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iklw893In the “woke” world, people are having to confront their personal biases which, for a long time, might have been accepted as “normal,” depending on a person’s upbringing or the area they lived in. Perhaps that is a sign that we need to become more aware of our inner biases, the ones that cause us to dismiss subtle energetic nudges we may sense, or to think that deep spirituality is for someone else. We are all spiritual beings, we just happen to live in a disconnected world. It is a freedom of choice for each us to answer the call of the spiritual, which we are all designed to do, and it is also a safety because the universe will always be there for us, it just might not be here for us – i.e., in this society and culture. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That’s very similar to my second dream, which is hardly a dream in a way, in that in this dream it is my impression, as I’m seeing myself affected by things in life, that the situation I am looking at is providing me the most direct test of my being.

In other words, you’re being tested to figure out how to wrap something up, and, in the process of your ideas of how something is to be wrapped up you get yourself all contorted. And in my case, what I mean by that, the situation I’m finding that I’m in, in a roundabout way I could say that I wouldn’t fall for most things, or, in other words, the situation could’ve been simpler.

In other words, my idea of having to contend with stuff, just like you have your ways of having to contend with things, only this time I’m reporting it to myself that if it wasn’t like this, then something would’ve been lost, or left, that’s desired to grasp.

So what I’m doing is I’m coming to recognize that I actually seem to need an outer atmosphere where I am compelled to face a shadow part of myself, in a more intensely direct way, because if it’s too simplistic I just don’t wake up. In other words, the scenario I choose isn’t just intense. It’s kind of like a dream that enables one to actually somehow kind of laugh at it, but not of course at the time, and so in being able to step back there’s a thankfulness that it was the way that it was because I am able to somehow not stay as deluded as I might have stayed – if things were simpler, where I didn’t have to probe or go to some sort of more direct depth inside of myself.

In other words, I’m thankful that the illusions that I’m presented with, that are not just intense but they repeat when I don’t get it, over and over again, and what is also interesting is it’s a little bit like in a football game where you see all the different angles of the play, I see it from every angle there is, and, from some angles I protest defensively, but when the entire situation is revealed I’m inclined to get it.

So as I notice what I am buying into in the outer I’m grateful that the reflectiveness I have chosen to experience in the outer is the way it is, because I seem to need every bit of that to break the grips of my reflective identity trance. Well, that was the sleep dream.

The meditation dream, I see myself abiding in the light. In other words, I go to some sort of really deep depth inside and, as still as it is, I still somehow denote that I’m engulfed in something.

What I’m engulfed in, what I’m abiding in, is, at this point yet, just a type of vibrational presence that’s all-encompassing. And, while in this all-inclusive radiating spatiality, this abiding presence that’s deep within, as I see it deep within, exists and radiates it in however that atmosphere is within, radiates everywhere.

So to come back, in other words, to kind of come out of that and start one’s way back into where you have dreams and reactions and such, to come back is to lucid dream myself as if moving about in this light more freely. Instead when I was there initially, as a vibration, that had an overall exuding presence it was just the stillness, but now I’m starting to move about a little.

And I get finally to a point where it is time to open my eyes, and that’s when I notice that the vibratory presence not only just doesn’t dissipate when I’m back in the outer, where I seek to make myself known, but I can’t make whatever that was as a presence known because not only is the stillness gone, but so is the presence that is part of it.

When you lose that you kind of get to grappling, and you get into indulgence that grab a hold of you. And from what seemed obvious when I was more present in the light, and in a vibrational overallness, I no longer have the sensibilities. You tend to contend with things, and what’s missing that is kind of the mirror, is this vibratory presence that you have that you can exude with. You have to have that as kind of a listening tool, or otherwise you get caught in every little thing that gets thrown at you. You don’t hold the note.

So the significance of the experience is that I am noticing a meaningfulness I am trying to wake up with. This meaningfulness is a vibrational presence. This meaningfulness is kind of becoming more and more apparent. In other words, I’m kind of noticing this, in myself, as there being something there as if I have a watcher kind of quality.

Yet, even so, when I come back into the outer I come back as some sort of aspected thought that has usurped the meaningfulness. And what is meaningful is, how much of this am I able to radiate energetically? That’s what’s meaningful, in other words, not that I come back as a thought. That means that something has gotten lost, or washed out, and it’s behind that is what is meaningful.

