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Jeane: In this dream I’m on an island, but this island is a large prison. I don’t have the sense that there are fences or bars to keep me in, but because it’s isolated there’s also no sense of freedom.

However, I do know I’m going to be given a pass by the warden to go somewhere. This pass means that I can leave briefly or have a little more freedom for a while. One of the limitations with this pass, though, is that I know there’s a lion wandering around on the property. At some point I’m going to have to sit down and have an interaction with this lion. I don’t seem to be too afraid of the lion; it’s just a side note to what’s going on.

Meanwhile, before I get my pass and go out to interact with the lion, I’m observing other prisoners and I’m wondering how they’re going to handle things. One of the men seems more restricted than I am.

Then I go inside a building and I run into old friends that lead personal growth seminars. (This encounter also has the feeling of a side dream within the larger dream.) These friends are in town promoting some new people that they’re very excited about who are giving a seminar. 

One of the men is Native American and I’m observing his program material as I interact with my friends. Next I go into some of the individual groups and observe what’s going on and looking at the people that are attending. I’m seeing how everyone is interacting.

Afterwards I’m talking with one of the seminar leaders and someone comes in and sets down an elaborately decorated cloth and then lays down on it. I see that the woman seminar leader has sewn a design into the cloth that has the shape of an open cup or glass – it has three sides and is open at the top and very straight. It looks like she has sewn it on a machine. 

Another man says that this design represents what’s happening, or what is supposed to be done for the seminar. He’s surprised at how simple it looks. I comment that the seminar leader always does it that way and that it will actually work well for what it represents.

Then I’m talking to another prisoner, who’s also supposed to get out on a pass. In the back of my mind I’m still wondering whether I’m going to have this encounter with the lion.

John: First of all, symbolically, the prison that you’re in is considered the lower-self nature of your being. There’s a process going on in you in terms of reconciling the lower self with the higher self. So we see you in the prison (lower self) and then we see you at the personal growth seminars (higher self).

A Native American man (ancient tradition) and a woman are leading the seminars. The woman has designed and sewn a cloth showing the feminine symbol of the cup. This cup represents the openness and vacancy that is to be filled spiritually. The cloth also speaks of you quilting or piecing the parts of yourself together so that you are able to leave the prison of your lower self.

It’s an interesting dream in that it is describing how you have one foot back in the lower self of your nature – your ego-based aspect – where you’re having to sort things out. That sorting process is known as “Traveling Toward God.”

If you were in your lower-self nature when confronting the lion – meaning still in the prison – you would be very fearful because the energetic power that the lion represents would be way, way too much to handle. But as you progress and develop and come to know more of your higher self, you gain the sense of being able to break away from this prison. Going outside the prison of your lower self is where the journey of “Traveling In God” begins, or at least it’s a distinct shift in terms of how you work on yourself.

Tomorrow we can delve a litter further into the discussion that this process represents.

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John: Yesterday my dream was propelled by the energy of the kundalini, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “coiled” – like a serpent. It’s an energy that is mostly dormant in all of us, and is seated in the sacrum at the base of the spine. The kundalini is an amazing energy in that it’s a result of the clash, or coming together, of an inner aspect of light. (For yesterday’s dream, see The Heat of Kundalini.)

Kundalini has to create and cause an outer aspect of light to emerge. In the masculine way, it gets snapped into existence. In the feminine way, it just is. When it is awakened, everything is perceived and appreciated as being a part of the light – it’s a divine connection.

So in this imagery, I’m shown two possibilities – I’m shown two ways that things can unfold.

One is through the personal, ego-based way of the human, where a person acts according to their best thoughts and perceptions. The second is the divine way (universal way), which has to do with being embraced and swept up in the light – in the flow.

Of course we’re not used thinking that the world works this way. We’re used to fumbling about on our own in order to bring about some change, or to rectify a situation, or to try and steer things toward an imagined outcome that we have projected. That urge (which is a very personal view of life) cuts us off from the way things are, and from the way they should unfold, naturally (universally).

So, in the first dream, I begin by having to fulfill or maintain a perception of what needs to be, in terms of where and how I need to be situated. I’m trying to fit the ideal of what I’m projecting – according to my human perception. 

In this vision, I see myself as a person named Stark. I’m standing in the shadows – I’m barely an outline – and there are scores of my replicated self, standing side by side, formed into a circle in the shadows.

That image morphs into a pulling together of the limited light, and formulates a position in which all of the various points of human consciousness are pulled together to create an end result that looks like the light array of the Las Vegas strip, but that I can feel has barriers. In other words, it’s not wide open; it’s not totally free.

It’s like I see the lights from all the hotel rooms as dots positioned in relation to a particular spot in a building. And I know that’s unacceptable, but it’s the best that I can pull it together – the best formation I can make – in relation to trying to contend with the lights emanating from the Las Vegas strip.  

