A Finer Presence

higher-selfWhat could be more fundamental than a battle between two levels of consciousness within a life? Said another way, it can be seen as a battle between the lower-self and the higher-self. And it is really a struggle for access. Our lower-self nature wants to keep all our experience to itself, while the higher self wants access into the world through the outplay of our lower-self enactment, or living life. As we can see, both have riches that only attain value when they merge together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I was pondering how I would ever tell the meditation dream to the dream group because I realize that they would try to look at this as a dream, but to understand it you’d have to recognize it as a vision. And so, as a result of suddenly being able to see this as a vision, I was able to recognize that the difference is that the transmission is more direct from the inner into the outer as a vision than it is as a dream.

As a dream, you have the variables of your psyche, and all of the experientiality that your soul has over who knows what schematic of time, that feeds you reflective images that are called a dream, from which you are able to, little by little, get to the point where you can see that there is something behind those images that speak of a higher-self moving around or awakening.

Well, in a vision the images are overwhelmed. They don’t get in the way. The transmission comes directly through, and it hits you straightaway. And so it caused me to actually, after all these years, kind of understand what Bahari meant when he said he didn’t believe in dreams because the way he put it, how do you know the difference between the evil one and something that’s divine? And what he really meant by all of that is that dreams, too, are reflective. They’re reflective from the standpoint that to understand them you have to be able to go through the churn effect of your synapses, and the images it throws up in its floundering capacity, because this innerness is not something that can be grasped straightaway.

However, as a student advances they get to a point where you don’t have this synaptic firing off that gets straightaway in the way, and then you can have more of a pure transmission, and that would be a vision. And that’s how you come to understand what Bahari said.

In order for me to recognize a vision, I actually have to have something that ’s so bizarre that you have to get it directly, or otherwise it’s just straight bizarre.

So in my meditation dream, there is an image of a battle between two levels of consciousness. So in this image, I am at a lower level and I represent Carthage. And I am confronting a level of consciousness that is above Carthage, or higher-self level of energetic.

Now I am concerned going into this battle because I am of the opinion that the higher level of consciousness always prevails. In other words, it’s always an inner coming into an outer. And I have to live under the terms of an agreement which are that, to the victor belongs the spoils.

So, before this battle begins, the two levels are seen as being like in an alignment, or polarity, in which I as Carthage are at a lower level ,and up this pole or however you would characterize it, is this energetic force I am going up against. To my surprise I win. Per the agreement, to the victor goes the spoils. The riches of both levels before this battle ever started, were placed in the hands of a neutral party. To my surprise Carthage went into this battle with a lot more riches than the higher force of energy. Because Carthage won the riches of the higher self was revealed to me. I have access to those riches. I give this away to my opposition.

This is what it means: to the victor goes the spoils. The loser keeps the riches it has, and I keep the riches I had going into the battle – but I already hold onto the larger amount. In other words, I’m closer to manifestation. I hold onto the larger amount. And so what has been put up by me is much more than what has been put up by the higher consciousness. So in a way the proportionality looks unequal when you look at it, but the higher consciousness that I am able to now access seems to be given back. I can do this because technically I have access to it now, and so I do not need to take this and add its exceptionally fine riches to my current overall bounty.

Although the bounty of inner wealth is less than what I have, it is pure. In other words, you can’t really mix the two together, and so I have to access it by shifting. From my perspective as Carthage, a stronger more grounded but denser overall energetic force, in other words, because I’m more grounded and denser and more in the outer, I am so glad and surprised that I won -because of my spiritual conception that the inner always comes into the outer and that is what you hearken to – and I won and now have access to this much finer level of consciousness as well, I feel l need to try to even the scale a bit. That is why I let the loser also retain what they had.

