In the Presence

Jeane: In this first dream, you and I are trying to get access to a large circular area. This circular area looks just like the windows of the great room in the condo we looked at in Las Vegas – with the sweeping view – except my sense is that this is a much larger space. I seem to be urging you to see if we can figure out a way to gain access into this area again.

Finally we have an insight into to how to do it: We have to get through an alarm system, with lights, which may even cause an electric shock.

Before the imagery of the dream shifts, we gain access to the whole space, though we may have gotten a bit of a shock in doing so.

Then the dream shifts, and I’m with my sister in a room where she and I live.

John: What you’re doing is you’re taking the visual of something that’s light – the panoramic window view from the condo – and you’re using that as a representation of peacefulness, that either you can hold, or that the space itself maintains.

When we go down on the Strip in Las Vegas, you may not notice it, but I can recognize that the two of us – our combination as a unit – are able to hold a space that enables something to be sustained, or maintained, or protected, or even to evolve.

In this imagery, you’re working with light and you’re working with sound, because you have this whole sense where you’re trying to break through to something. It’s a lot like a plane going through the sound barrier – after a lot of noise it pops through into silence.

Such an energetic shift affects things. You’re evaluating this energetic in terms of what it is that we’re doing, looking into an image of light (Las Vegas) that we’re touching, in some capacity, with our energetic, just by the way we carry or hold ourselves. And that’s affecting this overall image, this overall view.

The interesting thing about Las Vegas is that there’s something that has to be sustained and maintained, and you’re suggesting that there’s something about our presence here that helps to do that. It’s almost a challenge to our own beings to open up, and to ground, and to break through.

In other words, Las Vegas is not necessarily “Sin City.” Las Vegas is a state that can confuse a person if they don’t have the focus and attention that allows them to actually get what’s going on. If a person is continually spun into disorientation, then they will get the ill effects of the coarser energies here, and everything else will be missed.

But light is light, and if you’re able to create the epiphanies, the breakthroughs, the shocks, the light bulb moments (that could be both good and bad because they’re jolts of awareness), if that could be supported, then that’s doing something in a way that works with the space in an interactive way. And all we’re doing is using our presence to make that happen, at a certain level of perception.

Frozen in Time

John: In considering your dream from yesterday (see Crime and Punishment), we see you in a time period from the past, when wrongs, according to the culture of the time, were immediately evaluated and addressed. The punishment to be meted out is instant.

Your image in the dream has caused some offense and is going to be punished. The soldiers and elders are in agreement. So your offense is shown to you as an affront to ancient ways and understandings.

We all have this in us: a sense of right and wrong according to an ancient, inner knowing. However, the reaction you have is to escape from this punishment because it could be damaging. What you are realizing is that you have your own inner barometer of right and wrong, and you can address the issue without outside punishment.

So, something has been presented to you, and you are all the players in your dream, the young girl, the soldiers, and the women elders. Your offense, when seen and understood by you, according to this ancient wisdom that is an innate knowing, is a wonderful quality if applied in a way that hits the right note and causes things to go “poof.”

In order to focus and channel this ancient knowing better, you have to look at the patterns in relation to your action in your outer life; the parts of you that have patterns and mannerisms acquired in life that limit and confine. Those are just veils that hinder your ability to flow freely.

It’s actually a technique of sight. Your patterns are energetic echoes that turn your attention back to the past – they capture your attention and you can become transfixed by them. In other words, you become compelled to see through the lens of those patterns, and you can’t see anything else. 

Well, in this ancient vibration is the understanding of how something makes sense on an intuitive level. In following your intuitive knowings you are able to take on something, or have an interest in something, to such a degree that you merge with it, so to speak, and can connect with all the traits, qualities, or aspects of that particular flow and direction.

In time, you will come to know that intuitive feeling so well, that you will immediately recognize when you disconnect from it. You’ll develop clarity in terms of when something feels right or it doesn’t. Then it’s a matter of trusting that feeling more and more.

Whenever you go off on an extreme – any emotional outplay – there is always a part of you that can tell whether it’s right or not, in terms of how it feels to the heart. And in terms of how it feels as a quality of a space. So when you recognize other patterns and mannerisms, you’ll be able to tell whether that space feels right or not.

This acuity, or clarity, comes from this ancient quality or characteristic in us all. It’s also said to come from the energetics in life that also are ancient and permanent in a certain way. For example, whales and elephants are said to carry ancient memories that go back in time. A rock carries memory that goes way, way back. It holds it in place, so even though it’s really slow and condensed, it does carry something. It too has an aliveness that’s ancient.

