It Could Happen to You

lady-of-the-lagoon-sojushotsIn this dream, Jeane finds herself on a another planet, and in danger of being captured by the people in charge. This image speaks of the outer, physical and cultural world, and the inner world of a spiritual journey. As humans, we are meant to let go of the trappings of the physical and embrace the connections of the higher self. That possibility is there for all of us – it is in our design. Yet the fog of current life is always at the ready to absorb us back into its lower purposes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I almost lost this dream. I had to really work at pulling it out. But I mainly have kind of a glimpse of it, and I think one of the reasons why, is it seems to me like the dream takes place on another planet, and that there are people who have maybe taken over the planet. 

And then there are some of us who have hidden out in caves and other areas, and we all look alike. We seem to look like the people that have taken over the planet, but we have abilities that they may not know about, and those abilities may include something like we’re able to find people if we want to.

It’s almost like there’s this little ray that can go between us and them and we can locate them. In the same way we can direct energy in a certain way that we can start a fire, just even set something, a little piece of paper, on fire or something. And we can fly. The others maybe can fly too; I’m not sure about that one. 

Some of our group have been captured by the people that took over, but those people, as well as the captors, have kind of forgotten their abilities. And I don’t want those of us, if we get captured again, I don’t want us to remind them that we have those abilities because they could use them to track us down.

John: You’re dreaming about a type of connection that is not something that is explainable in terms of the outer world, and that’s why you have the setting on another planet. Within you is this sense that is able to make the distinction between what it is that’s important, in terms of yourself, and that distinction that you’re able to make is something that others, in the outer, aren’t able to make.

Now, if you were strictly in the outer, meaning all in existence and therefore in a void of bewilderment, you wouldn’t be able to just sort out the distinctions. Everyone would be caught up in a kind of overall malaise of cloudiness in their being, which you wouldn’t be able to sort out.

But on this other planet, you have a different sense of inner awareness in that, even though you look like everyone else, including everybody who was on this planet as well, you do not necessarily have to function like they do. And as long as you hold this center inside of you, which is connecting you to something important, in terms of who you really are, you can do a whole number of things in which you describe some of those things.

You can find things, you can find them, you can find what’s important, you could start fires, you can fly, you have all kinds of amazing acuities at your disposal. But if you get caught up in the mannerisms that they carry, then you lose that, and you know of a number of comrades who have fallen in that regard, and can’t then figure out who it is, or what it is, or what’s at their disposal anymore. And you’re fearful that that could happen to you.

What’s interesting is, in order to make this memo come through more clearly, the setting’s on another planet. Because if it were in the gravitational aspect of this planet, where you are weighed down by everything in the environment around you, you wouldn’t be able… you’re not inclined, in other words, to just naturally make the distinction.

By being able to let go of the certain limitations of the overall, which have you weighted down, in terms of the collective, in terms of how all of that outer influence has its way with you, in this world, you, by not having that upon you, and having the space of being on this other planet where somehow or another you’ve found a connection of depth inside of you, which can access this other, and fly, and cause fire to happen, and find things, understand even something about everything in terms of the people that others don’t understand, or lack all of that acuity. That’s there just naturally for you.

So you see this, in a kind of direct way, as the distinction in terms of how you’re meant and supposed to be able to be, I guess just as a point of reference, in terms of where you’re going, or what is intended to be opening up for you. It’s kind of like a dream that brings in the memo of a positiveness that is the breakthrough.

When a person takes and they express something, in which you can see the negative gravitational effect that’s keeping them weighed down, but at the same time there is the positive overtone within that, this means that this is opening up for them, or that they’re going to get there, or that they’re going to be getting that, or that they will be reaching that.

That’s a positive overtone, even though they may not be there, but they are seeing that in some aspect of themselves, as a greater beingness of themselves, and thus it is intended to unfold.

Here you have a dream in which everything has been set aside and you’re able to see that these particular characteristics are meant to be intended for you, as if this is possible in terms of how it exists on this outer planet, or another world.

Or it makes one think of the expression, feet on the ground, head in the clouds. And the head in the clouds, or head in the heavens, or whatever that is, is like on another level, or in another world in which, whatever it is that keeps you fogged up, and in a state of amnesia like everyone else, even on this other world, but you being on this other world don’t seem to have that as a problem – but could have it as a problem, if you’re not careful.

You are able to sit and denote that. You have a dream that indicates that, in some capacity of yourself, there is this reality in which something rather incredible can exist, but you have to be on your tippy toes because you can lose it, and yet it is meant to be there.

