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chakras12Here John continues the discussion of Jeane’s dream (see A Greater Openness), wherein she is weighing her sense of wanting to hold onto the “treasures” she has found, while at the same time she is finding that she can let go in a way that offers these treasures to the Wholeness of life. It speaks of the natural role of the human as a processor of higher energies into manifestation, which is an higher octave of service to creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: If anything, this makes you so different that maybe they will have to try to affect it, or take it away, and so you come to the conclusion that you can’t go around carrying this attitude. You somehow or another realize that there’s an even greater openness that’s possible that integrates all of these parts of you – if you open up, and if you figure out how to share it.

You’re still going to hold onto certain things that you personalize, that you still feel that you have to go off to one side and be with because they’re necessary and essential to what you still feel is your well being, but there are other things that you can open the atmosphere with, there are things that you’ve developed through your aloneness with yourself, through your ability to hold a focus and attention, which in order to actually keep them from choking you, and to keep them from creating a problem for you, which you recognize would exist if you tried to just hunker down around those – all in terms of yourself.

Because you’re part of this greater Whole, maybe you don’t quite admit that, and recognize that, in this dream yet, but you do seem to recognize that there is something about a way of conducting, or carrying, or feeling a greater orientation towards everything, if you figure out how to communicate and share some of this with them.

So the dream is kind of saying that you can’t be adopting a black-and-white attitude about anything, as if this creates some sort of means-to-an-end aspect of your unfoldment and development. That when you come to know something, and when you come to understand something, and when you come to have something – that you have to be able to let it go.

You have to be able to share it. You have to be able to make it available to all parts of yourself. You don’t take and think that you have something that is somehow or another uniquely yours, or uniquely something that you protect, or maintain, and covet as a type of treasure, in relationship to the overall picture or the bigger equation of life.

You can’t do that. What you have, the traits and the mannerisms and the qualities that you have, you have to figure out how they exude out from you to others. The illusion that we have, or that lie that we tell ourselves, is that when something like this happens, then we lose it. And you still kind of believe that to some degree, because you’re hiding some treasures yet.

But you seem to be discovering the greater truth, that to actually have something, to actually own something, to actually truly have an overall relatability that penetrates through things, you have to share and be out in the open, in terms of how it is you are in the bigger equation of things. 

So it’s a dream that has you yo-yoing, octaving, between the difference of holding on to a trait, or aspect, of yourself, which is segregated and, therefore, in its segregated nature is able to sustain or maintain something.

That is something that you tend to believe is important, and yes it may be important up to a particular point, but then at some point you have to let it go, and you have to let it effuse out into everything around you in the environment.

And so you’re playing with this. You’re catching up with this. To what degree do you still need to catch up with things, and then to what degree do the things that you have caught up with are you able to then just release it outwardly, effuse it out into things?

It’s kind of like a process of the breath. If you think about it, it’s like the out-breath brings stuff down that you catch up with. The in-breath brings it back into the Whole where it’s kind of released.

And initially the out-breath is a type of catching up with something, which causes the contraction, but also causes you to develop an understanding and relatability that just the sheer shrinking can be very defining and limiting. But then in terms of freeing yourself up, in terms of getting outside of the burden of that, you then have to release it, or let it go back into the Whole, into the atmosphere.

First you’re bringing down, and then you’re letting go, you’re bringing down, and then you’re letting go. And so what you’re doing is, you’re describing what this is in the greater octave of things, is describing this linkage, this connection to where something comes in and then something is disseminated.

And the degree to which you’re bound up in creation, is the degree to which you still have to maintain what you consider treasures, which you have to keep off to one side, and quiet, and hold onto outside of the Whole.

And, of course, in your dream you start off thinking that there is a lot of that, and that if they know about that you could be somehow or another in a deprivation, or danger. And then you realize how you’re able to release that, and that leaves you feeling good. That leaves you feeling wonderful. That leaves you feeling complete. 

Otherwise, you would feel somewhat constipated. You came to realize how this choked feeling was something that you contended with when you tried to go meet this part of you that had gotten off on this tangent, and that all kinds of things related in this level of a tangent, and in order to meet this part of you, you had to drop that, or otherwise things would stay on that tangent.

