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videowatchseWe may like to think of ourselves as geniuses when we get that great idea or insight at just the right moment, but really we are much more of a receiving dish, and we receive information from the things we tune into. All energy carries information, just like a phone signal does, and we have the ability to tune in to the frequency of things (both good and bad) and get information from them – to whatever degree we are able to translate, or decode, the signal. And such information is particularly useful when we are trying to make a spiritual journey, because so much of our path is unknown to us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I don’t remember my dreams all that clearly, but I know there’s one dream in which  it’s like I had something that I was going to finish, a task or something, then I realized I needed to have the music to it before I could finish it. But it didn’t feel like it was such a very long song, or a very long time that it was going to take me to finish it, so I was okay. It was like I could afford to continue the music until the task completed.

I just had to kind of reassure myself about that. You know, in that dream it was more like it was kind of time limited, and I could almost see the time, and see the music, and then I could finish what I was doing. That was one dream. Okay.

John: Yeah, that’s interesting. What you just did there goes along with my last dream, except you’re doing it with hearing, as opposed to a quality of seeing, which means you’re doing it with sound as opposed to light.

And it makes sense that it should be this way because – it’s actually odd that I hadn’t thought of it this way, or hadn’t said this before, even though I know it to be true – that within qualities of sound is also information, just like within light there is information.

So there is vibratory sound from manifestation, within manifestation, sound being kind of a different octave of light, and that sound, the kind of sound that we’re inclined to think of as a smaller than small quality of light does have, in a smaller of small equation, or manner, of existence, meaning manifestation, has information in a smaller than small way.

This is very interesting because there really is this as above, so below. You can have the information as a seeing that opens up, that actually is considered kind of an attribute of accessing greater and greater light, in most instances the senses haven’t been accentuated to be able to notice such things in an ability to read the soul kind of way. And the degree in which things are reflective by mannerism and made, or created, out of sound, similarly speaking a human being generally does not understand that in the qualities of sound there is also information.

Now how does sound facilitate something like this? By putting what you revealed there, together with what I dreamt, I am able to see that sound is important in terms of being able to facilitate the letting go. Seeing can be too much, and can burn you out, until you get accustomed to the light. Sound can be so subtle that you are not able to pick it up because you aren’t letting go.

In other words, a person’s ears ring all the time and in that ringing there are subtler and subtler levels of things that are hearable, and that there is a lot of merit to a form of meditation in which you can just be taken by the music, or the inner sound, a taking that involves a letting go. And so awareness and consciousness to other things going on in manifestation, that is there for one to be able to denote and appreciate, is accessible through sound in manifestation – or the above and the below. The above opens up as an aspect or quality of light coming down, and the below opens up as an aspect of something that has been quickened by the light from above, that rises up.

The best way of describing this is it’s a form of letting go, and the way you can denote that for yourself is as you listen to the sound, which we were directed to do, the direction was to keep going until you heard something more. And then when you heard something more, and got it, reach for still something more, and something more, and something more.

And little did you know that when you got something, when you had locked in an ability to hear something, what you were really hearing when the smaller than small was more opened up in terms of the information therein, that you kind of pick up etherically, so to speak that way, that this is occurring and that the only denotable characteristic that you can put your finger on is you caught up with such a sound by a quality of letting go.

If your thoughts are loud, if your concerns are loud, if there’s pressure on you, you can block all of that out. All of that is just naturally blocked out. In fact, you deny its existence.

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