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Yesterday, Jeane’s dream had an encounter with an alien force (see An Alien Shift). From the same night, John dreamed of visiting another world. Both dreams point to a shift in what is required of those on a spiritual journey – and an elevation of what is possible for the human to become connected with when we let go of the personal and physical tethers, and embrace the Wholeness of God and creation.

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John: In my dream, somehow or another, I apply maybe more of the quality of feeling how this brushes the heart differently, this new shift or change or whatever it is that one contends with, so that I’m able to come and recognize this whole other level, and what it’s like.
It doesn’t seem, when you initially look at the dream, that’s what it is. But when you feel it on a heart level, in relationship to how you had contended with things, you have two choices: either to look at it in terms of something almost undermining and deceptive, which is in your case some dominant force coming in. Or you can actually shift and look at it in a greater overall, with the specifics of how that functions now.

And then you will see that it’s a new reflection that is possible to catch up with. And it’s like everyone kind of knows that there is something like that. They just don’t have any inkling about it. They don’t deal with it at all.

Like you have the teacher that you know is this force, as he describes himself. He’s like a “howling wind” or something. And he’s described a few traits about himself, like just because he doesn’t look at you doesn’t mean that he isn’t seeing you. And that there is this recognition that, in the space where he is, he can absorb, or he can relate, or he can take on certain traits of estrangement that you might be in.

I remember once in Germany I was really off and didn’t know anything about how I could change or fix any of that, and just happened to wander in and saw him sitting in this room, and he never saw me, but I turned and saw him and went out. And just that process of having stepped into that space took all of that away.

And the reason why that works is he’s able to put you in his heart, and actually this is a whole other level of awareness. This whole other level of awareness is akin, in some capacity, to an understanding that can emerge if you’re not sitting there having to deal with the shadow dynamics and the hostile forces. You can come to grips with this quality inside yourself. And, actually, he is aware of that, and that’s what he’s able to touch to cause you to suddenly shift from a denser part that has consumed you.

Yesterday I felt this denser part. I did a step back into this denser part, and realized how you can trigger, from this denser part, even phone calls and whatnot because you’ve now stepped into an energetic that feeds the universe, that invites this sort of thing to happen.

And then, at the same time, I realize that another part of me has been trying to function in this other octave, having dreams saying that the byproduct of what you do is what is alive. Not the actual thing that you do, but the byproduct of it has a life, or lives on, or flows, or touches, or is an aliveness.

And we’ve come to look at that as perhaps this is a big shift and difference because ordinarily you would tend to wonder if your effect can have something to do with connecting with the collective energy, and thereby finding a resonance where something then changes in the world.

And we’re finding that we can’t do that anymore and, as a consequence, we go to a deeper depth inside ourselves and we find that as we take and we work with characteristics and qualities in life, it’s the product outside of ourselves that’s reciprocal.

In other words, it’s the carrying, it’s the attention that we place on something, which has an aliveness. And the interesting thing about that aliveness is you live in this new aliveness. You don’t live with the collective response anymore. You live in this higher octave of a consciousness that exists as a result of you having an effect that touches things with your light, and the effect of that, the effect of that is what has become real – no longer the collective that has to be won over or something.

So that’s a dream that’s a precursor. That’s right on the threshold of this shift to what you’re describing as an alien force, and I’m recognizing it as a quality and a trait that exists in the teacher. What’s so interesting is you really then start to see what a huge dynamic this is, because if you have the audacity to toy or play with the teacher, you might actually find out that what you’re assuming to try to portray, or show them, is something they already know – and they know it, how?

They know it because they have had to put you inside their heart, and so they have to work with the dynamic of how you are. They have taken that on, and they have to work with that dynamic already. So all they have to do is sit in a subtleness, and a quietness, and they can already grasp that space.

So as they grasp that space, if you’ve taken and you’ve intruded upon something that kind of has to be contended with that way, then that means that you have to start to participate in seeing it from this aspect of things as well. For you it’s called the alien force.

