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atticIf we could rummage around inside of ourselves, what might we find? We might be fascinated by items we haven’t seen in a long time, or that we’d completely forgotten about. And we might come across items that have been there all along but we’d never dug deep enough to uncover them. That’s one of the services our dream life provides us – a chance to explore the hidden parts that we normally never have time for, or don’t have the patience to unearth in light of day. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream it’s like you and I had gone by some place like a smaller town and a county courthouse or something, and you had borrowed something from somebody there that like was a box full of mementos or something from a county. I wish I could remember more details, but it was something like that.

We’ve gone back and we’re standing around with some other people and we’re just picking up a few things that we have that we brought back in our pickup, or whatever we had, and everybody is kind of glossing over this one picture in a frame, but I pick it up and I blow away the dust and I see the picture is of like an old time miner or something, and then down by his feet maybe like a pickaxe and a hat. But I look more closely at the hat in the picture and it’s kind of a dimensional picture and I blow the dust off of it and I realize it’s actually carved out of a gold coin and inscribed.

You see it’s not just a photograph or a carving, that it’s actually made out of gold once you blow the dust off and then you can read the inscription. And then you mention to me that that was one of the things that we had borrowed that we’re going to have to be returning to the place in the country. And I’m just really interested because it kind of caught my eye because everyone thought it was kind of worthless, but it was actually made out of gold and was rather interesting.

And then I’m looking through other things in a trunk that I kind of even feel some of them go back to Native Americans, but I’m a little concerned because in looking through it I’ve disturbed the order in which it was kind of laid, or packed, in the trunk, and I’m not sure how easily it’s going to be to kind of fit everything back in in the right way. That’s all I really pulled out of that dream.
John: This is a dream in which what you’re doing is you’re feeling inside of yourself a suspense, or kind of a way of something that’s coming, or awakening, that’s impending in other words to open up.

Initially you see it in bits and pieces and flashes, much like one comes to have dreams that they don’t know necessarily what they mean. But eventually it’s an accumulative process that over a course of time what seemed to be fairly insignificant and meaningless becomes something that has a completeness about it, that becomes something that you find is a true treasure.

This then takes you to realizing that the journey that you’re on is like that. Before this all kind of happened casually, in other words where something was deemed not all that significant and kind of worthless but there was an inner suspense inside of yourself that helped trigger this meandering towards something like this that can open up for you. And then all of a sudden now it has, and it has a huge meaningfulness, a completeness to it. It has a viability in and of itself.

This creates, then, a change of focus so to speak in which you now find yourself purposely looking for more. And the dream is saying, don’t lose the wonderful sensation of how the other just opened up and caught you and swept you in – in kind of a natural way. Because when you actually go out there and try to pick up the pieces for yourself, and go into the hidden treasures of things, you have a tendency to get this stuff skewered every which way and not know how to access it in a manner, and in an order, and in a sequence that is important.

The dream in and of itself is telling you, the fact that you can see that you can get something discombobulated in terms of going into the chest of things that is there to be found and reached, and it’s only possible because you did get to the gold coin, and that just acts as the catalyst to more and more and more of this.

But now that you know that you’re in a process that’s more and more and more, you have to listen more attentively inside of yourself to make sure that it unfolds in a way that touches the heart. And when you do that, then that makes sure that it unfolds in a way that doesn’t get out of order, or discombobulated, and cause you to go off on some spiritual tangent or mannerism that’s not in keeping with the process.

And there is a great tendency for that to happen once you suddenly get the memo of what it’s like and what it’s about. Then you can tend to turn your attention towards that and try to help it along – and that can create a problem.

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baper2Even in simple fairy tales or, these days, video game stories, the main actor is often required to pick up shiny objects to unlock new possibilities, or ways to proceed. And so it is with dreams, because all these stories get their premise from the inner journey of a human life, who is born with everything they need to proceed, they just need to unlock it, or find it, or awaken it from within. And the key to doing that is to have the pure intention – desire for personal gain never reveals the next step on the path – of being on the human journey toward the purposes of creation itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my first dream it feels like I’ve been with some people and I’m going to journey to someplace where they have a resort and a casino. And I start out with this woman as a guide, who feels like a friend, and it’s kind of interesting to me because I know the people I left behind think that I need to take some money and things with me, but I already seem to know that when we get to this river that we’re crossing, and as our feet kind of overturn some rocks, I see that there’s bright, shiny 50-cent pieces and things like that in the river, and that I can just pick them up and take them with me to the resort.

