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23gooxesThe world is so caught up in the “doing” of things that we have mostly forgotten how to “be” in life. Meditation and breath work can help us recalibrate our inner state by moving our alignments from the outer back into the inner. Because the inner is the best place for us to be when dealing with the outer, and the best state for us to be in, in general. When we are “in” ourselves, we gain a groundedness, and an elevated view of events, which puts everything into a clearer perspective. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I couldn’t remember my dream, but I think that the issue was it was like in the dream, and in the outer, it was like a sensation of something maybe that I was trying to fit together, or pull together, and I couldn’t quite do it. So it was kind of just laying outside instead of being able to get it where I wanted it, or pull it together the way I wanted it.

And so it was more of a sensation. In that sense, I lost all the image, and it felt like it was on both the inner and the outer. It was kind of frustrating.

John: I think what was going on was kind of a bit of the opposite of what you’re describing, in that, even though you had a sense that there was something more, that a part of you was kind of abiding in a state that makes it very, very hard, if you’re abiding in kind of a vibratory heart state, to pull something through because, in that state, you’re kind of in a peace. You can sense that there’s something more, but it’s not the same sense that you have when you have this other dynamic of shadow and such like that going on.

The theme of the dreaming had to do with the slight difference that exists when you abide in kind of a heart breath, and there is a different depth, or distance or something, that you seem to be able to access, that’s like more in the light or whatever it is, and the sense of things is more expansive. And so the quality of dealing with little nuances, or mannerisms, is not as prevalent because you’re holding a kind of condition that is kind of so much more enriching than usual.

It kind of explains as well why a lot of people don’t dream that readily, and, when they do have a dream, it is often kind of associated with having to get information that points out something more about themselves, that is meant to be able to help them in sustaining this state. And when you’re not holding that state, I keep calling it a state, but it’s like a condition, or a mannerism, of the overallness, and so when you’re not holding that, then you’re subject to being whiplashed into various aspects inside of yourself.

And because the mind and senses subside, but if you’re not holding that state, then whatever is more or less a predominate energetic can have its effect upon the experience that you have. That’s one of the reasons why, for example, two people like at night we can dream a lot alike is because we can, so to speak, be influenced by the condition; like if I’m in a certain condition and you are in an absorptive state, then you can be affected by that, and can dream in relationship to it.

And you can be in a certain way of just letting everything sit in an overallness, but still be in a variable condition that can be recognized, or seen, in between, meaning between a quality where you’re really more hidden in the wholeness of something when you’re in an abiding of a wholeness breath.

When you are holding more or less a quality of your nature, but not necessarily that, which is a further letting go, that that can influence the dreams and such that I have, that can then take and also result in a recognition of a parallel.

So what you were going through last night, where you were struggling to thinking that you needed to find a state, as an aspect of familiarity, in terms of a reoccurring quality, or pattern, and you weren’t quite able to do that is because you were influenced, or affected by, or maybe in this yourself more than you realized, of a quality of abiding in a deeper depth within as a heart breath.

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