Revealing the Divine

davidWhat does freedom of choice have to do with spirituality, religion, and God? One way to think of freedom of choice is to consider that everything has been created by something greater than ourselves, yet we are not enslaved to that greater power, we can do what we like. Still, it is part of our design to return to our creator, but we have to do it of our own free will. So all our choices matter. But the most important decision is whether we are living on behalf of something else, or for ourselves.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So now comes something that is very similar to your knife thing that shows the two halves playing themselves out in the outer. And yet to begin with, if I hadn’t had this to realize that this was the motif of the theme of how a perception needs to be and that you catch up with these reflections. 

Another way of saying it is, you have a dream body side of yourself, or a body of light, which is separate from your physical body, and in that is the dreamer. And the physical body of things that is the more slowed down manifestation part, is the dreamed – and the two connect. That’s another way of saying it. 

So in this dream, because the setting is speeded up as a result of the influence of an inner vibration upon the scenario, it is not acceptable to carry on as if everything is as usual. In other words, you don’t reject things and whatnot. Everything is meaningful. 

So in this setting there is a person who invites things to be thrown in their direction. Now is that a real person? Well, it’s kind of like a mannequin in the image of a human being. To pitch things out in the usual way would be unacceptable in this speeded up setting in which revealing something more is there as a potentiality. 

In other words, you don’t just judge what is happening. Everything no matter how ludicrous it looked is depicting something. So to portray this, you know to further what this looks like, it’s like you have a mannequin that’s like on a placard or something, and it sits standing up just like a human being, and so you’re told that you have to throw these feathers at this mannequin. And to begin with, this is like stupid except there’s a difference in what’s going on. 

The mannequin, because it’s on a placard, if it moves a little bit there’s a sticky side, and whatever you throw sticks along that side. And when the mannequin falls back, whatever you throw sticks on the other side. And so these are like projections in which you’re throwing something that’s like a feather-like object, very subtle, and then how it hits, it’s a little bit coming from the dreamer side as a dreamed effect, it’s a little bit out of your control because how do you… you know, it’s not like you’re throwing a knife or something which is very focused. 

You’re throwing something that’s more like a feather, it’s more subtle, and yet it hits the sticky surface on the side of the body, first on the left side or then on the right, or however, depending upon how this mannequin is turned first one way or the other, and when it hits that subject it sticks out like a quill.

And so when the process is done, and the feather’s stick out like quills on each side of the mannequin’s body, how this is portrayed or what this looks like, what it appears to be in its random way, is most revealing. How the feather quills are lined by what seemed on the surface to be a totally random action depicts, revelationally, the end result indicates something most meaningful about the person who had thought his projections were of no meaningful significance. 

The meaning is, is everything we do reveals something meaningful in terms of the aliveness of manifestation in every regard and, of course, an aliveness as a kind of “as above, so below” kind of way of being able to see it, the dreamer of the dream. 

So what was set up was like a meter. In other words, it was like a type of gauge between the inner and the outer, which depicted the setting of a person in terms of consciousness and/or unconscious projection. This was possibly because the setting was speeded up so that the actions of a person in the outer spoke of the dreamer dreamed aliveness. 

The results depicted in the outer were not meaningless coincidences. Thusly, that which reflected in the outer spoke of the way that the divine was coming into its world from within. The dreamed may not be fully aware of how this was designed, but a teacher familiar with this speeded-up inner process was able to see the revelational meaningfulness. 

This is especially true for those who he works with in terms of awakening the secret substance in their heart. What that then reveals is reflective of how the divine is revealing himself. The divine reveals himself in the world in ways that are so wondrous that, for a person with eyes to perceive, this being the inner/outer teacher aspect of life, to step back and react reactively is not where it is at. 

Instead you have to reflect revelationally. To not do this is to not respect the freedom of choice and think that something needs yet to be manipulated or changed, in some sense, as if there is an alignment problem. Such a conclusion would be an annihilation of the divine when it comes to situations like this. 

That is why it is said that when the spiritual path has reached a certain point, that the human being yet doesn’t know what to annihilate, but both the wayfarer and the teacher can struggle with this annihilation business. You know, they can be off on what it is that they understand because so-called imbalances are not necessarily imbalances given the huge overallness of what God is. And everything is God.

And a human being reflects that so you never know for sure what to annihilate when you get to this level of revealing. 

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Ride the Tiger

ride-the-tigerThe images in these dreams find Jeane being shown that, in order to reach a certain clarity within, she must a make a journey into the depths of herself, into the unconscious, into her own darkness. The images make clear that we can’t make the inner journey with the same processes with which we manage our outer lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just have impressions of my three dreams last night. The one I remember the best is the very first one, and it feels like I’ve gone with a woman that feels like even maybe she’s someone I employ or something, although she’s older.

