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BatalhaMIt is still common to imagine a religious, or spiritual, life as being done somewhere else, on a mountaintop, or in a monastery. And those situations have been utilized because they allowed the devoted person to not be “tempted” by all the entertainments of the world. And it’s not that the things that distract us are inherently bad, it’s just they tend to pull us away from our journey, to knock us off our game. Still, our journey is based on our intentions, and the actions that follow from those intentions, so a most high journey can be done, from anywhere, at anytime. If it is in us, it goes where we go. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then in the next dreams, which seemed very brief, it feels like a friend is talking with me. And it feels like we’re in the East, but more like the East of the United States or something, but there is gambling there. And they’re saying that there’s a system that we can beat the roulette table. It has to do with whether you bet on black or red, or it may be something that we can do that actually rigs it somewhat and we can make some money.

I can hear what they’re saying, and it may even be true. Maybe, particularly if I were a little gutsier, but I don’t have confidence in the system; that if we go to the casino, we start messing with the roulette table, that’s actually going to be okay. Maybe we could win, but they seem to feel it would work fine. And I seem to be having my doubts.

John: So hopefully you can make this a four part dream, because this is like the second part, and you’re causing me to realize that often the four parts come together as a one can actually come together, you know, or maybe in your dreaming can come together, as the pulling together the four primary archetypes.

Now the first archetype was that in which there’s kind of a prostitute energy gone awry, where you’re caught in a complexity that’s just a weight and a burden, and can’t break yourself out of that amnesia. Knowing that there is more, though.

And in the second part, you’re putting it into action, in that you’re now going to have to do something in life – you’re here. Before you were complaining, in terms of how it needed to be, according to your conceptualization – that’s like a prostitute energy.

Now, you’re putting it into a motion. And you’re employing kind of a gambler energy. You’re going to see how this, that, or the other can be affected, in terms of changing the overall effect of things.

But even in this dream, you’re burning that off because you’re kind of realizing that that’s a little doofus, too, right? So what’s next?

Jeane: Well, at this point, I seem to have hooked up with you. And, because of that, we’re looking for a place to live. And, at first, we’re on the East Coast, and maybe that’s where we were living at the time, and there are some homes there that I even know the people that own them, but we seem to be wanting to just use that for storage. And we’re looking for a place where we can live together.

And suddenly we seem to be out on the West Coast. We’re visiting a house where actually Ellyn is living with his family, although his kids are kind of getting ready to go out on their own, or have. But we all go out house hunting. But as we go out house hunting, it feels like the homes that we’re looking at are either all sold out in that particular subdivision, or we just can’t quite find the right house.

So when we come back, I think Ellyn’s in another room, his kids are out, one of his kids is kind of excited because they actually maybe have sold all of the homes in a subdivision, but, you know, there’s just not quite a house for us. So you and I are talking and maybe we’re going to have to come back to the East Coast for another couple of years before we can move. And are we’re going to get a temporary place, or are we going to come out? But it feels like we have to go back to the East Coast for a period of time before we can come back.

John: And so that’s like the thief archetype in which you’re now seeing what it is that you have to have, what house, or whatever it is that you have to have. But the interesting thing is that the fourth archetype – do you have the fourth archetype? That was it?

The reason why I was wondering if that was it, is you are associating this as something that needs to be figured out, in terms of going to the East, in which something arises. And so the excitement of something new coming in is like the drunkard archetype; it’s overwhelming, to begin with.

That’s again an aspect that has to be carried, and dealt with, in terms of bringing out a wholeness. So how does the drunkard archetype? That’s interesting. The drunkard archetype, you go 1, 2, 3, 4. And after four things, you’re supposedly able to hit a quality of a kind of completeness, inside of oneself, or at least you take a step in the journey.

And so, you’re finding what it is, in this third dream, in terms of a house in which you can lay claim to, like a thief, and of course it has a lot of wonderful things, there’s the teacher around in that area, too. But it’s in the East where something is rising or coming into life.

You’re going to have to go back to the East and deal with the drunken energy of something coming in, before something can set in the West. West is an ending and a completion. Wow, it’s an interesting dream, playing what’s the archetypes. Makes one ponder your archetypes and what they mean to you now, again. Of course, that’s information for you to ponder.

I think what it does, as I would see the dream, is that it causes you to look at how you get speeded up. What all of that is that does that. You let go of this, you let go of that, you let go of that, and then you get speeded up. It’s causing you to look at that. And then, that has to set, and then something more is known.

