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John: In this next image, I walk over to a table to borrow their huge platter of meat. Apparently there’s not enough meat on my table. It seems to me that the platter has a rack of prime rib. In doing this, I see myself as feeling a bit defensive; I’m concerned that others will be upset seeing me grab their platter of meat.

In other words, I can sense a possessive energy in me when I go up and ask if I can borrow the platter and I see the reaction of the people at the table. In being able to sense that possessive energy, as opposed to my doing it in an unconscious way, I’m able to catch up with how I’m affected energetically.

Saying it another way, sensing that energetic enabled me to see myself better and to touch a relief in both places simultaneously, i.e., in the people at the table and in myself. It alleviated the possessive trauma pent up in me a bit by the simple act of returning the platter, still with plenty of meat on it, because someone else needed it more than I did. 

This image enables me to see how I still let a particular mannerism interfere with a natural flow. When we are afflicted with a negative energetic, we carry that energy in us, which causes us to act upon it in a way that is outside of the natural flow.

When energies move in us in an unconscious way – perhaps anger, guilt, or a feeling of inferiority – it has its sway over us and we may do or say things that we really don’t mean or might regret later. If we have an awareness of them, we can choose to consciously act upon them, or we can choose to consciously disregard them. Our consciousness keeps us in the driver’s seat of ourselves, and, therefore, our lives.

One teacher described this process by revealing that he has to spend a great deal of time holding himself in a particular neutral state because a person can come up to him who is afflicted with some neurosis in their vibration. He has to let go of that energy that he encounters, or shake it off, or not let it touch him, because he doesn’t want to take it on in himself.

On a spiritual development journey, particular mannerisms, or neuroses, can become more and more subtle. Depending on the level of development in the teacher, these subtle vibrations that can still affect the teacher and he or she must be very careful about that. But when a teacher is very, very advanced, they basically can just click their fingers together and the vibration can be cleared, or relieved – it’s almost effortless.

Yet we all have defense mechanisms, no matter how subtle, that will arise, which act as veils between us and the overall, between us and Creation, between us and something greater in life. That’s one of the reasons why it’s just as important for the teacher to have students as it is for students to have a teacher. As the relationship deepens it can get to a point where you are they, and they are you; it becomes a dynamic dialogue (unspoken) that plays out.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I was at a seminar where I began to feel completely weird in myself, for no particular reason that I could understand. When I walked into a dining hall, I saw the teacher sitting there with his back to me, talking to someone. As I walked out, I suddenly felt healed; the feelings of weirdness just evaporated.

As we become more and more conscious of our established patterns – by recognizing their appearance sooner and sooner – we can begin to lessen their effect on our experience, and also on the experience of those around us who pick up on them unconsciously, but react to them in a conscious way.

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John: This dream is a reflection of something I carry as an affliction in my outer life. We all carry so many afflictions, mostly unconsciously, but they dictate actions and reactions in our daily lives.

By not being attentive in recognizing them when they arise, we basically allow them free reign. Or, if we ignore or deny them, we leave them in a state of semi-consciousness and never get beyond them.

Dreams can be very instructive for us in that they can reflect these inner limitations by showing us how they look through a series of images. In this particular dream, I’m shown a condition that affects me, in another person. That makes it a bit easier to see and accept, because it doesn’t feel so personal.

We’re all so used to expressing our anger or psychologies into the world, and we rationalize them by thinking “that’s who I am,” as if that makes it okay. But, ultimately, these patterns and psychologies aren’t really us, they’re just behaviors and traits we have adopted from earlier points in our life playing out in repetitive ways.

When we can begin to recognize them – meaning to become consciously aware of them – we can develop understanding and find acceptance and forgiveness in ourselves. Otherwise we’ll just continue to let them be the leader of us, and we’ll make light of them, lie about them, and never face up to them. We don’t have to overcome them, we just have to let go of them and allow something new to come in that transcends them.

In this dream, the condition I’m looking at involves a dialogue with another person. I can see nervousness, even neurosis, in what this person is doing. I can see that it’s keeping them from facing what’s directly in front of them. This is causing them deep anxiety and it’s having a negative effect.

It seems obvious in this scenario that it would be better if this person could absorb it (recognize it) so that it no longer affects who they are. To absorb it is to release the energy that is blocked up and veiled because of this habit. Allowing it to continue is a form of acceptance, allowing the pattern to be lived out again. If we live the repetitive, personal traits we have developed, it prevents us from living something deeper.

In waking life, I tend to rationalize these aspects; I seem to let my defensiveness and personal biases dictate. However, when I’m kind and considerate toward others who share the same trait or affliction, I can gain the same healing for myself.

