To Have and to Hold

Jeane: In my first dream, I’m in a very large space with even taller structures. It’s like different levels are coming into this space and the structures have large rings on them.

I seem to be moving around this space. Mostly everything’s black. I’m studying how things are and seeing how I can move around when I’m in these areas that are more off the ground.  

The structures are solid, but it’s like the casinos (here in Vegas) where there are a lot of things to look at up above. The dream seems to be studying how it all works and even asking some questions about it, or seeing what one can do.

John: What could trigger an image like this resonates with something you expressed yesterday in saying that the Fremont Street Experience (in Vegas) has more heart, but less potential, compared to the Vegas Strip. The main Vegas strip is colder in its nature, but it draws an incredible expression of opulence. It’s an expression that reaches out in a dynamic way and makes itself known throughout the world. But it’s colder in its nature and there’s a certain tension that it carries, which you don’t get in the Fremont Street Experience, which has more heart.

It’s an interesting statement to make, and to probe and understand it more you’d need to get off the ground and go up, which is a more masculine modality, to see if it’s worth it. Inayat Khan (who brought Sufism to the West) asks, “Who does more for mankind, the person who has the money to have an effect in a charitable way, or the person who approaches something in a very simplistic, inner-connected way, but actually loses that connection and ability to touch things in the outer?”

Well, it all depends on how you look at it. In your imagery, you’re going up off the ground into a space, into a void, taking yourself a bit out of the rootedness of Creation…

Jeane: It’s not a void, actually, it’s got a structural aspect to it.

John: Yes, there are structures, but they’re off the ground. That’s not grounded in the way of the feminine. What the dream is asking is, can you do both? That is, can you hold the grounded nature (feminine) while also experiencing the flight and viewpoint possible above the ground (masculine) – both the heartfulness and the insight?

There comes a point in time on a spiritual path when you’re charged with the responsibility of having to carry on with whatever your anointed nature is. I call it an anointed nature because it’s something that evolves, as with a thought of God. The greater teacher has come in and influenced your enfoldment.

It’s not necessarily in a way that you might like to see it happen, but it comes in such a way that you’re pruned and guided into an expression that’s not so personally indulgent, which enables you to serve in a capacity of greater linkage and connection.

That brings us back to the question of Inayat Khan. What about the ability to touch and affect things in Creation, that a person who becomes linked to the inner path tends to lose the ability to do? What do you say about that? The person who becomes connected to things on the inner can’t directly affect or influence, externally, certain things anymore, so there’s a loss from that perspective.

In reaching for the greater potential, has the Vegas Strip lost a certain heartfulness? Is the purpose to be able to be in a particular place (of the world) in Creation, or in a particular (inner) space in Creation? Can both sides be accommodated?

Your dream is answering those questions in a way that’s a little different than the way of the masculine, which would use a process of identifications, images, thoughts, and interactions, where the clarity comes through in relationship to the pros and cons of things.

But you’re able to answer the question just by feeling the space and by noting the different parts of you. You’re in one scenario, and then you go into another scenario that’s a little bit more off the ground and you feel what the experience in the structure tells you. That’s your way of doing it. That’s more of a container approach, i.e., you’re trying to expand your containment to reach out and probe further.

You wouldn’t be asking that question inside if there wasn’t something important in that regard, which is more masculine, and so you have to go out and make that distinction for yourself. How can it come together and yet at the same time hold?

When you do this you’re recognizing that you’re in a different structure – you’re off the ground -and to what degree does that effect your heartfulness? Does it estrange you? Do you have the ability to hold both places? This is the test. This is the tease.

Going Back In

John: Interesting. Here we have the second dream of the night (see The Dark Forces), exploring the same territory as the first dream (see Mission Possible). In the first dream it was a masculine aspect of you that was needed. That masculine aspect brought something through, which, in turn, triggered a knowing inside of you, because it is the nature of the feminine to carry everything complete and embodied within her, yet she needs it awakened from an unconscious state.

In this dream, you are in your feminine aspect – the viewpoint feels like you as you are in life. As the feminine, you’re proceeding in a natural way, guided by a knowing that you’re moving away from something that haunts you in some capacity. You are trying to reach the water, which represents your unconscious, and you are not deterred by whatever tries to block your way.

When you reach the water, you initially enter in a state that is neither unconscious nor fully conscious. We know this because there is the concern of you being smacked about by paddles and boats as you try to navigate this new horizon.

Ultimately, you rise above that aspect of the unconscious and you find yourself on a boat, which can take you on a journey to deeper inner territory and away from the limitations of yourself.