In the dream, I and two or three others, so there’s three of us I believe, and we’ve traveled to this new world. We’re at a place where we’re able to creep up, or sneak up, on people who live here, who have traits that are much different.

And of course we’re sneaking up, and we’re not going to let them know that we’re sneaking up because we want to observe it, to begin with, the idea being that maybe we go back and report what we’ve seen or something. But for the time being we’re not going to make contact, we’re just going to look.

In other words, it wasn’t our idea even to stumble upon these foreigners or people of this new world, but we have. So we approach, but to keep from being detected, because we see some of them kind of coming in our direction, we hide behind a large round rock to let the natives pass by.

And I tell my two cohorts, that they need to be exceptionally quiet, because I seem to know that these natives have a perception that works differently. In other words, they can know and recognize that something’s there in this area, and so just because we think we’re hidden, and out of sight, and quiet, we’ve got to be very, very careful because somehow I have the suspicion that they can tell.

One of my friends is acting like he knows the level of hearing that is typical, and he knows how sight normally works, so he doesn’t pay any attention to me and he continues to whisper a bit, which would probably ordinarily be okay but he’s continuing to keep kind of some noise effect.

This bothers me, and ordinarily, from his perception, would be okay, but I seem to know that anything like that, even the slightest of ripples is detectible. The thing is we were the ones who thought that we were creeping up to observe, but in this dream we are the ones that are observed and don’t even know it.

What happens is, at some point, I step out with the other two from around the rock, and there in front of us is what looks like the entire nation. They’re standing there observing us even though we’re behind the rock thinking we’re hidden – and they’re all there.

They’ve been tuned in and were monitoring us in a way we hadn’t imagined as being possible. They’re so familiar and so knowledgeable of us that when I step out, one of them who’s kind of the leader of them all, because there are a cast of hundreds of them now, one of them refers to me by my name, as I walk around the rock. And he just says it in a real calm, bland, accepting manner.

In other words, there’s no tilt, there’s no edge like you would expect: okay, here’s a couple of strangers! He just acts like we’d related before or something. And that’s when I realize that they are advanced beyond my imagination. And they mean us no harm, because I could tell by the way that they talked that they’re totally accepting.

It is they that are being really totally quiet. In other words, we didn’t know the art of quietness. It’s they in their actual quietness that enables them to not disturb or awaken us. But I’d stepped out and there they are.

I am told that no one, from where I am from, even knows that they exist, meaning in this denser part of myself, can even suspect or know that they exist because you’re dealing with other things. You deal with the shadow dynamics, you’re dealing with all that stuff.

And in your case you’re dealing with that force that’s trying to take over at the beginning of your dream, so you’re not going to know that they even exist as long as your attention isn’t ready and able to take in, as you did, the aliens.

And in my case their called something from another world. I’m told then that they do not want to be revealed, and I’m kind of asked, can I stay quiet? Or will my general demeanor leak out to others from my country?

In other words if I go back, how am I going to handle what just took place? They’re kind of trusting us with this secret that they have, and can we carry it in the same silence that they are? Because you would be desecrating it; you would not be honoring it. You wouldn’t be true to this space, which has a kindness, and an understanding, and an acceptance.

In other words, it doesn’t have the normal reaction. But the dilemma I have is I know that I’m not sure if I can keep this to myself. And I figure that I have a better, closer possibility of being able to keep this to myself than these other two characters, especially the one guy that was mumbling away, not even having the sense that I did that you have to be even quieter.

So if it’s nearly too much for me, what about my colleagues? Golly, won’t they blow it? I’m impressed with the natural kindness I can see that exists with these people, that is part of the space. So I wake up, not knowing if I am up for the challenge, in order to shift to this whole way.

The meaning is, I am trying to be very coy, but my actions are louder than I realize. I don’t seem to be fooling anybody. I tried. I am just out of my mind thinking I can hide my nature and whereabouts from those I think I am observing, who shouldn’t be able to see and hear me and my colleagues.

