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portal-of-lightIt’s easy to look at the boundaries of our skin and think we end there. And, of course, physically we do. But what about the boundary of the universe? Energetically, that is our only limit. And that puts human beings in the middle of a grand unfolding, in which what we do, what we think, and what we connect to energetically in our lives matters. It makes a difference, just as one bad cell can become a disease. That’s why all religions and spiritual pursuits ultimately point to a person choosing the higher purposes of life, because otherwise we become a diseased cell within the higher system (and all healthy systems in the universe seek to rid themselves of disease). (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So before I went into meditation, the seed thought for the night was established through the following statement, this comes from David Spangler, and this following seed thought is added and then we have to see what is revealed in relationship to this seed thought.

And the seed thought is: “When we speak of our incarnations as journeys away from God and spirit, when we think of life as a kind of exile from our real home, when we think of ourselves as divided into souls and personalities, when we think of the physical world as simply an illusion from which we must awaken, we may well be speaking and thinking in a language of separation rather than connection and wholeness-making.”

So that’s the seed thought. So what arose out of that seed thought is a dream in which the energetic of what was taking place has a vibration and a note to it. And it’s also part of you. Everything that is affected is part of you, and you are able to denote that in a world in which there is only this, as David Spangler would say, connection and wholeness-making, for that to be truly so you have to quit keeping the subtle notion of time.

If you drop the subtle notion of time you can’t die. There’s only a soul awareness. It is always with you, which would be the same thing as saying that you’re able to recognize yourself to be all things, or different things, or parts of this, or parts of that, and you’re able to transcend the limitations of space.

But now let’s transcend the limitations of time. And when you do that, the physical body can die and you can have an awareness that still resides in the physical plane. But things have changed even further and, in terms of the veils that are kept based upon expansive and contractive, in other words, the expanse being the ethers, the cosmos, and the contractive being manifestation, when you remove that veil, in other words, everything being wholeness-making, that which is here you are able to live through and know, as if you are still in the conceptualizations that had prevailed of time and space.

Yes, there’s some vibratory truth to it, but it’s fairly well hidden. In the future, where consciousness is going, those veils are being thrown away. The two are intertwined.

When you’re talking soul level, you’re actually talking not just others, but you’re talking in the physical as well. And when you’re talking soul level, you’re talking about effectuating something that transcends in, and over, and upon manifestation.

And a human being is typically, because of the veils kind of confined in terms of what that effect can be. Generally it’s only a temporal effect that can extend during their lifetime, during the magnetic energetic of a world bounded by a here and now, or the physical of time and space, but in the future, as you hone the closeness to the soul level, you will find that there is no time and space.

So what you connect with and catch up with in the physical now, that goes beyond the veils of perception that keep things separated, based upon time and space, once you are able to get beyond that, that’s why it’s important for the energy not to go into the heart, the life force has to go into the soul, and when it goes into the soul it goes out into all of the essence of everything that ever existed because that is you. When it does that, then the veils of time and space drop.

Well in the future, in where we’re going, there’s not going to be the redo overs, you know, where you come back and you have the veils that exist from a prior reincarnation. The word reincarnation again is playing with things in a duality. It’s keeping things in a double, instead of just the wholeness-making, a wholeness-making that is complete.

So where this is going is that ultimately you may drop the physical body, but you’re still going to be in both places – or you will have a soul that will know itself in its overall – and you will have a consciousness of oneness emerging in the world. So it’ll be like the physical can drop away, but not really, in terms of the aspects of a physical are still in cohesion in terms of the senses. But the sense is at a different, subtle level. Do you see what I’m trying to say?

Everything’s going to be there, all in one fell swoop. That is a very radical thought, isn’t it? Who can accept that thought? But that was what came out of this seed thing that I took and made a copy of: “Yet when we speak of our incarnations as journeys away from God and spirit…”, in other words, acting like there’s something on high, the heavens, and then there’s the manifestation.

“When we think of life as a kind of exile from our real home…”, okay, that’s again a this and a that. “When we think of ourselves as divided into souls and personalities…”, again a this and a that, a soul being something more and a personality being our dharma or something. “When we think of the physical world as simply an illusion from which we must awaken…”, in other words, like it’s a bad joke, and when we get through the joke we come to know something else? Which means that the joke falls away because it never really is, it’s not anything. That’s a duality now. “We may well be speaking and thinking in the language of separation, rather than connection and wholeness-making.”

So this set the tone for the dreams.

