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yinyangfolBoth masculine and feminine genders have their strengths. And each of us has within a balance of both these universal principles. When we are out of balance, or allow one aspect to dominate the other, we lose many capabilities that we could have otherwise had in managing our lives. So whether it is in the outer world, or inside of us as individuals, a balance between these two aspects is needed to move forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I come to bed in my dream, in this dream I take a walk during the daytime, and I go up this road that’s kind of in a city, but not downtown or anything, kind of a mixed kind of residential but there are open areas, too.

And so this walk that I take, I see people off to my right that are just kind of hanging out in an open area. Maybe they have a little campfire or whatever. At the time I noticed them on the walk during the day, I didn’t think much about it. I just assumed that they had figured out something that was meaningful for them to be doing there.

But then in the evening I go for a walk again, only this time you’re there, but you’re not keeping up, you’re walking behind. And it’s actually nighttime, and I push on ahead thinking that you’re going to catch up.

Well, what happens is this route that I take that normally takes one by where these guys are hanging out on the right, the trail also forks and goes off to the left, too. And I come to the place along this walk, that’s kind of a street trail, and notice that there are still some of them hanging out there, not as many, but they’re still hanging out there. And it looks like maybe they’re making music for themselves, or maybe they’re just going to settle in there and spend the night.

And so then I turn around and you’re nowhere in sight. You know, I wanted to show you this. I don’t know why, but I wanted to show you this. And then I realize that you apparently went down, you took and you turned, you lost me, and you went down this other direction. And it’s dark and I don’t see you, and this is not something for you to be doing on your own. I mean I can walk out like this, but you can’t be doing this.

So I race back to kind of where the junction is at, in the distance, up this other route it’s like maybe you’re standing underneath a streetlight or something looking kind of confused, trying to steer, and so it’s at that moment I realize that, in a way, this is kind of, could be, for you anyway, unsafe. And I feel lucky that I was able to find you.

It’s not like there’s any danger per se to be concerned about. It’s more of a condition of panicking, or freaking out, over being out of place – as if you’re a sense of lost or abandoned or something.

So the meaning of the dream is the dream is pointing out a sadness that occurs when there is no value in an expression in life. For the masculine, that value comes from maintaining a relationship with the feminine principle that is able to denote whether something is out of place or not.

The scenario is this dream came up because I am feeling a bit out of place and do not yet have my bearings. As a result, I do not know what to make out of things in my environment. I’m feeling disjointed from it all.

The dream is saying that the disjointure I feel is correlated to the bewilderment of being out of place and time. I need to realize that this condition is like a void that can be filled with a tone, or mode, that one tends to adopt. To do so is like a crutch, an illusion, that one hides behind.

Bottom line, I am not integrating and bringing together the essential nature that is needed to be whole. I have expectations that are getting in the way of the free-flow freedom. I’ve been imposing that upon the feminine side, and this is a form of taking that is not in cohesion with itself. To be like this is to experience confusion all around me. In other words, it’s gapped out. So that’s the first dream.

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sc20Coming closer, or moving apart? Joining, or separating? Finding, or losing? In dreams, it is always interesting to note how people and things are moving in relationship to you, the main character. Because the other people and things in your dream images are also representative of other aspects of you, tracking such movements can tell you a lot about what you are struggling with, or what has just come together for you. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: We seem to be dreaming this kind of theme connectivity. Let me see if I’ve got this other one.

I got separated from the woman I was with and, as circumstances would have it, I was able to find her again. I told her that if I had not found her I would have gone home, meaning back to wherever it was that was familiar to me.

She said, “You don’t have to do that, just call me on the cellphone.” I start to repeat the number and she says that I have the wrong number. The number I have hasn’t worked for a long time. It’s an old number that’s been discontinued. And then she kind of chuckles, and that “Ahh, that’s the problem. You got the number from Rob.” She says, “Let’s fix that so that the problem never happens again.”

To do so she indicates kind of a systemology of some sort in which she needs 15 minutes to enter into a dialogue. It doesn’t take 15 minutes. What she does is she takes a recording device, a thing that you speak into for recording, and that what I do is I speak my name and phone number and particulars into that and that system then makes note of that, and creates a base that keeps me from becoming lost again. In other words, with this now I will no longer have to ponder upon how to get back on course if I get off course. I’ll always be connected.

And the meaning is I was looking at what occurred on a trip I took. In other words, this is like the scenario now. I was looking at what occurred on a trip I took, that’s the trip we took to Israel, and in the recounting of the trip to others, noticed that there was a subtle heartfelt pain with everything I identified or pointed out. Such thoughts and images were slowly taking me off course. I would find myself getting lost from a deep, subtle, heartfulness that naturally connected to all that existed.

The inclusiveness was a type of nothingness, in other words, where you didn’t take and have to make out the report or information about it, to truly feel and be in the essence of it all within is exquisite. Anything else results in a marginalizing of my being and a getting lost from how it is I am meant to be.

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