It’s like I’ve recreated the lights of the strip myself, but it’s a poor imitation. There are parts still in the shadows, as though they’re protected.

So, there’s something not quite right in all of that. I mean, with all the effort I made, that was what I ended up with? There’s a sense of personal indulgence in this effort that hurts the heart.

This image is a portrayal of what will unfold based upon my current state of consciousness. Because I’m in the shadows of my true self, I’m not fully aligned. So the result of what gets portrayed is unacceptable and not how things need to be.

Simultaneous to that vision was something that also occurred as an example of the second way, the divine way, in which I just allowed myself to be in the light, to stand in the face of the light. 

In other words, I was not in the shadows, not in a multiplicity of myself, and not called Stark. I was just myself in the light, not trying to do anything other than take in the sense of the light.

It was as if the light knew how to give birth. All of a sudden the light flares out, just like you might have a solar flare or volcanic eruption. The best way I can describe it is that it seemed as if the light had a tail to it, and the tail just flickered out through the rays of the light, sparkling as the tail moved.

The end result was a whole new manifestation within the light. Something new is there now that couldn’t have been put together in the wildest imaginations of all the Starks of the world.

In the misaligned state, this instantaneous manifestation could never come about. It’s as if the light suddenly just flickered a tail, created the flare, flashed it out, and then lo and behold there was a whole new extension of lights. It was like the next phase. It was what was needed.

So this is shown to me as what’s possible when one stands in the light of self without compromising it, without limiting it to the personal view. The unfolding it portrays is a divine plan coming into manifestation, born from the light.

Because we all are the light, that’s all we are. If we surrender ourselves to the light, new manifestation becomes possible.

If we don’t surrender, we are limited to our own faculties, which can only lead to the “Stark” images – endless replication. It’s living life through a shadow consciousness that doesn’t know any better.

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Jeane: The dream then transitions (see In the Presence) into a scene where I’m with my sister, in a room where we live. It’s dark. We’re going to a masquerade party in a few days, and she’s upset with me because I’m going to wear an umpire costume that was made and worn by another young woman last year.

My sister is certain it will leave the arms too bare and just won’t look good. I believe the other woman to be modest, so I stick to my guns – I’m going to wear the outfit. My sister wants to see it and review it and I don’t want her to.

I’m certain it will work out fine, so I go over to the house of the young woman and I’m relieved to see that the umpire costume is a dress that has an umpire shirt with sleeves underneath. She cut the shirt so that part of it comes through some holes in another outfit, and it’s lower cut in front, but not improper.

We want to get a hat to complete the umpire outfit, so the young woman sneaks into her husband’s room to get his umpire baseball cap for me to wear. I put it on backwards like they do nowadays – it’s a little jauntier. The woman is excited about the costume on me, and also the outfit she’ll be wearing this year.

Next the scene shifts slightly and she and I are at the school where the masquerade party is being held. There’s a break going on from the classes so people can get dressed. She and I go to a bathroom area, trying to avoid my sister or others. We’re staying hidden while putting on the outfits – we just want to surprise them at the ball. 

The woman helps me adjust it and it seems to fit just fine. Even though it’s something like she wore last year, it feels good for me to wear this year. I think other people will like it.  

Then I get a sense that the masquerade ball is going to be held in that circular area, the great room in the condo that we were getting access to in the first part of the dream (and we figured out how to get into it, even though you do get a bit of a shock). 

John: That’s a complicated dream. You’re dealing with a dress that your sister doesn’t want you to wear, but you end up finding out that it fits just fine.

Jeane: Yes, I go to the other woman’s house because she supports me wearing it. She made it.

John: So, in other words, this imagery is showing that something is coming through, isn’t it?

Jeane: Yes.

John: Something that when you put it on for yourself – when you wear it – everything is fine.

Jeane: But I do want to hide when we put the outfits on.

John: So you have the sense that you can’t be too obvious with this.

Jeane: No, I just want to show up in it.

John: In other words, you go along and go along, and then all of a sudden you’re there, you just break through.

That connects to the earlier part in that you find yourself facilitating space by just snapping through. So it seems you’ve come to understand that you can touch things in a greater overall way, just by setting your eyes, and your vibration, upon it once it’s imaged in front of you.

In this particular case you’re just suddenly there. You just suddenly have this. It’s like there’s a restriction, and then all of a sudden you just show up changed – the restriction is gone. Wearing a dress, or suddenly showing up, and having that as a presence, is being in an overall state that you just have caught up to. Something in your nature had been holding you back from being able to do that.

In other words, your own self-image has kept you from doing something, and then all of a sudden you realize that that limitation is meaningless, so you just do it, and it’s very natural. It all works out.

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