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stones_zen_700It may seem counterintuitive to do nothing in a situation, but when when we begin to think about life in terms of energy, what may appear externally as nothing can actually be the most important thing happening. Here’s one way to look at it: in any given moment there is a limit to what is possible, because of the people involved, the situation, and the energies at play. So for us to try and steer that moment with our advice or strategies has a very narrow potential. Instead, if we work energetically, without judgment or criticism, we can hold in us the possibility for the best possible outcome. Whatever that may be, we can be in support of that as an outcome. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So it’s an interesting theme last night, this dreaming theme of having to recognize something more by way of knowing how to drop how one is.

The initial understanding of this came about as a buildup from yesterday’s dream, in which one was able to see that the way something wakes up is it feels like a descent, or something coming to you, or pulling you up. And then comes the challenge, at some point in time, when you kind of reverse that and have to come from a sense of self back into life – and not set off commotion, landslides, or something. You have to be able to do it in a more balanced, and natural, way that’s in keeping with everything around you in the atmosphere.

So that was yesterday, and then today is kind of like a type of continuation of this theme, pointing out a level of linearity, obsessive linearity, that is unnecessary and actually affects the way something is able to unfold.

What’s interesting in the scenario, if you look at it from yesterday, is that everything is out in the open. It’s not all washed away this way, or that way, like it had appeared to be to where something then needed to be drawn down, or shaken down, in a dynamic way to cause more of the situation to be taken into account.

Now, with what has happened, the situation has the pieces that are out there, they may not be aligned yet, but it’s not my job to align them. Under this kind of setting I can hold onto a mannerism, with a quality of demeanor and presence, that can take and handle the situation from here.

The secret to holding my focus and presence is to bring something through a little bit, and then know how to step back and let go so that you’re no longer caught up in any dynamic – because to get caught up in any dynamic causes a person to lose a greater sense of awareness, in terms of the whole. And so that whole is something that’s being designed and shaped based upon the input understanding, and how that is dealt with, just like a teacher takes with a student and causes them to become more aligned, more speeded up, and more aware about what’s going on, in the environment, so that they then can act upon a responsibility, and care, that they couldn’t act upon before because they weren’t aware of what was going on and how to sort themselves in relationship to the outer.

Just like it’s like that on the outer, on the inner it also stops right when it gets to a point where everything is left and able to figure it out from there. You don’t have to carry it all the way through as if, you know, that’s the end all be all. You don’t have to carry it all the way through. You can step back and let the component pieces sort themselves out; and if they get it wrong, they get it wrong.

This is what a teacher has to do with a student. The teacher has to hand out, but what the student does with it is their business, and this is a similar situation. I have gone to the length that’s necessary to point something out, and now I have to step away. Initially I may have had to do a few things that might have been a bit awkward in order to cause a shift of attention, but now, now that that has been done sufficiently, whereby people can catch up with it all on their own terms, however they’re going to catch up with it, however it is that they work with that, that’s what I now have to accept.

This is just like a teacher. A teacher has to hand something out as an awareness and recognition that the student catches up with, and what they do with it then is their business. The more polished and pure they become, the more their business is the teacher’s consciousness business in an overall consequence way – but that’s a whole other story.

Initially, in order for a person to gain a better handle in terms of how it is that they are meant to be and are, they initially have to only go so far and then settle back, because what they’re working on is establishing a quality that permeates without action. If the only way that they can permeate is to push the envelope themselves, get into the situation physically, then they blindside themselves by that digression.

And so you don’t make the digression after you have caused what is an epiphany understanding to come into place. You withdraw even more and, as you withdraw even more, then a certain sense of a greater beingness is able to take into account the situation. But if you stay in there in the dilemma, and you attempt to appreciate that setting in spite of things, then you are diffusing who it is that you are. You’re losing a sense of continuity and self worth, in terms of yourself.

So it’s a very, very fine line in that when, if necessary at times, is for something to shake through and come through and then, when it does, you have to be able to just drop it. You don’t keep going and going and going on some tangential mannerism. And then what’s meant to be will just be. And whatever that might be you have to accept that.

So the secret is, the issue is, can one do that after having gone to an extreme? If one cannot, then the extreme that you’re on will impose a lack of freedom upon the situation, and then you get some other strange outcome as a consequence of such deviation.

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aura_luceWhen we begin a spiritual journey, it can be seen as a type of reaching up, a way to rise above the planetary aspects (personal) to the more universal view of things (in service to something higher). But, at a certain level of development, that changes. That’s when we become a conduit for higher energies into this planetary world. And that is a very great service, to give access, because what is given access can then reach everyone else we come in contact with. This is one of the unique possibilities of our human design, and it brings new possibilities to the situation.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in this next dream, it’s like I’ve gone into an office where I’m going to see a client. I’m going to be counseling. It feels like I’m kind of new to the office.

I have like a cubical, where there’s a lot of light, where I’ll be taking someone in and counseling. and then over to my left there’s a couch there, that’s just in the office area, where people can come and sit. And there’s a rather graceful looking woman reclining on that.

