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00rr3eWe could say, generally speaking, that when trouble arises in a dream, it is indicating that there is a struggle, internally, and that the resistance – resistance to the flow, or resistance to what wants to happen – is strong. In this image, we see a car accident, which is a potent indication that there is a battle going on in the dreamer, between the higher-self aspirations, and the set patterns of the lower self; two cars holding tight to their desire to be in control of the direction the life is heading. And, while the calamity ensues, the flow of life leaves them both behind. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I observe, within, an unfoldment that is not visible in the outer. Because this has happened so often, in other words, it’s almost becoming nauseating where I’m constantly seeing something inside, and then, in the outer, it comes across as being somehow or another obfuscated energetically and, therefore, different. Because it’s happened so often, I know that I am experiencing an inner speed even that isn’t there for me to access in the outer – because my attention in the outer is upon the slower and denser.

Well, I understand how the principle works. I understand it inside the dream. It’s just that what’s obvious within, I’m sitting there looking at what’s obvious within, I seem to be somehow or another stymied at being able to take it into the outer – and know that.

So what is happening is, I am experiencing a flow within that I am not taking into manifestation because I identify with the five senses of the outer. I’m allowing the mannerisms of the outer, the slower paces of the outer, to predominate.

So the theme is to bring inner into outer, and, in the meditation dream, I am noting that in the outer there is a denseness that I’m not seeming to get beyond. And it seems that I am prepared, as much as I am able, and still there is this gap between the inner and the outer. I mean it’s really loud what the inner is, but still the outer is different, it’s separate, it’s going at its own pace, and I’m not breaking it, or I’m not able to access the inner into the outer. That’s the blunt way of saying it.

My attention remains, when I’m in the outer, at the slower, dense speed of the outer. And the sad part of it is I’m able to see the difference in speed, and I can even look at it on the inner, and I can glance at in on the outer, and I can do this within the meditation dream, and I can see the different number. I can see what it’s like in the inner, and what it’s like in the outer. It’s obvious that the speed’s got to come together. The outer beingness, that predominates, is out of sync with the inner that is at a speed that has a different vibration.

So what is going on is, I am frustrated because there is this helplessness in the dream, in terms of being able to bring the two together, and I’m left behind; I’m seeing myself being left behind. And this is getting to be, the more I keep denoting it, a miserable and pitiful condition of helplessness, which is a plight and outer despair because I am not able to experience the inner, in the outer way of my beingness, as I know it is meant to be. And I keep seeing this over and over again. Isn’t that interesting? That’s the meditation dream.

Now I change it a little bit to show that I do understand it after having the sleep dream. I have a slightly different lilt that needed to be put to them because, in the sleep dream, I’m confronted with the dilemma that what is there for me, as an inner into outer, can actually break up. If you’re not careful, you can break it up. I can do something that will cause it to become obliterated.

This is something I hadn’t considered, that one could actually be in this process, and then do something out of frustration that would cause it to go askew. I had thought that what was coming through was becoming more and more apparent, and that that was good, and that, eventually, you would have the breakthrough as another kind of steady intentionality. But, in the dream, this is questioned.

For example, a car that has the capacity to pass another vehicle, that is traveling quite casually down the road, and it has everything in it that is essential, the car that is meant to catch up with that, or to pass it, suddenly stops in the middle of the road. And this is a car that feels more like what I am doing, catching up with something, stops in the middle of the road, and the way it stops is it’s in the passing lane passing this other vehicle. And then suddenly it turns, and it points straight into this other vehicle.

This other vehicle, it’s as if time stops at that moment, and here I am bringing up the rear, and I have no choice but to swerve around, hit the car that turned like this, sideways, and the driver never sees it coming. And there’s no way I can even slam on the brakes, or begin to think that I could stop. I’m in a state of shock that something like this could even happen. How did the senses get so obliterated?

And then, after this whole calamity happens, as the scene ends, and now I’m looking out at what is growing all around me, it’s like I’m in Iowa, and everything is just plush as plush could be. And whatever was in the car, that one could have caught up with, it’s being reproduced in the fields and the fields couldn’t grow it better, as far as the eye could see, it doesn’t get any better than what you could see; meaning the potential is everywhere – if you don’t blow it.

So, as I said, this could be like a warning dream, or it could be like a shaping dream, you know a design-type dream, a guidance dream. It’s basically dealing with catching up with all there is. That’s what the meditation dream was like. That’s what this dream is portraying, that that’s possible. But there are some hiccups. My challenge is just simply one of bringing it through in a confident way. By becoming frustrated, instead of taking a greater awareness into both levels, there’s some confusion.

