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spiralheart-innerfrontier-orgWhat brings the inner and outer together? What brings the higher and the lower together? What bridges the gap between separation and oneness, or closes the distance between a human and God? A connection to the heart, or a heartfulness as John calls it. If we consider the universe to be a feeling place, rather than a thinking place, it is easier to sense how the connection of the heart can join us to everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: You’re taking and you’re using a flow of yourself in the outer, kind of a guided flow in the outer, and drawing yourself close to something of a newness, but it’s going to have all of this in it, of the past, and it will be intertwined with the essence of that vibration of an ancient time.

All of that will be in that and you can sort that out because you will know that, because you don’t have the time or space. It’s very easy to take this into a talk or discussion about the soul.

In other words, the soul quality for the feminine is bounded and grounded in a home that is manifestation. And the soul element for the masculine reaches into this fibrous mannerism impulse that is fickle. You know, it isn’t rooted, it isn’t streamlined, it isn’t connected.

And it’s coldish, that in and of itself is coldish. The connection of the feminine in manifestation means to be warm, because manifestation is created out of the heartfulness of love of the creator, so it means to be warm but it doesn’t have the parts pulled together.

And the heart pulls them back together, because that puts you back into the thought of God, as opposed to just the manifestation. And so when you have the manifestation, and you have the thought of God you have a Will. And then when you have the speeding up, you have the black tail is all, so you have that catalytic aspect of the outer.

It’s a quickened Will or connection that the heart has to everything that exists. In other words, it’s a grace or it’s a softness, so you have the speed. You pull the two together that way.

That’s the closest I can get at this point. I mean I’m still trying to climb and understand, too. Now you might say one of these days I might go, the components of the third phase of the new energy are, step one, two, three, and four now, but I’m not at that point. Instead I’m just recognizing how you can overshoot, how speed and timing is such an issue.

How the sight doesn’t do you any good because you don’t know when, you don’t know the speed or the timing, you don’t know the hour and the minute or whatever of what is intended.

You have the inflection coming in, but you cannot tell, because those inflections are contaminated by the presence of your being yet, so you don’t have an instant, constant, in-tuned knowingness. I can have moments of it, but I’m inaccurate as can be because maybe something will dredge to the point where I’ll get it in one capacity but not in another. And yet I know that it can be in all capacities.

It can be like something that just undulates, you know, and just undulates this way and that way and this way and that way and that way and that way because it’s in tune. It’s just following the natural inflections. And I can’t do that because there’s still too much of this other that contaminates and gets in the road.

I contaminate the inner, so to speak. In a strange way it’s like contaminating the inner. In other words, it’s like I can see the place that I’m currently in, meaning the outer that I’m currently in – it’s going to be overrun and destroyed.

And so before that happens I’m able to scan across the open plain and come to another area where help is provided, where there are provisions for getting out of the elements. I don’t have the heartfulness to go fully into it because I still carry a stigma where I just left – and it’s apt to draw a problem yet that will manifest and rise up and hurt something that’s innocent. So I have to stay on the outskirts of that on the inner.

If I go on the inner, you know, it’s more comfortable, it’s more at ease, there’s more care provided – but I’m not ready for that. And so I see myself staying, you know, where maybe there’s a bit of a thatched roof or a bit of an overhang above my head so that I’m protected from elements above. I’ve got a wall on one side that is part of the structure of the inner that is open with the hot air able to come out from inside to kind of keep me warm.

I have a front wall, a back wall, in other words one, two, three sides, but the other side is open to a cliff, and open air, and no one will look for me there, no one can find me there. No one on the inner will pay any attention and go there either, and I’m leaning and getting something from the inner there.

Now, I can go into the inner, but that’s not a good thing for me to be doing because I’m not right. And so I can see that too.

That was yesterday’s meditation dream.

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John: Last night, because of my fever, I didn’t think I was going to have any dreams. All my attention was on the fact that no matter how I bundled up I was cold and, as a consequence, I consumed myself with trying every sleeping position so I wouldn’t create any additional aches and pains.

It wasn’t until 1:00am that I had this image. I was trying to figure out how to carry the image back to what was going on before, but I was blocked by the fact that my attention was also on my fever, aches and pains.

So, in this glimpse, or image, I see a woman who shows up from time to time at the dream group. She is accepted as part of the group; it’s as if she lives in the area.

Somehow I come to know (no one else seems to know, they just accept her), that she doesn’t really live any place in particular. She just flows freely and with ease. 

If I didn’t know that information, nothing about her demeanor would cause me to think she didn’t live locally. The image of this woman, the quality that she carried, had a great freedom and elegance to it. She would just show up.

