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Psychic-Mind-Powers-MeditatTo be born, as we are, in the physical realms tells us something about our purpose here. The human plays a role in processing higher energies here, in the physical. That’s why we need to be here. We are not meant to forsake the physical, but rather let higher essences come through us into this plane – as a service to creation. Nothing else but a human being can provide that service – it is our high calling. Yet to do that, we must let go of our personal view of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Oddly enough, we are working with the principle of expansive and contractive.

In other words, one takes and they develop to a particular point, and then you change. And then you develop to another point, and you change again. And each is a process of awakening. 

When you developed and got to the point where you understood the tunnels and stuff that you got to a point where something more was now needed and then you had to shift again and had to leave that behind. 

In my dream, I contrast this as expansive and contractive characteristics. And to start off with, I look at these characteristics almost in a way which doesn’t initially have any context to it, in other words, as vibrations. And then, of course, to make the vibrations make sense, in order to pull out a greater meaningfulness, I have to bring that into some sort of symbology reference, or otherwise I’m not going to get it.

And so I have this meditation dream in which I’m in a restless state to begin with going into meditation, and it has to do with some sort of turmoil in terms of how it is that the world is. I couldn’t get still.

And I contorted about and, eventually, when I did finally go somewhere, I found myself having to contend with these conditions of expansive and contractive. And what I was seeing was that there is something happening in a greater expansive context way that is, well, it’s way too much. 

In other words, I see it as like a huge drop is coming in terms of what is expected, but it’s also a bigger picture energetically and vibrationally. It’s going to be a drop in a whole quality and standard upon which people live life. It’s going to deflate, or depress, instead of maintaining its usual ways that we’ve gotten accustomed to. 

And this huge contraction is short lived. It swings us first in one direction in which everything kind of collapses or falls apart, and then you have an extreme outer event where it just explodes from a deflated way to an inflated way. 

In other words, first comes the contraction, and then comes the expansion, only this time it’s like an inflationary thing that’s just as impossible to deal with. And so, essentially, what’s going on in the outer is things are transcendent and almost inflationary in their energetic mannerism, even though the manifestation conditions are being manipulated to disguise that.

And that disguise is going to drop away and then everything is going to smash that expansionary, inflatable, transcendent quality. It’s going to smash that and everything’s going to contract. It’s all going to crumble. And then from the crumbling is going to be a breakdown, a greater breakdown vibration, in which everything then is going to have the sensation of what it more truly is – a type of strange inflationary imbalance – which you have to contend with because that’s what’s been secretively, or hiddenly, going on as latent behind things. 

The purpose between both of these ways is to try to get you to expand, to break out of your linear perspective. A human being keeps resorting, and stepping back, and dealing with, and taking on whatever is left to them. We’re so adaptable. 

And the key is, it’s no longer acceptable for us to shrink when something causes us to shrink, or to expand when we have the liberties to expand. It’s important for us to recognize that we are supposed to take into account a wholeness, not just dovetail back and forth, and weave in and out. We’re meant to be a fullness of who we are.

And in order to get us that way, what is designed is to accentuate this expansive/contractive characteristic and quality to where a person is going to be compelled, or they’re going to go insane, or crazy, or really fall apart, since they’re so good at adapting to all kinds of changes in their environment that take things away, and pretend to give them things that are called advancements to society.

They’re going to have to learn to contend now with all of that. This sort of thing has gone back and forth and back and forth. Now they’re going to have to contend with it in a much more magnified way, because man is meant to take on a much bigger wholeness than he had ever imagined was possible – and he can’t keep hiding.

So in this state that I am pondering is, how do I gauge the event and its vibratory effect upon everything? And I see this as two components. One component takes something down significantly, and another component is hardly affected at all. It’s like a derivative, or it’s an inner of the inner of that, and it’s hardly effected at all. 

And so this is the energetic that I’m left with in my dream state – but what do I make out of all of that? I need some sort of symbolic reference in order to pull it in better.

So, in my sleep, I’m confronted with having to contend with variables in which there are the extreme, diverse conditions vibrationally. And this is not something I am good at doing because I’m used to conditions that are defined. So, as a result in the first part of my dreaming, because I’m used to things being defined, orchestrated, or pigeonholed or however it is that we reference our way of perspective, I was unable to pull out a lot of what I dreamt about at the very beginning because I couldn’t keep up. I couldn’t expand. I couldn’t take it in.

