Greener Grass

grass_is_greenerWhen looking at our dream images, the flow of events can tell us much about what is unfolding in our lives. Here the story centers around a car, and a car in dreams generally signifies the life of the dreamer. So the questions to ask are, who’s driving? Where is it going? Is it a smooth ride? In this instance, the car itself is in question – so what does that point to? Well, we often have a tendency to think we are the problem in situations, but we really are our only solution. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this first dream, I’m driving home, and my home is actually the house that my maternal grandmother lived in, and several of my family members live there because my mom is there, too. And it’s like night and I’ve driven a long ways, and I’m driving a black Jaguar, and I notice a red light has come on.

So I get there and I visit with them for a few minutes, and then I tell them I have to go into town to get the car fixed. So I drive the car into town. I’m really thinking about how it’s kind of a large car, and it uses a lot of gas, and costs a lot to get fixed, and maybe I should really think about getting something more practical.

So I get into the garage and I’m hoping it just needs an oil change, but I don’t know what it needs. So I drive up and somebody comes out to take it, and it’s like late like, there’s not a lot of the daylight left, but he thinks that they can do whatever they need to do. He tells me to go in and talk to the manager.

So I go in and go through the building, go back to where the manager is, and immediately what the manager really wants to do is he wants to sell me a more practical car. He sells Hondas and he’s got this little green used Honda that he can make me a deal on. And I think I leave for awhile and I come back to get my car, and then he has got this little green Honda right there to show me. He’ll take the Jag and I can have this little green Honda for like $1,200 or something.

And I look at it and I tell him that, that’s nice, but I’m going to take the Jag home. I tell him I actually have my other car, and I’ll think about a Honda or something, but I actually do have another car. It’s just that I don’t always like driving the Jag because it’s a little more problematic to me because of its size, and gas mileage, and it’s more expensive when something goes wrong with it, so I like my other car better.

John: So your dream is taking the energy opposite the way I’m taking it. In other words, you’re able to go to a place. You’re able to drive. You’re able to travel to a place which is where you belong. You’re able to find that; you’re able to get there. You know how to do that.

I can see it in the distance and think that I can get out and trot right over there, but I’m always twisted around. But no, you can stay in the car. You can get there, so that isn’t an issue. That part is very simplistic for you. In fact, it’s almost a throw away in your dream it’s so easy.

The problem is, you’re not at ease when you get there. You are constantly seeing things as greener on the other side of the fence, or something, in terms of your nature. And every option that’s presented to you just throws you this way, and that way, twists you this way and that way. There’s no good, better, or best. There’s no alternative that needs to occur, yet you’re still continually pondering the alternative, pondering what to do, pondering how something should be.

And when you take and get a full assessment of yourself, you’re going from big to small, and paying money to do that, as opposed to settling back and enjoying how it is, and where it is, that you’ve found yourself. That’s an interesting dream. It’s opposite the way I dreamt.

Jeane: I’m sure.

John: Do you want to hear mine?

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