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t45ffmbFor most of us, there isn’t anything particularly spiritual about our careers, our family life, or our maintenance life, where we take care of everything that needs to be taken care of. How much time does that leave us? The only way to fix this is to make everything we do spiritual, because our jobs will never matter to the universe, but our integrity and the way we treat people does matter, and our good intentions matter as well. What principles do we uphold? What honor and respect do we show to everything around us? In this is the real seedling of spiritual growth, and we are foolish to think that someone else’s opinion of what we are doing, or intending to do, is more important than the universe’s view of what we do and think. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just had these dreams that didn’t seem to go anywhere, in a way. It felt like in one dream I was going between my dad’s house and the building across the street, which used to be an old hospital that’s been converted into apartment units. And the reason I was going back and forth is I was carrying these animals. I couldn’t see one very clearly. The other I’m pretty sure was a rabbit, that belonged to somebody else, and I was trying to teach somebody else the trick of how to get the rabbit to stay more still and not jump off – and that took a lot of concentration.

The trick was to place it on your body, and it could walk around a bit, or move around a bit, but you didn’t want it to jump off. You wanted to do something that made it want to stay more still so that you could carry it from one place to the other.

So it felt like I was going back and forth, and when I would get somewhere I was judging the whole situation by how the rabbit behaved, then, whether it had stayed still, or only crawled where it was supposed to crawl, or only jumped off once and got back on. The dream seemed to take a long time because I was going back and forth with the rabbit, and some other animal, and trying to show someone else how you did that.

John: What you’re doing is you are looking at qualities in your nature, qualities that are not very developed. That’s why they’re more jumpy, and animalistic, and you’re looking at those knowing that they interfere with you being able to sort things out in a way that has a calmness, or a balance, or a stillness to it.

In other words, the reflection in the outer across the street is even something that’s in a disarray, and in attempting to contend with whatever you have to contend with, over there, you have this quality of needing to do this in a way that is not reactive, or caught up, in some imbalanced mannerism that keeps you askew.

And so, in your dream, you’re using this dream to show that there is a reactiveness, or a mannerism, that you are getting caught up in, that from the perspective of the dream, from a deep depth inside of the dream where you could lucidly look at that, it looks absolutely ridiculous because you can see that you’re attempting to find a stillness, but you’re certainly not making much progress doing that. And not only that, but you even have the odd belief that you can show this to others – as if this will help them – when what you’re doing is you’re running a counter shadow to what you know is the place that you need to be at, which is a stillness inside.

And so the fact that you act as if having to work with this kind of shallow energetic within, or lower-self energetic within, the fact that you think that you need to do this and show this to others, and whatnot, is another way of portraying to you that what is directing and causing you to go across the street, to strike out, to have a disarray of things in your life, is because the doingness that is in your nature has this characteristic haunting you.

Jeane: And the only other dream I remember it felt like, again, I was on the road and we were stopping at a restaurant, and some other people come down and are sitting and eating at the same table with us. And again I seem to be focusing on the food. I think I’m taking it back to my relative’s house, and even on the food the other people have I’m looking at like which food do you wrap up and take back, and how do you wrap it up? There’s a certain way that you set it down and you wrap it up – if you want to take it back for other people, too. That was the only things I remembered from the two dreams.

John: So the thing that’s in common with both of those dreams is that you’re doing something in an outer context way, as if that will lead to some sort of balance, or letting go, or completeness.

In this case, you have your ideas about how something should be packaged, or put together. And those ideas, if you’re looking at what those ideas are really doing to you, is they are putting you into some sort of modality, or mood kind of quality nature, in which there is an adamant characteristic to think that when you contend with that, in the way that it is being thrown at you, that somehow or another that that will actually wrap things up. But that idea, of how to wrap something up, is the problem.

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flat10We see the power of synergy and connection everywhere: in large corporations, in rail networks, in flight or shipping lanes, each of these structures bring different pieces together to create a greater dynamic whole. We probably think we’re geniuses for coming up with these synergies, but perhaps it is just the way, and the urge, of the universe that these models are emulating? In other words, these are reflections of the greater desire of the whole to be brought together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then I come to bed. I don’t go to sleep. I just suddenly have this huge visualization and I turn and write it up. Now the visions aren’t predictive visions. The visions are just part of the read process of reading something inside.

In this visualization, I visualize that I am in an area, kind of a food service area, and there is this swami or something that doesn’t say anything, and he’s actually blind, and he’s there. And as I’m looking at this I really don’t know what food I need, and the swami is there to help me with the food I need – but he’s blind. How’s he going to do that?

So, as a type of Prashad, swami energetically feels and puts the food on my plate that I need. In other words, you can’t even see it, but yet he’s putting it on my plate, which is something I would not know how to administer to myself because I would have a personal cognitive outer mannerism that would get in the way.

The meaning is, the theme of the evening dealt with an inner vibratory flow possible when I let go of outer conditions that define, and shape, in a personal context way. Life is so much richer and more revealing if I let go of denser abstractions, and experience the vibrational flow of an inner unfoldment process, of an overall divine intelligence from the only being, the I am, the essence of essences. How do you get out of the way for that to just happen?

