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i5e5It’s good to have time to prepare for a flood: grab certain things, put out some sand bags, find higher ground. But if that flood is internal, and comes from the energetics of newly opening, and awakening, inner aspects, the preparation is a bit different. We need to allow for expansion, we can’t bring certain ways with us that no longer fit, and it will take a little while to find a new state of equilibrium. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I had a dream where it feels like I’m two people: I’m this adolescent boy, and then I’m this adolescent girl that are living in a home. And the boy doesn’t feel very trustworthy. Seems like sometimes I’m one, and sometimes I’m the other, and sometimes I’m an observer.

At the same time the boy doesn’t seem trustworthy, I feel like I know things he doesn’t know. So I know where things are kept, or even things from the past are stored that belong to him, that are part of his identity that he doesn’t even seem to know that he still has, or has access to. So it feels like I’m explaining to him where things are in a certain room. And they even constitute certain resources for him.

Otherwise, it’s kind of an odd situation we’re living in; there are some adults around. It’s an old building with a lot of artifacts in it, and it feels like at some point I suddenly become aware that it’s going to be flooded. And it’s like I want to bring some things to him to take with us, in case of a flood, but I realize I haven’t even really grabbed my purse or a coat, and I’m trying to get us all to another building.

And, when we leave, because of the flood that’s going to come, and I know it’ll move through the whole building we were living in, you cover things up or mix things up. I’ve grabbed a few things, but I’m not even sure what and everything’s confused. And then we’re having to stay in a large room with other people.

When we get to that large room in some ways he acts like he doesn’t know me because it feels as though it gives him a certain power if other people don’t know who he knows. He can maneuver or manipulate a little bit more that way. And I’m more of an observer in the scene, which is a little confusing to me. And I realized I did get my coat or something. Or I didn’t get a coat, maybe I had grabbed my purse, but I’d left a coat behind, and instead I grabbed a jacket that’s much too large for me – and I realize is an old school jacket of one of the people that lives in the building. And when we all have to stay in one room, whoever originally wore that jacket will probably be there.

But I’m a little confused by the boy that lived in the house like kind of acting like he doesn’t know me once we’re in the larger room because we have to kind of sometimes sleep three and four in a bed there – because everybody’s kind of refugees from the storm – but he feels like that gives him some more power and with other people not knowing that we know each other, and not knowing what’s going on. It was just an odd little dream.

John: Well, it’s a dream that, first of all, identifies a quality or characteristic of the feminine nature, of your nature, that takes and is capable of absorbing, or taking in, a quality, or pulling together an energetic so that it causes a recognition, or a realization, to come out.

First of all it recognizes and acknowledges that this is the characteristic, or quality, of relatability that is deemed important, and that then goes through kind of a neurosis of feeling like it is losing its connection to do that. And so it’s evaluating whether the confusion that causes this connection to be lost is related to a sense of thinking that there is something more.

So you’re trying to sort this out, and you’re trying to sort this out in relationship to how big the spaciality is of what is going on. And it’s as if determining the spaciality determines how and where you are able to be. Because first of all it starts with the underlying recognition that the quality of being able to take in, as a type of absorptive energy, that quality of being able to take in that energy, to embody a quality of an energy, the embodying of it is what causes a connective awareness to unfold, to emerge, and for there to be a type of balance.

And that you’re taking the position that that’s somehow or another in jeopardy. And you’re coming to this conclusion, assuming that something is askew based upon a lack of recognized sight. Now, what is the recognized sight? Recognized sight is that you sense and feel inside of yourself that the process that’s involved is going to continue to keep pulling out more and more and more, and that it is designed and destined to do that. And that, if interrupted, something like that, then, just never becomes known like it can become known, or transpire.

And so you’re kind of taking and asking a question, as well, in terms of that is your core understanding. And then, from that core understanding, you’re asking the question: is there something greater, or bigger? In other words, is the spaciality designed to be bigger?

And so in trying to consider whether the spaciality is meant to be bigger, you’re trying to sort through that. And the way you’re sorting through that it lacks a clarity. It lacks a clarity. It’s trying to find an acceptance by going through a reaction, that lacks clarity. It brings up a neurosis and kind of is left in a spaciality where something is bigger, but doesn’t know what to make out of that.

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In these two dreams, John begins by seeking a deeper communication, through the image of a personal cell phone. It is the search for greater meaning in life. The second image, where the main characters are a pen and pieces of paper, signals a readiness to be in service – an essential step on the spiritual path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The dream kind of has two parts actually, as if two separate dreams. And in the first dream, you and I have a cellular telephone. It works, it’ll get the job done, but it’s not our cellular telephone and it would be best if we had our own cellular telephone as opposed to this other cellular telephone that is somehow or another loaned out to us.

