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Karen Casey Smith

Here’s a type of chase dream, except this time the main character is doing the chasing. And the idea of a woman chasing her mother points to the effort to make a connection to a greater feminine principle. Yet, as we also see, that connection is not easily made, and it continues to elude her as she gets distracted by the oddities of life, one after another, which is something that can prevent us from reaching what we aim toward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My next dream I could probably never get the sequence right because it was so long and involved, but in this dream there are two things going on, one is I’ve started a new job, or I have started a job where I’ve changed offices maybe, and I’m going to have a new boss the next day that will be coming in, a guy.

Meanwhile, I’ve gone home and I live with a woman who I think of as my mother, and she lives in this kind of complex house with several levels and it’s easy to lose her, so sometimes I have to go through there looking for her, and once I start looking for her, or following her and trying to catch up with her, it’s like we seem to have a lot of levels that we pass through, or complicated things that happen.

And so I’m looking for her, or even when I catch up with her, we seem to start on this journey and, as we go out the door, it’s almost like you slide somewhere and then I find us at this complex building where I don’t look for a second and I don’t know where she’s gone. And I go in this one area where there’s someone I get a very bad vibe from, and I have to go around several corners. They’re wearing blue, but they don’t feel friendly. It’s like I don’t trust them, almost like they’re bewitched or something, or could bewitch people.

But I have to keep pursuing their space and whatever they’re doing there to try to find if my mother’s hidden there. I finally get out of that room and I go down a long hallway and I see her in the distance, and it seems like just about the time I catch up with her we’re outside and we go to a beach area. By this time it’s like there are several trials we’ve had, and then when we go out on the beach I’ve almost caught up with her, and suddenly I turn to my left and there are these huge waves coming at us almost like a tsunami-type wave.

It’s almost like enough is enough at this point, so I actually rage at the ocean, and so it goes around us rather than hit us really solidly. We still end up in the water, but we don’t end up hit by the tsunami because I was just so angry. It was like, enough was enough here. Then when we get back on the shore, and I’m following behind her it’s like we go to this house and I see that my boss – and by this time I realized it’s so late in the day I’m not going to make it to work today for my new job – but my new boss is at this house. I’m not even sure if I keep following my mother like this until I catch up with her whether I’m going to make it to work the next day.

And as we go in this house there’s a man there who owns the house and he’s sorting through some pictures and I notice one of them is a painting by Nicholas Roark, and I point out that I really like his colors. He was a Russian mystic, and I get a little distracted by that. And as soon as I get distracted by that my mother’s out the door. And this time there’s someone I think of as my sister with her, and I’m on the trail again.

But those few minutes I got delayed by this guy who then kept wanting to talk to me so I couldn’t get away, when I come out the door there are two or three different paths and I don’t know which one they’ve taken, and I can’t look down them and tell from the people in the distance, so I just have to choose one.

And I choose one, and I don’t know if I am catching up or not, but I keep going but at some point I come close to a building. As I go into the building and I’m on my own for a few minutes I get captured by an indian, Native American Indian, and it feels like I fall under a spell of his a bit. And I’m with him for a while and he’s going to be a speaker at this meeting that everybody’s going to. I’m on my own for a few minutes and then I find the room where everybody’s speaking and I go in and I choose a seat. It seems like now I’m a little entranced by waiting for the Native American who will be the speaker.

John: So what this is pointing out is, again the theme of all of this is, there are various ways of going into the spiritual illusions. And there’s only one way to keep from experiencing it to some degree or another, and that is to have a really, really, really always present, very deep, heartfelt connection. And when you have a really, really, really deep, heartfelt connection, you’re naturally in sync with everything that’s going on around you – or otherwise you become indulged in one direction, or the other.

So the dream starts off with you being on a new job with a boss and all of that, and what happens is you actually get indulgence in that direction, which is kind of a masculine flow connection.

Then you try to come back and catch up with life, and so you’re following your mother and following your mother, trying to close the gap of coming back into a grounded, rooted, creation into manifestation. And just when you see that you’re on the beach, basically almost there, there is the roar and the activity of things in the outer that break up the closeness or the approximation. And so you have to rage at that and, of course, at this particular level of raging you actually can have a sci-fi kind of effect upon things, or at least you do in the dream because that’s what it’s really like in terms of your separation, thus it throws you in not being able to reach that kind of simplicity.