I have three, they feel like stained glass windows, but they’re about as tall as a door. They’re about that shape. I’ve taken them down and they have to be cleaned, so they have some kind of stained glass pattern in them.

But we only have a certain amount of time, and then we stack the three windows on each other to carry them somewhere. And the last one doesn’t get completely cleaned because it’s been wiped off a couple of times, but it’s not as clear as the others yet, but it feels like when we get to where we’re going it’s cleaner than when we started. That was like the first dream.

John: You’re dealing with a very amazing psychological process, in that there’s the standard belief, and it’s kind of a human belief, that when you take like windows, and it’s not any old kind of window, it’s like a stained glass window that allows the light to come in in a certain refractory way which can accentuate a kind of clarity in and of itself.

But when you take those out and clean those, or in other words, do something so that they can function better, they actually do not enhance things like you would have thought that they would.

You’ve cleaned them, but yet they’re still not clean, not as clean as they need to be. And so you were shown, by your higher self, that the efforts that you’re making, that make sense mentally, for example, aren’t going to get the job done, that it doesn’t work that way, that you have to get to where you need to get to first, and then they will be clean, or cleaner.

What you can do physically with the faculties at your disposal is misleading, because you can think that you’re cleaning them, but in reality they don’t actually get truly sparkling clean, so that they do what they’re meant to do as stained glass windows, which like I mentioned at the beginning, was utilizing a certain kind of clarity light in a certain way.

That doesn’t become possible until you get to where you need to get to, which is a cute little jab at this idea that we are masters of our own destiny, and instead, meaning that we do this, that, or the other directly that however we contrive it to be, seeing a problem and then addressing it with our ordinary faculties.

And what the dream is saying is, that isn’t going to do the trick, that you have to get somewhere consciously inside yourself first.

Jeane: The second dream I remember was longer and more interesting, but I only remember the sensation and a tiny bit of it.

And in that dream, what it feels like is, as I go to live with a group of people, I go from having maybe been living with some lions, I think they were lions. And in the morning what the people do when they get up is they go out and they go to one of two big pools to cleanse themselves, like you swim, or you get in the water, and then you get out.

That’s kind of how it works in the morning, so everybody will go down to those pools in the morning. You would think I would go down to the pools with the people and get in, but it feels like the cats still insist on carrying me down there.

I remember the bounding sensation like I would be on the back of a cat, and it would bound and then jump right into the pool, and it might even intimidate the people that are still there, like I might need to swim a little bit apart from it once we’re in the water.

John: That’s an image that is showing that you’re a particular kind of raw energy that you need, in order to make a journey into a means of going into the depths of yourself, and that raw energy, that quality in your nature that is typified by this cat energy, is something that’s seeking to impose its way upon you.

In other words, it knows that you can’t do this on your own. It’s insistent that you have to work with that, and utilize that, if you’re going to go down to the water and the water is something that is a form of consciousness that is there, to which one can probe the depths of that.

The cats represent a type of raw energy, and the way you’re utilizing it, because it’s raw energy, is representing a type of masculine energy. And so without that you’re not able to penetrate the depths of yourself, in other words, get into the pool of things, the waters of which there’s the depth that is possible in which there’s a consciousness and everything else there.

You’re not even able to come to that where it can be stirred without the seed vehicle, which is this cat energy, which is masculine, which is a raw energy, which is made available to you and is saying that it has to make this possible for you, and you have to ride it right down to the water’s edge.

Which is very interesting because it is kind of like an answer to kind of a mystery in terms of how something works. It’s like a progression of that dream because instead of the taking down of the stained glass windows, if it was on a similar motif, you would be using your understanding and clarity of things to try to go down to the water on your own. But then, from that first dream, you learn that no, that doesn’t get clean quite that way.

It doesn’t quite work that way, that there’s a process of evolvement, conscious evolvement, which you have to catch up with, which will make this clean. And so from that kind of inflective insight to the first dream, you have gotten the hint, or the inflection, and so you know that you have to allow the cat energy to take you down and the cat energy is masculine energy.

In a roundabout way, a parallel dream would be the dream that Peter Kingsley wrote a whole book about, in which he described how the maidens took the chariot down into the depths below from which something could be realized, the maidens being feminine, and the masculine going down into its depths, or man having to go down into the depths of that which is unconscious, inside of one’s self, in order to realize that the consciousness that has to be realized there, that we all have to face.

In other words, we can’t aspire to it in some other means. We have to actually face our dark side. And in your particular case, the means to be able to open up what is already imbedded as the waters of yourself, you have to utilize the seed of the raw energy, the masculine energy. You have to ride that down to the poolside.

That inflection evolved from the first dream in which, when you finally get to the consciousness that you need to get to, it will be cleaner. All of your efforts in the meantime are kind of interesting, and cute, but don’t really quite do the trick.

