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causal-chakraSpiritual development is not all about high connections and the beauty of oneness. To experience those states, we must roll up our sleeves and do the work of letting go of the lower parts of ourself that inhibit the higher parts from being free. In dream images, as in our daily life, we are constantly being shown those aspects of us that need attention, or consciousness, to set them free. So the question becomes, what are the events in my life, and my reactions to them, telling me about where I am in my journey? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it feels like I’ve gone to the apartment of someone that looks like my friend, to visit, and it feels like while we’re visiting some other people arrive – and I don’t want to be seen. It’s three women, I think. And so I seem to shift from one room to the other trying to like just leave one room before they come into it.

And so it’s like when one would come in to one room, I would just have stepped out of that room and I might see the back of somebody else, because there’s three of them, into another room, to see where they’ve gone.

I guess because there’s three of them, and there’s an upstairs and a downstairs, I think they do see me, and it feels like, because they saw me, then the scene shifts.

It’s like I had visited for awhile, and then I was going to be moving somewhere, or going on somewhere, but because I’d been seen then I suddenly see myself just forward in time a little bit, in this apartment with a man. And it feels like we have a small space and we have two or three little kids, and I’m spending a lot of time just trying to keep things picked up, and the things in the closet straight, because there’s not very much room with three little kids and two adults living in a small apartment.

And then it seems to shift into another dream where it’s like I’m traveling somewhere and I’ve stopped briefly at a small house. It kind of looks like a very western house, and there’s this Native American man there, and there’s a small group of us that were traveling. And we go sit around a table in his house and it’s like he’s going to read some kind of cards that tell people things. It’s not Tarot cards, but it’s some kind of similar cards that the Native Americans have that they can tell you things about yourself, or the future.

But I don’t want him to read my cards, and he doesn’t want to read my cards, either. We’re real leery of each other, so we’re kind of like almost trying to keep a distance from each other, but, in the process of getting up and moving around, it’s like I take a seat where I’m somewhat in front of some cards that have already been tossed down – so it’s almost like the cards themselves may show you something at this point, whether you want them to be read or not. And that was that dream.

And then there was one final little dream that I remember where I’m in a household, and we’re going to be going on, but it feels like either I or one of the people I’m with have something like a boil on their left leg. And it’s been partially picked at or something, and I know we’re going to have to move on, and I feel like somebody tried to lance it, but they didn’t do a good job of it, and I’m really annoyed because I want us to move on.

But I feel like they either should’ve left it alone, or they should’ve lanced it so it could heal up properly. Instead it’s like they’re trying to close it up when it’s only half drained, and I know that won’t really work. I mean that’s not what you do. I think that was when I woke up.

John: You’re describing scenario after scenario in which you’re finding yourself in a set condition, and in need of trying to cause that set condition to free up, or to be more fluid. Because the way the set condition is, it’s a composite, it’s an environmental composite which you’re not in sync with as a flow.

In other words, it starts off in which you can be with something like XX who has a set way that you have an idea of how to accommodate, in spite of its conditions, but you don’t really allow yourself to truly be seen, or take in, or take something in in that scenario, which means that there is something on a molecular level, or outer level, that you know to be out of sync, but you are not contending with it. You’re not properly dealing with it. You’re not listening to it. You’re not allowing yourself to come to grips with how that energetic actually is.

Every modality, or spatiality, that you find yourself in, is talking to you, in a reflective revelational way. And, in that scenario, there is something that is stifled. And so you change that stifling, you shape that stifling, so to speak, or shift that stifling into something that is also mundane, where you’re going through the motions of just living in life – and there’s no meaning in that, there’s no flow. There is still something that is pent up.

Again, it’s all about allowing something to come out into the open as a kind of free flow. Whatever it is that’s happening is out of sync, on a revelational level, with what needs to unfold. See, the outer world is… when you are affected by the thought-upon-thought molecular makeup and structure of things all around you, how the movement of that is, is actually revealing. It’s actually revelational. If you can let go of that and be free of that, there is something that can open up, otherwise it is shaped and depicts what you have designed for yourself.

And so the final image of the boil means you can’t sit in something that you know is untenable, especially when you know that it’s untenable and that there is something that you can do about it. In other words, that image had an answer to it. The other images did not have an answer to it. They all were images that had to do with maintaining some sort of stifled, shutting-down condition.

It’s as if the dream was about seeing something, but it was about how do you see something? In other words, there is a seeing something that has to do with sight, and it’s not about the seeing of that which has to do with sight. It’s about the seeing of something which has to do with a natural knowingness, and it’s a type of natural knowingness that has to do with a proper listening.

There was a reason why you didn’t want to be seen by these other three women that were in the equation. What was that? What was that reason? What is there about the sensation of that scenario that caused you to feel impinged? Because your idea of moving on wasn’t moving on because you were poisoned, or inflicted, by the tone, by some tone yet. In other words, you just shifted that vibration, into a parallel family setting, in which everything was mundane, as well. In other words, you didn’t break free of it. You couldn’t break free of it.