When you go back to a house and such, and there’s something there to pay attention to that catches your attention again, you’re again thrown in a wayward state so that then to keep up with the feminine principle in life, that being represented by your mother, you have no idea what trail she went off on. This is yo-yoing you in terms of things, and you’re yo-yoing in order to see the essence of the theme, which is this really, really deep heartfelt place that you have to reach, that is outside of how you see yourself – because as long as you keep seeing yourself as having to check in with a boss, an employer, or do something with whatever you had to do with whatever this other guy was about, and how his life was or whatever that was, as long as you keep seeing yourself as this way or that way, then the main thing that was missing in this dream is you weren’t quite connecting as fully and as heartfully as you needed to connect, and be able to hold onto that.

You have to be able to handle and accept and to relate to all of the other things that are going on in life, and you have to be able to see them. You hold that principle in something that needs to be touched and awakened, but you never really fully quite take it on because one is still being engulfed with, and enamored by, this or that.

And the spiritual illusion comes in all kinds of different directions and the only thing that enables them to go away, as far as the impression of the vibration goes, is if you truly, truly accept the human experience – which you can’t do unless you have this amazing connection of the heart to all that there is around you. Because otherwise you will constantly be trying to play with the chemistry in some fashion or another, and you can find yourself being able to do some amazing things.

The idea of shaking the walls of Jericho down is no different than the idea of roaring back at the sea, or the conditions that happen in the outer, instead of seeing how all of that plays and strokes the heart chords all the time. That’s why you have the principle in Sufism that the enemy is your friend because, technically, there’s a way of seeing that that deeply touches you and in the end results in you staying in a human orientation.

It’s all part of being grounded and being grounded in a way that can handle this, in other words, not to the point where your sensitivity’s blown apart, such that it results in a whole other schematic of things happening that are chaotic. When you see that sort of thing happening you kind of know why, you kind of say it’s not properly grounded. Grounded, yes, but not properly grounded.

You have to maintain the heartfulness. The heartfulness keeps the strength of the body going. It keeps the vibration, the electrical currents of things the way they need to be. And that you have to connect to that, and then that keeps you properly oriented – or otherwise your energy races in some direction or another.

This is kind of like noticing this quality, noticing this trait. This is not something that you readily notice when you’re just taking and dealing with, for example, the limitations and inhibitions that everyone initially finds themselves under. But at some particular point you realize that you get wafted back and forth by the way things change around you, so to speak, the wind of life blows, and you have to know how to handle that. And you’re not going to handle that because it is so much more than you could possibly grasp or contend with, unless it’s all captured in an element of the heart.

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love667Love is a huge territory in the realms of spirituality. Still, it’s difficult to put one’s finger on what it really points to because humans are so fickle in love. That seems to point to a higher form of love, one that is unchanging and worthy of complete surrender. But what does that look like? Perhaps it begins with a deep love for the opportunity we’ve been born into, because without that we can’t begin to feel the magnificence of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then I come to bed and it’s like I go back into the dream, in the same vibration that is, even though the dream now sounds different. The whole vibration is the same. The key is to see what this is through the vibration and not the dream image which can cause one to perceive and see something else, or whatever else, that one would imagine and be confused.

So the dream continues with kind of a shift and I say it as a shift because the vibe is familiar yet. And in the dream, I am adding… I am doing this by virtual of eye, meaning I’m eyeballing it. I’m not properly measuring or I’m not doing the kind of workmanship that’s very careful, of a skilled carpenter one might say. I am just viewing by eye how something needs to fit.

And what I’m fitting is a new wheel that the brackets, that are the important part, that hold this together onto a shopping cart. These brackets and whatnot, that I had to eyeball in, hold the whole framework in place and, because I did it by eye, the assembly is a little off center. It still looks like it’s workable, but it’s a little off center.

So I then load all my belongings onto the cart, and I then push it up a hill and for the evening I have to put it into a storage area. I’m worried that the weight on the cart will cause the wheel to collapse, so I don’t go all the way up to the top storage facility, which would have been handier and easier to exit from in the morning. I feel that to do that would be pushing my luck and I might have a problem, the wheel might not hold up or something, and if I had a problem pushing it up the hill I don’t know how I’d deal with it; then it would only have three wheels instead of four.

Another person, who’s like the shadow of the activity, takes her cart in a more desired storage facility. And then the dream picks up in the morning where we have to go through customs. On the first go around, she is held back. I come out of an area apparently okay. She was actually, seemingly I thought, ahead of me, but as it works out I come out of the area expecting her to be clear, and she’s just sitting there having to wait for someone else to come to help her because she was denied going through the customs the first time. So she needs something yet, before she can go through customs.

She’s calm about it, and I get the sense just like she’s feeling, it’ll all be okay, it’s just an extra hoop she has got to go through. I get the sense that it also is no big deal; it’s a technicality she has to work through.