And so I’m sitting, evaluating the vibration of what it would feel like for us to have our own cellular telephone, with a greater sense of freedom, than us having to take and utilize this borrowed cellular telephone, which does get by, but leaves something to be desired.

It’s almost as if we flush something out, in terms of the meaning, more succinctly, with a knowingness it’ll be a lot easier, but if we’re still operating under biased conditions in terms of how things are about us, although that is revealing in its own way, it’s not as succinct as it could be.

In the next dream, which is the really loud dream that I had, it’s like I’m a pen, and I have a partner who is also a pen, and we’re stealing something from someplace, and I’ve retrieved whatever it is that I want to retrieve. I’m done with whatever it is that I’m trying to do. So I jump into a ream of paper and hide behind a couple sheets of paper, and of course this ream of paper is all packaged like 500 sheets, and this pen is sitting there hiding. And I’m yelling at my cohort, “Let’s go. Let’s get out of here.”

He replies back that he’s pausing to grab one last thing that is needed. Well, I say to him, “You know, that’s a good idea,” whatever it is that he was reaching to get because it was something that I had forgotten, or hadn’t realized that one needed that. But then all of a sudden, out of the place comes the owner or whatever, and he’s loaded for bear. He’s got a gun.

I go, “Oh no, we’re about to be turned into carbon dust. We’re going to bite the big one. We’re going to get riddled with bullets.” It’s like a cartoon character just carrying away like that. Then all of a sudden, and it’s as if we were going to hide somewhere near a pool of water, when all of a sudden we’re bailed out at the last possible moment, expecting the bullets to rain down on us, when this flash flood hits and we are swept out in the street.

And my partner reacts like, “Oh this is not good!” And my comment is, “I’m not sure this is so bad, because we’d just get riddled with bullets. And I see us being swept down the street just missing parked vehicles and whatnot by this flash flood. And finally the whole thing subsides.

And when it subsides of course, because we’re in this special packaging, there we are eventually coming to a halt from the flood waters. I don’t actually see the flood waters come completely to a halt, but they’re subsiding and you know that shortly they will. And there we’ll be, two reams of paper, each with its own special wrapping that protects it. There I am, as a pen, hiding under a couple sheets, and there he is, as a pen, hiding underneath a couple of sheets.

What does something like this mean? Well, it all has to do with catching up with something that’s meaningful, and is intended, and like in the first dream there was the attempt to vibrationally feel that through a listening center with cellular phones, and whatnot, that to begin with are not taken on as one needs to take them on. They’re like borrowed or something, and although that can work – if your listening center is proper enough, you can still make something out of it.

It’s better to catch up with how you are really meant to be, and in this dream, you’re continuing the theme in which there is a lot of symbolism between a pen and blank sheet of paper. A blank sheet of paper is said to be something that has gotten itself into a condition to where something can be written upon it, and that which can be written can then be effectuated, in terms of Ibn Arabi’s Governance of Man or whatever it’s called [Divine Governance of the Human Kingdom].

The pen has a unique significance, and paper, and the scribe, and all of those things just like we are a city in and of ourselves. And so, before one is thrown into the river of life, one shocks themselves by taking on a little bit much, and in this little bit much, in the shock effect of the river of life, you tend to forget.

You go from one state that is overwhelming, to another state that may be out of danger of what was about to get you on the inner, and another state that’s amnesic in the outer – but how are you going to catch up with it?

And the whole issue is going to be, when the flood waters of the sojourn into life more or less end, and as you’re then able to check out your well being, and you feel yourself what this means as a pen with a ream of blank paper safeguarded from the outer conditions by a special packaging, what that’s all about remains to be seen.

In other words, it’s not known but that’s more or less the conditions that you find yourself in. And I suppose a scenario that might have triggered a dream like that, is that first you go into the state of Nirvana, or into the all pervasive ocean of whatever it is that’s everything, and because this is a path of service and you come out of that – you don’t have to come out of it, but you do come out of it – and sojourn back into life for the service of mankind – and so I thought that was interesting.

I have never heard it presented quite like that or at least I hadn’t heard it completed as a statement in terms of, one makes the journey and then comes back into life because that’s the nature of this path. It’s almost like that caused an inflection inside of me, and I think it had something to do with the way this dream is triggered, and I think that the pen and paper have something to do with the assignment of it all, even though there’s such an amnesia and bewilderment that exists when you go from that state, back to this state, not knowing quite what it is that has to be recognized, or realized, or awakened.


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