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Jeane: In the next dream, we’re in bed, but you’ve gotten up to use the bathroom. Well, when you get up, I notice that a friend of mine, and her husband, are also in the bed. At the end of the room is a big wardrobe that you open up and then you sit briefly on a chair nearby before heading to the bathroom.

When you come back, you’re hopping around and you pick up something. I think I tell my friend that it’s a TV schedule that you’ve grabbed, and perhaps you’re confused because you can’t get something on the TV.

As you’re hopping around (you seem to be hopping rather than walking), I holler, “You know, it’s a.m. not p.m.” because that seems to be the problem with finding the show on the schedule.

Then I see you sit very still at the far end of the room, like you’re not moving. Well, I realize you’re not moving because it sounds like there’s a huge bumblebee in the room and you don’t want it to sting you.

Then it seems that it’s no longer you sitting at the far end of the room, but it’s my older dog, a male Basenji I had, in a frozen position because of the bee. The bee then comes toward me and, since the light is on, I kind of cower down and the bee lands right on my cheek! I don’t want to move. I want someone to come get rid of it so it won’t sting me.

I don’t know what finally happened, but something makes it move and then it lands on the wall. I get out of bed to look and it’s just a normal-sized hornet rather than the huge bumblebee it felt like on my cheek.

Then I go to look at my dog and he has two little puncture wounds on his back, the poor thing. So, I’ve kind of gone over to see how the dog is. That’s that dream.

John: Interesting. As each dream from the night unfolds, the imagery is getting subtler (see Get Smart and Indulgence). In the previous dream you’re paying attention to an imbalance, but you don’t quite have all of the variables. It’s like being thrown a curve; then the question is, how far can your nature go in handling the curve?

There are always a lot of variables that can be picked up as part of something meaningful and dynamic. But you have to pick those variables up through a greater, overall part of yourself. Otherwise you end up with knee-jerk type reactions to all the little things that go on. Those reactions create disturbances within you, whether in a dream scenario, or in your life.

And when you respond in that way, it pulls you away from who you really are – it knocks you from your center. In other words, you don’t want to get carried away by your imagination of what the situation is. If you do, the next thing you know you’re stinging yourself, or confusing yourself, or creating problems that prevent you from doing what you’re able to do in a greater capacity.

It’s like you have an intuition that has developed listening in a greater way, but hasn’t yet figured out how to discern or discriminate so that it doesn’t create friction. In the dreams, you see yourself almost like a Laurel and Hardy. You’ve become the fall guy. That isn’t how you’re supposed to be.

You’re supposed to be able to roll with everything that happens, as opposed to going off on a tangent. Somehow you’re allowing yourself to be affected – shifted – into an imagined idea of what is occurring around you, as opposed to carrying it in your balance.

Another example is when we feel an illness or physical pain, or any imbalance in our nature, we tend to worry about that and send all our attention on to it. In other words, we tend to lose an overall trust or balance.

It is not that we aren’t supposed to pay attention to something that is affecting us, it’s just that there can be an indulgent, or imaginative, aspect to it that inflates its importance and ends up disrupting our internal listening center.

We each have the capability of keeping everything in its proper perspective. As shown in this dream, that capability in you has to do with catching up with the masculine side of yourself (the image of me, hopping around).

Your feminine side feels all of this in an overall way, and is receptive to what is occurring. Yet in its attempt to accommodate what it is sensing, it can go over the top to the point where you’re creating things that sting or disturb in your environment.

So it’s a tough balance, to be sensitive and accommodating. Yet it’s an important balance because we can end up creating greater disturbances than the ones we are trying to smooth out.

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Jeane: In my dream I am traveling and I have come to a city with a group of people. My niece is part of the group, too. When we initially arrive we are on a streetcar, and it has stopped for a minute. Someone I used to know who led seminars hops on and is talking to the group. He doesn’t recognize me. He has a kind of goofy haircut and is joking around; he’s not quite being himself. He seems to be playing a role.

I suddenly make a comment so he notices me and knows that I recognize him. He steps aside and we talk for a minute. Because I’ve recognized him, he leaves. We then go through an area that is under construction. Ancient buildings, some not unlike the Parthenon, are being dismantled by very big machines. It’s not that they are being destroyed; parts of them are being torn down to be rebuilt. Where our group is standing, it seems to me like some of the machinery might run over us or some of the blocks might drop on us, so I am trying to get the group to move a bit to another area on the side where it is a little less dangerous. It seems to take a long time.

When we do go to the site, I am explaining to my niece that even though it looks like things are being torn down, what is really happening is that they are reconstructing some space to add a new room to what is already built there. Even though it’s a different time period, they are making this addition. Then, as my niece is talking to me I realize that she has a music teacher. It’s like I can see the singing – I can see that they have somewhat of a true tone and some strength there, but they still need more training. I realize that my niece is a bit infatuated with her music teacher who is married, and has a child, and she does not yet see yet the dangers in that.

I go to a group meeting at the music teacher’s house with her, and he has apparently separated from his wife because he likes my niece. I am coming down a little hard on him that he needs to just take seven months and not be involved with anyone. I am talking to her, trying to put a little sense into her about not really being pulled in by this person because he has a wife and child.

Anyway, that is about all I pulled out from the dream. In fact, it was hard to pull that out. I almost lost it all.

John: The dream is portraying an overall situation that has gotten so casual that you cannot go anywhere without the most common of things intruding on the imagery. You are with this group and you think you can travel about in the outer expansively, taking things in – in an overall sense – casually. But you can’t do that without drawing a lot of attention. There may have been a point in time when you could move about, getting on streetcars etc., and be invisible, but now the circumstances have changed, and wherever you go, you draw attention. There is a cause and effect.

This is happening because of a certain lack of understanding in an area that you have not been paying a lot of attention to. It’s an area that has to do with common sense, but you haven’t taken the time to settle back and adjust. As a result, it’s easy to be blindsided by events that seem innocent enough in their appearance. Such events can have a flow to them, but the result is not sophisticated. That flow and those events in relationship to who you are can demean what is important.

It says you require more attention to live a particular role, especially if you are blindsided by characteristics inside yourself that you have not properly confronted. So the theme of last night had to do with security breaking down, with assumptions made that fail to take into account the importance of what is at hand. There is a tendency for abuse to occur when our demeanor becomes too casual and we forget what is important.

You might say the dream is trying to show the need to strengthen a certain aspect of character, or a way of carrying oneself, in relationship to something that is important. Do you see how that works?

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