So what the dream is doing is it’s portraying a concern that affects a free flow that I am confronted with taking on. I must account for this newfound concern as part of my newfound whereabouts – in terms of the wholeness of life. Or, in other words, I’m now aware of this sort of thing and it weighs upon the heart as added consideration that I have to take into account.

And, as a consequence, that having opened up has me contending with the overall outer world being different, or the world of light being different. And in doing so I now have the shadow dynamics of the outer, of the whole, which impose upon me, that I seem to have to work with to work out. And that can be a little different; it can work a little different.

My hope and my belief in the dream even inflects a little differently. It’s like the degree to which I take something to heart, that strikes the heart in a certain way that I hold it in the heart, can cause me to have a certain reservation almost as an echo through that quality of the pain in the heart. It keeps me from pushing things, but to the part of me that has the clarity and doesn’t seem to have to contend with that principle where love opens up in the heart, I can get closer to a destination, I can get into things more. However, to twine through it requires the heart. The clarity of something runs into barriers and resistances when it doesn’t have that heart.

That’s why I was able to see that this is a soul on soul and a whole deal that works with magnetism to the body that draws in the soul. I was able to see how all that worked, and the two parameters, the one parameter of a clarity that is like a masculine quality, and the other that’s the love principle of the intertwining, and the connectivity, and that’s the feminine principle.

The natural intertwining of the feminine, that quality is like the ability to recognize how to raise a consciousness in the surroundings around you – because the clarity in and of itself would never do that. The clarity works for what makes sense, and yet the clarity is important because your dream indicated that without that aspect or part of it pulled together, you would have a problem. And the problem you’d have is you wouldn’t have the basis from which in the middle something can be made more conscious.

And so I actually hear this followup in which I am told that I am in a very strange dilemma and that the principle of love needs to flow out into everything. I am currently inhibited by weight and barriers upon the heart. That’s the statement.

The reason for the statement is because I guess is what is necessary to cause something to come through, and that’s like a statement I must get through. I mean I can’t let that block the clarity; clarity’s important, too, even though the clarity in and of itself is a density and is a woodland and rustic trait, which means animalistic quality, in a way just in and of itself. I must deal with that because it is in creation, it’s in manifestation. I need the magnetism of that for the flow to be able to function as it’s designed to function: soul on soul. I call it flow.

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John: I’m doing something similar to you in my dream, where I need to clear a threshold, or limitation, in order to live life in a noble way (see Missing Pieces). I bring this knowledge back to recognize how the heart guides one in this process – if one has the courage and strength to follow the heart and not the meaningless peculiarities that can hold our attention and knock us off track.

In the first dream, I’m in a condo building that has a number of units that have limited-use rights. Certain units just naturally have access to all the amenities, and other units don’t.

I’m trying to resolve this situation because it just doesn’t make sense to me. I figure out that the square footage is the same for all the units, so it could be that certain units are just not utilizing the common elements that are available to everyone.

If they all utilized the common elements, then they all would carry the same (increased) freedom. There’s no excuse for not appreciating and enjoying what is common to all, because everything in the building is actually the same; no unit has rights over another. 

In trying to comprehend this issue, I realize it has something to do with a type of presence. In other words, certain units don’t have a presence in this greater open area and that’s why something seems limited, or constrained.

Then I have a brief glimpse that this presence is represented by a man who is in the nearby area, but not in the building itself. This man should be in the building; that’s a link that needs to exist. 

So, my attention goes to trying to figure out how to make these two ends come together (as you were doing in your dream). My attention is upon normalizing the relations so that everything is same/same in terms of the energetic flow therein. I know that this issue can’t be fixed as long as I remain off to one side, or “gone” so to speak, instead of as part of the whole.

What I find most disturbing is that these limitations are self-imposed, and they take away from the feeling and flow that I consider important to create an atmosphere that permeates equally throughout. 

The energetic is that I look and look for a rational explanation for a limitation that must be transcended. I’m realizing that it needs to be transcended and, based upon my understanding, such limitations will fall away with a certain presence, a certain natural presence – that’s the energetic.

This dream is showing me that a coming together needs to happen for appreciative purposes. This is what is missing in terms of what I am reviewing energetically. I seek to change this oddity. I do this with my heart.

I connect my heart to what is called for and in doing so the limitations fall away. I’m compelled to do this because if I don’t I’ll remain confused, my heart will ache, and the joy that needs to come out will remain suppressed.

By approaching it as if this is a kind of guidance and hearing that one follows that comes from the heart, the building becomes evenly “cooked” – which is what is currently missing because there’s an irregularity there.

To say it another way, there is a barrier, or a gap, or there are veils between the two, which makes no sense because there’s nothing in life that requires it to be like that. It’s just that we often adopt limitations, thinking they are “us,” when really we have limited ourselves for no good reason.

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