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a3d8Our dreams are trying to help us, in a neutral way, to fulfill our human potential. Their images distill the story lines of our life to their essences, as a way to communicate to us in a deep way. Here the images are about establishing a natural connection, at a deep inner level. And, as the images unfold, we see that the dreamer finds a world of shops he never knew existed – in a cave (an interior space). In the next dream he has driven up to the curb outside a store, and in the third image he is actually in the store buying something. He is getting closer and closer to the bounty available to an intertwined life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This one is a real story here. First of all, I write up a scenario. Doing things that stretch my means of balance cause me to become more dense and physically oriented. Yesterday I was weighed down by physical conditions and drifted into a more stressful state. I was in need of shifting from that, or being sped away in order to relate with life in a more naturally intertwined way.

I am meant to reach the means within where I am able to accept and take in everything there is in my environment. I become closer to this when I pick up speed. In other words, you think that you’re being protected when you come in, and you just lay back, and think everything is on automatic pilot or something, however, when the outer gets the best of you, you lose the natural intertwined wholeness.

So in this next dream it’s quite a little story. In this dream I’m just a kid, and I live kind of in an area that might be similar to the way the countryside looks in the mountains. I’m in a fairly isolated recreational area, and I have a house there, and I just play in the open spaces outdoors. You know, it’s just like national forest or something all around.

And then there’s kind of a road, and one day I notice a recreational bus come up the road, and it stops just a short distance from where I live. So, out of curiosity, I go over there and notice that everyone is going inside what looks to be a cave. I didn’t know that there was a cave there. I come up to where the guy outside that’s kind of the tour director, he waits outside, and he tells them that they can spend an hour and 15 minutes inside.

I come up to him as he’s standing there and I just start talking to him a bit, and I mention how I live a short distance away, and I had this sense of a memory of how something, where I could go down into something, and it would open up. In other words, it was like there was a way that I access some inner depth.

And I’m kind of recounting that to him, you know, I’m so close by it’s amazing. I don’t know where I get the memory even, because I’ve never seen it up close in a full way, yet I have this strange memory. So I ask him if I can go inside. I indicate that I have always wondered, that I’m curious about all of this, and have full intentions to pay the next time but I just don’t have any monies at this time.

And I’ve sat there and I’ve talked to him about this, and I’ve had a good rapport with him, and I’m just a kid, and so he says, “Yeah, go ahead.” And so when I walk inside, the first thing I see is kind of low ceilings that I can barely stand up in, and how ventilated that is, how the airflow is. And I mention something about how soothing this is, and they mention that this cave is just naturally cooled and aerated. In other words, there’s no manmade things to cool it.

But then, all of a sudden, as I step in further it opens up into a huge, huge open area. There are small shops everywhere. I’m stunned at how big an area there is here. It’s like a huge open bowl. I can even see the skies above. I see clouds moving over above. I had no idea that there was this sitting like this. You go in and it opens up and it’s all contained like this. It’s bounded by sides.

So I imagine how I could’ve found this. In other words, as I look at this, and I’m getting a perspective of it, I realize, you know I could climb the hillsides and come down into this, perhaps. It seems like I could go up a mountain or something and climb down into this.

The place is so large, it’s easy to get lost. Everywhere I look it’s like in a wonderland. I don’t see any of the others, of course, that were there because this place is so big they just get swallowed up and lost inside. And there’s all kinds of vendors and everything else in there.

And so I’m racing from one side to the next. On this far side, things get really quiet and still, and I come to the border of that there, which is a lake. As I come down to the lake, a woman’s face magically appears. I barely see this. I talk to someone else that’s there, but then need to hurry back fast and, as I hurry back fast, I glance around and the face pops up and then disappears again, in other words, like the lady of the lake. And she probably was saying something, or impressing something, but I didn’t pick up what it was. So I race from here back.

I seem to arrive back near the entrance, although I was concerned about how I would ever get back, and find my way back, because it’s such a maze here – it was so big. And, at some point, of course inside I even pondered that the food inside here is all free once you’re inside. So I observe a vendor and notice that there is an additional fee for the exotic food that is readily available.

So the meaning is that this is an example of the wonders and magical play that are readily available to me from the inner world. I can spend a lifetime in the area, and would be hard pressed to take in all there is. As another observation, at one point I wondered within myself if the area was expanding. Although I do not have a sense of how this could be, I’m realizing inside that what is occurring exceeds my imagination. In other words, there continues to be more and more and more there.

So what is this about? When you go into the wholeness, that is so very close, which is part of one’s self, there is a world of boundless wonders, a whole new world emerges. When one does this, they’re astounded by what they have been missing. This proves that the senses bind me to a limited perspective. The narrow outer physical appearances level only is what most people are limited to.

So I am excited to know that there is an immense realm, that exists, that I have not even begun to appreciate, or explore. I just need to probe because I did have the inflection; that’s why it got so exciting because it’s almost like there was the inflection of being able to find this hidden space. I just need to probe a latent inner memory that points to this as a faint echo of potentiality.

So I’ve set in motion a whole sequence of things; so I have another image.

In this one, I drive up to, you know, like a curb where there’s like almost a mall area. I have to drive up with my car, and as I come up to the curb there’s all kinds of stores, you know, along where you park in the front, one right after another. So I get out of the car and I hear a voice inside myself that said, “If you’re willing to pay the price, you’ll come to know what the issues are.”

The meaning is this is an image that portrays the wonder that is everywhere. I just need to take it in. It is so strange that we all have to let go of so much first, before that which is right before us can open up.

Then in the final image, I’m in a store and I’m shopping, like in a glorified grocery store, only this time all I want is some special cooking oil. And I’m intent on getting like three bottles which will be enough to keep me for a long, long, long time.

And so as I pick the bottles up, I suddenly realize that the third bottle, there’s a third bottle. I thought they’d all be the same, all coming from Europe or something, like olive oil or something, cooking oil, but a special kind, but as I go ahead I realize that the third bottle is a cooking oil that’s a little bit different, you know, but serves the same purposes as the special oil from Europe – and it is from Brazil. So for the third bottle I select the all-natural Brazilian cooking oil to compliment the all-natural cooking oil I selected from Europe.

So the meaning is, as my connection to an intertwined world grows, I’m able to appreciate and take in more and more of the natural wonders of life.

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