The image in the dream was rather trivial. However, it is such trivial conditions, when accepted as is, when embraced graciously in others so we can embrace them in ourselves that lead to a healing both in the inner and in the outer.

I see the person in the dream chewing on their finger, in the same way I do. Because I understand this trait, I’m able to talk to them directly about what they’re doing, even though I never quite acknowledge it in myself.

What would be the waking life scenario that could trigger a dream like this? Well, yesterday the woman who is selling us her Vegas condo had broken up with her boyfriend. She was carrying a wound that she was trying to handle more heartfully, but this emotional state showed its effect outwardly – her sensitivity wouldn’t allow her to hide it.

Because I understood this and accepted it in her, she was able to shed and absorb the effect of the pain more readily, which meant she was able to quickly return to her natural bright way of being. Seeing her do this was uplifting for me. To touch it or to recognize it is to cause it to shift.

So, when we develop a way of recognizing and identifying certain little vibratory energetics within us, we’re better able to stay in the flow, without being commandeered by them. Then, our greater overallness is able to reach out and touch things that need to be touched, or appreciated, or awakened, or shaped in some fashion – in terms of the energetic embedded therein.

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John: In this dream, I’m affected by everything in the environment and it slows me down. When we are affected by things in the dream environment (just as in the outer reality), we become what is known as being in a state of “amnesia.” It’s like a state of sleepwalking, where we are carried along by events but have no control over them.

The effect is that it slows us down. If we are always trying to manage the environment around us, meaning we think it should be this way or that, rather than flowing with it, we get bogged down in the details and lose our connection to the flow. In this imagery, I don’t have the spontaneity to know how to keep from being thrown around or affected by the influences that I encounter.

Said another way, everything outside of us has an effect, because everything has an energy to it. When we come in contact with that energy, we can either flow with it or we can react to it. It’s our reactions – the patterns of response that we accumulate over a lifetime of experience – that cause us to spin out of the flow.

You might say that what is outside us moves at a faster speed, because we are continually trying to catch up and regroup while it just moves on. This constant state of trying to catch up weighs us down, leaving us feeling worn out or even depressed.

Then it seems as if everything is too much for us – it’s too big to handle. But there is a way that we can maintain ourselves in the flow in terms of just going ahead and touching everything in life, and letting it touch us. The outer energetic is bigger and moves faster than we do, and it can take into account more things than we can. It’s important to understand that relationship and just let go within it.

Of course we can avoid it, or hide a little, but it will eventually catch up with us.

So, in the dream, I have figured out how I can contend with those energies that can easily overwhelm me and prevent me from doing what I’m supposed to be doing (in terms of how I’m living at that moment). So I have to shift my attention.

What I do is I shift my attention to being the type of person who is able to postpone this inevitable catching up. I do this by leaving fliers behind me as I go. These fliers say certain things that signify that I know something else is going on as I proceed through life. I’m also able to touch people, as if in touching them I can change the note just a bit so that the force doesn’t have as much speed or way with me.

I can stay ahead of it that way. There is a tension that exists when I look back or think about the condition that I’m in, but that tension seems to fall away if I put my attention upon leaving inflections behind and touching people. 

My observation is this: The imagery shows me in the outer world, but I’m observing myself from a higher place and can see that I’m unable to function on my own. I’m barely getting by, but I’m able to maintain because I let my energy clear the environment. I stay just ahead of the collective outer forces.

The meaning is: I’m being shown how I must be, within myself, to exist in the outer world.

The subsequent dream indicates that if I touch something in any way, even if it’s indirectly, I have an effect on it – something has been changed.

So, in this dream I have some tillable acreage. A neighbor has a lease on a large section of land that borders my property. He’s an expert farmer. Because he’s located next door, or has a direct connection to my property, he is allowed to exert an influence and effect over my outcome in terms of how I’m farming.

The meaning here is: We are all interconnected. To know that is to have an effect upon what transpires. 

This is another way of portraying the depth of the human heart, only in this case there seems to be an assumption on my part that I don’t know exactly what I’m doing (the other farmer is the expert, not me). So it shows me tending to rely on the judgment of another who has more insight.

I don’t seem to understand yet that I am he, and he is I. Perhaps I can get this understanding when I become “less than the dust at the teacher’s feet” as the saying goes. Or when I realize that my neighbor’s freedom begins where mine ends, in terms of the personal notion of things, as I come to see everything as being intertwined, interconnected, and I’m able to simultaneously touch and be touched.

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