There was no way I could draw any conclusions, or quite put my finger on what it was about her. All I knew is that she seemed to be around at important meetings or events from time to time.

So this image is creating an energetic space, and freedom, to move about at will. It’s an expression of composure and elegance that feels natural wherever it is. It’s an image that shows that there is more meaning and freedom available to us when we are not limited by a need for definition. This woman defied definition.

We see this in waking life, and it has been a theme in our dreams since we went to Las Vegas, that when we find ourselves in situations that are completely out of the ordinary, completely different from what we are accustomed to, it stirs things up inside us. From an inner (dream) world perspective we are shown, and can experience, that if we’re able to just flow freely and with ease, we’re much more alive.

Flowing freely allows for more amazing images and states to open up, which also gives us a greater understanding of all that’s going on. Whether waking or dreaming, this free-flow state is almost impossible when we see ourselves in terms of how others might see us, whether friend or stranger. That ego-perspective isn’t good because it defines us – it limits us – and therefore shuts down the magic.

A dream like this causes me to wonder, how does one do this in relationship to the home community? In going to Las Vegas, we were far from our usual dream group (meetings) and unlikely to find similar ones there. Maybe this is a dream with a hint to show a state, or a value, that exists when we’re not in any place in particular?

The dreaming has been showing that there’s a much greater dimensionality to things when we’re able to be at peace with, and accepting of, all situations. Whenever we (humans) find ourselves in an uncomfortable predicament, we quickly begin to put limits on our senses and we adopt old patterns – we focus on the particulars and details, and lose the bigger picture.

When we do that – begin to limit things by defining them – it causes hurt to the heart, because it’s a disconnection from what really is. If we can keep things outside of the specific, or not view them so personally, we can actually have a greater perspective of what’s transpiring.

We’ve been dreaming that, and noticing that. It’s might seem like human nature to want to define everything, but that narrows our experience into the predictable, when our real safety, and joy, is in the spontaneous, or in the aliveness and uncomfortability of the unknown.

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John: I’m doing something similar to you in my dream, where I need to clear a threshold, or limitation, in order to live life in a noble way (see Missing Pieces). I bring this knowledge back to recognize how the heart guides one in this process – if one has the courage and strength to follow the heart and not the meaningless peculiarities that can hold our attention and knock us off track.

In the first dream, I’m in a condo building that has a number of units that have limited-use rights. Certain units just naturally have access to all the amenities, and other units don’t.

I’m trying to resolve this situation because it just doesn’t make sense to me. I figure out that the square footage is the same for all the units, so it could be that certain units are just not utilizing the common elements that are available to everyone.

If they all utilized the common elements, then they all would carry the same (increased) freedom. There’s no excuse for not appreciating and enjoying what is common to all, because everything in the building is actually the same; no unit has rights over another. 

In trying to comprehend this issue, I realize it has something to do with a type of presence. In other words, certain units don’t have a presence in this greater open area and that’s why something seems limited, or constrained.

Then I have a brief glimpse that this presence is represented by a man who is in the nearby area, but not in the building itself. This man should be in the building; that’s a link that needs to exist. 

So, my attention goes to trying to figure out how to make these two ends come together (as you were doing in your dream). My attention is upon normalizing the relations so that everything is same/same in terms of the energetic flow therein. I know that this issue can’t be fixed as long as I remain off to one side, or “gone” so to speak, instead of as part of the whole.

What I find most disturbing is that these limitations are self-imposed, and they take away from the feeling and flow that I consider important to create an atmosphere that permeates equally throughout. 

The energetic is that I look and look for a rational explanation for a limitation that must be transcended. I’m realizing that it needs to be transcended and, based upon my understanding, such limitations will fall away with a certain presence, a certain natural presence – that’s the energetic.

This dream is showing me that a coming together needs to happen for appreciative purposes. This is what is missing in terms of what I am reviewing energetically. I seek to change this oddity. I do this with my heart.

I connect my heart to what is called for and in doing so the limitations fall away. I’m compelled to do this because if I don’t I’ll remain confused, my heart will ache, and the joy that needs to come out will remain suppressed.

By approaching it as if this is a kind of guidance and hearing that one follows that comes from the heart, the building becomes evenly “cooked” – which is what is currently missing because there’s an irregularity there.

To say it another way, there is a barrier, or a gap, or there are veils between the two, which makes no sense because there’s nothing in life that requires it to be like that. It’s just that we often adopt limitations, thinking they are “us,” when really we have limited ourselves for no good reason.

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