Humans today are constantly compelled, through the culture and education, to search in ourselves for solutions from our past – to the way we handled an event or emotion 20 or 30 years ago. Those become the set patterns of our life that we constantly replay. We have become frozen in this, just as Lot’s wife, in the Bible, was turned into a pillar of salt because she looked back toward what she was leaving behind, rather than holding her focus on what was ahead and the possibilities of the future.

The difference between one state and the other is a difference in vibration. You, personally, are very well rehearsed in understanding things on an intuitive, vibratory, “how it feels” level. This dream seems to be reminding you of this.

In other words, it’s like that frozen state has to be jarred awake so that in the motion of that coming awake you can sense what fits in the space or doesn’t fit in the space.

It’s an unusual dream. It’s a dream that shows that somewhere deep inside you have an intuitive knowing of whether something is right or not – but on the level of human purpose, not according to man-made society.

When events arise in our lives that cause us to detour from our ancient, instinctual knowings, we lock ourselves in. It’s a form of personal involvement. It’s a setness. We even say someone is “set in their ways.” It’s like being frozen in time – in the past.

Setness carried to an extreme is like the rock having to wait and wait until it’s freed to know motion, a flow that it didn’t have before. Like you, when you break free from the setness of your patterns, it unlocks its aliveness, it awakens something that’s meant to be part of the flow of life, but that had been inhibited or prevented.

Inner Balance

John: So yesterday we looked at the first in this series of dreams (see Not Being There), and each subsequent dream progresses in a way that seeks to fix, or evolve, the situation into a better state, from within, but it’s still off. The general inspiration for these dreams is our recent transition from the Northwest to the city of Las Vegas, and our process of making adjustments within ourselves as a result of the different environmental factors

The next images have me preparing to meet with someone. I’ve spent more than 15 minutes trying to get my glasses clean because all kinds of weird stuff has fallen on them. I’m trying to scrape it off.

I see that I’m veering away from where I’m expected to go. When I get to a building, I realize that I still need some sort of metal object that can slice; I need something that’s strong and firm enough that it can cut through things. I must build it myself.

I have permission to go into an area where odds and ends are stored to select something that might work to help rectify the condition. I take out four objects in an effort to alleviate the situation. I think I can use a welding tool to cobble things into place, but what I’ve selected doesn’t work because when I apply any heat to it, it will melt or burn through the material. The tools I have do not have what it takes to hold something in place, so I’m using this material to create something that can slice through. 

Meanwhile, I need to set this project aside because I’m running late and I nearly compromise my principles because I’m under pressure. At the last minute I clean up after the work I’ve done.

In other words, I tried to cut a little of this off, I tried to burn a little of that off, and I made a bit of a mess. I pick up after myself and take what’s left of the implements – they need to be returned. They didn’t work for me, but maybe they can be used as components for something else. I look around to see if I can make anything else work for what I need.

Someone is coming over so I have to put everything aside for now. But instead of putting the tools into a closet or some drawers where they would best be kept, I put some of them into a refrigerator. I can straighten that out later, but at the moment I need to gain some composure for my meeting.

What is this showing me? Well, although I still haven’t accomplished what I was trying to do, I’m aware of what the problem is – I just haven’t acquired the proper tools that I need to be successful.

However, I do realize that I must look within myself for what I need, in order to find balance in the outer life. This will take time, but at least I’m looking around (within) for the tools to resolve the imbalance. If I were looking for the solution in the outer life, I would be in serious trouble.

In the next dream, the imagery moves further toward a sense of completion (after that, my dreams again start to deviate from it, showing that nothing is complete, all is just a step forward and then it all starts over again).

In this dream, I find a condo that I feel I can make into a place of balance. I notice that in doing this, other apartment units near mine start changing, shaping themselves up to be more in a balanced energetic.

So what had been a state of confusion and chaos, in terms of everything being too much to cope with (because of the sensory overload of Las Vegas), is now being brought into greater alignment. I see that I’m able to move about without feeling so lost.

What this adds to the scenario is that, if I take the time to look at what lies within – as an awareness, or as an answer – I’m better able to flow in the maze of the outer world. I’m learning how to hold onto and apply an inner connection that is able to reach into all that is before me.

And I’m starting to find the value latent within (the outer world of Las Vegas) that I ordinarily don’t reach (nor do most people). Nearly everyone in Las Vegas is expecting to catch up with the meaning of this place in some sort of outer reflection, and that is just a veil over what is really here.