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IndianaJonesIn this dream imagery, John digs down into the details of how it is we intertwine and connect with the flow. It’s a huge subject that is little understood. At the crux of it is a state of trust. We see in the dream image that John lays down his own bridges across a gap he knows already has an invisible bridge. As humans we have a habit of thinking we must do everything, when the closer truth is that we want to be open to the higher connections that guide us to what is next – we must surrender to Its doing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, what I’m doing in the dream is, that which is me, in order to be in the whole, which means that I am both the inner and outer, I feel that I need to take on the space between the two states. That’s that interval or whatever, or the doorway or, in this case, a bridge between the two points.

And it quickly leads to confusion because one’s power that is able to take on the whole is still diffused. In other words, I don’t trust it yet. I don’t have the confidence that I can just outright do this.

So the way I see this dream, this state, it’s described by the teacher as a doorway, but in this dream it is a chasm in which a threshold is laid over a gap. In other words, the inner’s one side, the outer’s on the other. And in the dream, a naturally unfolding bridge has evolved.

Now it’s not that I see this bridge; I feel the bridge. I know the bridge exists, but I don’t necessarily trust it. I don’t have, you might say, a fully awakened emptiness space to it. I think I need to be able to put my finger on it better, which means I don’t yet have enough confidence, or consciousness, to trust this as being sufficient.

So instead of working to develop a trust, a strength, whatever you want to call it, to what naturally is there, I have instead dropped two other energetic bridges across the chasm between inner and outer. I’ve dropped them right over the top of what was naturally there – and those are very loud and very visible. They’re man-made.

The result for having done this is I have confused myself over which is needed, and when, and I do not have in my mind’s eye an answer for all of the situations that could come up. In other words, there’s a certain mind/sense that those other two bridges serve a particular purpose, but they choke me in some fashion, too.

My connection is troublesome on a sensation level because each of these other two bridges have conditional limitations. Both only barely cross the chasm and, although they are more visible to me because that’s how mind/sense and that kind of involvement where I’m controlling something in my dream instead of staying in the emptiness, they’re more visible to me because they were man-made by me, by my concepts, over what is needed.

This makes them conditioned and I know it, because whenever you do anything you know that anything that you possibly do is going to be limited. These man-made bridges would not have been possible if there hadn’t been a natural connection from the inception. In other words, how is it that I know that they’re man-made bridges? Otherwise I’d buy into it as the real McCoy, but because of some naturalness side that echoes inside of me that’s how I know that I’m cutting myself, selling myself short.

So in the dream, instead of becoming more energetically attuned to the natural connection, which, you know, that’s what a wise person would do because that’s what it’s all about instead of trying to keep introducing something else into the equation, because if I were to become more attuned to this natural connection, I’d be establishing an energetic trust from which the intertwining would become complete.

But what I have done is I’ve confused and divided myself by creating two more bridges that I can see more readily because they have more of a physical orientation. In doing this I can tell that this is choking my breath, which goes in and out naturally.

In other words, you can’t know anything if you don’t already know it somewhere inside yourself. And because man’s created out of everything, they know everything, they’re connected to everything.

And so this is all portrayed by the breath. The breath is conscious to everything that you are intertwined with. And so through the breath you can tell that you’re choking yourself in some fashion or another from a naturalness and, as a consequence, you know that there is a greater overall consciousness and that what I had done is inadvertently taken myself away from it.

So in the dream in connecting naturally with my breath, which one does on some level all the time anyway – it’s a matter of getting connected back to that so that it is actual as opposed to unconscious – when one doesn’t do that, or hasn’t done that, and you can awaken from an unconsciousness to a point where you can experience on a sensation level a kind of heebie-jeebie and weakness that is compromised from the natural connection – even though you don’t know your natural connection yet.

The problem in this dream is, like I say, I don’t know my natural connection or, another way of saying it is, I don’t know my true being or power. I am limiting who I am by establishing what I feel are alternatives. Such alternatives cover up the natural flow and become a cause or course of action that takes me on an incomplete journey or tangent.

From dreams several weeks ago I learned that consciousness occurs at this interval where the inner and the outer come together. As they touch there is a spark. In that spark there is something that is known. To own the consciousness the connection must not be limited by the imposing of man-made means upon this flow. To do so creates spiritual illusions which veil us from what is meant to be in the wholeness.

I am meant to be a soldier between the two worlds, an interval that has so much emptiness that nothing compromises the coming together. To the degree I am inclined to believe that there is a distinction, to be noted separately, is the degree I weaken myself. If my understanding is limited to the synaptic flashes that identify with as being what is real, this too holds me back.

This is showing that when the inner and the outer come together initially there is a spark and that spark is like an insight of information, and that sets off synaptic things, and quickens your energy, and your mind can wander, and you can go off into tangent like that – and that, too, is a limitation, that too is not in the emptiness.