In other words, I leave the higher self. I can’t disturb. I don’t contaminate the higher self. It stays as a consciousness that it had going into the battle because it’s finer. It doesn’t mix with my greater abundance of wealth that I had to put up, but it’s of a lesser contend or metal or value, even though it’s more. To this very fine gold I also allow the loser of this battle to take a little from my over abundance, a few shekels, not a lot, that he can add to his treasury if he likes because I have way more than what I need. As the victor, I do not need to take the fine gold. I have access to it. It is simply now on another level in my awareness.

To mix this fine gold with my baser-grade coinage would create a confusion on this general level that I’m in in manifestation, and I don’t need that. So I choose to remain as I am, a consciousness on this plane of manifestation that is the dominant force. It is okay that what I have is not as refined. I do not mix this together. I simply hold the finer wealth as an inner level I can shift to as need be.

Because I have no need to shift my awareness to this finer level all the time, which wouldn’t make sense because I am located in manifestation where I have access to all the lesser grade wealth that there is, this is enough for me. I am resigned to that.

Meaning: this image is like a vision. In this vision I am seeing more how it works in terms of the universal consciousness of the creator. The inner is not going to obliterate the outer as I conceptually feared and believed as I was going into the battle. Such a belief is a spiritual illusion which gets in the way of the awakening process.

It’s true that the inner is a much finer substance, and there’s not as much of it by far and away. In other words, you’ve got a whole bunch of things that you can see and perceive and get caught up in that is in the outer, but the inner simply makes itself accessible to its lesser grade counterpart in manifestation as part of awakening.

I exchange this inner level as taken in to manifestation. In other words, the way I handle it is it works as a means in terms of becoming more grounded, the inner does. It becomes more grounded, otherwise it’s too intangible, and it gains a footing by way of the few shekels it didn’t have before when it was simply hanging out in its higher consciousness.

This is a vision establishing the understanding of life I had been misconstruing. The loser actually doesn’t ever lose their fine wealth. If this was so, this would defy the laws of the natural world. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it merely shifts and changes in subtle ways. As the so-called victor, I have access whenever I need to access the higher consciousness by shifting to this higher consciousness that is within.

Because I am located and agree to remain in manifestation in which there is a lesser grade vibration, that’s a reflective one actually of something that is really real, that’s the innerness, I freely give up what I have here in abundance and perhaps someday even all of it to this innerness so it is able to come down into manifestation more. To the degree I do this, is the degree I bring the inner into manifestation.

I have been changed. I am now a foot soldier in manifestation that has access when needed to this finer inner presence, and correspondently from what I am able to let go of, this finer consciousness is able through me to be more grounded in manifestation.

The inner comes into the outer in a shift in consciousness. As the veils drop, the access becomes more and more apparent. That is how it works. My lesser grade awareness, to the degree I’m able to truly let go of it enables me to ground this finer inner vibration as a substance of my innerness. Such a shift enables the inner to come down more and more into manifestation, to enrich and quicken the world’s soul upon this plane, with this subtler, but virtually inaccessible, inner essence.

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Making a Claim

Exploration And DiscoveryThis dream beautifully illustrates the nature of a development journey. John is standing in the midst of an ocean (to start), as we are all born into the wholeness of the universe. And there is abundance that he can access (the fish), but he can’t just grab it. The universe and its higher connections are there, but not for the casual taking. Yet we can access all of it, when we are in the right alignment of space in our selves – energetically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this dream, I find myself standing in the ocean and then I suddenly think, I wonder if there are fish nearby? I mean there are waves going up and down and whatnot; you don’t see any fish, so it’s just a thought.

I no sooner than have the thought then it’s kind of like the tides coming in so I’m going to have to exercise on this thought pretty quickly to see what I make out of it. And I think I had the thought just before the tide started to come in, and just before the tide started to come in I had taken a kind of a makeshift thing that I somehow found that has a haphazard hook that’s not really capable of catching anything, but you throw it out there, it might be enough if there’s something out there – you could feel the fish hit it if there are any fish.