But all of a sudden you have a flashback to something in the past. It’s a memory of someone you knew and cared for, yet who, in the instance of the dream, represents an aspect of you. And you realize that this aspect of you still carries some dark energy, like being possessed or taken over. Through this habit or mannerism, you are infecting the people and things around you.

So you have made this wonderful journey out on the water, found yourself feeling free on the boat, and you’ve realized that you have developed a certain strength and confidence within you. You now feel the desire to go back and try to relate to this dense, lower-self force that is a vestige of your life when it was influenced by such lower-self nature.

When you go back to land, you realize that everything you see has been affected by this vibration of a lower nature. But you notice that as long as you don’t do anything to challenge it, or stir it up, you can move around safely in this arena of life.

However, you have a confusion, and the confusion stems from a sense of caring about things in terms of Creation. You can see, as you move in this “infected” environment, that you have been a part of it yourself. So your feeling is a desire to use the higher access you have gained – a recognition of your higher self –  in some way to try and create transformation or change.

Jeane: Or remembrance.

John: Or remembrance, yes, good word. I’m not sure that the dream quite tells you how this effort works out for you.

Jeane: You don’t expect it to work right. You just have to try.

John: True. So, the spiritual concept here is that you have to try to make this step back. You can’t open up all these levels inside yourself but not look back. Part of the journey is to bring what has been opened up, back down through the veils and to try and make a difference.

Jeane: And it’s partly because of the baby. Because there is hope for what has not yet been completely infected.

John: Ahhh. So, you find when you do this the first thing is to rescue the heart of something that’s most precious, that’s sitting in a state of innocence. Aha! Yes, that part is true.

Jeane: Then a martyr aspect comes through.

John: Yes, because you’re going to try to make a difference amongst people who don’t want to hear about this sort of thing. They’re caught up in what they’re caught up in, in their lower-self world-view, and yet you’re feeling that, because of your good graces…

Jeane: Well, not all the people, just the force that I was dealing with (represented by my friend).

John: You’re right. You’re looking at just the energy that’s the focal point of the problem. If you can change the source of the dark energy, everything else will change too?

Jeane: Yes.

John: And you’re going to be able to come up against this dark energy, something that in most instances you would avoid like the plague, because you can see how it’s affected everything else. You’re saying that you’ve reached a point where you’re compelled, and ready, to confront the source of this dark energy, rather than ignoring it or setting it aside. So that’s an important transition.

A Fundamental Process

John: I wanted to delve into the deeper process between the masculine and feminine that was indicated by your dream (see Under Fire and Slings and Arrows).

Because we saw you, in the dream, with the bow and arrow, firing out rocks that represent a kind of light into the darkness. What that’s actually showing is that you are utilizing the masculine part of yourself to create something that stirs. The feminine is the wholeness of life, but needs the masculine to trigger aspects of her wholeness out from an unconscious state.

By doing so, the masculine aspect enables what is already in the feminine, but unconscious, to be brought out and made more relevant and more available to her. Thus it’s a fundamental process whereby the feminine reaches an awareness of what’s going on, and sees, then, the relevancy of herself in terms of the whole. At that moment, the feminine aspect can let go of whatever she carries as a burden, or barrier, against the masculine aspect, and can provide the quality of acceptance.

In other words, by getting over her resistance to forgive the masculine (in herself), she enables the “lights” of the masculine to become grounded. It’s the nature of the feminine to be grounded, and of the masculine to be more up in the air, in the way it works. So the feminine needs the lights and insights of the masculine to stir what is already in her, unconsciously, and the masculine needs the feminine to make those insights become grounded in life.

Without this process, the masculine aspect becomes disconsolate because it can’t bring something down and through into life in a way that can touch creation. It’s the feminine who can find the one correspondence to make it all make sense.

It’s a fundamental inner struggle, because the feminine aspect might feel anger or rage against the masculine in terms of how she has been continuously pushed and controlled by it. Yet when she realizes that she is able to bring all of that “light” through, in terms of acceptance of herself without the anger, she is, in that process, able to accommodate the quality of the masculine that is amazing and necessary for her process.

Another way to say it is, if she lets go of her resistance, the feminine can hold the space through which the masculine energy can come through, bringing its sight and clarity, awakened through the feminine, and into creation.

So your dream is showing you your natural connection to the overall, and it is also showing that when you are able to accept the insight from your masculine aspect, you can see more clearly what is going on, and you are better able to navigate situations that come up. It can be very empowering when the feminine gains a better understanding of who she is and of what she is capable.