The colleagues are just other parts of yourself. Of course, there is a part of me that is close enough to realize that this needs to be in some sort of silence and super quietness, and I suppose that little part was just enough so I could shift into this whole other level of awareness, knowing that it exists instead of just surmising about it.

And if a teacher is taking you on, he’s put you in his heart so your every mannerism is actually observed. And if you do something where they have to blink, or make note of it, just like in a shamanistic thing where it surprises them, or they have to take note of the wrinkle, they make sure that they fully take into account something. They go back and they observe through this quiet space. It brushes across the heart. They have to take everything out of the equation so that they don’t bias it in order to see what it is about.

My attempt to hide, which is our way, we are always hiding when we have some sort of motif that we’re coming from, reveals how conscious or unconscious you are, the degree to which you do that.

And these people, or this other part of myself, this greater depth, can monitor that conduct and whereabouts from a connection they have to the heart. This is a connection that one has to make, that is something that I’m seeing that I have to make, that is awakening now. And if that were to happen, that makes everything visible, visible to the quietness. In other words, you feel the undulations instead of your own racket.

So, you can say okay, let’s see if we can figure out this deep meaningful scenario? Well, we sent this dream to the teacher. And when I sent him what it is that I am trying to sort out from within, which is a type of arrogance, but the arrogance can be taken out of it if you’re to put yourself into a similarly situated quietness, aware of the subtlest mannerism.

So the challenge is can I emulate that, can I actually do that, and can I find the place inside my heart where there is this quietness that is in touch with everything that is going on? So there’s an even deeper meaningfulness aspect of the scenario, and that is, this whole process is yet another way of working with reflections, but now you’re working with reflections more towards the total quietness – or a reflection of a reflection.

In other words, you have one set of reflections like in your dream, which starts out and indicates that you’re having to work with a loud force or something, and ordinarily that’s as good as a dream gets because until you get that figured out, in terms of sorting out your higher self and your lower self, you’re not going to catch up with something that functions on a level of the higher self only, or “in God,” so to speak, quality, where you deal with what you consider aliens.

So, I’m concerned that a secret that I feel as important will leak out into a denser world. In other words, I can’t necessarily be entrusted with it, and I’m looking at this. Meanwhile, an inner space exists from which I am watched, that is wondering if I can keep this secret of secrets, the quietness that makes it all come together.

This exists in a silence where all is revealed. This simply inflects off of the heart that is interconnected. In other words, if you merge into the teacher, or accept and don’t thrash around, and accept the sameness of yourself that is placed into the heart of the teacher – you get it, you get it.

And you do the same thing: you take everything that’s happening and you put it into your heart and you then can really see what’s going on. And the degree that you’re involved in some capacity with whatever it is that’s happening around you, it is the quality of the heart resonance that is the aliveness, not the collective reflection denser stuff.

That kind of thing, whatever light it had, or clarity it had, is more in relationship of an understanding. As the teacher would call it, it belongs to the school of 10,000, instead of the esoteric school, which doesn’t have very many people because it works in a silence, and in the hiddenness, and it’s just a few.

And it’s important to know where you’re at, and if you’re in the 10,000 and now you’re sorting things out, and 10,000 might be able to make a difference to kind of manipulate or change or have an effect upon the reflection of things, but the other kind of touches it, in its silence or in its secretive secret way of being, which is the consciousness that every person, and I, am meant to reach some day.

But it’s a whole other octave because God has created creation and he’s hidden himself in that. If you are connected to that, you’re under those orders. You do that because you’re taking in what God wants. This creation is meaningful, even though it’s reflected in what ordinarily appears to be a very dense and lower way of being; all of the levels are in it.

A and so he as a teacher comes in with this other level, that is normally so foreign that very, very few recognize that it twines like that, that it actually twines through the heart of things. And I am able to know that. So as I reach that sight, I know their lives – meaning myself and everything – is simplified by an insightfulness that awakens a connection that flows from within. It awakens a connection that flows from within.