And then it feels like in this dream, maybe after I’ve gone to the resort, I’ve gone over to an area on the other side and there’s an old woman who lives on this area that seems to float right next to it. It’s like a large circular area, and she has a house and vines and garden and stuff on it, but it seems to float in the air right next to a cliff. And I seem to negotiate my way around the periphery of her property, and then get on some vines that take me down below.

And then the dream picks up and it kind of repeats, except in the repetition of it rather than this being something kind of casual that I’m doing, it feels like there’s a man who is like a gangster who’s after me and wants me to be killed or something, for something I’ve done, or it feels like I’ve taken of his. And I’m trying to stay ahead of him.

He has one of his henchmen chasing me. At one point I go into a bathroom and it feels like I pee partly on the floor but it’s kind of like golden, and I’m kind of fascinated, but what it’s done is change the color of the wall, so I have this wall now with some purple on it, and some green on it, and another color on it.

And meanwhile the guy that’s chasing me is catching up with me. I’m able to stay a little bit ahead of him, and I come to where the old woman has her floating house, and I realize that’s the mother of the gangster, actually. Like she would try to keep me out of her area there, but because I’ve been through there before, and I can kind of crawl along the vines and stuff, I’m able to get through and get to the other side of the property and even kind of find some blinds that let me kind of stay ahead of the man who’s chasing me – and get down that way because I’ve been that way before, and get away to some degree.

I almost feel like if I get down there then they stop chasing. Anyway, that’s the most I can remember of the dream right now.

John: That’s a complicated dream. I’m amazed that you could remember that. The very first part all you’re really doing is on a journey and you have to cross a river or waterway, and then you find something shiny that you pick up and then you go to this in between place.

And as far as the application of what you picked up, you don’t really have a sense of what that’s about yet. And then from there you go and you are able to go to this other place, and you’re able to navigate your way around to get up to where this is at, but it’s a place that doesn’t feel comfortable to you.

When you were saying that you were able to navigate around, I knew immediately it had something to do with those shiny objects that you picked up. And what it was was these were like inflections. The shininess was like a knowingness. It was an ability to break through a barrier.

It’s part of your nature that you’re able to denote that you have, that is latent inside, that just automatically has the capability when it’s needed, almost unbeknownst to yourself, I mean you caught up with it and you somehow or another have that, and it doesn’t come fully out until it is readily needed. And, as far as you’re concerned, it has no significant meaningfulness. It’s something that you denoted, and have no idea that just in seeing it or denoting it, it has set in motion a way that changes how something unfolds.

So, on the first go around, everything that happens is kind of like amnesic to you. In other words, you just go kind of in a state of innocence. You see this thing in the water, or on the bottom. You pick some of it up, which means you take it in. It was like money, which means it was like energy, and it didn’t really have any significance to where you were going, yet somehow or another, it was important as something inside of you that enabled you to navigate around this old woman’s place, that you had no intentions of going to when you picked up the money, or the shiny objects. And, you really weren’t at this point in the dream, realizing that you were necessarily using the money. You didn’t realize that.

So in a sense you were operating in an amnesic way, in a destined, designed flow. But apparently you need to go back and forth a few times to actually see what’s really going on.

And so when the dream repeats and starts over, what’s added to the equation is an intensity, as if there is a chase scene. And what the chase scene does is it jars out of you what you had been repressing and not allowing yourself to catch up with, or hold onto, or own, or know. It jars out of you this clarity, this light, this shiny stuff.

And so when it comes out of you it changes the whole coloration of things, which is the same thing as changing the story of something. Instead of one drab color it adds another color. And, as a consequence of doing that, you’re no longer haunted by not having caught up with something that you’re meant to recognize, realize, and know. You’re no longer haunted by not having caught up with that.

You’d have brought it to such a forefront that you’re able to swing around the vines and whatnot at this old lady’s place, of which the beginning and the end are one in the same, because the guy chasing you and the old woman are like connected. And so you’re able to maintain a flow. You’re not going to get caught in the dynamic story there, or the storyline. You have in effect changed the story from what you have recognized, and realized, and touched, and seen, and picked up from within.