I never thought of you having the drunken quality, but I can see how you do that, and I never thought of it being kind of like something that stirs around like this, at a point where, in terms the teacher, in terms of the setting of things into the West. That there is this Eastern thing, the arising of something, from the East, coming up, that that has to come up, as well. But that comes up before it, then, settles.

And the settling to the West would be going into a stillness. And the East is action, vibrancy, drunken vibrancy. It sweeps it all; it sweeps over it all. The sun sweeps over all things, and then finally, eventually, sets in the West as a stillness, as a letting go. Interesting way of doing it.

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Ben Tolman

We may feel like we are a lonely batch of humans on this blue planet in the middle of endless uninhabited realms. But it’s more useful to think of ourselves as participants in this universe. We are here to help. And that means finding better ways within ourselves to do things, and adding to the best of life and giving a boost to what struggles. Still, it all begins with wanting to help everything, which allows us to drop our ingrained desire to only help ourselves. Said another way, we are designed to work through things, on behalf of everything that is trying to happen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So what is going on? What I just described is the Gambler archetype. The other three are Thief, Prostitute, and Drunk. Each human being has to go through these four archetypes which control them, personally speaking. Another word for them is the Four Doors. And, in me, the Gambler archetype is the loudest door.

And, in my meditation dream, I come directly in front of this door again and, to overcome this, I have to let go of personal predilections. Until I do I will keep spinning and spinning the pattern in an infinite number of energetic deviations, telling myself that I am on the verge of a breakthrough, so I must keep spinning it, and telling myself that the next time things will be different. That’s the meditation dream. Interesting?

So now, as I come to bed, what I have kind of dreamt in the meditation dream is something that seems like… it’s like an, oh my gosh, kind of thing. How does one ever overcome it? And it’s also looked at as if its whole force and effect is one that’s deleterious in terms of one’s well being. But in this dream I take and I do something that in the outer looks completely ridiculous, but its effect is interesting in a kind of way in which something is able to be changed – even if it’s momentarily.

So I come into a town, in other words, it’s like I’m a traveler and I come into a town in which there’s kind of a lottery being held at the local café. This occurs once a year at the café. So the steps in order for this to happen is that the café is given meat from some animal or something that is sacrificed or slaughtered, and then the meat is made available to those in need.

Because this meat hasn’t been inspected or anything, you know you can’t let the local establishment know what’s going on, but this café then will cook the meat for the people that come in to enjoy a special meal once a year that is free. And, as part of all of this, there is a charitable event auction and lottery tickets to support the cost and whatnot, in which there’s a big winner of all of this.

And it’s also done quietly because, again, this is probably something that’s illegal to do in terms of what you’re allowed to do in terms of the powers that be. So this occurs quietly without any fanfare that would cause the authorities to have to act to stop this.

I come into the café at the moment of the auction, or of the lottery; it’s not really an auction. And those who bought the various lottery tickets are up front waiting for the result. I’m sitting there and, for some reason, I’m in a space where I’m anticipating who the winner might be of those standing up there. And the winner turns out to be someone that no one expected, who had taken and mortgaged their house to get as many tickets as possible, and this person lucks out and wins the $1 million.

Meaning: The meditation dream talked about, and went into a depth about, the Gambler archetype, and this was presented from an outward perspective as a kind of unconsciousness, or ignorance, or being overwhelmed or under the control of that sort of thing. In this dream, the Gambler energy is given another spin.

In the dream a gambling sacrifice is done each year in order for a special feed to be put on for everyone in need that day. Symbolically speaking, for those in true need there is a special flow that makes itself known in manifestation. This inner flow is veiled from the forces and powers who are not in the congruence of such a graciousness.

Those who make the benefit available to mankind are willing to let go of everything they have to roll the dice, although such behavior is reckless in its outer appearance, and isn’t officially sanctioned, as a real act of gambling which the deeper meaningful effect comes from inner into outer with it, even though you wouldn’t think so, there can be a redemptive transformation.

There is a hidden quality about this in which this is not understandable to the outer, so to keep a good thing going it is best to be conducted silently so as to be within the veils of the outer amnesia.