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a22spIt’s nice to think that we always face things head-on, with confidence. But, as we discover, not all parts of our nature have equal amounts of confidence. It’s true in waking life, and it’s true in our dreams. Here we find a woman on the run, hiding and being followed. Yet, since we are all the characters in our dreams, we can also see that there is also a wooing going on, as wary lovers try to find the best way to accommodate each other – so they may begin their future together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t think I was going to be able to remember any dream from last night because I kept coughing; had a headache. But towards morning I had a dream and, in that dream, it feels like I’m a woman. I have some children. I’m living with a man, but I take the kids and I run away from him.

And I seem to go to something like a villa, somewhere in Italy, and the villa is kind of in a little village where they have all these white stone walls, stucco walls. And I’m hiding out there, and I seem to like it because it has good music.

There is a man there at the villa, but I can’t tell if I’m actually with him, or if I avoid him sometimes. It seems like I do both. And then there’s a woman who brings the man I had run away from to the villa, or the little village. Sometimes it’s like she helps me hide, and sometimes she helps him find where we are.

I also remember that there was a garden area with some marble steps and, at the top, there were these headstones that were partially made out of leather and alabaster. And they were the carvings that represented some famous lovers who had been buried there. I think they were performers of some kind, singers or something,

And you could kind of pull a little bit on the stone and it would come forward, and you could see the statue and the carvings. And then you pushed it back a bit and it tucked itself into the leather, which helped protect it from the elements.

I think three different statues there representing famous people that had been buried, one was this couple, and the other I don’t know who they were. And then it seems like I’m trying to keep a certain freedom, but I also have the kids there. It just wasn’t a real clear dream to me.

John: It wasn’t a real clear dream because you’re hiding from something that’s trying to break itself through. Even the headaches you have, that you pretend have something to do with dust and this, that, and the other, are actually the result of something trying to awaken, or come through. And you have these headaches as kind of a dense nature that you carry to try to keep things in check.

It seems that there really is something to this idea that a person who gets on a spiritual path gets to a particular point where physically they can break down, or start to suffer more. And, of course, a lot of it’s easily explained from the standpoint that they get more sensitive, or something, and they can’t eat like they normally eat, and require circumstances to be a little different.

And, in this particular case, in your particular case, your whole dream went into describing and portraying this whole quality that you have in which you are doing things that peek at, and yet somehow or another, work with, hold in some aspect of your nature, that which you protect.

In other words, you have these kids that you run away with, that are your kids. And then you have this peekaboo way that you deal with the masculine, with what you find there. But what you’re saying in that is that there is a setting in which what is important and necessary for something to come out, in terms of how it is that you need to be, well, that you’re sitting veiled in, yet you have your moments in which something comes out, and you do have a sense of what it is that has to be protected.

And then you take and you repeat that, in another way, where you see these statues or whatever and you realize that if moved forward they have one kind of dynamic; pushed back, left in a kind of staleness of the past, they have another look. And yet somehow or another you have a sense of the before, or of the timeless beyond.

And, the thing is, your dream, this dream that you were able to pull out, you weren’t able to pull out the other dreams before because the other dreams before would have involved you breaking through, confronting a physical dimension, that is there, because the subtle loudness behind the denseness of the physical dimension is something that is being kept in check yet by the outer quality of your nature.

It’s being kept in check for some reason because the time isn’t fully right, or ripe, for it to come out, apparently. Yet you have the peekaboo with it. And so, when you mentioned the headache, I immediately saw that this was correlated to something that inside of you that is trying to find its way. And the outer circumstances, the effect of the physical outer, is imposing this limitation.

The way that you work with that, or struggle with that, is causing you to slowly break through it – yet you don’t break through it as naturally as you could and, as a consequence, you have headaches and such. And, of course, almost in answer to a frustration, you have this dream.

And the dream portrays this little quality of, you might say, a scoping out that is occurring in a very steady and unfolding capacity. That’s interesting.

What a theme huh? Because the theme had to do with being able to recognize and identify a quality of a deeper innerness that’s at the depth of a person’s nature and being, even though outer appearances could easily, and tend to, suggest otherwise, because it’s the outer appearances that predominate, or appear to predominate, most of the time. Rarely is a person able to see through the outer appearances to denote what is trying to move around within.

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Stillness vs. MovementWe often speak about the energetic effects that we can have on things around us – if we are developed or connected in our lives. That can seem hard to imagine sometimes, but it might be more clear when we think about someone who is comfortable in an emergency situation. The fact that they are not in a panic, and that they can take charge, can bring relief and calm to everyone in the room. We could say that person has a development in that specific area of their life – usually through prior experience. In spiritual development, our connections could allows us that ability to give what is energetically needed in any type of situation – whether we’ve experienced it before, or not. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation one really goes on an extreme and sets the tone. In the meditation dream I am shown the importance of an energetic unfoldment whenever I take in more than what I expect. When I take an unfoldment for granted, I am apt to get in the way of a natural process.

