Unknown Skills

vibrate-81This dream follows the dream we looked at yesterday (see Lines of Energy). And when we remember that different dreams through the course of a night are often different and continuing aspects of the original dream, we can see the changes that have occurred. The dreamer has learned to fly and to become a warrior, and with the interaction of a spider and its eggs, the dreamer is now promoting the growth of new connective energies in herself. As the image proceeds, the dreamer discovers skills she didn’t know she had – because she has allowed something dormant to awaken in her. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my second dream, I seem to be on some kind of a planet where the people and animals can at times look different than they are here, and sometimes they look like they are here, but it feels like a different planet. And there is some kind of battle going on, now and then. I don’t always see it.

In the beginning of the dream I seem a little bit more on my own. I mean I might go into a room and there’s people there I know, but I’m feeling a little more on my own. I remember one time that I went into a room and there was a couple that we went to India with that are there, and there’s a couple there from my past from New York, and other people.

But when I’ve left that room I’ve gone out and I’ve been forced, in order to escape from being attacked, I’ve been forced to fly, and I’ve been forced to fly in front of people, like I might have to fly up over a cliff, or fly over the water, and I had to do it in front of people so I couldn’t hide that I could do that.

And then it feels like I get kind of bold with it, and I come back to the room where I know people and show them that I can fly. But then there’s different reactions to it, and then I’m not sure whether I should’ve done that, but the result of it seems to be that there’s something that’s kind of like this strange creature that’s considered part spider – but it doesn’t look like a spider – and it comes and deposits something in my pocket, that are like little eggs, that can be used as a weapon when we go to battle.

And then it unwraps itself from me, and it feels like I suddenly have some others that are with me and I show them how I can fly. And I think one of them even learns how to fly because we need that to get away from people. And then we’ve gone to a village where there’s some elders, and I think at this point there was even some kind of a battle I was involved in, that pulled out certain skills I didn’t know I had, or I even could spot somebody that was an enemy that was disguising themselves as a friend.

And when I go over towards one of the elders somebody talks about how my mother had been… I can’t remember the name now, but it indicated that she’d been some kind of a shadow warrior, so maybe these abilities that I had I had inherited. But because I’d inherited them at a time when the training didn’t still exist, it’s like they were coming out in battle but I didn’t even know what some of them are yet because we didn’t have the same training we used to have. Now it’s just coming out when you have to use it.

John: The big difference, and the most distinct difference in this dream, is that instead of being subordinated by the energy lines, which means that something is always haunting you, or chasing you, or you’re having to escape or something like that, that you’ve reversed this now to where you’ve developed an acuity to being able to contend with the energy lines, to be able to maneuver in relationship to the energy lines, to be able to find a space within the energy lines.

And the fact that there’s the spider and all of that, and that there’s the eggs of the spider, which means that you’re laying the seed for intertwining it more and more and more all of the time, and there’s a kind of a confidence in that.

The first part of the dream, before all of that, dealt with just recognizing that you could be somehow or another unique in relationship to the energy line. In your particular case, you’ve taken out that word, or that consequence of a word, or way of looking at it that can be put into place because you’re just evolving more and more all the time, in terms of how it is that you’re able to contend with how things are in terms of the way you, yourself, in your uniqueness, is able to, first of all, exist within the context of that, and then, second, intertwine within the context of that, lay the seeds of something. And those seeds, those eggs of the spider, the spider always webs, and the eggs then also know how to intertwine.

And so what you’re doing is it’s like you’re just kind of experiencing yourself suddenly doing this, but the dramatic thing that needs to be denoted is a huge shift in this dream. The huge shift in relationship to the fact that you are no longer, that you may be at a point where you no longer, have to contend with having to view forces as haunting you, in other words, like you being out of sync in terms of the way things are in a general context – meaning that there is something yet that needs to open up more for you, and that you are pushing off from that opening up.

