The Tipping Point

1pCjIt has often been said that every challenge, or difficulty, is really an opportunity for growth. And it is the way of all things:  a virus or parasite can affect many things, but the immune systems strengthen and build new defenses. When animals eat the leaves of a tree, the tree develops strategies to make the leaves taste bitter. Without struggle, nothing learns, and nothing can evolve. As humans, with the gift of freedom of choice, we always have the option of choosing to find the best solution for any situation. And it’s not meant to be a personal solution, it’s meant to be a solution that serves the purposes of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I observe that there is an unfoldment, which prevails in a pleasant surprise sort of way. The reason why I say that it prevails in a pleasant surprise sort of way is that, what I’m seeing, it surprises me because it’s not what I expected. And it comes to a point and it goes over a tipping point, in other words, over a particular degree. And when it goes over that particular degree, which I don’t know how to describe it, it’s like a tipping point, then it means that it has to happen.

In other words, the energetic is in a process of unfoldment in which it is required to continue to continue. And so that throws me into wondering: what does it mean by tipping point? And the only clue I have is in terms of the sensation. The sensation is such that it ultimately is okay. It ultimately is okay, yet this has a sense of defying common sense, but I don’t have the sensation that what will unfold is dire.

And so I’m sitting there saying, what is really going on? What is this? What does it mean to be at a tipping point? Because I know that dreams, per se, don’t directly take and give you blow by blow, Pavlovian information, about a particular subject matter. They speak of an unfoldment process, of an awakening process, of the whole. And what goes on in the outer is nothing more than fodder for that wholeness, within, to evolve.

So I’m sitting pondering that what is taking place, in a greater inner depth, is meaningless. It’s meaningless. In other words, it’s not an end all, be all, that you put in some sort of good mode, or bad mode, up or down, end all, be all, or not, kind of thing. It is an aspect, as if it’s a part of a process in which it is taken into account in such a way that it is a precursor to helping to facilitate a greater awakening.

That was one way of looking at what tipping point meant. I’m not sure what to quite make out of the fact that there’s no catatonic nature here, that it seems to be okay with it. I’m not sure what to make out of that.

If I look at it from an external standpoint, I would say that that means that it’s meant to work out. But if I look at it from, perhaps, a bigger picture where it all is pushing to something so much more, I could say that all of that is, in the eyes of the big schematic of things, insignificant completely, and that it is part of a process. But not in the way that I’m indulging.

And so the conclusion is, the energetic within is, in the end, okay with the situation. My higher self is not taking any sides one way, or another, except saying a tipping point, whatever that means, is apparent. And the tipping point is what is important.

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