And so you get that memo somehow, and so you realize you have to ride the masculine cats down to the water’s edge and then see what that stirs up.

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The Central Rule

spectral-double-spiralHere we continue the discussion begun yesterday in The Rules Have Changed, which described an energetic shift that has taken place on the planet. The nature of this shift can be felt by us in whether we feel flat, or elated? Are we disconnected because we are focused only on our personal issues, or are we connected because we are acting in relationship to the greater Whole? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: There are parts of me that are just sore now, just sore… but when I try to communicate that out of my excitement to others, I leave them in a bit of a trance. Like I went to the dream group, and I shared this dream, and I’m realizing I have to be careful now in terms of sharing dreams, because within the dreams there is a potency of light or whatever, a quality, in other words, the deeper symbolism of the dream, to the degree to which that can be carried across and it being something that someone isn’t necessarily acute to, you’ll actually tear them down.

And when I shared it with the dream group, I was shocked. I was shocked. I was sending people reeling left and right when they wanted to kind of understand more about it, and I was explaining it, and then those that I would have normally, in my judgment nature, would have been kind of not expecting them to be grasping much, and would have kind of somewhat screened out, gosh, they were with it 100%.

I was impressed. I was impressed. Those that I thought should have been fine, weren’t, and those that I would have never anticipated, got it, were recusing themselves really, really well.

Now, what I also know, and see, is a capacity of something that is happening now that I never realized was something that I was capable of being able to be part of. In other words, it’s like if I do something, if I say something, if I’m relating to somebody, I expect a here-and-now response.

In other words, I expect a certain kind of feedback of relatability or understandability. But now I’m realizing that as long as I’m true to whatever it is that I’m fetching, that the effect doesn’t have to be something that I have to absolutely be able to put my finger upon.

Because of the way things are intertwined, I actually touch something inside of them, and then what I touch I go back and take responsibility for. If I threw something off, I feel it, so I carry it. I carry it within, and I am actually transforming, or healing it, in this kind of way, so to speak, not really, of course. It’s just a way of saying it, because things are intertwined.

However it was that I threw something a little askew, I pick up on that which has been thrown a little askew, but to the degree to which I mirrored something, that mirroring something works almost in kind of a prima materia catalytic way, and is sorting itself out.

And maybe they come to understand it, or grasp it, or get it a month later, six weeks later, the next day after a good night’s sleep. But if I base what I’m doing on what I’m seeing right in front of me, I would never do it.

So this is a type of recognizing, or I should say honoring, not recognizing, honoring the quality of my own soul, and trusting that in relationship to the world’s soul.

So you can allow yourself to make a commotion or to disturb something, and then you take responsibility for it. If you feed something that enlivens or creates an aliveness, so that something more that is designed and someone can come out or start and have a better way of coming out, it just really, really makes you vibrate.

It doesn’t mean that it’s coming, that it happens, but if it’s given a chance, it feeds you. It feeds you. In other words, you then monitor that from some quality inside. You don’t really realize you’re monitoring it. All you know is that some part of you is feeling good, and is in a kind of elated way, and that elated way corresponds to something that had been bottled up being able to spring free.

You can go along and, all of a sudden, the precursor to how you feel this new energy, which is a little bit from the standpoint that you’re going along and all of a sudden you start to feel flat, or dead, when you had been feeling good – that’s because you disturbed something and created a kind of confusion.

That confusion, based upon how everything is intertwined, you’re picking up on that. Or if it’s confusion in the outer, it is more than what you’re capable of taking into account – you’re picking up on that, and it is swallowing you a bit, and it is veiling you a bit, and creating a blur.

You have to get to a point where you hold the pristineness, kind of like the story of the guy, the sheik or whatever, that went to a funeral. And then this person comes to meet the sheik, and he’s talking to the sheik’s wife at the house and she explains, “My husband went to a funeral” and so the guy that’s coming there has never met the sheik before says, “Well how will I recognize him?” “Well, you will recognize him because when he leaves, he’ll be the only one that’s still carrying a light above his head,” or in other words a certain quality.

The others will have gotten caught up in the situation and the moods and mannerisms of the situation will pull them down, but he will be able to have not only transcended that, but he’ll be upholding something because he has gone through all of that and the intertwinedness of things doesn’t throw him around in the bewilderment like it does everyone else.

So there is one central rule that makes this work. The central rule is that it gets brighter and brighter, it gets more and more acute, it comes out louder and louder – this quality inside that’s changed – when you work outside of yourself, when you do something for the betterment of something else, and you figure out how to do it in relationship to a quality of yourself that you may have, left to your own devices, approach very, very personally, but now know how to flip it in a way so that it feeds the greater Whole.

If you start doing that, it’s unbelievable how this affects you.


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