay.

There were two of them. Someone picked up a frog and I thought it looked dead too, but then it started swimming away. At that point I noticed that the water had become all cleaned up and it was a really gorgeous green color. I could even see a little sand at the bottom and everything. It was all okay now.  

Those are the only things I really pulled out of that dream.

John: Again you’re playing with the polarity of something that’s ordinary in the outer, in terms of how it effects things, and then what’s divine in it, or the greater meaningfulness of it, can come through and bring about an inner alignment.

So here you start similarly to the way you did in the last dream (see Coal into Diamonds) where you’re removing the coal from the basement. This time you’re again dealing with the darker aspects of your inner depths and, as you do, you’re stirring up issues or aspects that can upset you in some fashion. Yet you’re still proceeding because you know that that’s what you need to do.

You (the feminine) don’t think twice about it. The masculine might think about it, but you don’t. In pushing further, you’re going to run into situations that are potentially explosive, where you can reveal or unearth aspects that are deeply buried, which can disturb you to a degree where you can become reactive.

In other words, these specific elements, that sit at some depth inside you, are like bombs (grenades). When you touch them (awaken them), it can set in motion some very explosive events. In other words, when you dig deeply and touch these issues, it’s like you’re pulling the pin out of a grenade.

Ordinarily (whether a grenade or a suppressed aspect), it’s an energy that’s kept in a state of balance because of its suppression (the pin is still intact). Because you’re not facing it, it stay’s dormant. But when you do face it, it’s like it becomes alive. It becomes more potent.

Rather than let this affect you or hurt you in some way, you have enough sense to know how to handle this energy in an almost prankster way, by putting it under blankets, or hidden in a bed or something. In other words, you’re buying some time to make the process of taking it in – re-absorbing it and updating it – easier.

Initially, when you start this waking up process… Well, it’s like when you first begin meditating, you can stir things up inside that can actually make your life seem more miserable than before because what you may have suppressed inside rises to the surface. When it does, it’s no longer in balance (through suppression), but active and at play in your current day, outer consciousness. It can then sometimes cause knee-jerk reactions as you try to regain, or attain, a new state of balance.

So, what your dream is saying is, okay, you’re in a process where you’re digging up the coal aspects in your nature, some of which are pretty explosive and potent. And, as you proceed, you’re going to have to deal with them. You’re going to have to address these issues, even if that means “putting them under the covers,” i.e., sitting with them a while to ease the transition, so that ultimately they can change.

Updating the Past

Jeane: In this dream, I seem to be visiting a series of old rooms that are pie-shaped, or at least they are as seen from the outside. I can go into them, and it feels similar to the way Egypt felt in that the areas that haven’t been visited often have many rooms that are outdated.

Elizabeth Taylor is there in one of the rooms, or is planning to be. Because there aren’t many rooms, I can visit each one, look at it, and come back out. But because there are so few people visiting, I realize that I can go in and start modernizing them, or cleaning them up, or do something with them to bring them forward in time.  

I might not be able to do a lot, but I can do a little bit. It’s almost like being in a museum: I can move forward and back through different time periods, going forward in and coming back out.  

At first I did it slowly, but then I realized that now there is more freedom to fix them up a bit.

John: I actually believe that about you: that there’s a quality in your overall nature that has this mannerism where you take what is brought before you, in terms of your attention, and seek to balance it out.

This is an approach that has an ancient quality to it. It’s not the approach of a naive person – you just are that way. You’ve taken on that type of responsibility and you tend to shape and condition your environment around you. If there’s something out of balance, or if confusion exists, you take the time to work at it – to bring it around into a proper cadence that you recognize, inside, as needing to exist. Is that right?

Jeane: Yes.

John: That’s the opposite of me, of course. I’m the bad guy. Was that the whole dream?

Jeane: A little bit more came in after that, but I’m not too clear on it because it was just before I woke up.

It felt like I was visiting with someone and we were having a dialogue. I even invited them over to a house. We weren’t really ready for company, but they came anyway.  

There’s a group of us there, and someone starts to ask me about a place I used to work. There were two supervisors there who were not good managers, both a man and a woman, I think. They were people from the past. I’m being asked about them because the rumor was that they were fired. I said: “No, it’s more like they were demoted or reassigned.”  

I was trying to look at what those two people were doing now. I was trying to figure out what they were up to and communicating to this person what that was. I didn’t really pull that dream out well.

