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6-3Discovering uncharted territories is a passionate pursuit for humans: the New World, the  depths of the ocean, outer space. It is natural for us to want to claim new space. But what if that inclination in us is really built into our design so that we can bring consciousness to what is unconscious? Created so we could discover what is on the inside? Because when we shine the light of our attention into new places, so much more becomes possible – particularly for our journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the dream, I am inclined to believe that I may be doing something wrong when I lose myself like that, but then of course when you wake up you realize, oh my goodness, it’s amazing what’s going on here. Because the dream is pointing out that in the emptiness, and stillness, and a letting go, I’m able to access within a place therein that I am able to merge into, and merge with.

In other words, it’s not like it’s separate, it’s part of me. It comes out and it automatically sweeps everything into it. And this is a merging into a wholeness that energetically permeates all of life, and it permeates it from the inner level.

That is why you don’t try to control, or regulate, the light because it’s controlling things from the inner level and you in the outer then would be imposing controls that prevent this from permeating. So the idea of it being a problem, in other words, the fact that it sweeps over everything like it does is just a pun, because when you settle back you see that there’s a wonderful result in being able to take in a flow, through one’s self, that is connected inner and outer, and outer and inner; it flows.

So that’s the meditation dream; so that has to be broken down. And so, in my dream, I proceed, or take you, to a past in which I had lived which is in Hungry Horse. And we go to Hungry Horse to where there is a river that flows through the area, and the river is at the lowest level I’ve ever seen, so low that I am able to cross the river to the other side, which is something I have never done before.

When I was a kid there I never did this. There are others there that give you concern, just seeing them. It’s just they were hooligans or something, but I know everything is okay. In other words, they’re kind of trying to like maybe keep this place to themselves and, once one gets over that little trepidation, as you look you’re amazed at the trail system that exists – that I didn’t know was there – because I’d always assumed that this is a pristine area, which is what it was when I grew up, unexplored, and it’s natural beauty had been untouched by man.

So we come to a place where there are kids in a small pool that looks wonderful. I ask if it’s a hot spring. They say that the water is only about 50 degrees, in other words, just barely survivable in a situation in which outside it’s still snowy and could still be part of a melt going on. It could be very cold.

So I go and check it out. It is fine. They’re bullshitting. It’s comfortable, but not hot, but the pool is small and probably too small for you and I. So we keep exploring, and I seem to separate from you and come to a place where there is another hot springs that is much hotter, and that’s kind of even enclosed a little bit, and when I go inside young people again, not old people. We’re the geezers over in this area.

When I go inside, the kids that are here are kind of drunk in what they’re taking in. You find the place. You come looking for me. You find the place and, as you look in, you come across as like an official authority the kids have to follow. And you say that the cans, the beer cans, got to go. And, of course, I know that they think you’re an authority figure, but I know that it’s not quite what it appears. And so I just get off and we start walking away – so the old geezer amongst these youngsters is leaving.

Suddenly, off to one side, I see like a natural slide that goes from this hot springs and, in the far distance along this slide, it comes to another hot water pool that is connected to the river below, and that’s where the old geezers are at. And so I say, “Why isn’t anyone taking in this natural water slide?” And they tell me that it is too hot.

I joke with them that it is probably fine. I have no proof of that, I just suddenly seem to think that maybe they’re kind of misguided or something. So, I have to check it out. So I get into the slide at the top and find the water to be wonderful. It’s not too hot and, in the far distance at the other end, I see people – that’s where the grownups are at, and they’re swimming around.

So it appears to me that if it’s okay at the top, and the water flows down and goes into that, it should be fine all the way. It can’t be like they are imagining. Just as a last precaution I decide to go over, you and I we’re going to go over, just to make sure it is okay.

So when we get over to where the area is approximately at, to my surprise, as a last step, suddenly we have to take a man-made elevator up to the top of a tree and proceed across from there.

I took you into a past in which there is a lot of power, but when I grew up there the power was deprived. That’s Hungry Horse, horse is power. This power place had been like a hungry ghost unable to get out from its shadow. This time something is different. A roaring river that separated the area I grew up in from inaccessible pristineness on the other side is now accessible. So now that we’re able to cross over to an area no one when I was kid had ever gone, I find it has become discovered by kids and is a wonderful place to explore. In other words, what I’m seeing is not what I had expected to find on the other side.

So then as I explore further I find a hot springs, I realize that this hot springs is connected to a kind of a waterslide, and it is from there that I can see that this natural slide goes a long ways to where it reaches a river way below, and this waterslide connects, in other words, from a youthful innocence of an energetic to the adults in the pool of their own.

So to get there the last step is we need to take an elevator up a Tree of Life and, from there, cross into this zone.

So the meaning is the dream is portraying how much I have grown consciously, in that I have come to access a dormant inner power within that was limited in what it could do long ago, but is now able to cross, in other words, to take this growth and go over into a pristine realm, or the other side.

In this area things are wonderfully different, although at first glance that isn’t apparent to the feminine side of myself, because it’s new and so you have your preponderances. That part is naturally fearful because this is an area of unknown.

Not only do I find an abundance of inner into outer hot springs that no one in the past was aware existed here, I discover that the innocent young people who are the first to find this place are kind of keeping it to themselves, so it remains yet in a kind of unconsciousness. Adults are too prudish or fearful or quick to dismiss to be able to know that there is something more. The energy consciousness of an inner youthful innocence likes it that way, and is inclined to keep it hidden from old souls. But you and I have taken steps in which we are no longer deluded, or fooled. In the end I am able to close the gap between young and old, and am able to handle the waters between the two zones; in other words, to make the linkage.