Maybe from here on you may be dreaming more to the effect that things have opened up to what is needed and necessary, that a completeness has been reached, so that now you can proceed to go forward and twine and intertwine in relationship to how that is. And if you’re able to do that, then you’re able to kind of alter and change the story, otherwise you’re still having to find yourself in relationship to whatever the overall storyline or design is.

So this is a broader, a more descriptive, and a cleaner view of what’s going on, and how it’s evolving. That’s pretty good. I mean this is one of those cases where the feminine’s description of something evolving like this looks a lot better than the masculine’s portrayal.

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Picking Up Speed

Flying 1Here is an interesting view of the relationship between our inner and outer lives in a dream. This image begins with a look at an aspect of the interior life of the dreamer: it’s a big space, and it’s made of stone, and it has a guard at the door. Yet there is something youthful there as well, something not fully grown, or realized, that needs her help. And when the two of them are able to get free of the locked up interior, she is able to fly. And when other aspects of the dreamer are still entangled, she is even able to land safely. When we adapt ourselves to what is awakening within us, soft landings are possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember about the first dream is I seem to be in a large stone building, and there’s a doorman, or almost like a guard at the door of this building, and so people have to go by him to come in and out.

And there’s some girl that’s somewhat adolescent, maybe more than one of them, that come to me. I don’t know why. I mean I don’t remember what I do. I just remember it feels like when the girl comes to me I must be doing something with her, because when she goes back out in the world, or sometimes she goes to a movie, I remember there was a movie in this film. And other times it feels like there’s some questions about whether or not she needs to take medication.

And when I go out in the world it feels like I do go into another building where they’re showing a movie, but I go into the restaurant and not to the movie. And I’m waiting for my sister and someone else to come out of the movie.

And then it feels like the girl comes, and it feels like maybe she needs to take medication but some people don’t approve of her taking meditation, and when I go out into the world with her away from the buildings suddenly I’m kind of flying through the air. And I go way up high, and when I go way up high and there’s like stone and water down below, there’s some kind of… it almost looks like a thick rope that has come up in the air, and a guy and somebody else have gotten a little tangled up in it so they can’t fly through the air.

So when I’m flying then there’s a structure up in the air where some other guys that were flying maybe got tangled up and it pulled them down, and I feel like I might fall down, too. You could maybe fall down as far as the water – but I seem to just kind of float down. And I can see one of the guys is semi-unconscious kind of caught up, tangled up.

It feels like I kind of have gotten down now where I’m near the water, so I want to go over near the land. It feels like I want to sort out whether or not the girl needs to take medication or not, whether I can get her medications. Even though I thought I might crash or get tangled up like the guys did, I didn’t. I seem to go back to the land.

And other than that, in that dream, I just remember being in a restaurant waiting for some people to come out of a movie so I could go where I was going next. Those are the only pieces I remember. It was just odd dreaming.

John: What you’re dreaming is about something opening up. In other words, something is speeding up, or something is opening up, in that you go from something that’s like inside, in which it’s an inside in which there’s something still being worked on in terms of yourself.

In other words, that part of yourself on the inside is still needing to be healed or something. And then when you open up, when you expand, when you probe out, when you go out you speed up and then there’s still the sense of the part of yourself that is remiss or something – but it’s more like an inflection, or a memory, as opposed to a predicament.

You know what that kind of image and flow reminds me of is that a person, when they feel themselves, they notice that they have their insecurities, and they have their personality, and they have their mannerisms, which are encapsulated in a kind of expression or ego. And then when you speed up or get out of the set scenario, and you go out into the flux of things, in order to be okay in the flux of things you have to speed up.

And in the speeding up you don’t completely lose track over certain characteristics, but the characteristics are more like a shadow in the background, in other words, or an ego in the background, or a personality or a mannerism in the background, that kind of doesn’t have the same effect because you’ve now taken off.