And when I do that I can feel that there’s something out there because I can feel the effect striking the pretend hook. It’s at that point in time that, just when I find something, now the tide’s coming in. And so I’m going to have to start backtracking in the waters, and does that mean that the fish will get swept in with the tide? I mean who knows?

So I take off what I have on as a bright colored jacket and, holding onto one end of it, I throw it out into the water seeing if this bright object will attract the fish. What I suddenly notice is that the fish seem to gather, and they seem to be hitting the jacket, and the thought even comes to my mind of jerking the jacket real quickly and any fish that are biting, or holding onto the jacket, at that moment can get flipped all the way to shore.

But I no more than ponder the idea, it’s as if the fish sense that there’s danger, too, because they pull back a little. And now, of course, I’m able to see a dark mass which are all of these fish, all kinds of them, so I just leave the jacket there because they’re somewhere within proximity of the jacket, and I cycle around, and I’m thinking that I can get around where this mass of fish are, reach down, there are so many of them, that I could just take my hands and just fling them up, and fling them up, and be knocking the fish to shore.

In other words, this is my idea of fishing because I don’t have a good fishing pole or anything. I’m not covered with the right accoutrements. But this idea doesn’t work out, either. But as I attempt to do this, I suddenly find, as if something shifted to change the image or illusion, that I’m dipping into a container with water in it and there are fish in there that I can touch, that I can reach.

But as I start to follow up on this idea of flipping them to shore, I suddenly realize I have no right to do this because this container with these fish in it, in other words no longer the big ocean, belongs to a woman. And in the matter of a split second I learn from this woman that the fish literally jumped into her container. And after I hear this, I also hear a voice from afar that says, “Let him have it,” which means let them have the fish or something. But when I hear that it could mean something else, too, I suppose. When I hear that it causes me to pause, draw back, and wake up.

So the meaning is I come to realize that the unseen consciousness is all around me. As I come to notice that, I tend to lose a more ambivalent composure and I instead realize – when I may not have realized it before – that I can draw the consciousness to me but, try as I might, I can’t indulge in it as I would like. My idea of doing or catching up with it doesn’t work. Yet in the right space, it literally jumps in to a feminine container of myself – but the masculine side can’t catch up with this. What I do to try and close the gap is overly presumptive and, thus, it doesn’t work that way, and I don’t have the permissive right to make that work like that.

When I suddenly realize what I am doing, I hear a voice that says “Let him have it,” so I stop. I have to stop, I’m almost in shock that something is watching, or seeing, or noticing or whatever, observant. And I didn’t realize that I was clutching at that which I have no right to claim.

The dream is portraying that I am in the midst of it all, you know of a consciousness and such, and that I am able to perceive it, in other words, look at it and notice that it’s there, but I’m unable to claim it. And, as shown in the first dream, when I don’t let go to the proper flow, and act out my own approach or ideas, I create repressed conditions that stifle the unfoldment. Isn’t that interesting?

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Completing the Program

890ce70The only cure for greater consciousness is even greater consciousness. Or, said another way, on a spiritual journey we can’t rest on our laurels. As we gain consciousness, we need to remain vigilant because we still don’t know exactly what is unfolding – because it’s new and uncharted territory for us. The shift that is being made is from self-propelled (ego) life, to being in service to something higher as we begin to experience outer life from an inner location. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only pulled out parts of my dreams. In one dream, it’s like I’m looking at a letter and it seems to be addressing a lot of people. It’s not like it’s just a letter written to one person.

I know part of it’s about a woman who lives in the community and I’m trying to decipher some of the things in the letter, including some advice about how you use certain—what would they be? Formulas, more like a liquid. Looking at the colors involved, it’s kind of a magenta color.

You know, as I look at this letter and I read it and then I look at the page, it’s like there’s a drawing of some—it’s almost like not perfume bottles, unguent bottles. Some kind of bottles that would have scents or things in them that I remember, that maybe when one was at the center or something or in the past, one had used those and I’d forgotten about them.

