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dungeonCertain dream images really show how our unconscious is trying to communicate with us. And, if we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, we can see the profoundness, in this example, of one person (character) being a free spirit, and the rest of the family being held against their will – with the added intensity that any attempt to rescue the family could set off an explosive. Yes, as we’ve noted, this life we live is a high stakes game, and many things vie for our attention. A human being must use its consciousness and freedom of choice to defend itself from being abducted by meaningless things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So this is another long dream, and in it I’m a young adolescent girl living in a small town. And it feels like when I first arrive in the town I’m at this train station-type complex where there’s a man that kind of fascinates me, that’s probably in his 20s. And because he kind of flows in a way where he has that kind of energy that you’ve talked about.

He goes into some shop and they let him earn some extra money by suddenly arranging some of the goods that have arrived, and then he also has something to do with some stuffed animal that looks like a little ostrich or something that intrigues me. So he’s kind of this free spirit, and I like that, you know, and I’m young enough to be impressed by that.

And then we go into town, and it must be a holiday, and I don’t see him right then. I’m going to my family house where we’re kind of gathering together gifts and things for the holiday. And then when we go further into town, it feels like there’s a man there that suddenly captured members of my family, and other people in town, and he’s taken them away and has them hidden somewhere. And you feel like he’s even going to blow them up.

I know at this point in the dream I kind of go through a dark tunnel. I seem to be in a room where I hear his plans for them, and he’s a very wealthy man but he’s kind of abusing people around him by capturing them. And some of us get freed, but nobody knows where certain of the people are, including I think some men in my family as well as other people.

And I had overheard, because I have been in this dark cave or something when he came by, the guy that captured everybody, I’d overheard that he was actually planning on locking them up in maybe an old jail that wasn’t used much. And then if people figured out where they were, and came to rescue them, it was booby trapped so it would blow up.

I haven’t told anybody this just yet because again I’m kind of young and I’m not sure other people listen to me. I’ve gone home, and the house is just a mess. It’s like people have unwrapped things, and they’ve left papers and things that are okay all mixed up on the floor with garbage, and dishes that are dirty. So I’m going around the room and I’m picking it up, and sorting it out, and trying to clean things and put them in the right order. But in the back of my mind, too, I realize that everybody is still looking for but hasn’t found the rest of the family members.

I get to a point where what I’ve sorted out and cleaned up is in pretty good shape, and I had told one person that was older what I had heard about where they were, but now I tell another person that I’m pretty sure they’re in the jail and that it’s booby trapped. But I’m still not hearing anything about them, so I don’t know if because I’m young no one’s listened to me, or they don’t believe me or what’s happening, and I’m still concerned about them.

So I go down to where the old jail is, and there I see that there are a number of people engaged in a rescue operation. And they’re doing it in such a way that the family members and everyone else doesn’t get blown up. And there’s an even younger girl than I am that I relate to, that appears at the window of the jail, and she crawls down on the ladder to be with me. So then I know everybody’s going to be okay.

But at the same time, as I’m leaving the area, it feels like I glance at a paper and I see the man that locked everybody up, or captured everybody, that’s supposedly the bad guy, just had his best year ever in terms of how his investments are paying off. So it seems like nothing really happened to him. Then the dream goes on from there, but it shifts markedly.

John: I think we’ve reached the phase of dreaming where we’re gathering information that has a little bit to do with our makeup, as it correlates to conditions of our soul from a prior lifetime. In other words, you have the information that’s given, that you have this free-floating nature, of which things just kind of work out, and that’s contrasted against parts of yourself that are restrained, and that any efforts to free them up is apt to cause a calamity.

And if you do get a break, and something does come through, it’s as if the forces that had been holding you back, there’s no recourse to what they have done. In other words, they seem to somehow or another gain some sort of overall benefit in life from having refrained, or restrained, something.

This sort of thing has set a tone in your nature, that I had been looking at and wondering about. You’ve never described it before, but I’ve been looking at this from the standpoint that when something gets to a particular point you have a way of checking out from it, almost undermining it by not wanting to jinx it, or something.

It’s really kind of a funny thing to think of, and so I keep sitting and I look at the karma of that. What is the karma of that? Because it’s got this strange skewered effect, you know, it’s really hard to sort out because you have the great free-flow that helps, and facilitates, and makes things occur kind of naturally, and then that’s contrasted by this quality that has this huge remiss in it, that it refuses to allow itself to believe something as if to believe something will create a kind of dire consequence.

And so there’s a hidden kind of holding back that is shaped as a consequence of some quality that is kind of explained by what you just described, where there are the parts of yourself that are jinxed, or booby trapped, that are restrained. And, if they do get free, it’s almost like a mockery, too, because that which took them prisoner, or captive of that, has gained some sort of huge vicarious benefit in some way.

In shamanism there is this image in which the life force itself is afflicted by what is like a blob-like energy, that tends to feed or eat off of the aliveness, and that you have to become more alive, and more awake, or otherwise it keeps you dumbed down.

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