Behind there are three desks where various clerical, or secretarial staff, will keep things organized are sitting. And I’m walking around at this point in time, I don’t have a client yet, looking for paperwork, and looking for the paperwork history on the client I’m going to be seeing in a while, and just trying to get myself organized because it feels like I’m new to this office.

And then one of the gals tells me that my client’s here, but, just as I go to get my client and bring her in the room, I suddenly notice again, but more markedly now, this rather gracious lady that’s reclining on the couch. And I’m suddenly wondering: was she a client that had come, that I was supposed to see before this lady, and no one announced her? Or was someone supposed to be seeing her, and no one noticed she was there?

I can’t counsel one person with another person right there in the room that hasn’t been taken care of. And I suddenly look at one of the secretaries, who’s looking like, well, maybe they did forget to do something like tell me a client was there, or find whoever was supposed to see her.

The lady herself is very quiet and gracious and doesn’t seem to be worried about anything, but I’m suddenly kind of thrown off a bit because how did we all not, you know, take this into account or something? I’m kind of suddenly in a little bit of Limbo. I’m hoping I didn’t forget, you know, and if the secretary forgot I guess she’ll handle it, but it’s just kind of a feeling of being a little thrown off by that.

John: The thing about this woman is she’s completely relaxed and composed; you don’t see anything wrong with her. That’s the dilemma, all right. That pulls it together in relationship to my dreams. That’s why I was about to say, and said at the very beginning, that the nature of this kind of dreaming is that you almost wonder if you’re losing your mind because you start to perceive things in a slightly different context.

Previously our dreaming has been such in which we have to always denote where we come from, meaning, you know, that we’re grounded in a particular way and have to go through issues in life. And that we need to work off our edges, and everything else, in terms of the conditions in our environment.

And that, as we do that, we become more and more conscious in a functional way, having worked with As Above, So Below kind of a way, in which there is that balance and contrast, in that one is like Yin Yang, one supports the other.

But, in your first image, you took and you extricated yourself into a station in which you were able to relate, or project, across to others. You’ve gathered up all of your belongings, as best you can, in order to do that, and you’ve opened up a whole new can of worms in that process because you’re no longer working things out in terms of having to scramble in terms of the complexities of pressure in the outer.

You’re, instead, sitting in a position that has an effect that projects out, and that’s why it had the image. As you were telling it I was just looking at this image of a spiral going laterally. I couldn’t believe that that you’d be telling this, and I was just staring at this thing going laterally, like a spiral notebook going laterally. So then when you talk about the snakes and the snakes, and the image of a snake is part of the Kundalini going up, and the snakes are eating themselves; they’re crawling on the floor. So they’re being held by their tails and their heads are down on the ground.

But it’s a reversal, isn’t it? In other words, the snake climbs and goes up, and this is off the ground, held by the tail. In other words, the whole idea is the struggle in life is a little different now, in that you have something that you have to convey or relate. Can you bring it through? Can you bring it down?

It’s not a question of sorting things out anymore. It’s a question of causing; it’s a question of relating in a way that effectuates others who are still seeking and searching to figure something out. In other words, you’re in the band. You’re pulled into the band, and you had to gather up your belongings, and you’re spiraling sideways which means that whatever you do it effectuates something in a downward way.

Your change, and how you have to take something into account, is in relationship to that kind of flow now, or effect. In other words, you’re affected by how it is that others are able to relate in terms of how you are able to be.

So this is further accentuated with the client that sits in the office, that’s the sum total of an aspect of yourself. In other words, when a psychologist is working with the client they’re actually working with parts of themselves, and yet the client sitting in your office is complete and content and whole in and of herself. And yet you still have the sense that you have to bring something down into others, but you’re shown that the quality of yourself is meant to hold a particular space.

In other words, you don’t have the Kundalini energy with the snake going up. You have the energy of the snake coming down, and you are sitting in a position with the spirals going laterally with the snake coming down. In terms of your setting, your setting is something in which the client that is sitting there is complete and whole, the client is yourself. Because it is said that, as a general rule, psychologists are psychologists because they’re on a path to discover something about themselves.

I mean that’s like an outer change. I think we shift and we change as we go about living in different environments. I think you shift and you change when you go to a program, and that for awhile things can be haywire, in terms of what you’re doing just before you go to a program, because there’s a sense in the ethers that a change is afoot. It’s almost like one’s shifting. Around here you may have a sense of responsibilities and this, that, and the other that’s quite contractive, and now all of a sudden you’re seeing yourself as having to hold a particular kind of position, or presence, or a way of being, and relate from there – as opposed to struggling to sort things out, climbing properly with the Kundalini energy you’re dealing with the depths of yourself in terms of the heights of something.

Instead it’s like you’re in an expanse that’s somewhere else, and now having to take and function from that expanse, in a more whole way, in relationship to an environment. You don’t go down into such an environment and try to sort yourself out in relationship to that environment. You instead go down into that environment as an effect.

In other words, your being is that of having a particular kind of effect upon life. And how that effect resonates back, is now what you contend with in terms of your way of being – as opposed to getting into the predicaments and having to sort out the complexities, and then contending with that from kind of like above/below, below/above kind of condition. Now you’re more in a level, or station, or something, a kind of quality station able to relate downward. That’s a lot like a teacher does.

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