In this dream, I am being shown that it’s possible to actually blow the potentiality, and that a connection to an access can come apart based upon a blindsidedness that causes one to swerve and crack up. Meanwhile, the vehicle I am meant to become, or to catch up with, or pass, even, continues on, and the richness in life is as plush as plush can be everywhere you look.

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61ewoIt is easy to dismiss our dreams for their most surface understanding, particularly when the images relate directly to outer life. In this image, a true life situation appears in a dream, with all the same difficulties and frustrations, yet it is pointing to something much deeper: a need, in the dreamer, to let go. But letting go doesn’t always mean to just drop something. In many instances it requires us to push through our resistance and fear (frustration), which, sometimes, means we have to shoot ourselves with a shotgun before we get the seriousness of the message. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I lost my earliest dream, but I just remember two shorter dreams. It’s hard for me to pull out what the dreams were last night, but in one of them I know that I was trying to help a friend that couldn’t see well, so I was trying to get them to be able to hear their email by having a voice recognition program that would read their email to them.

But I was having trouble getting it to follow the commands right, you know, because you have to tell it like to open something. But you don’t want all your email to open because a lot of them are junk email, you know, so you have to see if it can read the first line.

So I’m trying to get the program to work, and it’s just really frustrating because you have to get it trained or something. So that was just a frustrating dream; I remember trying to see if I could get that to work for someone else.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with the fact that there has been a change that appears to have occurred – in relationship to what is to unfold. In other words, there’s more of a sense now of something coming through that things will happen that will speed up, or necessitate, a shift.

And so what you’re dreaming is still along the lines of trying to bring through a clarity in relationship to what needs to be there, in order for there to be a well being in terms of an unfoldment process. In other words, forget that Rand is nearly blind, and think of it as a step, as if it’s just energy, as a step that is being made in relationship to letting go, from what could be, and had been, predominating characteristics and traits, and even a quality of a design, to something that is intended to be different in terms of its chemistry energetic makeup than how it had been before.

Well, in this dream, all you’re doing is attempting to catch up with something that’s latent way back inside of your being, that’s latent for now, that is to be birthed now. And it has to be pulled through the blindness, or the hiddenness. It has to come through in a way that clearly shifts from what had been.

It’s as if the light on one has gone out, for the light of this something else, that’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes to be made known. That’s kind of the theme of the dreaming incidentally last night, and it deals with the process, and you’re looking at the process in relationship to yourself.

Jeane: If I remember the other dream correctly, it’s like I’m in a house with two young men, and I feel like they’re going do something that’s harmful to somebody else. They have a shotgun, so I get a shotgun, which I have loaded to stop them. Then it feels like I’m not really willing to shoot them – so they shoot me.

John: What that’s about is this sort of thing which happens, which is meant to change and shift anew, has to break through an established norm. And you have established norms on many, many different levels. You have the established norms of the collective in the outer, but you also have the established norm of the concepts that circle around the various religions and spiritualities.

And that there’s kind of an adab that’s taught to try to step back, and digest, what is presented, or brought forth in good faith, through the various traditions and such, that have stood kind of a long test of time – so that there should be an in depth knowingness imbedded therein, that can continue to twine itself going forward.

And that’s true. However, it’s true in a slightly different way. It’s true from the standpoint that that which is meant to twine itself going forward, has to throw most of the shackles of the other off. And to do so, just like on one level it’s difficult to throw off the influence of the collective in order to have a sense of depth and awareness within, it is also hard to throw off a lot of the rubbish of spirituality in order to bring through the new deeper in depth focus of what is meant to be.

What you’re basically saying is, as this is brought through, you have to deal with the issue of how it is that you conduct yourself. So, you sit at a crossroads, or weighing what it’s like between what is and what isn’t, which means you have to sit and embody, and accommodate, what is meant to be true, and to be, in order to break through a malaise.

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iPXWe know well that it happens in waking life, but it’s interesting that we can be frustrated and annoyed in our dream life, too. But the frustration is with ourselves, because we are all the characters in our dreams. And that’s why dreams repeat, or why images can go from walking casually down a street to running away from a zombie as fast as we can: for us to really make progress toward what we are trying to accomplish, we have to have full agreement within us. For every part of us that doesn’t agree with the “new” agenda, we’ll face a struggle in the journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, it feels like initially there is something going on in the dream, but there comes a point in the dream when I want to pull an energy through. It’s almost like I want to pull it through sideways, like it would go through the heart, right, but sideways. But there’s a clairvoyance missing.