So you can see, this is what the secret of secrets is all about. That’s a whole other thing. Who really participates in that? It’s hard enough just to know that everything flows from inner into outer, and that you’re caught up spending most of your day contending with outer effects, as if that’s what’s dynamic. And then dealing with those denser reflections that way.

You have to get way beyond really knowing that it’s inner into outer, so that it’s not just a matter of words. That quietness, that is the dynamic, that makes this all linked; it’s a quietness. It’s such a super quietness, that it enables everything to brush by and touch it, and in its super quietness it has the awareness of everything.

And so one could have an inflection about what is needed in the world in some capacity, that has maybe a right focus and intention about it – but how do you work with that in relationship to the only thing that really is going on, which is the super quietness that is everything. And you have to come to grips with that, and then you go beyond the catastrophe that can be described in terms of this dense level, and that’s what it’s really all about.

It’s not the play itself, although that’s the way that you look at it and talk about it, because that’s the denseness that everyone is caught up in in greater and greater degrees of pain and suffering and confusion.

Yet behind it is that individualistic light, that is the light of the whole of everything, that can just be in the state of a quietness that presides over it all, as not only a wholeness in the feminine, that takes into account everything in its being, but also as a masculine that is touched and in tune with the secret of secrets, and what that means as an importance of the quietness. So it’s not just plop, like in the feminine. It’s also aha, the attunement, noting the attunement, honoring the attunement.
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John: In the next dream I notice that there are game animals roaming around the local area. I think I report it to someone, or talk to others about it.

So this image is from a different dream, but it continues on the prior image (see Into the Woods) where I sense that there are animals hidden in the deeper forest. Permission was given to seek out those animals that very few people ever seek – though I didn’t see them in that dream.

In this image, that which had been veiled or hidden (by the dense forest) becomes made known, becomes familiar (the animals are in the local area); it emerges into the visible realms. The key to these “hidden animals” becoming visible seems to be based on the idea that those who naturally follow that which touches them from within are the ones who are able to take that energetic and touch all of life, as a spark, awakening things in others.

We all respond differently to life, and different things light us up from within. Too often, we take that inner spark and become personally indulgent with it – we overdo it. But there’s something behind these inner sparks, which can be understood as a vibrational note that resonates within as an excitement. It’s from that spark that something is quickened in us.

These deeper inner connections then emerge or manifest into our life, but we don’t want to forget that they come from the Nothingness (rather than from us). This next dream image shows the risks of becoming too indulgent with this quickened energy.

In this image I’ve been affected by something that’s quickened or excited me (something has emerged) and in this quickened state I’m bolder about things than I normally would be.

I see our teacher passing by in a crowd. Ordinarily I would just acknowledge that he’s there, but instead I eagerly seek him out.

Just before he passes through a doorway and out of sight, I catch up to him. In a quiet voice he indicates that he has been hurt by something that happened. My immediate inflection is that he’s hurt by the fact that I’ve searched him out in a particular energetic way (a personally indulgent way) instead of holding on to Nothingness, which is the state that the teacher holds.

His statement of being hurt shows a type of giving up, in order to enable him to approach something from another way. I can sense that he’s not projecting his usual power, which I sometimes read as a type of aloofness or distance that I can feel wounded by.

He comments that he’s just not feeling well. A person’s wellness at the level of the teacher is associated with the wellness of the whole, and he then refers to something that he revealed to me in the past (in real life), but I’m not sure I can pull out any details about that.

This dream takes me back to an inner point where there’s the recognition of how, in the real depths within, there’s nothing but Nothingness. What I described earlier (the animals) came out of the Nothingness and, as a consequence, I’m able to see that the original spark must be a bit like a thought of God, which is intended to effect Creation.

So I’m again looking at the station of Nothingness, which is a state that exists prior to Oneness, in which or from which the sensations that have yet to manifest into Creation are occurring. This last dream image refers back to that.