So, a permeating, from inner into outer, when deep in the inner to try to bring it into the outer, is getting engulfed. Instead of engulfed as an innerness, it’s getting engulfed by the reflective outer effects. What I’m beginning to notice more and more is when I hold onto the inner vibratoriness and exude to reflective inflections, to some degree, a subtleness from the inner touches.

The same degree I’m talking about is outside of time and space. The same degree is what nourishes life. The same degree is what our dense nature veils. The same degree is what the heart yearns to experience in everything it touches. The same degree, in its inner most condition, is all there is.

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creationdBeing on a planet, we are as far from our creator as we can get. And we are designed to awaken to the journey back. But our creator will never hit us with a lightning bolt to get us to pay attention to that fact. (Even if that happens, the message won’t be: Wake up! But it may cause a person to listen to themselves more intently.) We are meant to choose the journey because, in that choice, we are offering ourselves in service to what our creator is intending for the whole. But we are neither slaves nor robots, so it is our freedom of choice. And this causes the subtle urgings inside of us to get drowned out by louder things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The thing that I have been noticing is how things open up, and open up, and open up on levels. And then there is a quality in which everything has an aliveness about it. And you come to know that aliveness on all of these different levels, and then you come to start to see yourself as different, in that you’re used to trying to see yourself as having a name, and being such and so, and having a particular personality that everybody knows you under.

They know that you do this, and you do that, and you act this way, and you act that way, because that’s who you are. And so that becomes a definition that you’re caught in, collectively. Plus we have all of the collective stuff that we put on ourself, in that we function and go around and we see the world through our senses: there’s a picture on the wall over there, and that there’s four walls in the room I’m in, there’s a bed here, and there’s this and there’s that – and all of that seems separate, all of it seems different and unique.

And so, as a consequence, that becomes a level of being. And so, as a result, other things that are going on don’t catch your attention because your definition of aliveness now has a modality about it. And you’re going to have a hard time breaking any modality that you have come to adopt because everyone else sees you as that way, and so and so good luck then, in terms of a greater wholeness, or a greater oneness, catching up with that in terms of you reaching the higher side of yourself. How do you break that?

All of a sudden a light bulb went on: that direct flow coming from inner into outer comes from another higher-in-the-light place. On this path, deep down inside of myself, to try to figure this out, to try to understand this as if there is a sacred math and geometry and everything else into a flow that can be applied to where you can catch up with the God principle, so to speak, as it is in play in manifestation.

Now because I have adopted this mannerism, or this motif, all of a sudden I’m having dreams that are helping me in this area, adding and giving me information in this area. It wasn’t until maybe last night that I started to realize, aha, this is what’s going on.

Let me give you an example of how we’re influenced by this dynamic of something coming from inner into outer, that we veil ourselves away from, in order to function as so-called adults. You probably remember as a kid where you used to have this little heebie jeebie about the boogeyman. And you could even get into the imagination where you could create a whole sense that there was something like that that existed; as a kid that was very real.

As an adult, you got rid of the childish game. What if that was real? Real in the following way: that deep inside of us we really do know that everything about ourselves, the way we conduct ourselves in the outer, the way we have our nuances, the way we bicycle around things as if they’re all separate, we know that that’s all an illusion. So what would happen if you penetrated, or broke, that illusion?

Well, great fear would come in because you need that illusion. That’s when something’s coming after you, and you’re falling, and you’re going to crash, and you’re going to be destroyed. You never do hit the ground, of course, but you’re falling. That’s where you get those strange sensations. Where they’re coming from is they’re coming from a part of you that is everything, and so the fact that you’re trying to hold onto something is running a defiance against how you really know yourself to be.

And so, every now and then, you slip up. You ease up a little bit, you forget to make sure that that hammer is my hammer, and that painting is my painting, and this house is my house. You slip up a little bit and, when you let down your guard, this other slips in.

And it does one of two things to you. For the average person, when their ordered nature is disrupted, it drives them crazy, makes them very fearful. And then there are those, and we’re meant to be those, who suddenly realize that there is an aliveness about everything, there is a process that supersedes how it is that we’ve pigeonholed ourselves, that takes and directs us, and guides us, in a way that is an inner coming into outer. It’s not something that functions the other way around where we dictate what goes on.