So the speeding up enables something to be able to be relieved, in terms of what would have been an unfoldment if there hadn’t been such a change. I guess the sense of the speeding up, or of something changing, or shifting to where something opens up more, was a bit of a theme of the dream.

Your dream is including this whole sense of a type of speeding up as an answer, or as a resolution, in other words not sitting in some sort of heaviness or weightiness about it all, but there’s something that has to take a step that picks up speed.

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Creating Conflict

myy6Here the dreamer sees men in strange flying objects shooting at one another. And the masculine, as an energetic principle, begins “off the ground,” while the feminine principle is grounded. So the imagery speaks of a battle that is being waged on the inner levels. And the feminine is meant to ground things in life that are sparked into existence by the masculine. Until something is grounded it stays an energetic, but the process of being human is to bring energies into the physical realms. So this is a process we all do, naturally, and the dream is showing the process as it struggles to find a resolution to any resistance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, initially I’m in junior high and high school. I think I had a boyfriend in junior high, but at some point I left him and now it’s like high school or right after high school.

And I’ve gone to the beach with a boyfriend. I think it’s another boyfriend. We’re out on this kind of vast sand beach. He’s over to one side and I start looking up at the sky and, as I look up there, I notice a kind of strange flying object. And as it turned slightly I see that there’s a man with a gun, a rifle, that’s hanging out of the doorway of this strange flying object, and that it’s chasing another flying object that looks like a car that’s flying with another man with a rifle in it.

And meanwhile I go over in the sand and, at a distance from me in the sand, I actually have a dresser drawers. I go over and I open it up, and in one drawer instead of clothes maybe some bubblegum or something that had dropped at some point, so there are all these tiny, tiny ants are swarming the whole drawer. They almost seem to be in the air around you as you open it, so I shut it, and I realize I’m going to have to do something to clean out the whole dresser drawers or anything in them, and so I’ve gone back over to the side.

Meanwhile, I look up at the sky again, and the one person in the little faster flying vehicle that has fired at the other one. It’s like the other one got away from him, so suddenly he comes down and lands on the sand and grabs me. And then there’s somebody with him, and then I think he thinks that, you know, I can’t really help him at all because, you know, these are people that fly around in the sky and shoot at each other.

So he starts to leave but then he and somebody else they come back and they grab me, and they start looking at the back of first one of my hands and then the other. They were looking for some mark that denoted a certain genius or something, so I kind of joke with them that they’re looking at the wrong person here, but there was some sand covering the back of my hand so he starts brushing off the sand and he sees something there that he does find interesting. It might not have been what he was originally looking for, but he finds something else that’s interesting.

So I’m kind of a little agitated by this because of the feeling that maybe, you know, they’re going to try to take me somewhere, or they might take me with them, but I seem to walk away because then I find myself preoccupying again about how to clean the chest of drawers.

John: The dream is basically saying that there’s a part of the way that you continue to hold out, or feel yourself, that causes you then to look and direct your attention into the outer. And when you look and direct your attention in the outer, because the way your feeling yourself needs to be somehow or another corresponded to an aspect of something in a manifested way, you actually go away from the imprint of your being – which is an innerness, of which you still have the semblance, the echo.

But when you look out actually all of this being a continued stemming from the space of an attention upon how it is that you’re holding onto something deep down inside, and not letting go of, so as a consequence for that to live itself out it has you looking out to try to manifest it and, in doing that, you end up losing the light. You end up with the masculine principle of being off the ground, and that things are fighting and going at it. In other words, there is a dynamic, then, that is outside of yourself.

Now somehow you know that you need to pull this inside of yourself, so that that quality does come down, and take and look at yourself and look at you, but you have to take that in. It’s kind of like the woodcutter story. The woodcutter abandoned everything in terms of going into his hut and closing all of his shades inside the hut and just sitting and sitting quietly. Somehow or another he knew that in just sitting something more could happen.