You’re playing with this way of catching up with things, and in many cases doing it by way of a lesser aspect of the process, where you’re just hunkering down and holding on to things. And then you’re realizing how the release of that can open something up, and free something up, and you’re catching up with that release – and what it feels like.

The underlying principle behind it is a type of total vulnerability, because the concept that a human being seems to have is that if they’re too much of an open book they get taken advantage of, they’re in danger, that people can plot against them, they can use what they know about them, against them. 

And that a person who’s already defined then, in their definition, holds a power over someone who is too open, and that tends to be a general concept that exists. And you’re challenging that concept, realizing that there’s a way of being open and out front that leaves things free, and enables a greater integration, and wholeness, and workability in the Wholeness of things to occur.

Complicated dreaming, huh? A very expansive way of dreaming. Interesting theme.

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enegeticsThis dream followed Jeane’s first dream, described yesterday in Knowing How To Wait. The imagery has changed and she finds herself needing chemotherapy treatments following by a steam bath. This idea may seem unsettling to the dreamer, but in this case it is about resolving a problem, a matter of habits and patterns, that allows for a higher octave of consciousness to be reached. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I had a dream in which I have a friend who has found out she has to go get chemotherapy, and the way she will have to do it is you go get the chemotherapy and then you like go and spend some time in a steam room, and you have to do it every day right in the beginning.

And she has to go from one town that’s about 40 miles away, to the other town to do this, so I have offered to give her a ride every day for that. When I take her there, I suddenly discover that I have to get the same chemotherapy, so she gets her treatment, and I get mine, and then we go and we do the steam room and we sit in the steam room.

And then it seems like we go out into the forest for a while. Then comes the second day when I go down and I get the treatment, and I go to the steam room, and then I realize that for some reason I forgot to give her a ride. It’s almost like I thought she was already with me.

So now I realize I’m going to have to go pick her up for the third day. Actually, I go back up there that day to bring her down, because I can’t figure out how it was I forgot to pick her up. It was confusing to me. It’s like I thought she was with me, and she wasn’t because I’d forgotten, and so I go back and I get her, wondering if she will have gotten there on her own, or do I go get her?

It’s a little confusing because at that point the dream shifts, and I’m back in the forest where we would sit after we had done our steam bath, and I’m talking to a guy from my high school about a change he’s making in his life, and he’s a little annoyed because a change is actually going to cause him to sell off a property he didn’t really want to sell off.

And I even feel he should keep it, but I realize that from the irritation in his voice, it might be an issue where he can’t quite afford to make both choices, so to support the choice he’s made, he’s going to have to sell off this vacation property even if he doesn’t sell it off 100%, so I don’t think he should. I realize I have to be kind of gentle or careful how I bring it up so he doesn’t feel badly about it.

Then it feels like all of us are at a restaurant and I go up to the counter to select what I want for dinner, and they serve different kinds of fish that they fix in kind of an exotic way, and also you can go across that restaurant. I do it on my own, and there’s a resort there that if you go into the basement, and they have like several tiled rooms, and then they have a steam room, and treatment room.

And it feels like when I first look at it, because we’re having dinner, it’s like after hours but I know where it is, and then I have gone back to the restaurant and I have selected the fish I want. But suddenly it feels like I feel like I really need to go back over and get one of those treatments even if the spa is closed. I can still go down to the basement and figure out if I can still do a steam treatment.

So I go over there because it’s kind of deserted, and I know I go into one tiled room that’s bare and then I want to go from there and find my way to wherever they do the steam rooms, but that’s when I wake up.

John: This dream actually builds on the other dream in that you start off where your nature is such that it has to go through a particular issue, or dilemma, in terms of how you have to relate to things, and then you have to give yourself some time and some space.

The steam room is like the relief from it. In other words, you make a decision, and you do something, and then after you make the decision, in order to give yourself some space, you have to go to the steam room, and then you have to change the atmosphere, and maybe take a walk in the woods. And you have come to recognize that this works well for you as a pattern, so you have this pattern, this energetic pattern in life, that whenever you make a decision you then have to do something that enables you to settle back and relax.