And it had two variables to it, and I couldn’t get myself around either of the issues. In other words, there was one issue and it was up against another. These were expansive and contractive energies going on, and it didn’t matter which position I took I couldn’t handle either of them.

Because I couldn’t handle either of them, therefore I can’t relate, or report, what was taking place because all I know is that both involved life, and invoked a greater perspective than what I was capable of bringing to bear, or to carry inside myself, to handling in terms of who I really am. 

And so, because it’s like that, I couldn’t handle the two variables, the contractive and expansive, I couldn’t take either position properly. It’s like those energetic vibrations had no choice but to walk away. I was given a chance to be able to relate and carry them as a flow within, but couldn’t do it. 

So, in order to help me understand it in an outer way, in a symbolic way, the dream then repeated with an example. In the dream I was having to relate to a person by the name of Ron. Ron is a person who goes very fast, faster than other people, actually has a certain rudeness he carries in terms of other people because they don’t relate to him. He doesn’t give them the time of day. He just walks away from them. 

I was talking to him and apparently it wasn’t according to his perspective relating to the picture in a way that kept up with him, or was on a level that he wanted to talk about, or was not broad enough – so he walked away. 

Then it repeats again, only this time Ron’s pointing out – and he gets more personal so I can remember it better – he points out that there’s a condo in the building that just sold for $630,000. And Ron did some quick math in his head and determined how that property sale would be effecting the taxes in the future. 

Well, instead of keeping up with where Ron was coming from in which he was taking that as a lead-in to a bigger point, I make some idiotic comment that is off the topic and indicates that either I can’t keep up, or I’m not listening properly, or I’m unable to stay focused and attentive to what is going on in front of me. 

Upon making this out of place comment, Ron just turns around and walks away, walks around a corner and is gone, as if he has no time for this. I am left about to say something else, also off the subject, but he’s gone, he’s left abruptly. So, I do get that shock.

So the meaning of this is that personal indulgences cause the synaptic impulses to go off on a tangent from time to time, and these tangents are away from the greater picture of life, which has so much more going on. 

I get caught up in a dense wound, or it’s like a groove in my synaptic cranium, that triggers over some inflection or another, and the comments or the points that I see myself having to gurgitate have nothing to do with anything at all that’s in the equation. It’s just that I have not figured out how to be properly focused and attentive and present. 

These responses are correlated to some dense pattern, personal habituation that cycles and cycles, and thus I lose what is really going on because I’m caught in that. And so I’m at this point where I’m realizing I’m caught in a reverb, and it’s unacceptable, and I’m not keeping up. 

The greater aliveness of life is unable to get my attention so, you might say, that I was shorting out, in a manner of saying it, as my listening center indulged upon some latent inflection that consumed my attention instead of what was right in front of me. 

The paradox is that I have to be grounded in life, but not consumed by what is going on in order to grasp creation, or the divine hidden in manifestation, or however you’d say that. If I am too linear I am caught up in my own insular world and not present. If I am wounded by some characteristic, or affect, I also shut down to the big picture before me as I indulge in that mannerism. 

The greater role of a human being is to be able to take in everything that lies before them in manifestation without indulging, reacting, or personalizing the scenarios. Of course that’s all kind of saying the same thing using different words. Only in this way is a human being able to retain and maintain a greater soul awareness, which takes in the bigger picture and, in doing so, is intertwined consciously with the whole. 

It may be a paradox to do this in manifestation, but that is what is required. The essence for all that is cannot be caught up with in a pure transcendent way, because creation was created as a mirror image to all there is in the world of light, which is reflected in manifestation as an octave of sound. And of course sound is a derivative of light. 

This means that a human being is meant to catch up with all there is by being truly in touch with the eminent imbedded in all of manifestation, because it’s all the same/same. It’s in the same image. Yet the human being, instead, dwells upon personal neuroses, attachments, or linear indulgences based upon synaptic woundology to name a few states of avoidance – the greater energy of the whole just passes them by. 

This applies to my dream image as follows. My dream image is portraying the effect of the predestined general will of God imposed upon life, and I am left with having to contend with that to see if I can take this effect in graciously and naturally. 

If not, there is going to be some form of reactivity – that’s my manner of responsive indulgence. The reactive relatability is seen in the dream energy as an interaction of expansive and contractive forces, instead of just handling it all in a stillness.