And when it’s like that there actually really is a principle behind it all, and that you really can catch up with it. So as you start to catch up with that, then one thing leads to another and the next thing you know is you’re starting to ponder the molecular makeup of things.

Well, you notice for example that your body is kept alive by eating food, and you need to have a little greens, and a little this and a little that, a little protein, and that makes for a healthy body. And somehow or another the body refines and excretes from all of that; it gets what it needs out of that

And so on a scientific level inside of yourself you can be looking at how to go through the molecular just to the direct vibrational energy of the food that it is that you really need, instead of just eating in a dense way, and some part of you grabbing it in a way that’s very, very subconscious to yourself, and that keeps the body going with what it needs, and you don’t know how that’s done of course. And the rest of it’s discharged because you’re in a dense realm.

But I now am dreaming about how to try to understand and look at the vibration behind everything that is the direct food, without any roughage, in other words pure on pure. When you then take and you do that, and of course you’ve got to understand the first part had to do with being able to understand what’s coming and going, trying to understand the future a little bit in terms of the God principle.

And then in this next phase you’re coming to recognize that you are keeping yourself under these trances because if you didn’t stay under these trances you scare the bejesus out of yourself because you need these trances, or otherwise nothing exists, and you don’t know how to function in a mode in which nothing exists.

And so then if you can accept that maybe nothing exists, because something inside of you knows different and better and is outside of the veils, then all of a sudden, if nothing exists, then you don’t want to be taking something that’s dense and throwing that into your stomach so to speak. You want to go and get directly to the molecular and just get the pure essence. Let’s skip that step.

And so then when you skip that step, you then come full turn then back to the fact that you are held in a trance based upon the schematic that you live in. Now let’s say that the schematic you live in is you have a house, and outside the house is a tree, and this tree is leaning towards the house. And you sit there and you just spend all of your time worrying about what can happen if this tree were to fall onto the house.

Until you let go of that idea you can’t shift to another level, because that idea that that tree could fall on the house is going to victimize you. So you’re now under the spell of the tree energy. In other words, it’s like the tree played a game on you, and it has got you in its trance, that it’s going to fall on the house. And now your whole consciousness is based upon an intelligence that can’t get beyond the tree mentality.

And so I wrote up a reason behind all of this is something like this: If a person is on a mission to understand the process of how life unfolds, you know, and what’s going to happen in the future and things like that, where you find yourself having to break through the veils of things around you to let go, in other words, to catch up with the God principle, then it naturally follows then why wouldn’t you also then start to consider the molecular structure of all of life in terms of trying to get to just the pure energy?

And then, if you’re doing that, and then you realize that both animate and inanimate objects are in some way bifurcated away from the all-pervasive aliveness that is who we are, that you then start to realize that the atmospheres and such that you’re in, and the things that are affecting that atmosphere, are also steering you into a consciousness that has a control over you.

So how can you catch up with the aliveness that’s a wholeness? When in manifestation they see things separately, when experientially all of that in manifestation needs to correlate to the oneness. And so you get down to the crux of this, is to what does the word “we” really mean? And so there’s an old saying: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

And so the letting go really is a letting go. It’s a letting go into that something that is the beyond of the beyond. And that we have to go through this smaller than small, a fumbling about with limited faculties, that somehow or another run their course. And when they run their course they run their course by us becoming frustrated, us realizing that we can no longer feed ourself in that way.

And so when we can no longer feed ourself in that way, we reach to a need, and that need takes us outside of ourself. And as you advance according to this need, opening up from within, where you’re getting the answers from within, everything about you starts to change, too. You require different food to take in. You can’t eat the same dense food anymore. It becomes subtler and subtler. You are already getting more and more refined molecularly, energetically.

And so the key is can you read the signs of this unfolding? You have an intuition. You have a sense about you that knows, that just naturally knows, there’s something so, so, so much more. And when you really get that sense there’s something so, so, so much more, that’s when you’re ready to actually have the inner experiences, that come through, that we call the higher self.

Until then, we stay and we satisfy ourselves with our conceptualizations, in terms of lower-self motifs, and identities, and pigeonholings and all of that sort of stuff, until we just can’t stand it any longer.And you have to get to the point where you can’t stand it any longer. As long as you can stand it, then it’s going to keep happening. You only rise to that other denominator of yourself on a need-to-know basis.