And so then I have this dream in which I have a building concept. Well, actually I have this building, and this is a building that is to be moved. And this building has four aspects that operate in this building. Now, where it’s at, two of the aspects have fallen away, and the one that I’m most familiar with isn’t working out anymore. And then there’s another aspect that I can relocate that is blasé.

However, the location is ideal. Where this building is at is in a town, lots of traffic, lots of people. You couldn’t expect a better environment of circumstances in terms of conceptualization, because you’ve got a great location there, you’re in a big town, there’s a lot of street traffic. Now all of a sudden I’m going to move this building. I’ve lost two of the businesses that are there, that had been there, are going to have to be replaced by two brand new things.

And the second thing is coming with me as I move this building to a much smaller town, and a much more isolated area, in which things are much quieter, and from a conceptual standpoint that seems to be a little bit ridiculous because when I look at the main business that I’m looking at operating, there’s no way that that can function very well. I mean, if it struggled where it had good street traffic, and was in a bigger city, and had a prime location, it’s certainly going to be hopeless where I’ve shifted the whole building to now.

But then the second part, that was part of this, reminds me that it can function here with very little inventory, almost invisibly. And that it has a dynamic that is brand new – and I get it. I look, I hear it, I get it. Yes, it will.

Now the nature of these components is they function in a way that most businesses don’t function. In other words, most businesses function in kind of an arm’s length capacity. In other words, you have a shoe shop, and it’s next to a hairdresser, it’s next to this, next to that. All of those are ubiquitous, distinct expressions. But the way these businesses function is they function a little bit like the voice, where they shuck and jive, and joke, and jab, and yet they’re still doing the same thing, but they’re doing it in a very intertwined, common, oneness kind of focus.

So the two new businesses that are going to be there, I am pondering how’s this going to work because they’re brand new, they’re young, they’re new, and in the shucking and jiving I have to take a step back because I don’t want to overwhelm them. I want them to establish their full footing in the shuck and jiving, so, in a sense, they have to have a certain advantage in order to do that, in order to find how they intertwine, and in that intertwining, make so much more.

Now the trigger to this whole thing is this unlimited capacity that can carry the day for all of this, which is when I make the move the part of myself that had been functioning and not working out in the other place, may not be working out as well in this place, but another part opens up – and that’s what makes something much more dynamic, and increases the potential umpteen fold. And so these other two things that intertwine, then, can ride naturally and gracefully in this.

And as they intertwine, of course, like I say, it’s an interesting kind of intertwining of a business model in that, to a person who isn’t observant, they appear to shuck and jive and carry on in a way that doesn’t make sense because, it’s kind of like where you see two married people and they’re quibbling back and forth, and then if you look closely you realize that that’s part of their dynamic. They’re not really quibbling. Don’t go thinking that you can mix yourself into something like that because they’ll both eat you alive. And yet this kind of dynamic is what, as an intertwining, as an unfoldment process, leads to a lot of magic. And that’s what this dream was like.

So the meaning is, I am intertwining in a more expansive inner way. The reason why I say it’s more expansive is because I’m including more, and I’m doing so with less outer contanglement. Contanglement means, you know, when you generally have a shop set up you have, okay, how’s this going to work? How are these things going to work together? And yet there’s no contanglement because they all jive together. They all kind of complement each other in an intertwining way – which is the greater imperative.

The inner approach has a more complete way about it that will be revealed in the fullness of time. In other words, this is what I have to see, too, because I’m really questioning the shift, and then I’m seeing that in the fullness of time I can feel it in my bones that this is better. So it’s going to take a while for me to catch up with this.

And in settling back is able to concentrate the inner over the outer, to a greater realization. I am given a gift in that in making the shift, even though I carry a lot of baggage that has been a steady problem in terms of my basic outer nature, a part that hadn’t been given a proper chance will now thrive in a more unlimited way with the shift. In other words, where one part is in the way, or a hindrance yet, another part is being accentuated within. Plus I can take on two new inner unfoldment approaches inside myself, and do so in a way that intertwines even more deeply.

What is going to surprise is that the competitive rivalry actually is an intertwined, underlying graciousness that touches people infectiously. Prior to this businesses operated in a more separate capacity. In other words, everything was in a more separate capacity, and the flow back and forth of a natural synergy wasn’t there because of the stifling sensation of things.

This approach has a vibrational magnetism that is infectious for all to experience, because when you experience it you get it, it touches you. I mean you have to laugh. It’s not what it appears. As I drop my conceptualization, and outer qualms, what rises up within is an incredible excitement.

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1We don’t often fully acknowledge the process we are involved in, in terms of being born into a physical body and living a life. Because everything is in process – in the entire universe – and in our life we contribute to that. But, as we know, humans today don’t really play the role they were designed for because they have stopped having curiosity about higher purpose and are content to chase personal satisfactions. This is a great loss to us and, ultimately, to the universal process itself.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in this sleep dream, I’m on a walk and come to a place which has a barrier wall that’s been erected along the path. Now the path goes down one way, and then up another way.