Like they might be bottled with amber in them or something like that, or an amber scent. And as I’m looking at that, it’s like I’m assessing that. I’d forgotten about those and that one could use them. And then I’m looking at other things in the letter to see if there’s other things that one could do that I’d forgotten about. That’s about all I could tell you.

John: So, let’s see if I understand it right. You’re looking at a letter and the letter had magenta colors on it?

Jeane: I think sometimes some of the ink was magenta in certain parts. Then there were these little bottles filled with amber or other kinds of lotions, or perfumes, or essential oils or something that I’d forgotten about, too, that was in another part of the letter.

It’s like as I would read the letter, I’d suddenly see that those bottles were there. Yeah, they were like drawn in, but they were actually there and I was reading it. I had the feeling that maybe it was something that had been written to a number of people in the community. It’s like I’m kind of reading it trying to figure out almost like things that I had forgotten that we could do, or have.

John: Because the sense about it is that it’s something that is awakening in you – the letter is basically written to you – that has to do with information coming to you or awakening in you, that’s based upon the color. And you have the right note or scent—or sense even—about it. That’s why it has the bottles on it. So, it’s kind of like a letter indicating that you’re receiving something.

Jeane: Then I had a dream where it feels like I’ve gone back to visit where I used to work, and when I approach where I used to work at first I climb up the outside of a building and see people that I used to work with at a desk inside.

And then I have to figure out how to open up the window on the outside of the building, because it seems to have about three parts to it that slide back and forth, so that I can get in and visit for a moment with some people in the office there.

Then I seem to leave by the window again. And meanwhile I have found out that after I left, one of the things that they did was hire a drug and alcohol counselor and I’m thinking that was really a brilliant idea, that that was something that they needed that they didn’t have.

And then I’m going and I’m looking around other things that have happened at the job and it feels like it’s not a job I can come back to. I’m just kind of assessing what’s going on there.

The other feeling I have there and then I think, I don’t know if something comes up in a later dream that I’ve dropped, but the other sense I’m having is this little bit of frustration that there is like this part of me that’s still locked up in time, in some way, that I can’t quite access and it’s creating a kind of a frustration feeling, like there’s a step one can take or something one can do, or be part of, but I can’t because there’s something that’s locked up yet.

John: The first dream, of course, suggests that something is awakening inside of you as if a consciousness is coming to light. And, as a consequence, of this consciousness coming to light, it is bringing up a type of memory and otherness in your nature in relationship to how you are in terms of as a physical person in relationship to life.

In other words you have a connection to things, but not necessarily in the same way as you had it before. It’s like you come in through a window, so to speak, leave through a window, which is a little inflated and off the ground, but that is kind of a dilemma that happens when you start to become more conscious is that you tend to perceive, and feel, and look at things as they’re happening in the outer in a slightly different way.

There’s a reflective need to counterbalance all of that, and the reflective need that you’re aware of and becomes even clearer to you, when you’re in this part of yourself that has become more conscious, is that something more grounded needs to occur, like a drug and alcohol rehabilitary system. To add that, that tends to fill a missing link, tends to ground something or close a gap.

So this kind of has a double entangled meaning, even. That’s something that you see is occurring that’s reflective, which means it’s in the outer as a recognition of a need. It is also something that, as a reflection, to fill a need, it is like also something that helps the fact that it has that – in terms of your consciousness – that reaches up and is almost in another area or way.

All of this helps pull the cohesion together. You, in terms of your consciousness, in terms of something that awakens, you’re able to see how something needs to be and reflect that into life as part of the process of grounding yourself into life. This is kind of a hard thing to describe.

Ordinarily when you start off on this path, what you have to do is you have to go into the depths of yourself in order to free yourself from limitations that you carry that keep you dense, and keep you dumb, and keep you stupid. You have to face, you have to confront those limiting parts of yourself that keep you cycling in the personal.