John: Perhaps, but you’re creating images that are vibrational to something that’s astir inside you. Through this, you’re trying to come to grips with an imbalance in terms of how something in the past was done, or how a decision was made, that occurred in an unconscious way. In that sense, as in the first dream, you are taking something from the past and updating it.

Somehow you are now able to take a position that works with that prior scenario. You’re not doing it from a position of judgment. You’re being fairly matter-of-fact, in the sense of “that’s the way that it is,” and you’re okay with catching up with seeing things as they are.

In fact, when you do catch up with it, a part of your nature knows, or has a depth to it, that can work with that and seeks to work with that. It’s almost as if you’re designed to fall into that position because you have an understanding at your core of what makes things tick.

In other words, you’re relating to this as something that has happened that you have accepted. It has happened in terms of something or someone in charge, or in a position of authority, has mishandled a situation.

But, rather than being reactive about the mishandling, you seem to have reached an understanding. You’re able to look at it from another (deeper) perspective, instead of from a shattered, fragmented, reactive perspective. There’s a part of you that’s a bit reactive, but the depth of you is able to take a step back from that. Bringing issues from the past, and updating them to where we are today, in our wisdom and understanding, can be a very healing process.

Missing Pieces

Jeane: In my dreams last night, the impression I have is that I am trying to find something that will complete something else, and it is a struggle.

At one point I have a ticket, or something rectangular – it could even be money. Then I have something circular, and I’m looking for the piece that completes it. 

Somebody is constructing something. I’m annoyed with them. Part of my struggle has to do with shapes, and trying to complete the building of something.

There’s a young masculine energy that might be getting in the way, and that’s why I’m annoyed, but I can’t pull out the details. I was working pretty hard at it.

John: The compelling energetic of the dreaming last night focused on trying to cause something to come into cohesion, or balance.

What you are doing is looking at some limiting barrier, inside, and trying to bring that into alignment. This type of dynamic gets triggered when a person goes through sadness or hurt, or experiences an aching heart, compared with a happier feeling of soaring.

In other words, it’s the feeling of great relief or of a breakthrough. It’s reaching a state of peace, happiness, or joy, when earlier the feeling may have been a quality of sadness, or an aching heart. Between these two states there is the search for the missing pieces, which could manifest as to trying to find something, or to break through a barrier or veil, or to bridge a gap that lies in the way.

If you don’t experience the aching heart (to find the missing piece), or if you don’t have the contrast with something exhilarating and joyful, then you don’t have both polarities to work with. One polarity is an up energy and the other polarity is a down energy (the aching heart). If you don’t go in both directions, or take into account both degrees, then you won’t have a dream like you had last night where you are trying to resolve the difference, so that the two aspects can come together.

This is how veils, or barriers, are transcended in life. The depth and the height are brought together, and the inner and the outer are brought together. By reaching an inner depth, one can then reach the height.

It can almost get to the point where it’s hard to tell which is which. This is the process whereby life is nurtured. To learn to live in this zone – to be able to recognize inside oneself the wisdom of those two polarities – and to live in a zone that pulls them together into wholeness… that’s a human being who connects to everything in life.

That’s what it is all about. That’s what is required. It can only happen through the human – we are designed to process in this way. So this is exactly how we’re meant to live in the human body, rather than spending our time figuring out how to either project or protect our own self-identity.

It’s a state of freedom, really, where we can flow freely. After a certain point of maturity, we can stop letting ourselves get smashed in the depths – the aching heart, or despair, anger, or sadness – of whatever our predilection is, which is just a symptom of us being in a contracted state and shut down.

It’s good if we don’t have to do that. But if we do, then we tend also to the opposite extreme, which isn’t a whole lot different, because that sets us up for a fall. When we soar to these unbelievable heights in terms of a sense of wonderfulness, without the other state pulled together and brought into the in-between, then there’s an imbalance in either direction. Either polarity is a flipside of the same coin.

It’s not a whole lot different when everything is working out wonderfully and you’re riding the wave of that, compared to when everything is all compressed and you’re shut down and in contraction. Technically speaking, those two states are simply thresholds of extremes that are flip sides of each other – the polarities of existence.

The veils all fall away when you bring yourself to face a challenge or overcome what lies in between. When you feel how to do that – and the feeling of how to do that is the actual carrying forth of that energetic – you can penetrate the veils and come that much closer to the truth of things.