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esd.jpGold in a dream is an image of higher energy, and what better way to portray the awakening process than to dream of eating gold and changing it into something else? Because there is a double message here: humans can transform themselves from “lead” to gold through a spiritual process, but then they also can transform one energy into another, consciously, as a service into the universe. So the initial awakening is something that helps us reach our ultimate purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only thing I remember is the last part of my dream. And in this dream I seem to be the son of John McCain and his wife, who are actually in another room.

And whatever I do I’m in an adjoining room, and I have another sibling that I don’t really see clearly that’s right beside me. And there’s some other people in the room that I’m in, but I don’t see them clearly either.

And the problem that I have is that my sibling and I have a work that we’re doing that we’re not being able to get done. It’s being interfered with by the others around us, either the McCain’s or the other people in the room, I don’t know which. And the work that we’re doing is we seem to swallow these gold chains and, once we’ve swallowed the gold, because I can see it inside us, we do something that transmutes it into something else.

But it’s not working right now. It’s not either working because the people are talking to us, or because of something that’s being done in the adjoining room. I’m not sure which it is. There’s just something that’s being done by the people around us that’s interfering with us being able to get our work done right now.

John: What the dream signifies is, you’re using John McCain as an example of something that, in an outer expressive way, much of what he stands for, or represents, or does is a bit unrelatable, or indulgent, in terms of the outer. And that this blocks a process, or holds you back from a process of catching up and finding yourself.

In other words, you are having to adapt to the outer conditions being peculiarized, so to speak, because of just the nature in which the outer varies in terms of how it’s reflective, and comes to the senses, and is an area where you workout qualms and mannerisms. And you’re finding yourself, in terms of trying to sort this out, in a malaise, you know a John McCain kind of world type malaise.

But you’re also meant, even though you find yourself in this position, you’re meant to be able to transform the whole blood iron of something into gold. In other words, you have a distinction inside of yourself of what is pure; in other words what comes from an inner place. It’s within. You’ve taken it in.

The parts of yourself that you’re able to notice inflectively, all have a connection to this inner essence, and yet you have trouble reaching it, or aspiring to it, or finding it. You swallowed it, so to speak. It’s out of sight and out of mind almost, because your indulgence of your attention is so much so, in an outer collective motif, that is dominated by outward reflections that are of an orientation, a specific orientation, that is a little delusional because it is in the outer and out of touch with this inner essence.

This is the conundrum you find yourself in, but the image is such that you are to gather from this that you’re meant to be able to sort it out, because you have swallowed the gold. You are formed in the image of that which is beyond the John McCain quality that has everything in a delirium. So you’re born into this condition, the John McCain world. I mean whether you like it or not, this is how you find yourself, thrown into a chemistry that has been designed for you, that takes you into having to contend with things that don’t appear to have anything to do with the inner essence within. That you seem to be in the outer and devoid of any of that recognition, yet you do have that inner essence within and it little by little comes across, much in the manner in which, like an alchemy, where there’s the transformation of lead into gold, lead being the outer, gold being the inner, and this quality comes forth and is able to be accepted in this domain.

Because you have to think of it from the position of John McCain, and if you’re his son or daughter or whatever, you’ve been brought up to relate to how it is that he perceives the world. And yet you have this other inner quickening because you’ve ingested something. Something inside of you is a seed awakening. It’s the inner gold that’s been swallowed and, in that regard, you are not quite carrying that same indulged and ignorant echo blindly.

And so if you look at it from the perspective of John McCain, as you awaken, and you’re his son, and he has a certain caringness and purpose of life that has to do with you being able to grow up as he attempts to reconcile the distinctions, in other words in this outer sense, he comes to know as well what is important in life – inflectively.

So you have both processes going on, inner into outer, and then outer rising up to touch the inner. You have both processes attempting to go on. Both of them are geared though to something of an essence that has to make itself known in some capacity in order for there to be change – or otherwise it just all stays a John McCain world.

But it’s not meant to be a John McCain world because both you and your sibling, in other words his kids, have a spark inside of them, which means we all have the spark inside of us, some more so than others, to awaken to that which is the true light, the sun, the gold, the essence, and in doing so the world awakens.

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