And, then, as you let go of that or as you come to a point where you start to develop a light body, or a part of yourself that is more conscious, and then you get to a point where your consciousness is such where you still have the memories, or the part of yourself that’s in the outer, but it doesn’t touch you in the same way. It doesn’t impact you quite in the same way. You’re able to let go of it because your attention is more upon how you’re feeling in a consciousness that’s outside of the physical limitations.

So, you have your physical limitations but they’re not as loud to you as they would be ordinarily, if you didn’t have this something other to lean on. So, when it gets to be like that then, because you’re intertwined with the whole, if you find yourself just associating with the freedom and sense that you have of being freed up from the normal weights and burdens of the world, then what’s happening is you put yourself into this energetic spiritual illusion of sitting in that state as opposed to in this state, which means as a type of separateness, then, on a spiritual level as opposed to an intertwining.

So you maintain the intertwining by recognizing and looking at what is required in order to pull things together, in order to come down, in order to ground something. And so from this higher perception sight, you can see the limitations of something in terms of how it is. You could see the limitation in terms of you can come in, you have a greater view of things, you’re a little inflated. You don’t have the normal cognition; you’re almost like—it’s kind of wispy even, isn’t it? Like you’re not even necessarily there, and yet you are.

So, the influence and the effect that you can bring in is you bring in what is needed to help ground it, to help root it. Because the object is to have this transmission or connectivity that goes from inner all the way into the outer.

And this part of yourself, now to go all the way into the outer, needs to facilitate what is necessary and important to bringing it all the way through, to bring that whole matter through. So you have to reflect in that which tends to complete the program.

If you don’t reflect in that which tends to complete the program, then you tend to sit in an aloof space, with the sight over it all, but the program in the outer that exists has problems. It has an incompleteness about it.

Well, you have a completeness about yourself in terms of what you see. And so, if you don’t support or inflect into the outer that which makes the outer complete, so that it mirrors the inner – in terms of what you’ve reached inside yourself – then you’re going to have a separation.

And the key is not to have a separation. The key is that ultimately both the inner and the outer reflect each other as if they are one, and that you don’t go and develop a consciousness to the point where you get outside of that connectivity in the physical. You’re always reflecting into the physical what the physical needs in order to mirror where you’re at on the inner consciousness level of yourself.

And so when you have developed this sense that you have, and you still have this co-relationship to something in which how you functioned or were in the past, but now you have a broader, clearer sight, it’s almost as if you could come in etherically into that and rather than stay etheric, if you didn’t do this, you can inflect what is necessary and needed in order to bring that through.

So, what you’re doing now is you have made a shift. Instead of like in the beginner that takes and goes into the depths of themselves, and faces and confronts their own shadows and demons, and all of that, now at the higher octave, what you actually do is you bring in a density into life. You bring in something into life.

Normally, as a beginner where you’re taking and going in and confronting things, you’re also having to go through a whole reorientation as to what you identify with and how you see yourself. And so any kind of doingness of things at that particular point, you know, you would be inclined yet to pay attention to and in the paying attention to that you would be inclined then to limit your growth and your process.

But at this level, instead of the delving into the depths of yourself, what you’re doing is actually doing the delving, but through a process of bringing through or facilitating that which makes the outer come together reflectively as an image of the whole. You’re not dwelling on the program that you’re setting up—the drug and alcohol program that you’re setting up. You’re not dwelling upon that as a means to an end or a mission or anything like that.

You’re just doing that so that you maintain the connection of a oneness. You won’t maintain the connection of a oneness if you sit in this wispy realm that is aloof and above it all, as a type of spiritual illusion development.

You help life by coming down into life, by coming back into life, and this is how you do it. And what’s interesting is this is a shift from what had been a probing the depths of yourself as a beginner, to a now bringing through into the depths of life that which is needed.

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