Because, ultimately, it really all is just a stillness, but our indulgences make it seem as either too expansive, or too contractive or, in other words, too much to handle either in terms of too much light, or too much linearity or denseness. 

Sometimes that is described, in other words expansive and contractive, is sometimes even described as up and down energy. Sometimes it is viewed that way or you can view it as money, like having to open up a certain power, and money is the symbology of an inner power. 

The dream itself took this general vibration and placed it into an image to create a symbolic reference. I am able to relate to symbolic images with a better understanding than through pure energetic. 

And, of course, that’s how we still are. We’re still so slowed down that this is how we get it, and that’s why we live in manifestation. It comes to us that way. It’s too transcendent as pure energy. So I’m still learning about having to bring the inner vibration into life and connecting to the overall, accordingly. That’s the process. 

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walk-on-roller-coaster-designsoakIn today’s dream, Jeane finds “the roller coaster of life” needing repairs, but runs into resistance from the union in charge of that. This image points to the tendency in us to shrink everything down to known quantities. By doing this, we may make ourselves feel safer in the near term, yet we lose the dynamic of a new awakening, thereby limiting its potential outplay through us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my second dream, I’ve kind of forgotten my part of it, but the dynamic gets repeated in the masculine. It’s like I’ve traveled towards a place where I come across… it’s actually a means of public transportation that looks a little like a roller coaster. It’s not the extreme of a roller coaster, but it’s like open cars that are linked that people ride in to get from place to place, with maybe a little covering above.

There’s a man in the roller coaster with his wife, but he actually is a business owner that maybe has a repair shop and stuff, and he’s making a complaint, and I’m backing him up in this complaint, because there are some problems with getting to one place and the other. And he would actually even have the means of fixing them. He has a lot of different stuff around him.

The thing is, because the public transportation system is all unionized and everything, they have their own way of doing something and that way of doing something, as he’s pointing out, kind of stops sometimes simple repairs, or fixes, or things that would make it easier for everybody else in getting it done.

If they would recognize sometimes that they have individuals riding there, that if they would just let them even subcontract, or do little bits of things, that the whole thing would go a lot smoother and I’m backing him up on that viewpoint.

It seemed like in traveling to that point, I was bringing out that same kind of issue with somebody else, that there are certain things that would work better if you would let people act with a little bit of initiative instead of having it all regulated.

John: Basically, it’s one of acceptance. In other words, the predilection of one’s nature is to kind of have everything controlled, and everything follow into a natural order. In other words, you could have the transportation of yourself unionized and, in doing so, that may appear to be an answer when it comes to working with the roller coaster of life – if everything is unionized so that it’s all coated over, and lathered, and painted, and brushed over.

But in terms of then a certain dynamic of expression, that’s been choked out of the equation when it’s unionized, and you need that dynamic of expression to be able to succinctly, and quickly, solve things because once it’s all unionized it’s just caught in a homogenous effect. And the degree of depth and freedom that can be brought to bear has been carefully abstracted out of the process.

You could say, okay, on one level that the unionization carries a benefit, in that there is something organized that is supposed to be attentive, but on another level, the depth of what can be attentive and that mushroom out of the rootage of something integrally intertwined, in other words, rising up from within the ashes of the situation, that is choked out. And so you’re recognizing that, and that was the theme as well.

In one way you’re looking at it in terms of a nature of something that awakens through a human being, and then in the other you’re looking at it in terms of how it is ushered forth, or carried forth, into life.

A person who is well rounded and well balanced wants to have his world flow along with the right family, the right job, the right number of kids, the whole thing. And then a person that has to contend with things has to basically go through the challenges of what they’re contending with, and then to the degree to which those challenges affect them, or how they live or carry those challenges, rubs off on them in terms of what kind of family, and what kind of job, and what kind of kids, and the whole thing – what kind of family life that they then develop.

And so you can look at that, and if there’s a certain catching up with the consciousness of that, that can be kind of interesting. And then the person who has done it in a rounded way can look more like a type of person that has the white picket fence and the white house. And yes, there’s something nice and sweet about that, but it’s awfully Pollyanna when it’s like that, it’s bland.

So your dream took, first of all, and recognized it as a quality as it exists, and wakes up, and occurs inside of you on an awakening development level, coming through a human being. And then your dream takes that quality of what awakens, and has awoken, inside and then takes and turns that into the way the outer can be in relationship to that.

