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glogIf we take the idea of living a life from the inner into the outer to its logical conclusion, we can see that we will have dropped our attachments to the material aspects of life, and the ego importance that that requires, and thereby gained a deeper connection to all of life and become intertwined with it. That is when we can be guided forward energetically, acting in service to what we can do for the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my first dream it feels like there’s a period of time when a series of us, like you’re thinking a whole factory in some ways, but it feels like it’s more in the sky, that we were spinning, or making some kind of thread. And there were three of us that never talked, and we started spinning what we were making differently than everybody else.

But because no one knew what we were doing, because we never talk, they just left us to do it – even though we were spinning these little balls. They looked like little balls and then I guess you could pull a thread out of them later. While we were doing this it might be like a string coming down, and then a little ball on a string, and a little ball. We were doing this… It just didn’t look like how anybody else was making thread or whatever we were doing.

Well then at the end of the time, when we start talking again and it’s all done, we reveal that we were actually making a different thread, and it’s a stronger thread. But if we had talked about it at the time they wouldn’t have let us do it, or you might have gotten attacked for it. Because they thought maybe we’re going to produce the same thing they were doing they left you alone, even if it looked like you were doing it differently.

So we were able to create something different by never talking about it and, in the long run, it was stronger.

John: There are two things noticeable about the dream. The obvious of course is this idea that you’re designing something, from a standpoint of attention, that is done in a way that is separate from how everything else and what everyone else is doing. And slightly different than the idea that you can play with the energy lines in order to cause something that needs to happen or is meant to happen. In this particular case, you’re actually working as if in creation, spinning and weaving threads of things to create a result that is better than what existed before.

Now there is actually a very deeper meaning that surprised me when it popped in. And the deeper meaning is, you’re remaining quiet in order to maintain a key, in terms of your attention, because otherwise what you’re doing could be affected or impacted by the thoughts and the sight of others who are used to things being different. So by taking and maintaining or keeping your own council, so to speak, of however it is that you’re able to hear something inside in terms of what will make things better, you’re able to bring about a result that wouldn’t be possible if you got yourself contangled in the opinions and ideas and karma of others.

And this is an answer to a problem and a dilemma that I have had over and over and over again, and that I noticed that whenever I do things I like to involve others, but the problem is by involving others I get caught up in their karmic nature – and that fouls things up.

But what this dream is portraying is to heck with their karmic nature, to heck with how they are, maintain something that you, yourself hold on to, and flow, and follow that and yes, look to make sure that you’re not jumping over the top of something that’s intrusive or something, or hurt somebody else or whatever. And that you have, in terms of the bigger picture, a right to do this; but don’t go making it a democracy or whatever in terms of commiserating with others who just don’t understand because they’re not under the same focus or attention in terms of how something can be designed or flow. That’s the deeper meaning of this.

Also, what this dream portrays, or underscores, or recognizes and acknowledges almost as if you were to try to search for a scenario that would trip that depth of a meaning statement in a dream, in other words, not get mired in what they are going through and hold the focus of something that is pulling a better result together. And it may not be in keeping with how they’re inclined to look at things because they’re still caught up in nuances, and mannerisms, and habituations, and attachments, and patterns and everything.

This is an amazing trait and quality that points to something else like what a saint does. A saint is under orders to do something, and so doesn’t do things necessarily with the perspective of any personal mannerism or nature. A saint does things because they recognize the inner will orders that are important in life, and they just do it. And a saint, when they do that, from one way of looking at it, it’s no big deal because they have a connection to what needs to be. They hear it and they follow it because they have no choice.

And that a student who takes and does something that is surprising has the choice and, therefore, that’s why there is always this question: what is the more noble thing in life? Is it the student, or the teacher? And the argument goes back and forth, and the thing that surprises life the most is when a student recognizes something and does it because he’s not under orders.

So in a roundabout way, if you look at how something unfolds, and especially if you’re working towards something that is unfolding that benefits someone else, and you’re able to take yourself out of the participation or involvement or entwinement in it, you’re now playing in an area and on a level that has to do with being able to better hear the inner orders or will of things in terms of how life is meant to unfold.

This is only possible when you are able to take one step back from someone else’s karma and see what a better needed end result needs to be, and you make it happen for someone else. And there is a flow in doing that, and that flow is reciprocal – but that isn’t what you pay attention to.

You’re actually addressing a very deep thing. To begin with you do not know. All you know is when proper boundary control is there and you’re able to see what needs to be done, you’re catching up with the orders of things in terms of the will of life. That’s a pretty deep subject.

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