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Magic Is Afoot

yinyang1Here John describes the process of being able to ground higher energies, thereby allowing them safe outplay into life. This requires a balance of the masculine and feminine principles within an individual. The masculine principle brings the seed thought, or energy, down, but it can only manifest through the grounding and containment of the feminine. One without the other is an incomplete process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s kind of similar, if you think, to the principle of how meditation works. It’s a little bit along those lines. When you first start meditating your meditations are miserable, because just garbage is coming up – and more so than usual because you’re giving things permission to be like that.

So then when you reach a certain freedom, and you start exuding that freedom, on an energetic vibrational level, now you become a force of nature that is doing this to others, right out in the open, no meditation involved. You’re bringing something straightaway right into life.

So what happens is, a lot of people then get to thinking that they have to be a bit transcendent. Instead of bringing it down, they have to be more transcendent, and if you get more transcendent you can take yourself out of life, and you could become something that’s not relatable by others, because you are not finding the intertwined similitude that goes beyond the appearances of the physical.

You’re not submitting yourself to finding that, to touching that; paying the price of whatever that is. So the more you can be in the physical, the more grounded you can be, the more you can carry across this transcendent state, which is like the statement now of, feet on the ground head, in the heavens, or something.

You can actually marry those two states as a Oneness. Now, here’s the problem of marrying these two states as a Oneness. You have to now understand the core of feminine energy, and the core of masculine energy.

The core of masculine energy is to bring a seed thought, or a quality, down into life. And in order for it to come into life, it has to be embraced by the feminine principle of life. It has to be ushered in by the feminine principle of life, and the feminine principle of life knows manifestation in terms of how manifestation is.

And so when something new, as an idea or seed thought, is thrown at it, it used to be that that feminine principle was very receptive, but it’s learned to be a little leery. It’s been abused a lot, so it tends to have kind of a jaundiced eye about all of this, and it finds out that it’s appropriate for it to have a jaundiced eye because most of the time these ideas are cockamamie, three or four different ideas and all disjointed.

But the feminine principle that fully is able to surrender, and be at home in manifestation, can take the cockamamie ideas and make them sensible, because every vibration has a reality that has to live out. And they can bring it into manifestation. And when they bring it closer to manifestation, they’re taking this – what was raw energy – and they’re honing it so that it can see itself and be clear and become more real, more divine.

That’s what the feminine principle does with the masculine principle. What happens is, the masculine principle, in other words the seed thought or whatever, which is really divine in its purest essence, gets completely transformed in this process. It gets absorbed, totally absorbed in that process.

What happens to the feminine principle? To understand the feminine principle in terms of… in other words, what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to take this to the essence; making the essence statement in terms of the masculine. What does the essence statement of the feminine look like?

Well, you gain some clues more so from Chinese religion, or religions, the Tao or whatever, than you do from many other religions. At least I don’t know how to read it or understand it in other religions, but I understand the Yin/Yang principle and I understand this as expressed in the Oxnard pictures.

Now in the Yin/Yang principles you either have something that’s all dark with one white spot, or all white with one dark spot. And the Oxnard picture you see it put into a flow where it starts off with the black ox, and by the time young man becomes old man, the ox of his nature goes from black to white – except for the tip of the tail which is still black.

He never transforms the tip of the tail, because then he would have no manifestation then. So what I was looking at inside of myself was, how do I deal with certain energetics?

The masculine goes along and he learns to accept certain feminine ways of being because there’s a lot of quality to that, but there also is always a little subtle limitation. And a masculine that’s closer to the essence knows how to shatter the feminine, knows where he could say something that would just be devastating.

And he will not go there. He knows better because he knows, okay, she may be like that, she may carry herself like that, but even though she’s like that, along with this are all of these other good qualities. So you take and you shatter this, what are you going to have? You’re going to obliterate manifestation.

You’re going to have something that’s just going to go berserk. It’s going to go and lose its mind so to speak. The masculine never goes beyond a particular point. In other words, the masculine can take and bring everything down and have it rendered into soft as wool or whatever; just meaning something would appear.

The feminine can embrace everything, but because she’s charged with manifestation, there’s a point at which she has to still hold something – so that there’s manifestation. It can’t go completely poof.

That final step is like an extraction then, when it goes away for her. It’s not like she transforms that herself, but she’s liberated from having to continue to carry that responsibility. That’s how I saw that.

What’s interesting is what I’m now doing is, I’m putting this into a process like we were talking about earlier, which has to do with this energy as it speeds up, as you have a certain quality about you. The feminine, when it has this quality about her, can say and can do things that can effectuate a change much, much faster than the masculine.

The masculine will have to do it in 20 words. The feminine can do it with just a gesture almost, or just a couple of words – but much more grounded, much more rooted, and much closer to manifestation. So when this quality gets accentuated and you get really close to this epitome of things, magic is really afoot.

