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John: In the next dream, I go to the opposite extreme. I have transitioned from a state of dense contraction, in the first dream, to a state of extreme expansion. (See the first dream here: Nearing the Top.)

I am picked up in a helicopter to be taken to a house. The pilot, a woman, takes the helicopter up so fast it practically stalls out the engine, and the helicopter plunges toward the ground. The pilot rights it just in time, with the helicopter blades hitting treetops and branches, but we make it through.

The treetops give way and don’t break the helicopter blades. I give a huge sigh of relief: “Boy, was that close!” The pilot, rather than easing up, presses the helicopter hard toward its destination.

In other words, she doesn’t give it a chance to regain some sort of balance. There’s no effort to get stabilized. It’s just helter skelter flying. The person I’m with, who is the owner of the house I’m going to, just kind of looks away. He’s not paying any attention.

I’m not able to be so cool, calm, and collected. I gasp as we barrel along, swerving between trees, crashing through bushes that, fortunately, don’t cause the helicopter to crash. Finally, we set down at the base of a hill.

The house we’re going to is at the top of some steps, but to begin with I just jump out of the helicopter. Man, I’m in a state of shock. At the top of the steps I yell at the helicopter pilot.

I say things like, “Do you have a death wish?” The owner of the house and another passenger just tend to business. They bring up the luggage from down below. I’m still in a state of shock. I’m not offering any help in bringing up the luggage.

As the owner and the other guest return from down below, I’m still standing at the top of the stairs. As I gather my composure, I ask the owner, “Is there anything else left in the helicopter that I can bring up?”

Significance: In this dream I’m shown an approach that is the opposite of the first dream. In that dream, I’m burdened with a dense, animalistic energy that inhibits me and can’t be brought on my journey. It’s like a weight that gets heavier as I near the top. I can’t come before the teacher in such a condition. Still, we saw that that energy could serve a purpose because it could function as a type of way station.

In the second dream, I’ve entered into expansiveness – I’m flying in a helicopter – but everything is chaotic. It’s not smooth, controlled, or balanced, but I am up off the ground. It’s not a flight I can appreciate however, because I’m basically in shock and consumed by my reactions. Again, I do get to the destination, but I’m not in good shape.

I’m being shown that I’m somewhere in between these two extremes. The denser, contractive energy is a feminine condition that seeks union. The expansive, masculine condition experiences the chaos that creates separation.

Somehow, these two states need to be consolidated in me. Both are trying to bring about change, yet they are doing so in clumsy, unacceptable ways.

I’m shown that I can’t reach my destination with all my familiar psychological patterns. I need to let go of the lower-self ego aspects, and I need to trust in the higher aspects that can “fly” me to where I want to go.

Fortunately, I had a third dream that consolidates these two extremes.

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John: I start off in my dream thinking that I need to go at a slow and steady pace, a pace that is very safe. I have a sense that I am being pulled or directed in some fashion, but that is not the image. The image is that the route that I am walking on is fairly steady and stable and it is not too steep. There are slopes going up and down but they are not an issue. I have these lines, or reins, that I am holding, walking in front of a group of reindeer. The feeling that something is pulling me does not make sense because I am actually leading these reindeer. And I am leading them because I also know deep down that if they are out front, they might go faster than I can handle. I have a feeling of comfort inside, proceeding like this, because I know that eventually I am going to reach some destination. I have no idea what it is, or how long it is going to take. I can’t even fathom anything like that. I am just going along, trudging slowly.

Then it seems that the reindeer pull up next to me and then go by, and they start pulling me along. I get a little shiver of fear that I should keep things the way they were, with me leading, but for some reason I am able to dismiss that idea because the path ahead seems pretty straight. I am in some kind of quasi-sleigh or something too. So, I feel that if the path stays fairly straight, then going faster won’t be an issue. But then the reindeer do start going faster, and faster.

I start thinking, “well, I can handle it,” so I don’t panic. Plus the pathway seems to have trees on the side setting natural boundaries. As soon as I think that the reindeer dart off to the left and through some trees and then they really take off. All of a sudden the whole sensation changes; it is like I am no longer on the ground. I am flying, and I am holding onto these reins and the reindeer are stretched out in front where I don’t see them anymore, and all I can do is hold on.

I have no thoughts about a destination, the reindeer are just going up and down over hill and dale. Every time I think I am going to crash into a steep cliff ahead, right at the last second I glide over the top. Or just when I think the sleigh is going to bounce over some great big boulders, I seem to slide comfortably around them. I feel like I am off the ground, and even in my dream I am thinking that this is not the way to be.

What is interesting is that I no longer ponder the idea of a destination, but I do have the sense that all roads lead to the same place. I just need to hold on for dear life. Actually, that’s an interesting word play, “dear (deer) life.”

So that was what I found myself doing, and I was covering an unbelievable amount of ground. When I was leading, I was probably moving at 1/50th of the speed, and then I was literally flying. I had no time to think about anything, not even my own safety. Anyway, if I had let go, I would have had no idea where I was. Not that I did before, but at least then I felt a sense of comfort inside of me. Then I realized that I needed something like this to pull me along: I had covered so much distance that if I were to let go, I would have been even more lost. At least I had the forward motion that I could hold onto. That was the sensation that I had when I woke up. I didn’t feel completely discombobulated, but it wasn’t a feeling of comfort, either.

I was left wondering what could possibly happen next. The reindeer were the true power and guidance. They were initially dormant inside, or perhaps barely awake, because in the beginning I did feel that the reindeer energy (Kundalini energy) was pulling me along, even though they were behind me. Then I recognized that I needed this Kundalini energy to be awakened, because without that spiritual power my physical situation remained undefined. Then as I begin to feel steady with the reins, I took comfort in the idea that I was proceeding at a controllable pace towards some eventual destination. It was then that I was able to let go of my fear, and that’s when the reindeer took over. Yet somewhere deep down I knew that to let the Kundalini forces loose would be the ride of a lifetime.

And I think it’s a big hint that what is depicted here is an all or nothing-at-all scenario. Kundalini energy can be considered dangerous unless it is opened up in a proper way. It was like a part of me was recognizing its power, and making sure everything was controlled and kept at a certain pace. When I let go of my fears, the energy broke loose, but I stayed with it and trusted it to steer me the right way, and it did.

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