That is part of kind of the psyche of the synapses of life because in an absolute nothing but nothingness the connection takes on all there is between inner and outer. In other words, you don’t have to even have the spark. But to begin with we need the spark because we need to have some sort of assurance.

To the degree I still need to personally micromanage or segregate the potentiality is the degree in which I fail to naturally intertwine. And you do that with your thoughts and your attention being placed in this, that, or the other all based upon usually identifying in some personal way. Maybe an example needs to be given to better understand this.

And so you can use meditation as an example of how it works. The process of going into an overall wholeness is inhibited when the mind goes off on tangents or in thoughts looking at this or that. The humongous intertwined consciousness crashes down as the reflective bifurcation prevails.

The bifurcations are symbolized by the bridges I lay down thinking that I still have a need for their specific identifications. The way I am able to realize I am on a wayward tangent is the heart experiences itself being choked because the breath takes on a flow of in-breath to out-breath that doesn’t feel right.

It is from the breath, each breath being a cycle of creation, that we are suddenly able to see ourself coming up short. If we were not a wholeness already, naturally, in and of ourselves, we would not experience the sensation and would remain on a tangent forever.

We describe this knowingness as coming from the heart because the mind/sense perceptions do not directly correlate to what is real. The mind/senses relate to the reflections. The mind/senses must be still before the oneness that is everything is able to open up or to fill us.

The process I’m talking about occurs at the interval bridge doorway. I am using words to describe the emptiness that exists everywhere, this everywhere being a wholeness in which nothing exists because the oneness cannot be bifurcated, it is a oneness. As a oneness, light and sound are the same and there is no time and space.

We create time and space when matter of is created out of sound, and that sound is a lower octave of light. We create this time and space so that there is a seeing and hearing that is simulated.

So you can back yourself away from all of that. Thus comes the conundrum. Initially I fumbled into something that was just animated as a spirit energy, then that was choked off. That didn’t take on the whole.

The whole is taken on through this interval in which there is just something so much more in the inner, and so much more in the outer, in the physical, and then the space in between is the emptiness. And you make that bridge and it all connects.

And we have so much trouble making that bridge because we have to lay our own framework down perceptively or, when we go about looking at the expansion/contraction of the two states, because the light is expansive and sound is contractive, and when we go at trying to dissect that we end up creating a collision between the two.

That creates a spark, and then the spark is information that also is a kind of reflective and that, too, can lead to spiritual illusions, it can lead to psychic abilities. It’s too kind of a greater plane of things than just the pure physical, and one can get enamored in it.

The idea is to let all of that go, as well. And that’s why there really is a nothing but a nothingness that creates the intertwining.

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bestIt can’t be repeated too often: humans are the meeting point between what has been created (matter) and what created it (God). Humans are the only creature that can claim that relationship with the universe, and it is an incredibly important role. Unfortunately, we mostly have lost our way and abdicated our higher responsibilities to the whole. But it is never too late to choose the whole over our personal desires. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)


Jeane: The last little snippet I remember just before I woke up was it feels like I’m with some people in an area where there’s some partying going on, and there’s one man that’s maybe been kind of wayward before, so we’re kind of correcting him and we’ve sent him off.

He’s gone to his bed and then this kind of large black woman who’s going to kind of be his partner now, I think, she kind of goes to get him when it’s time, but she’s kind of being funny about it. I think she walks up to the bed and lifts up her dress and flashes him or something, and he’s acting all suddenly coy or something. And so we’re wondering what’s going on.

Well, there’s this girl hidden under the covers, so the woman there had come to kind of be with him she kind of gets in a snit and goes off. Well, then he’s mad at the girl under the covers because she’s actually got her clothes on. It’s like she just jumped in bed and hid in order to cause some kind of uproar, I guess.

I’m just observing all of this. This is just something I’m looking at for some reason.

John: That’s a dream that portrays a reaction in your nature, which keeps you from recognizing how it is that all aspects of matter relate to the essence, or to the light, and that if you are a kind of matter that is trying to control your own sense of closeness and proximity, if you’re trying to attain or maintain a connection that is, so to speak, personalized according to your own predilection, the tendency then is to not realize that matter per se is just an overallness.

In other words, it’s just the light has been transformed into matter. In other words, the sound has taken form from the light and that as long as one takes and then sees that they have an affinity to try to go back to the essence of light, and if one is trying to do this by way of their own separate ideologies, and values, and whims, and mannerisms, that is when you don’t realize the fact that all of matter is intertwined and interconnected.