No wonder the Catholic Church is so frightened of the feminine coming in to her mysteries. The masculine raw energy, this is what it means by the prima materia. That gets all transformed. There’s the substance from which something new is made, and that substance coming down shifts and changes life.

So the masculine can catch up with the speed sense, of which I see this happening in the morning. And then I can go down and I can affect all kinds of things that I run into, in terms of people and such; I see this in all kinds of ways.

Those that can be fluid find it interesting and grasp it and roll and open up. But wherever there is a degree of power of control, you see this impingement hitting, and if the power and control is really harsh, they have to walk away, or they have to fight, or they have to plot against you, as if you are a force to be reckoned with, and generate a kind of fear in them, as their defense mechanism.

But each person is different.


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The Fundamental Shift

Jeane: In my dream it feels like I’m living in a room on an estate. Everything seems to be right there for me. I’ve had a baby; I think it’s a male, but I’m not sure. I think the father is Jack Nicholson, or someone like him; he visits occasionally – by coming down from the sky.

When I had the baby, I didn’t really know the father’s true nature, but he’s a bit on the dark side. When he visits, I always keep myself between the baby and him.

The next time he visits, I find myself swirling around in this giant, shallow sink, and I think that’s when I wake up.

John: I saw the meaning of this dream right off the bat, but the difficulty is, how do I describe it?

You’re dealing with a force in the outer world (represented by Jack Nicholson) that’s part of the ego-identity illusion. You also have the reciprocal, inner force, in the form of the baby. You’re standing in between them, protecting the baby.

For whatever reason you’ve chosen the image of Jack Nicholson to represent the outer world, perhaps because he has such a powerful identity.

Jeane: It’s almost like I want to start taking the baby out into the world, but I feel confined a bit by the Jack Nicholson energy.

John: Exactly. This image is another example of “solitude in the crowd,” or “head in the heavens, feet on the ground,” or however you’d say that. You’re using an image that has the schematic of this dichotomy between the spiritual and the physical, or the inner and the outer. The baby represents an essence, and Jack Nicholson represents an ego-type, external identification, and you’re caught in between.

So you’re neither the essence, nor the identification and, as a result, you’re in a state of amnesia. The baby is the unconscious part of you, and Jack Nicholson is the part that tries to keep involving you in making choices based in personal indulgences (psychologies, old patterns, etc.) in terms of your relationship to people and things around you.

It’s much like your dream earlier in the night (see The Lost Essence), in that you’re trying to understand how to make a fundamental shift that, really, all humans should be working toward. This is a shift from being based, as a being, in the personal, egocentric “I’m separate” view, where life consists in our personal reactions to events in the outer world, to being present in the outer world, but based in the inner, universe-connected part of us.

Your dreams don’t have the specificity of an answer, they just show the conundrum from an overall perspective, which is the way the feminine sees things (the masculine would present this issue through specific details). The image shows you have the sense of something so much more (the baby), but at the same time you’re not quite able to catch up with it because you also have the circumstances of this outer scenario (JN) that you’re taking into account.

So how do you pull the two together? How does everything come back to just the essence and yet, at the same time, you don’t destroy the creation (physical world) with the light. In other words, how do exist in the essence without disturbing anything?

Very unusual and peculiar. See, it’s very much like that “poof” dream at the beginning. The interesting thing about experiencing a dream image like this is it keeps you from taking things too seriously because, by and large, you always have the inner echo to remind you that the outer world is just an appearance or mannerism.

There’s always something behind the mannerism or appearance that has to do with where it’s coming from (the essence). The more we connect with the essence of things, the harder it becomes to take the appearance or the mannerism of the outer literally. If we catch up with the essence, on an inner level, then we’ll see what’s causing everything in the outer world to unfold.

When we experience life at this deeper level, it’s like we’re creating, or co-creating, the world we experience. No, we’re actually creating. This co-creation thing isn’t quite right, because we are God. It’s hidden inside us. We can’t not be everything.

God divides Himself completely, which means that there’s no division. God is always whole and complete in and of Himself. If we can catch up with it in us, then we’re also catching up with that which is at the center of the universe, which is the essence of everything.

We’re the Big Bang, or whatever science wants to call it. We’re all of that, but it’s hard to denote because we’re caught in a magic trick, like in your dream, where you have the baby, which is the essence, and you have the raw energy of things that capture your attention, which is the Jack Nicholson outer, and you’re somewhere in between.

So, we’re always caught in something like that. Our relationship to the outer is informed by our five senses, but our relationship to the inner comes through an emptiness connection from the heart, or from the essence. It’s that inner part that’s always making a journey, not what we’re doing in relation to our outer environment.

Again, it’s a big overall dream, at such a level and of such magnitude that it’s like a trance. It’s not something that you can take and say “I’ve got it!” in one fell swoop. But it is a good representation of how things really are.