By holding onto the outer unfoldment, I get in the way of life’s natural ebb and flow, energetically. See, so I’m above all of this in a way; I’m in a different state, which makes me feel almost crazy.

I am meant to embrace the flow from within, and not experience the unfoldment as a kind of outer agreement world duality. I hurt myself over and over when I conduct myself as if I am entitled, instead of appreciating the natural overall unfoldment from within.

So, in the first dream, big story on this first dream, I’m in a large building. It’s kind of like a brick building. I guess you’d consider it a humongous house, although it doesn’t look like a house. It looks like an apartment building or something. It’s got halls in it and stuff like that, but I guess it’s more like a big house.

And it’s very late at night. Everyone’s in bed, and I suddenly notice a change in the energy, something’s about to happen. And, as I look out the window, I see a bunch of guys who are racing along, as if they’re militia or something, but they’re like a gang, and they are breaking into the buildings.

And they have it down to a timing. They’re break in and abduct everybody, and torture them or whatever they do, and they knock off building after building in ten seconds or less. And so I see them coming. I see how fast they’re going, and so I look for a place to hide.

I go into the corner of what would be my father’s bedroom, although I don’t see him in bed and there’s like a little well or like a depression where light comes out. You know you see those often times along sidewalks or something where there’s a cut down, a lower spot.

Well, this bedroom has a little lower spot like that, and a light down there. And there happens to be a bunch of mesh wire, so I jump down in that hole and pull this mesh wire over the top to hide myself down there. I don’t have time to do anything else. You know, I don’t even have time to address the light down there. I’m going to have to hope that it doesn’t shine through the mesh. In and of itself, why would anyone disturb the wire mesh laying there, unless they had a reason to?

So the bad dudes break into the place, abduct everyone, and go about whatever it is that they’re doing in terms of terrorizing, and torturing, or whatever it is that they’re doing. Unfortunately the light does shine through the mesh, and so the leader of the banditos sees this and says, “El macho” which I take to mean man of the house hiding down there.

Yeah, it had more than just that. Yeah, it did. You’re not going to pull the wool over his eyes. So he pulls off the mesh and I’m abducted. But he doesn’t torture me like the others, and we even seem to carry on a conversation in a normal way. And the whole time he has my sister all twisted and contangled in knots, as he’s doing his thing, afflicting people.

But I’m calm through all of it. It’s as if nothing’s going on. I’m just casually talking saying, “Well, I saw you guys coming. I happen to be up even though everyone was asleep.” And I’m indicating that I was watching them and I say, “What did you guys give yourself in terms of timing, ten seconds or so to break in to each place?” You know, just real casually, it is what it is, and his reply is, “Yeah, that’s about right.” So I mean you have this chitty chatty rapport.

Then suddenly, I don’t know, out of the blue, I guess the panhandlers are out late at night, and there’s this panhandler and he comes by and he acts as if, there’s people, maybe he can get a handout? And his eyes get really big as he sees what is going on but, you know, he’s an idiot. He is harmless, but still could be a problem from what he saw.

And so I say to the big boss, the main bandito, “I wouldn’t let him go if I were you. He looks like a problem. I mean he reacted, see? He could blither away somehow.” Of course this guy notices it, too.

He grabs the guy. He acts like he’s infuriated, pulls out a knife like he’s going to kill him on the spot – but he can’t do that. He’s not quite that kind of guy. And then he says to himself, that in the future, in other words if something were to happen and he’s caught and he’s brought before justice for prosecution, because he’s adequately terrorized everybody, that he can see five abstentions meaning, you know, they won’t say anything because they don’t know what could possibly happen if they talked. And then one person who talks, and of course that could be this guy.

And so he then, as if he’s commenting about it all, as if he’s reviewing everything in the scenario and he’s saying, everyone that he’s dealing with is acting according to Hoyle. You know, they get terrorized, they take all of this stuff going literally. But he indicates that he’s impressed by one man, and I know that that’s me because nothing fazes me. I’m not freaked out like everyone else. I’m just going along with the situation in a calm and balanced way.

The meaning is, the dream is portraying a demeanor that is able to take into account everyone as they are with an understanding and acceptance. To be like this is to reside beyond self-imposed limitations.

I see myself as being everything. In other words, I’m in an all-pervasive wholeness. I am like that because I do not subrogate my nature. By subrogate means repress and do some sort of cram down which is where you get all caught up in the affairs of the outer. That’s another way of looking at subrogation. And whenever you suppress something, then your natural energetic, which is all-inclusive, then is confined to having to sustain the energetic to keep something hidden, repressed, defense mechanism.

I am able to notice idiosyncrasies; ordinarily you don’t notice them because you’re shut down yourself. You’re always looking at yourself, kind of thing. When you think you’re looking at something, you can’t actually see it straightaway, but I’m able to notice the idiosyncrasies but do not judge or shut down. In that regard, I am like a light that is not put out. Or another twist on el macho, the main man, able to resonate a stillness into the overall.

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