As long as you somehow still see it as having its distinctions, whereby you have to fight or struggle to maintain your space within that, then that is when you simply go around and around with some nuance inside of yourself that keeps you doing battle with how something needs to be in the plane of creation.

So it’s very interesting. I wonder… let’s see how can one take and make that applicable to the degree to which you try to aim to please, or to relate to something that, on one level, you feel is out of your reach but still attempt to relate to it.

If you approach things like that, then you are going to find yourself making a kind of doingness distinction. And if you’re making a doingness distinction, then you’re violating the overallness. Even though it’s done in a plane of sound, you’re violating the oneness that exists here.

All of life is a oneness, too, just like the essence is a oneness. And when you violate that, then you’re trying to sift and sort this over that, as opposed to seeing yourself as all of that. There’s a way of oneness of the feminine that there can be all of that.

That’s where the idea of complexes comes in. A complex is something in which what has occurred, in terms of outer misalignment, has caused a way of trying to correct or to find a missing link – as if there’s just a thing – that is distinguishable in matter, as if matter is all separate. And, in doing so, then you throw yourself around reactively.

So what happens is that the inflections, the sparks that hit, can’t give you the information from the doorway, or from the in-betweenness, between the inner and the outer in that split second moment. You can’t get the actual guidance because you have a nuance, or paranoia, or a perception of fear, or however you would place that, that exists based upon a kind of woundology or however you want to characterize that, that is still based upon the plane of existence, or the aspect of how it is that you intertwine with matter.

And you’re supposed to be able to intertwine with matter as a wholeness, just like light is a wholeness. And when you have both like that, that’s when you have the guidance. That’s interesting. It’s an odd, interesting dream to understand.

So the reason why you have such allergies in the morning is it’s a type of saying “no” to the interval that’s in-between. In other words, you have a reverb from it. It causes a type of dullness or a type of staleness to flicker out as if this predominates, instead of just popping through with the inflection that is visible at that moment in which you’re in this in-between state.

When you’re in this in-between state, you’re in a state of calm, you’re in a state of quietness, you’re in a state of knowingness, you’re in a state of resonance, you’re in the moment in which all is happening.

That is the in-between, that is the point of an aliveness that is a nothingness. But if you’re hit by it, or if you’re sitting attempting to be speeded up but aren’t quite hitting the interval, two things happen. One is you can feel your body getting hot as if it’s trying to breakthrough a crescendo, and you can then feel real nauseous or allergy-like affected, as if there’s something still pulling you back to maintain a type of density of nature.

Ultimately this is meant to get to a point of normality. In other words, the interval in which there’s the spark and all of that, that’s where the coincidences, the meaningful coincidences all happen in that moment and whatnot. That’s when the guidance and everything is quickened. That is when there is no imaginative, it’s just all flow.

It’s where you have the best of both worlds. You have the world of where you have the thoughts alive but in a state of complete ignorance, and when you have the world of flow of essence most alive but in a state of such wholeness that there is nothing; it’s the drop in the ocean yet.

So if you’re having allergies, constant allergies that are affected by things until you somehow or another pity patter yourself back together one way or another, this all infers to something in terms of the type of holding back, or no or something, in your nature, the reason why that exists.

Just like reactions are the same thing. The degree to which one reacts when something speeds up or whatever and the way that they come across, and maybe they’re off the ground or ungrounded – that’s a type of saying no, too.

The no-ness is actually something recognizable in creation. When a plane goes through the speed of sound and sets off the sonic boom there’s a loudness. Now, ultimately, you can refine that and get that to the point where you can do it smooth enough where it isn’t just that crack point in which there is the depth perception like you dreamt in your first dream, where there’s an above and below, and an east and a west, and a moment in the middle where you are able to be at peace with the crocodile.

That’s what they have this mastered down to now. You have the jets flying overhead all the time and you don’t hear them popping the sound barrier and creating one sonic boom after another. They have learned how to treat this point between kind of a flicker point of the world of sound and then something slightly more. They have learned how to embrace that. That’s a scientific example, so to speak, of how one can see this in an outer consequence and know that on an inner level it can be done with the same manner of balance.

And thus you can come to see how it is that one’s nature creates all of one’s illnesses. These are all ways in mannerisms of doing a type of denial, or saying no, and the body tends to reflect that.

And that’s why there’s this whole sense of there being a kind of danger on this path because you create this way, in this flicker point and everything, you create. When you create, well, how does something in the physical that is trying to relate in its density yet, how is that going to work out? The physical then takes the blows. It’s an interesting schematic because the physical says I am to take the blows in order to try to get to this in-between state. What a peculiar game.

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