And one day he started to notice that there was like a light coming out of him, and he thought well this is interesting. You know he’s sitting in this dark house with all the shades pulled and there’s a light coming out of him. So he is curious how this works, so he decides to partially open one of the shades and, as he peers out, animals sense the light, they come around, and as he peers out he noticed that the light diminishes.

So he goes back and he sits and he reaccesses this quality where he’s putting everything back into the heart again, and the light gets brighter. And so then he decides to open more shades and look out, and he even sees humans and other things now, but as soon as he sees them and as soon as he tries to bring those into focus, the light, the clarity, the inflection of an inner essence inside of himself, that’s reflected as a light, that’s portrayed as a type of light, diminishes again.

So finally he realizes that what’s important is this light and so he just goes and he sits. He doesn’t take and have to try to use his physical senses to try to make the light happen. The light doesn’t happen that way.

What this story portrays is that what he is actually doing is he is allowing everything to exist inside of his heart, and it can’t exist inside of his heart if he has projections outside of himself, if he’s looking with the senses and trying to come from what he has a sense of inside and throw it into the outer. That then dulls and diminishes and shorts the light out. So he realizes that when he sits and goes somewhere, and is somewhere else deep inside of himself, his ability to be really deep inside of himself has a whole lot to do with how he’s able to let everything come in. Everything sees itself. A consciousness emerges.

Everybody is doing it trying to sort things out with their senses and their mind. It’s in the allowing something to reside inside of yourself, and that’s where these little parables come up. In other words, to begin with you may come to see the outer as an illusion, and so instead of it being you and me, it’s just me. And then eventually you disappear yourself, and when you’ve done that, then it is just you – meaning something else – and then that something else inside of your heart held in a place without any story to it because you don’t have any story of yourself, that is where love is at, and that is where God is at.

You have the illusionary inflection of something that’s created. Everything in the outer is created for the benefit of something else to be able to have an experience of itself through it, and so if what is created, in other words if man goes out and tries to perceive everything that’s out there and take that in as if he can read through the illusion, he’s getting it backwards. Instead, man, who is a composite of everything that there is in every regard in the outer, he’s made out of all of that because he is that, if man can just then quit looking out and can instead put everything inside of himself – but he doesn’t put it inside of himself.

What happens is is he actually takes himself out of the equation so that he hears nothing about him that interferes, or interrupts, or disturbs and thus things can come to see themselves by existing inside of a human being. Otherwise they can’t see themselves. A human being having any kind of cognition of trying to do this, or to do that, that’s backwards. The right way of doing it is to get into an empty enough space so that everything is able to mirror by being able to exist inside of a heart of a human being. In other words, there is no “me” anymore. There’s just that, and that, then, is God. That’s another way, a closer way, of describing what God is.

And so in your dream, what you’re doing is you’re still carrying, you’re still projecting, something in terms of a way you want to feel yourself. And this way that you want to feel yourself then has to manifest, and that’s what manifestation is all about is to give you a means so that it can occur. And so when you have this and you don’t let go of it then you are still looking in terms of how to maximize; you’re looking into the outer, because you don’t realize that you can sit back and be holding all of it inside of yourself, that and everything else.

But you can only do that if you have an emptiness, but if you have something that is banging around as a doingness, as something that needs to be, then you start looking out, and then if you’re truthful to yourself, what you see is that that creates just nothing but stress. That’s just a conflict.

In other words, in your image of what you see, you see a type of strife, which means that you recognize, some part of you acknowledges in your higher self, that this tears you down. And your higher self seems to know, or have a bit of an echo towards, how it is done so that when you take a step back it’s as if the issues out there take a time out, and come and evaluate you in terms of something about you as a beingness that intonates something. In other words, because that other is an aliveness that’s been created in the illusion of things, and you carry something that’s like a faint memory where they can see the mark or this, that, or the other upon which there is a sense of something that can go more deeply, outside of having to go through the machinations of activity, of reactivity, of indulgence. That’s an awful interesting way to dream.

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