And, initially, there’s a gate there that I see and I glance over at. And inside there, where people go and vacation, and hang out, and recreate and such, and it’s all done within the definition of what is put together there for them. And I can avoid all of that by just taking this walk and ignoring all of that.

But, as I start to walk by, I suddenly realize: why don’t I go in and check it out? I’m kind of a little bit of a rebel. I think I can possibly pull this off, if I go inside and am very careful to not get caught by the establishment in this place, and figure out how to fit in with the guests that are there.

And so, when I go inside, the first thing that I do is I notice that there are people leaving, so I have to get into the pace as if I’m one of those that’s checking out, in which case, in terms of checking out, I would be going back out through the main entrance.

So that gets me to a certain point inside, but to get to the far side, those that enjoy the far side of the compound are those that are still there, in a recreating vibe, that are partaking of everything that’s inside this place, yet hanging out and laying back. And so I have to take on that spatiality, that vibration.

So when I go over to where those people are at, because only through them, and a quality of how they’re recreating in this place, not ready to check out and leave and go out yet, but are taking in more in this place, there is an access that will take me to the very far wall where the path that I would normally have been on, if I’d have walked around all of this, rejoins, and I can flip over the wall and be free.

So, when I go over to where four or five of them are hanging out, I notice that just in looking at them that each of them would be quite something if they were to ever connect to a quality about themselves that I can see just at a glance. It’s kind of unique and special about them. So, at the same that I’m talking to them, I’m seeing this amazement about them that they don’t see about themselves, or don’t accept about themselves, and, as I see that, and as I relate to that and relate to them, in a way then putting them inside of me because I’m able to see this about them, even though it’s not at a level yet in which they can be different than how they are, this enables me to kind of fit in more with the overall and the wholeness that exists, that they are a step towards and in, recreating in this place, and having access to this other side of the compound even as part of their recreating.

And so I am fitting in by getting into that pace, into that modality, and of course from my ulterior motive perspective, I am doing this to not draw any suspicion about myself for being here because I have snuck into this place. I’m curious. And what I see is each of them sharing with me is a reason why something can’t be done, or is not to be challenged, or even looked at. But as they each share that with me, as each one speaks independently, I can’t help but notice, I can’t help but see in their beingness this incredibleness lying beneath the surface.

And, as a consequence of seeing this, what I hear does not discourage me in terms of what I have to do, which is go to the other side, and flip over the fence, and rejoin my walk because I’ve gone on this deviation to look into things inside this compound. I’m not going to be turned back, because if I get turned back, then I take a step back, I lose a part of a process.

And what surprises me is, instead of this discouraging me, it’s almost having an opposite effect and it’s as if it is something that I needed to go through, and see, as if it was a type of food to better understand the distinction of things in life. Or is it to understand the distinction of things, or is it to take in a greater overall wholeness to it all. And, in taking on the greater overall wholeness to it all enables one to take a clearer, more all-encompassing step.

So the step that I have brought myself into a fitting in, as you would call it, or basically a connection to everything in this establishment, or in this compound or whatever you want to call it, is that I can easily now go over to the fence where I need to go over to the path on the other side. Everyone else in here is still, you know, within the conformity of the fence of this wall. I know I came in not being in conformity with the fence, knowing that you didn’t have to be in conformity with the fence, but willingly came into it, put myself into the conformity of the fence knowing that there was something there that I could experience, and see, and recognize, and be party to, and take in, as part of who I am – and it was not going to limit me.

So even though no one else knows this, I have no doubt that I will be able to go over the fence with ease. And on the other side is the path, of course. So what surprises me is that by doing it this way, as I come over to where that fence is, there’s like food hanging from the fence. And actually I can climb up the food a little better, too, to get over the fence, although I didn’t actually think that I needed to do that when I went into this place, but it’s nice that I could partake of the food. So it’s like something special there that I had not expected to come across, and would not have ever noticed, and realized, if I had gone around the compound in the outer.

So the dream is indicating, in terms of its meaning, that because we’re all intertwined and interconnected it’s important to be amidst the multiplicity of everything, everyone, amidst the people, so to speak, and able to appreciate all there is because I’m able to see, in others, me, and me in them. What I see may be perhaps not in a fullness of time in a realizable way, aspects may be unrealized, but I can tell that this is able to change because I can see the latent potentiality in this aspect of life.

By allowing myself to have the exposure and experience of this place and its fullest context, rather than avoid it, or go around it, I strengthen my inner beingness and take in more of the wonders of creation latent within me.

This dream is a parable that portrays the virtue of being amongst the people, however they are, wherever you find them, because deep down they are you, and you are they, and there is nothing to be avoided. Just seeing that, and challenging myself, is what the overall process is about.

To go around what there is, is what the mind would have you doing in order to try to protect its concept about the essence of life, and what existence in the physical is all about, which would be defining what is real and shutting down, inadvertently shutting down, the process, and therefore not having, or able to recognize, how important everything is in its intertwined nature.

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