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sand-castleIt is a universal fact of energy that it is neither created nor destroyed – it merely changes appearances. So, that points us to the reason and purpose of spirituality and religion: to get us connected into the energetic aspects of the universe. Because it really doesn’t make much sense to put all our efforts into something that can’t possibly last – the physical world around us, and our bodies – when we can connect to and become a part of the things that will last forever. And that, of course, is the only true safety that exists. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So that’s how you dreamt the thing, and I dreamt it in an opposite way. So, in other words, where your dream is similar to my dream is you were dreaming it as if you’re starting in manifestation and bringing something back to the top, more of an in-breath. I’m starting at the crown, and then figuring out how one has to go through all of the levels, awaken all of the levels, by coming down into the lowest level, or what is prescribed, or said, to be the lowest, or slowest, or most dense level, which is manifestation, and bring all of that right straight through – so you have the seeing and the hearing in manifestation – just like you can have a perception of an awareness, so to speak outside, of time and space.

So, in the meditation dream, I’m shown that in my nature, on a deep level of the self where there’s kind of like defense mechanisms that are apt yet to remain, I notice that in a dire outer situation I will blink to what is unfolding around me – and act like that is real.

In other words, what has happened is the experience in the meditation is an experience that gets really speeded up to the point where, if I was to be able to describe the image, it’s like I’m untouchable in a sense, but I can’t really be untouchable because things that happen to me, as an aspect of a density that is reflective in the outer, can become so dramatized, can seem so real that I’ll buy into them. That’s what I’m saying. So I don’t actually hold that place. I will at some point in time act like whatever it is that’s unfolding around me is actually real. I will buy into it.

In other words, in the dream I see in a scenario where the outer seems so overwhelming that if I do not do something in kind of a self protect, or defining, way that something dire is apt to happen to me in an outer capacity way. The dream is significant for me because it points out that when the situation is overwhelming I will, like everyone else, backed in a corner by outer appearances, I will respond in self defense. In other words because what I was experiencing there was no reason to do that, yet all of a sudden something’s so loud that how do you not pay attention to it?

So to see this about myself is to notice that I still do not really know that all that is really going on in the outer is that the outer is just a self reflection, and that on a level within, where my true beingness resides, it is not possible to be put in harm’s way. In other words, the outer is a reflection; on an inner everything is okay, always okay. Coming into life it’s always okay.

It doesn’t come into inner with any meanness or whatever, with any intent to be counterproductive. It always comes in in kind of a connective, intertwined, real way. And it’s how it is taken in, in terms of the reflective sense, that causes the harm’s way mentality of reacting to the images and reflections, and reacting to what goes on in manifestation. In other words, on an innerness level I am an immortal vibration that can never die. Only in the illusion is there such an outerness.

So if I’m truly connected to the inner flow, which is penetrating all there is, I am always on a level that is in accordance with an inner design and flow – so I’m never put in harm’s way. Harm’s way is when things break down in the outer. On an inner level they never break down. They are immortal. Only on an outer way is it impermanent. Only on an outer level is there a danger and appearance of death. On the inner level I’m always protected. On an inner level energy is neither created nor destroyed.

That’s why nothing can possibly happen. It is just transmuted into some other level of beingness from the perspective of the inner, as the inner. In other words, it’s from the perspective of the outer that you can have something breaking down. The only time when fear is real, and death and destruction predominate, is when there is an outer identification that one takes on as if it’s real.

If I have the faith, and an inner connection, that is unflappable and focus upon the only thing going on – which is an inner flow of oneness – then and only then can I be free, then and only then am I able to transcend the outer appearances.

So that’s still a statement that acts like, okay, now we’ve got the inner coming in and the outer is some sort of delusion, which I cover that in the next dream. The importance of this dream is to point out that outer appearances, in terms of the fact that they are impermanent, they can break down, you can fall for what is happening in the outer, and believe the outer is real, and this is when a person acts against the inner will. This is when a person acts as if there is an exception of the rule, in terms of a divine inner beingness, when there’s something separate from them, and therefore you will act against that.

And, when that happens, I am buying into the illusion as if it’s real, which makes you a hypocrite. And if I’m truly in a oneness in which the only thing going on upon the soul level is the inner flowing into the outer, the scenario played out in something that’s dense, or impermanent, does not affect me. And when such outer appearance appears to be real, that’s when I shift away from the deeper revelation of who I really am.

What I will find on an inner level is that there is only the aliveness of a oneness which is an inner energetic flow permeating all there is. On this level of realness there is no such thing as death. On this level of beingness there is the predominant heartbeat of the universe of everything, this being a stillness, and emptiness, residing as the plane of nothingness.

The song and dance of the outer manifestation is based upon a perceived separation from the oneness. The outer is created where there is a separate identification that is seeking to live itself out reflectively within the predominate inner flow. Such a reflection is of an outer context only. If the inner oneness were to have a perspective, the perspective would be that there is nothing going on in a oneness. If there is a motion that rises up from the oneness, it would be the only flow. A reflective outer is there whenever there is a separate illusory deviation from the oneness, and from the one mind, and one flow, of the absolute.

So you see how that got kind of esoteric?