In other words, this imagery causes the realization that what arises from the Nothingness comes through as an inflective force, a vibration that’s exciting. Then, in manifesting into Creation, it portrays the whole process of why Creation is important, in the sense of how it brings something out of the Nothingness, for seeing and hearing purposes, and in doing so, reveals that a human being really is the intermediary of that evolutionary process.

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Jeane: In the first dream, I’m a chaperone at a high school dance. The dance seems to be in a house in the country. One of the girls I seem to be coaching, or supporting, has a flowery dress on, but her top keeps sliding off. Sometimes she’s bare chested.

This happens to another girl, too. I just try to reassure them that it’s alright.

John: Okay, you’re responsible (chaperoning) for something that isn’t unfolding in the expected way, and you’re trying to spin it as if it’s not a problem, even though the girls you’re responsible for seem disconcerted.

Jeane: Yes. I”m trying to get them to feel more at ease about the situation.

John: You’ve been placed in an image, or a scenario, in which there’s an imbalance. Your spin is that it’s okay: the girls can be at ease and go along with the imbalance.

Jeane: The other thing I seem to be doing in the background of the dream is that I’m struggling to get the three computer screens I’m setting up at home to work (also a waking life project).

John: Right, so the image is a reflection of this scenario in which something isn’t coming together. That sets the tone for the dream. You’re trying to make do, or trying to convince yourself that something’s okay, while other parts of you know better.

As a consequence, how you’re meant to carry yourself is becoming exposed (the falling dress) in a way that isn’t balanced, or isn’t normal, and yet you’re trying to say that it is.

So the theme has to do with how you’re carrying yourself, or approaching life. Instead of being in tune with what needs to be done, in terms of taking responsibility, you see yourself as getting a little wayward and passing the buck. In other words, you’re losing the connection.

Jeane: In the next image I’m going somewhere, perhaps to a workshop. I’m there for a week and I decide to go to a yoga class that’s offered at the same place. It’s a very advanced yoga class.

The first day or two there’s hardly anyone else in the class, so the yoga instructor helps me with the poses. I can’t do them quite right. Then others join who are more experienced and the teacher just leads the class normally.

There’s another lady with me who also can’t keep up, so we just do what we can. The instructor is no longer giving any special guidance. It’s almost like they assume I’ve dropped out, but I’m going to keep coming to the class. I do some stretching, but it does feel a little discouraging.

John: Even though the appearance is that things have gotten wayward (you’re unable to keep up), the situation in your dream is an advanced class, showing that you’re now meant to be able to take more on.

Before it might have been something that didn’t make sense, but somehow you’ve been shown (by the teacher) what’s required, and you’re on your own with it. The idea is to see how you do.

Is that the end?

Jeane: Well, everyone thinks I’m going to drop out. But even though I’m not keeping up, I’m going to continue the class for the week I’m there.

John: When people see themselves struggling, or are unable to pull something together, the tendency is to drop out, give up, or conclude that it’s not right for them. However, as a human being, you find yourself in Creation, and you can’t wimp out. You have to put in your time. You signed up for this adventure and you can’t cut the journey short.

Deep down you have all the tools and training that you need. You’ll find that you can do more than you realize even though there are obstacles. It would be easier to just throw in the towel, but you know that that’s not what you signed up to do.

Sure, it was better with the guidance from the teacher, but now you’ve been left alone with no support. You’ve made an agreement to do this, so you can’t wriggle out of it; you know that would be a betrayal of yourself.

I would say your dreams ended on a positive note. In other words, you started off feeling very unsettled and your role as a chaperone wasn’t coming together. You could have quit but instead what you indicate is that you’ve signed up for this (journey) at some point in time. You’ve received the training necessary to hold your own. You’re not holding your own yet, but you’re going to stay the course even though you don’t have all the skills you thought you had.

Of course, how you feel something occurring in the outer (computer struggles) correlates, or reflects, something in terms of what’s unfolding in you on an inner level. And if you’re not keeping up with what’s unfolding on the inner, the outer tends to throw you a curve ball to wake you up in that area.

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