Because of that clairvoyance missing, I can’t pull the energy through. So then I start trying various things, whether it’s a setting, or a dialogue, or changing this or changing that, but even though there might be something I can do I seem to reject doing it because, without that clairvoyance there, it feels like it’s not really going to work.

And I’m so frustrated with that, and all the things I’m trying to do to shift it, that I forget the details of the dream because the annoyance at that point gets in the way.

John: You’re using the word clairvoyance to describe the condition that I would call a kind of letting go. As you were telling the dream, I was thinking of the question: what is the purpose of meditation and the dhikr? And the whole purpose of that is for it to enable a person to be in a space in which the connection to the greater parts of themselves can just flow through.

And so the flowing through can be an energetic flowing through and, to the degree to which that might be inaccessible, there will be some degree of barrier then, or veil, that one will experience as an impediment, or burden, or weight, or mood, or tone or something that is abiding, so to speak, upon the heart.

When that is let go of, when the dhikr breaks through that, when the meditation is able to take you beyond that, all that it’s really doing is causing a letting go. That’s all that’s taking place is you’re dropping some way that you’re carrying yourself and, when you do, when the loudness of however it is that you carry yourself goes away, something else is able to be there. It just kind of fills that space.

It fills the space. It has always filled the space. It’s just that you pushed it out. It’s just that in a loudness of one’s self, or a mannerism, or a quality that you can’t shake in terms of a tone or mood, you’re pushing something away. And the contractive nature always does that, too, and so it seems especially difficult when one has to contend with, and identify in a way with, the effects of a contraction which means that when you have contraction there is something dying, or going away, in terms of life itself, or isn’t meaningful any longer and so is on its way out.

You have that, too, you can get all contangled and wrapped up in that, as opposed to just being able to let it go. It’s hard to let things go when they have an indulgence, when the indulgence of that is so overwhelming.

So the dilemma you’re creating is that you’re sitting in a spatiality in which there is this quality of flow, and you’re trying to relate that, or denote that, for yourself with the dream elements, or the whiftiness that exists in a feathered way, that portray the same thing. It’s those aspects that tend to add a symbolism, that tend to make it palpable, because it can be maybe too transcendent to be experienced energetically.

Yet it can be understood energetically, as well as symbolically. It’s just that the tendency is the story, or the symbolism, tends to make it more alive in terms of one’s graspability. It does that up to a point, but there comes a point when you function without that. And so you’re functioning more closely to what is coming in, as a connectivity, from these levels of yourself – because that’s really what is in flow.

That’s really what is sweeping over you. To begin with it’s a type of mitigation, but if it’s totally swept away as it’s swept away, as you come to recognize more and more qualities of yourself opening up, it can come across as a kind of clairvoyance where you’re still trying to steer it in some fashion, but it’s not a clairvoyance, it’s the natural flow of your beingness on some level that you hadn’t noticed before. So, as this is happening, as you’re seeing this, there’s a note of frustration instead of ecstasy in this.

In other words, a heart that is afflicted in some fashion is going through a definition, is still holding onto a separation. Whenever the heart feels an affliction, the way that affliction is to be understood is that it is something that is over, that’s meant to be let go of. Yet when a human being tends to feel the affliction, they contract and try to contend with that. They don’t have a quality by way of letting go or, you know, they haven’t chopped through that effect, so to speak, that a dhikr helps do; when done properly, you’re holding yourself in this other spatiality.

Now what is this other spatiality that you’re holding yourself in? It’s the spatiality in which the soul resides. It’s an overallness that takes in the whole, but you’re not able to be in that if you’re caught in something else, and are finding yourself sorting things out in relationship to the something else. And that something else would be whatever it is that is touching the heart, or causing the heart to have a certain blur about it. In other words, it’s not as effulgent as it could be.

That’s the key point. When you get into a condition where you’re having to contend with something in which there’s an aspect of frustration, or an aspect of trying to sort something out yet, where you don’t feel like you’re quite getting the full memo, and you’re acting, up to a certain degree, conditionally, then a part of you dwells on that, and gets caught in a reverb of that, and isn’t able to take the vibration and let everything that can flow through that vibration – in terms of all the levels of inflection. It’s not quite able to let that happen because you’re caught in the reverb of it.

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