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gravity_rxwsThere is the sentiment that we are a spiritual being having a human experience, and that is closer to the truth of things than the other way around. But it can be hard for us to see that, to acknowledge that, and that’s because we are as far as we can get from our spiritual core by being on a planet in a physical body. But that’s the whole point: if we begin here to work our way back to our spiritual home, the universe will have gained all that experience and knowledge of itself in the process. And that’s what it is trying to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this little side dream I had, it’s like I’m going to be coaching some girls, that look like about high school or college age, in a race they’re running. And so I’m talking to the main girl and explaining to her that the way this works is that there’s a special shoe she’s put on her feet. They kind of glow, and I wear a similar pair of shoes and that’s how we’ll communicate during the race.

I think she’s come back from one race, and we’ve gone into a locker room and she’s changing, or we’re getting ready, for something else. So I’m kind of going over again finding the shoes and how they’re going to work. And the other person that’s in there kind of collaborating with us, but he looks a little out of place in the girls’ locker room, is there’s a young Michael Jordan.

But he’s supporting us so, you know, I just ignore the fact that he looks a little odd in the girls’ locker room because we’re all focused on how it is that these shoes work, like if she wears one pair of shoes then we have the pair that coordinate with them.

John: In this dream, what you’re talking about is a type of focus and attention that has to do with a type of light, that has a certain speed to it, that can make a difference in terms of motion and movement – if there’s a such thing as motion or movement.

Yet this is how you are able to contend, or to cope, in terms of your beingness, in a place in which there are the abstractions. But you recognize an inner spark and you come to adopt a certain focus and attention in order to function. And what’s interesting is it’s almost as if you ask the question, or have the wonder inside, as to where this came from or what this is about.

In other words, you have to explain this to yourself as to why this makes all of the difference in the world, and thus you create the image of Michael Jordan, or a masculine counterpart of something that comes down directly with a kind of sightful clarity to make the difference. Otherwise, you’re in an amnesia in regards to why it is that there is this hidden spark that works. The Michael Jordan effect, or the masculine effect, is to a closeness to that which is able to awaken or more brightly illuminate the unfoldment.

The reason why you can’t throw away dreams that are peculiar like this is, what keeps dreams like this from happening is the indulgence of the synapses upon the gravity and momentum of things that affect us from a society that is rooted in senses and, as a consequence, densities and duality that are maintained as a consequence of the atmospheric condition that we’ve adopted, or accepted.

In other words, it’s almost like you’ve taken in a type of opium, or delusionary drug, by which you come to function and believe that everything that you do has to be oriented to a meaningfulness that is based upon an energetic magnetism gravity momentum. And it goes along and fits within this kind of superimposed atmosphere. And so when you function in life with that as the guiding principle, you function in a world of duality.

This principle, this atmosphere, an atmosphere in which there’s magnetism and gravity, an atmosphere in which there’s expansion and contraction, an atmosphere in which there is the sense of motion does not really exist except in this loci, which basically is another way of saying this planet, in which you have all of that constellated in its outward way – but you do not find it like this. You can’t find this replicated; no matter how much science looks, they cannot find this same sort of thing replicated in the rest of the cosmos.

And we are the universe inside of our heart; we’re made out of all that there is in the universe. And so this part of us that is in this very dense loci, that functions according to an atmosphere of gravity, when you have to relate entirely differently in the greater over body of our being to become all that there is, in terms of the universal context of God, of which we are God. But in this aspect of the whole, in this loci, there is the spell of gravity which causes appearances to not be what they would normally be in terms of empty space, or nothingness, thus the result is that we tend to identify with separation as if there is a separation.

Just like the gravity of things makes this unique from the rest of the way everything actually is in the cosmos, the same gravity effect upon us causes us to see things in duality, as a density, and the senses identifying like that then reach to what you would consider a lower-self being in which the way things are outside of this gravity condition are entirely different, and that that is our higher-self, or greater soul of it all, instead of this little loci kind of quality.

And that exists in a state in which there’s nothing going on, that everything is in an emptiness or a nothingness. Science can sense that there is something like this that is so because, when they look at the atoms and the structure of the human being, they realize that even though we see ourselves and conduct ourselves as if we are a density and that there is a world around us of substance, they see that there is a empty space, there’s more empty space inside of us, a huge amount of empty space. And that even though the atoms, that are considered the matter of us, seem infinite, that basically they are bounded and it’s like our way of seeing through the gravity causes this to have an appearance, but if you took that out that would be an empty space.

This is even true in terms of then just taking and going even finer and just taking an atom, and when you look, somehow or another you’re able to see an atom and you look into what it is composed of, it has a whole city within itself, or a mannerism inside of itself, that functions viably through the flow, or the overall quality, of its emptiness.

And, of course, that’s described in ways of electrons and protons and a magnetism that goes back and forth, and yet science in terms of understanding this realizes that to really understand this you need to have science progress more into the chemistry behind the neutron which has no charge.

So, little by little… but it’s because of the gravity of things, which causes the magnetism, which causes the sense of flow, we have the delusion. And so in your first dream when you come down and find yourself in the center of manifestation, like Denver is the center of this country, and you have at that point in time when you come down still an orientation to a centeredness of an innerness of yourself, you know how everything is intertwined and interconnected, and you call it the family herd or the family jewels.

However, you live in a world in which that can seem estranged because of the gravity that causes you to have an orientation into the outer, and adopt the characteristics and tools momentum, and that then takes you away from this place. This takes you to the south or, as it might be said, away from God. But everything is God, so how can you go away from God?

But you’re adopting the mind-boggling spellbinding elixir of the opium of the masses, which has to do with a gravity, or momentum, that keeps you estranged from how it is that you actually are as an overall existence in an empty space of nothingness.

So that’s what makes these things seem so mind-boggling because what one is talking about here is an aspect that defies the logic and the rational of a sense-oriented way of understanding and, therefore, repudiates the intertwined overallness that sits at the essence of your being.

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