The way this fits with the meditation dream is that a greater mergable consciousness is now possible in that the time has come for assumptions about this being a no-go zone to fall away. In falling away life in terms of access and appreciation of what had been inaccessible inner levels unfold. Wrongful, or false assumptions, when they fall away, reveal a powerful inner flow, and there’s power behind that that connects old with new, or maybe you’d say new with old, and unconscious with conscious, or conscious with unconscious, depending again how you want to flip that, upon the other side inner level of my beingness.

Until it became possible to access this inner pristine place I was not aware that, on this other side, so much there needed to be opened up there again in order to realize, recognize, and appreciate how connected, how new connected to old, how above touched below, how consciousness affected unconsciousness, and that in general that on this other side the means existed for a greater fullness of consciousness to rise up anew.

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15_330_oThese recent dreams have been happening after having spent the day in a seminar with a teacher. Teachers obviously give us information, but spiritual teachers also make things possible for us when we are around them, or interacting with their energetic frequencies. Because they are further along the path, we can get, usually unconsciously or semi-consciously, insights and connections that we hadn’t yet made for ourselves. As John notes, once the seminar ends, however, we can let what has been gained slip away if we don’t consolidate in our own journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The last dream I don’t remember all parts of it real clearly, but I’m living in this town. It’s like these two-story structures everywhere, and it looks like an older town, and there’s an unusual building right across the street. And inside it houses some very old structures – almost like part of an old traveling show of some kind, but more elaborate and complex than that.

The person that owns the structure has left town for a while, and I’m in charge of just kind of looking after it; it’s locked up. And I’m going this one day, before I even deal with that structure much, it’s like I’ve just looked at it and a little bit of what’s inside of it, and I seem to be able to travel to the roof of it, too, somehow. I just find myself there sometimes.

But this day I’m going out of town a ways and there’s another woman that comes along with me that I don’t seem that close to and, as we go out of town, we’re down on the road at some point and suddenly, at her suggestion, what I want to do is to go up to where there’s a hot springs. And it’s like I just kind of grab her and take a jump, and I’m able to kind of go up what would be like four or five stories across the road and up the road and kind of grab along an edge.

We pull ourselves up to an area. We can see the hot springs is there. We can swim, and then there will be another road we can go into town by. It’s just like I kind of flew up there, but not quite as off the ground as flying. It was more like a big leap. And we swim in the hot springs.

We went back into town. As we went back into town I landed on the roof of the building and I decide to go in and explore a bit, and I notice this one kind of like huge room that’s almost like a puzzle in a sense that it has all of these elaborate paintings on the outside of it of people and things of another time, and you feel like you go around it in a circle and inside it are probably some really interesting wonders.

And there are other things in the store, and I go through and look through and I feel like I even make some changes in the store. And then when I come out it’s like I have to figure out how to lock up the store. I need to go look for a new lock because the old lock doesn’t work anymore.

And then it feels like as the dream goes on and the person is going to be returning to town, I have a little bit of trepidation about, how is she going to feel about the changes that she’s going to see in this building that was kind of left in my care, or that I took over the care of? I don’t know whether she left it to me or not.

Then I’m really curious when she’s back, and I go in and I let people in the building now, when we go over what we’re going to find when we go in that large circular room that has this painting of the all the people on the outside of it, because it has a certain mystery to it, and I’m really curious about it.

John: So to start off with, before you went out of town you had the dilemma of not quite knowing what was going on in town.

Jeane: Yes.

John: You knew better when you came back from the hot springs.

Jeane: Yes; still not terribly defined.

John: Right, it’s not terribly defined because you’re only dealing with one component of the process that causes something to be alive and awakened for the soul. In other words, what the hot springs represented was power. You went to the hot springs in order to catch up with inner power.

And when you came back having a little more inner power, or a little more verve, you were able then to take and channel, and direct, and have a bit of an understanding of what was necessary or needing to occur.

In other words, you had more knowingness, and it was different than the shadow part of yourself that was still out of town or something. When it returned it did not have the benefit of this increased power.

Now you’re still scoping, of course, to get all of this to unfold, but it’s better than what it was. Before it was just a malaise, you were in town, you were in the center of things, but you weren’t able to be effective. And at least now you have the inkling to be able to ponder what is in front of you.

Well the importance of looking at these dreams that we’re looking at right now is to identify the fact that we are in a bit of a heightened state of awareness, and so what comes across is probably a little different than usual because of the effect of a teacher. And when the teacher spins and stirs something up in a way that isn’t ordinarily at hand, and then of course as time progresses that could fade back and whatnot. So dreams at this time are going to have a little bit more of a slightly different octave.

And it’s especially important and interesting during a period of time in which there’s so much change afoot in life that it’s not like you just adjust the screw a little bit this way and a little bit that way. There is an exigency of having to address things in a manner that needs some succinctness and it is very important, that is imperative at this point in time.

And so when you go before a teacher you can have a heightened sense of acuity in terms of what you need to understand that is communicated to you on a soul level. Then the question becomes, to what degree or how is it possible for you to get the memo and remember that, or to see something different than maybe your usual nuances that kind of dictate?

And so the dreams that you have are inclined to depict this a little more readily, and then it may all malaise over you know as you fall back under your normal usual trances. Hopefully it doesn’t, but it could. So dreams right now are very, very informational.

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