In other words, if you’re only able to have something be at a particular level of balance, then your outer has to be at that same particular level of balance because that’s where you’re at consciously. But if you’re awakened to something where you can take on more dynamic, and raw energy, or peculiarities of things that are intriguing, that you have to be challenged with in terms of having to cope with, then simultaneously you’re going to get confronted with the same thing because you’re able to handle that, and you have said yes to that. You’re going to get affected by that as well – in the outer. So, “the inner reflects the outer” is kind of like a general way of pulling the two together.


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John: Yesterday my dream was propelled by the energy of the kundalini, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “coiled” – like a serpent. It’s an energy that is mostly dormant in all of us, and is seated in the sacrum at the base of the spine. The kundalini is an amazing energy in that it’s a result of the clash, or coming together, of an inner aspect of light. (For yesterday’s dream, see The Heat of Kundalini.)

Kundalini has to create and cause an outer aspect of light to emerge. In the masculine way, it gets snapped into existence. In the feminine way, it just is. When it is awakened, everything is perceived and appreciated as being a part of the light – it’s a divine connection.

So in this imagery, I’m shown two possibilities – I’m shown two ways that things can unfold.

One is through the personal, ego-based way of the human, where a person acts according to their best thoughts and perceptions. The second is the divine way (universal way), which has to do with being embraced and swept up in the light – in the flow.

Of course we’re not used thinking that the world works this way. We’re used to fumbling about on our own in order to bring about some change, or to rectify a situation, or to try and steer things toward an imagined outcome that we have projected. That urge (which is a very personal view of life) cuts us off from the way things are, and from the way they should unfold, naturally (universally).

So, in the first dream, I begin by having to fulfill or maintain a perception of what needs to be, in terms of where and how I need to be situated. I’m trying to fit the ideal of what I’m projecting – according to my human perception. 

In this vision, I see myself as a person named Stark. I’m standing in the shadows – I’m barely an outline – and there are scores of my replicated self, standing side by side, formed into a circle in the shadows.

That image morphs into a pulling together of the limited light, and formulates a position in which all of the various points of human consciousness are pulled together to create an end result that looks like the light array of the Las Vegas strip, but that I can feel has barriers. In other words, it’s not wide open; it’s not totally free.

It’s like I see the lights from all the hotel rooms as dots positioned in relation to a particular spot in a building. And I know that’s unacceptable, but it’s the best that I can pull it together – the best formation I can make – in relation to trying to contend with the lights emanating from the Las Vegas strip.  

It’s like I’ve recreated the lights of the strip myself, but it’s a poor imitation. There are parts still in the shadows, as though they’re protected.

So, there’s something not quite right in all of that. I mean, with all the effort I made, that was what I ended up with? There’s a sense of personal indulgence in this effort that hurts the heart.

This image is a portrayal of what will unfold based upon my current state of consciousness. Because I’m in the shadows of my true self, I’m not fully aligned. So the result of what gets portrayed is unacceptable and not how things need to be.

Simultaneous to that vision was something that also occurred as an example of the second way, the divine way, in which I just allowed myself to be in the light, to stand in the face of the light. 

In other words, I was not in the shadows, not in a multiplicity of myself, and not called Stark. I was just myself in the light, not trying to do anything other than take in the sense of the light.

It was as if the light knew how to give birth. All of a sudden the light flares out, just like you might have a solar flare or volcanic eruption. The best way I can describe it is that it seemed as if the light had a tail to it, and the tail just flickered out through the rays of the light, sparkling as the tail moved.

The end result was a whole new manifestation within the light. Something new is there now that couldn’t have been put together in the wildest imaginations of all the Starks of the world.

In the misaligned state, this instantaneous manifestation could never come about. It’s as if the light suddenly just flickered a tail, created the flare, flashed it out, and then lo and behold there was a whole new extension of lights. It was like the next phase. It was what was needed.

So this is shown to me as what’s possible when one stands in the light of self without compromising it, without limiting it to the personal view. The unfolding it portrays is a divine plan coming into manifestation, born from the light.

Because we all are the light, that’s all we are. If we surrender ourselves to the light, new manifestation becomes possible.

If we don’t surrender, we are limited to our own faculties, which can only lead to the “Stark” images – endless replication. It’s living life through a shadow consciousness that doesn’t know any better.

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