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im899We may think that we are stuck with the brain we were born with, but that is not the case. We actually change our brain all the time, for good and for bad. When we create a psychology about something, or let a fear take over, we limit what we will allow the brain to process. By the same token, when we learn anything new, we create new circuitry in the brain to process the new information. This is partly the reason why spirituality and personal development cannot be handed over to someone else – it must be grown, literally, in a person, physically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then, I think, right before I woke up, I dreamt a little bit about if I had brain surgery, and if it made a change. And it felt like the two changes I was examining is, what if they did surgery on your brain and then you had a situation where words were all nonsense to you, or the words you spoke were all nonsense, like they change something with the speech center or hearing center, mostly the hearing center; I was examining that.

And then I was examining if they did brain surgery, and you lost all hearing, how would that change experiences? I guess the way I was looking at it was, if I went to the movies with you would I still make sense out of what was on the screen if I couldn’t actually hear the words? That seemed to be all that dream was about.

John: What’s going on in that dream, and what I’ve realized in terms of my brain, even, as well, is that the brain, in an ideal state, has a quality, or an ability, about it, to be able to take in all things. I mean it’s huge, the quality of the brain.

But we limit the quality of what the brain can do by the heat and the burden of the way we slam things around, with our senses, and our densities of things. We overwhelm the brain, in that it isn’t able to function in a totality. And thus, what we think about that comes out of the brain, instead of being a greater wholeness, is limited in capacities that are based upon what we have done to ourselves, with not being able to take in and take on the wholeness or the overallness.

In other words, your first two dreams have to do with a situation in which you are portrayed as being in such and such a place, in relationship to something that is way over-the-top and bigger than you, and that when something is like that, and you make choices and such, those choices and whatnot too limit capacity of the brain, because the brain when it does, and is, able to catch up with things, will be able to be there in its greater dimensionality as well.

But when you deny yourself the potency of how it is, and who it is, that you are able to be, you also then impair the brain. And so the idea is that whenever you are doing something that involves something that requires a capacity in order to address, in other words, to deal with more of the complexity of things, you want to make sure that you know the importance of having to have a brain that is properly wired. There is a type of giving up, however. There is a type of cracking up, where something can get to the point where it doesn’t quite function.

Now with what you have gone through, compared to what I went through, I think I did a lot of damage to my brain, and I did a lot of damage to the body as well, where I used to walk around with shoulder aches, and one shoulder higher than the other, and all of that was kind of a discombobulation in terms of the way I was wired. And, over a course of time, I opened up the synapses and changed something. Something was able to reorder itself so that it was able to function.

This is an interesting fluidity that exists, in relationship to a human being, in that in the greater sense of things they do have the capability of wiring in relationship to everything that’s around them in the environment – and/or they can suffer the consequences, because everything hits the body. They can suffer the consequences to where something gets dumbed-down or numbed out.

And I think what has happened over a course of time is that one does develop the synapses that take and can work around whatever the complexity of the way something is, and I think that that’s not always easy.

And the same thing can be true of the brain, and I would say that it’s a legitimate concern that when one does a type of brain surgery that you can actually upset something, from the standpoint that it would then limit a capability that you may have had – but I also feel that one intertwines, or rewires, around that.

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