This dream points out a virtue behind a Gambler archetype principle and, in doing so, indicates that there is always two sides to a scenario, the outer and also the hidden inner. In terms of what is going on it is important to not lose track of the inner, and the greater hidden value behind such an innerness, which is always seeking to make itself known in manifestation. In this dream this is where the Gambler archetype pays off: when it’s done in a non-personal way.

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Connecting-with-True-SelfIn this dream, Jeane makes a stand against an injustice she feels strongly about and ends up in a chase dream trying to flee her pursuer. What’s interesting is to follow the relationship between the masculine and the feminine in this dream, because what is being shown is an injustice happening on the inner level, yet with the same familiarity of what happens between the genders in the physical world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this last dream I go with a carload of family or friends, it feels like mostly women, to a small town. And we stop, and we look around, and we go in a building and it feels like this building is where there’s a lot of gambling going on.

And the owner and his cronies, they seem really nice but it’s actually kind of rigged like they kind of pull you into this really friendly place where people win and stuff, and then they take you over to their other building and it’s really to get people hooked on gambling – and they particularly do this to the Indian tribes that live nearby.

And I feel some need to expose what’s going on, so I start going around agitating and stirring things up a bit. And in that process I’m separated from the group I’m with and the man in charge starts to pursue me.

And I remember once I’m going down a long hallway that actually comes one way, and then it turns to the left, and all along this hallway are what look like phone stations where you have to reach up and pull down the phone. So I could call my friends, or try to get some help, but every time I pull one it’s only acting like a bell or an alarm. It won’t act like a phone like it’s supposed to.

So I just have to give up on that. Then I decide that one of the wisest places to hide is the guy that’s chasing me has a loft bed and, you know, loft beds are built such that when you’re up in them other people are down below and they can’t see you. So I go hide in his loft bed and he comes down below after awhile with his girlfriend.

And I feel like I’m going to make problems for him, so I fuss around so she becomes aware there’s someone else in his bed. Then I want to make a getaway, but my feet are a little tangled up and it takes me awhile. I almost get caught because I have trouble getting my feet out from under the covers.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten his girlfriend mad at him and I use that as a distraction to kind of get a little more distance and hightail it, looking for my friends again. I thought maybe they’d gone to the first casino or building we were in and they’re not there. And again I’m looking for a place in town that feels safe, I think, and that was when my alarm went off and I woke up.

John: It’s kind of a complicated dream in which it’s the feminine’s way of disclosing a frustration that it feels, but doing it in a very courageous way. In other words, you can tell that around you life has gotten to the point where the innocence of things, like the indigenous tribes, is being contaminated by the influence and the power of the environment.

And that you, while you’re with your friends, are kind of in a state of amnesia to that, or just living incoherently to it, but as you break yourself free from that you find yourself taking on a righteous reaction.

That righteous reaction is like a type of reporting of the issue. Even though you are functioning in what looks like outer images, you’re actually complaining and reporting this issue in an inner-capacity way even though the living of it as a dream image is taking that vibration and putting images to it.

So what you’re doing is you do this in two ways. One is you have to get very sober and by yourself to contend with the fact that you consider this gambling indoctrination that is going on, which is sucking in the indigenous helplessly, is too much. It’s horrible.

And, in the same token, you recognize this to be kind of a masculine problem because you actually, in terms of doing what you did, you went to some inner depth of yourself, which was like going into an upper loft of a masculine setting or foundation. And so the masculine thinking that it has its way with things in life, you realize and recognize that in the loudness of your outrage you’re able to disturb that casual acquiescence on its part that it can do what it pleases.

And so in acting up, what you do is you are causing it to be exposed, in terms of its mannerisms, in terms of how it is affecting or treating creation. You cause it to be exposed. In other words, this is a type of reporting, this is a type of energetic, connective linkage kind of as a rising up from the outer towards the inner. That’s the vibrational flow. That’s the effect of the feminine.

It’s kind of like a rising up. It’s odd in that everything kind of goes to the inner but there’s the illusion, in terms of how to describe it, in terms of how it’s done. It almost seems like the effect upon the outer is such that you can take and, somehow or another, in a type of reaction, cause it to be noted, hold it accountable, not allow it to be swept under the rug, make it a loudness that the masculine, or the powers and controls of an imbalance, will find that it’s impossible to think that they can exist in a state of peace and calm acting like that.

So that’s an interesting way of registering a complaint. It’s a good one. It seems to work. It’s not like you have the answer, yourself, but you know how to register the complaint.

Jeane: Yes, I do.

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