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2476There is the idea that we are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. To be part of the problem usually means we generate our energies “against” something, which only compounds the problem (by adding still more energy to it). To be part of the solution can mean to generate our energy to being accepting of what is and to try and improve it: first energetically, through our intentions and higher reasons for doing so, and then through our actions inspired by our intentions. And this all begins with an acceptance that we are here to help life, at all levels, refine, which is the very process that helps us refine. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now there’s stages in which this is done, and one of the first stages is what you’re describing, in your dream, where you take and you are in an environment that gives you greater spatiality. In an environment that gives you greater spatiality you develop more chi in your nature, in order to be able to radiate your beingness.

When you’re oppressed, and your environment is restricted, and you have things that have to contend with because there are things that are imposed, your chi is going to be limited and, therefore, your spatiality, as one of the initial ways of being able to have those flip side moments, is going to be choked out.

So you dreamt of one of the ways in which you are able to function in kind of a counterclockwise change of pace. The key, though, is not to understand the steps as much as to understand the overall burden, or challenge maybe, it’s like a burden, it’s like a purgatory to have to figure this out, is to understand that there is a way of hearing and denoting something really, really deeply inside of yourself that is only there when the heart is not afflicted.

And since everything vies for the heart, when is it that the heart is not afflicted? The heart is always going to be afflicted if it draws some sort of attention that causes a reaction. And so how do you function without drawing some sort of attention that causes a reaction? How do you function, because there’s hardly anything that you’re able to do that doesn’t invoke something like that? Just the way you carry yourself, and the way you look, is going to invoke some sort of reaction.

It’s just like driving on an icy road. You don’t fight the slide. You go into the slide, and then come out of it. And you have to go into it by accepting the fact that you’re sliding, and when you turn into the direction of the slide you can easily go off the road. But if you try to fight the slide you could flip the car. So the best way of driving is to accept the inevitable, to go into the slide and then try to slowly pull yourself out.

That’s the most effective way, and that’s just a principle that, you could say, is something that you can denote or learn without having to get spiritual. I mean that’s just an understanding in terms of how the outer works, because in the reflective conditions of things there is always more to be seen. I mean it, too, reflects to the inner, and this principle then is a reflection in the outer.

But what we tend to get caught in is the dense reflections in the outer where we have issues, and take sides, and carry moods, and have mannerisms. And the problem that is very, very difficult to understand, and it only takes a split second to set this problem off and then it will reside for almost ever, is when you get to a particular point of consciousness it’s very, very easy to go over the top in some small capacity and not realize it. And when you have done that, it’s almost impossible to figure out how to take that back because it’s usually some subtle part of yourself that’s misaligned, that has done that, in a zone in which there is a greater freedom but still that blindside snuck in.

And so how do you come back and reconcile the blindside? The key is every person has to do that. They have to do that because this is what sets off things that then get inflected back that vie for the heart. See, the whole thing comes back to working with the principle of the heart, and you work with the principle of the heart in terms of the breath as well.

The Divine Play of things is where you come down into the reflective and realize that there’s something more going on in the reflective. It’s very contracted, and it’s going to have its impositions upon the heart, and then when something more, the greater beingness that’s intertwined in the whole of everything, in which there is an absolute, total acceptance because there’s just the essence then, in that there is a bliss, and in that there are no oppositions. In that there aren’t the multiplicities. It’s like being in another realm. And in order to have that flip that changes the world, you have to be so acceptive that you’re able to function in whatever environment you find yourself in.

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soundwave-sound-wave-3d-rendering-oWe all know what it’s like to have trouble downloading something from the Internet: if we don’t have the exact ID and password, it’s impossible to do; i.e., if we’re off by one number, we’re not “close.” Well, it is the universal nature of energy that like is attracted to like, so if we want to attract kindness into our lives, then we have to begin to radiate kindness ourselves – and that radiation will energetically draw in the frequencies of kindness as well. But if we say we want kindness, but radiate judgment and anger, kindness will not be able to find us. This is why “the rich get richer,” because if you already have a quality (energetically), you will always attract more of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I could pull more of my dream through because it felt like I was just struggling with it. And in the dream it was like I was downloading experiences, and I was doing it with somebody else, a man.

And then there was a series of experiences that I was having trouble downloading, or uploading, however you would consider it, and I had to get things aligned in order to do it, and then I had to judge whether or not it was kind of going to be an overload for the person, or not, or the sequence, or how they were stored right now.

And I just seemed to be struggling to get that right, wanted to get a certain balance with it, and I was trying to juggle it, and going over it, and evaluating it, maybe discussing it, just trying to get it right to download. That’s all I really remember about the dream.

John: So you were just going through, constantly trying to contend with the sorting of something out that stood in between two things from happening, or coming together – right?

Jeane: Yeah.

John: Well, that was the nature of the theme of the dreams last night, was that there is a need to aspire to the vibration within, which pulls together, and aligns, on various levels.

And, in the outer, it is often times expressed as some insignificant thing that seems to be a complexity, or issue, and it’s generally considered fairly trite, you know, when you’re dreaming it.  And if you can just resolve it, then the sensation is that a flow is then possible, or intertwining is able to happen.

It is easy to not see or notice the dilemma, or the small, trite issue, and when one doesn’t notice this the energetic condition that they carry is one of bewilderment. And when you walk around in a bewilderment you take on moods, and mannerisms, that weigh upon the heart because you are not in flow with the outer from within – and are instead caught in a conundrum of the reflections in the outer that predominate.

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