It’s like reading, like you do, does that. Then you have to take a walk or do something again to stimulate energy in another way, and all of it then causes things to be able to shift, and adjust, and equalize, or normalize so that you don’t get too intensely caught up in the decision, or the manner in which you have decided to do something.

So what your dream has done, is it’s taken and it’s shown that the timing, the idea of working with time, has other qualities to it and one of the qualities is the steam room, and then the walk in the forest, and whatnot, all to help to ameliorate the intense decision that you have done that you feel is important for your well being, the cancer treatment, to resolve a problem.

Then you suddenly realize that this is a pattern that you are doing, over and over again, and it’s like the pattern is creating a problem because you need to shift. You need to figure out how to take and carry it to the next level. How do you let go of this?

And so that’s your dilemma. So in between this letting go shows itself in terms of you still having the habit, more as a reflective thing, but you’re no longer doing it cohesively with the other person. That denotes where it’s starting to shift.

And then how does it shift? Well, it shifts to a higher octave, a different energetic. Instead of the routine, and the pattern, it’s shifting to something in which there is a change in the consciousness, and fish represent consciousness, and so you find yourself now going into a place where you can have a meal with fish, where you have now changed the environment, you’ve changed the scenario, and you can take in a greater consciousness.

And with that greater consciousness, you realize that the way that you can soothe and relax yourself, and settle yourself out, in this kind of peculiar twist on time, is that there is a sauna in this place. But now as another element of time, you know that it’s there, you know that it’s part of this consciousness, but it hasn’t yet opened up for you.

So you actually have traveled quite a bit in the one dream. A way of saying it now is, you started off having to deal with something that had a responsibility, and a type of aggravation, and even a type of ill effect upon your nature that you were committed to doing, and as part of doing that, and making it all work, you had other things that you had substituted in, your ability to take the sauna and then go into the woods, and all of that pattern, made it all workable.

And what you do in the outer is, you can read your book, and then you can go to your exercise class or some other thing, or take a walk, or go to a movie or something, and all of that then kind of normalizes everything.

So the thing that I have to wonder in terms of what is the outer event, if I was to point to and wonder, what is the outer event that has a cancerous effect of a commitment to it, as part of a pattern, what is the outer event that you’re contending with, that you then have to equalize and normalize?

It makes me wonder, is doing the dream work, and doing all of that, that you then relax away from by reading, and then taking walks, and doing a workout group, or going to movies, is that part of it? Well, if it is, that’s okay because what’s interesting is it shows that there is a shift coming, and the shift coming is that this whole process that you do, that you find yourself doing, is shifting to a greater consciousness, and in that greater consciousness then the means by which you stroke yourself, or feel yourself, like the process of reading we’ll say, is something like that. It takes on a different quality of meaningfulness.

In other words, all of that other led to, and was important to, leading to a shift in which you now transition into a greater consciousness in which in this greater consciousness, it too has its octave of the steam room, or the mode of relaxation, but in this greater consciousness you have to wait to see how that is going to open up and work because it’s currently not open – only you know that it’s available too.

This is a dream denoting how your energy is shifting.

Your first dream, the first aspect toward the understanding of this, is how do you bring something through in relationship to an overall collective, and that you have a focus that’s going to persevere it through. And it will, because as you hold to the focus, you keep the creative element going, and you have an alignment as such that you have more power with your focus than you did before because you’re not as thrown around, or caught up in the collective of things, and so over the course of time you’re going to be able to bring this about.

You might say that, over the course of time, you could say that the dream work and stuff that we do is like that, and then with that has come certain patterns and habits, and those patterns and habits have been important to lead to a point where it now shifts to another level of consciousness, of which, in that level of consciousness, is its own pause for relief. In other words, it’s a shift, to a shift, to a shift.

The first dream is like a shift showing that you can work with, and go through, and wait, to the point with your focus and attention, to where something is shaped and shifted, and you can get that consciousness to work through.

And in your second dream, you’re showing that with that comes mannerisms and habits and patterns, in terms of what you have been able to cause to shift and shape through, and those mannerisms and patterns and habits then, at some particular point you’re able to shift from them to yet a greater consciousness that then has its level of relief.

It’s showing a progress, an energetic progression, as a type of journeying that you’re doing as you’re growing.

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