And so that’s why it seems to be such a long around and around and around process because you have to get to the point where it isn’t a matter of creating a better widget way, it’s a matter of actually totally completely letting go so that something more of who and what we really are, that is everything there is, that’s the nothingness, so that that can actually come through, take hold.

That emptiness is scary. And now you’re falling, or there’s something chasing you and it’s going to get you, it’s going to do you in. Those dreams give way to not being able to find where you’re at.

Eventually that has to give way, too, to where you’re able to be comfortable with nothing – without having to have a particular definition.

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freedom_of_choice_by_i_am_jenius-d3cys1yFreedom of choice is an ability unique to the human. But what do we use to guide our decision making? Personal preference? Our latest whim? Fear? Pleasure? All of these, of course, yet perhaps we have an inner guide that wants us to choose God and creation rather than our ego identity. When we do that, we begin to connect to creation through our heart – because then our wishes are aligned with the wishes of creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this dream, my involvement in trying to get people to understand that which is important in order to save time, in terms of what I see to be important, takes my attention away from where it needs to be placed for my own well being.

In the dream I see myself get carried away as I am trying to help the situation. The issue involves having to relate or contend with a subject matter that I feel needs explaining or rationalizing.

The first time it happens in the dream, when I am able to get back to where I need to be, I am lucky to be able to catch a much needed ride to where I am meant to go next. A wise person would have realized that the agreement world of the outer is symbolically reflective and points to an inner aliveness – if we are paying attention to our inner self.

In the dream, I am not realizing or recognizing that the greater teacher is the outer. In the dream I have taken on an excursion from where I am meant to be to help my brother receive the inner guidance he needs. Those who are questioning him, trying to see what he needs to catch up with his underlying issue, from my perspective aren’t getting the job done.

And we only have an hour to do this, so I think I can speed the process up, so I interrupt them to alter the focus of how they’re looking because I know that what they’re trying to catch up with psychologically is important and I want them to get there with their sight.

As soon as I interrupt, a woman who is with me comes to some sort of conclusion herself and just starts talking. As she talks, I talk. I have to talk over her because I am caught in trying to get my insight and energetic understanding across so that they can see what I consider to be of importance.

Because the flow is jangled the cross-talking creates a disorientation that makes the issue worse. I see this when I leave to go back to the place where I am to catch a ride home. In other words, this time it’s repeating because I had the memory of doing this earlier and I was all concerned and shaken up by it but, lo and behold, I was able to figure it out, I got a break.

But this time no one is there that I can turn to to help me out. The fault is mine. I wasn’t paying attention when it was important. As a result I fell out of a flow and who knows when it will be that I will be able to get it back.

Scenario: Among other things, I couldn’t meditate for a long time last night because I had discombobulated myself earlier in the day and had not recovered from this condition. This occurred when I tried to explain something in terms of how chess is played from an inner sight within, and not with the outer faculties of sense/mind – but wasn’t able to be heard.

The reason is because even though I understand the process, just because it is something that is easy for me to do, or I have done this before, doesn’t mean that it is that obvious to anyone else. Those who are unable to see how this occurs from an inner consciousness level adopt their own way of rationalizing and explaining this based upon their mind/senses. When they insist upon maintaining this way of being, who am I to challenge that?

Meaning: The reflective example that I sighted as the scenario for the dream occurs over and over in the outer for me. By that I mean I am continually trying to explain something that I think is reaching beyond the external appearances. I am not noticing that I am taking an issue that is typically perceived by the mind/senses to an attempted free-flow, or place, that is often deemed foreign to the typical frame of reference.

When I hit opposition reflected as a rejection, defense mechanism, or change of flow, the shutting-down sensation hits the heart. I am meant to know that inner heartfelt shift. To try and force myself through this sudden barrier is being disrespectful and is abandoning who I am in terms of the bigger picture whole.

The language of the soul that comes through the heart during the day, and then at night through our dreams, must be honored at all times. We do this by respecting freedom of choice as the most important, in the outer that is, reflective trait. To honor that we have to hone the listening to come more from the heart and less from the mind/senses. This is an alignment cadence I am slow in recognizing because my listening center is a bit askew.

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